What will you do when…

Here we go folks.  Another long post.  Once again, I apologize but do believe it is necessary.  The impact of see facts laid out right before your eyes, in black and white is powerful.

For years truthers have been working to bring these truths to the public.  It is one thing to view a few statistics in short time frames.  It is another to see the actual events along with their individual numbers compiled in an easy to read format and presented in chronological order.

There is no way one cn mistake the gravity of the situation.  These numbers are devastating.  As you vew this post you will have to recognize that this is an on going phenomenon that is orchestrated to bring about worldwide famine.  Just as is predicted in the Bible.  This is the work of the forces of darkness and their minions.  It is allowed by God Almighty because of the pride and rebellion of mankind.

Judgement is not only coming, it is here.  Not just at the door, it is kicking the door in!