Can We Know We Are In The Endtimes?

I hear so many people saying we should not talk about the Book of Revelation or the END TIMES or JUDGEMENT, because it only serves to frighten people.  I have been accused of being a fear monger.  I am here to tell you folks, the truth of the END TIMES is GOOD NEWS!   

It means that JESUS is COMING.  WE will be alive to see HIM!  HE is coming to fulfill everything and to bring about HIS KINGDOM ON EARTH!  

Yes!  There will be JUDGEMENT.  BUT, if you have received HIS REDEMPTION you have no need to fear!  HE is coming to execute Judgement on the UNGODLY.  DON’T YOU THINK that it is time for the EVIL ones to get what is coming to them?  THEY have been running rampant all over the world all throughout history.  Innocent people, by the countless billions, have suffered at their hands.  

VENGENCE belongs to the LORD… and he has been waiting for this soon coming day.  HE has been waiting to call us to His side and live with us FOREVER!

THE END TIMES – may begin with suffering… but they will end in REJOICING!

Oct 30, 2020
I had to put this up having just talked about Philadelphia! I have added it to the multitude of things pointing to this time! He that has an ear, let him hear! Jesus = salvation! Light in the darkness encompassing the earth! Godspeed brothers and sisters!



Oct 26, 2020
We all just took a GIANT step towards the END this year. COVID-19 has started the ball rolling towards GLOBAL Governance like nothing else. We have had for the first time, every nation on Earth working together to stop the spread. We have had worldwide events like the World Cup, 911, or the Super Bowl—but never anything like this. God’s Wrath can be held in no longer when the Man of Sin is revealed. The Man of Sin or AntiChrist is Satan masquerading as Jesus Christ inside a human. That Beast, called the AntiChrist governs the whole world—and His rise triggers the coming wrath of God. Beware, the wrath of God is coming–sooner than you think! (EBI-05; 201023) Follow Discover the Book Ministries to stay up to date: Facebook:… Instagram:… Twitter:
In my opinion his thinking is over simplified because it does not take into consideration AI through Genetic Manipulations and Nano Technology can CHANGE US…. so that we will no longer be human.   End of FLESH.
Even if you believe that all the “SIGNS of his Coming” were already fuliflled in 70AD, you must admit that at the rate we are going… there will soon be no flesh left.   I agree that these signs have all been fulfilled more than once in the past.  Because the world has been cycling through the same narrative over and over again.  Why?  I believe that every generation had to have the same opportunities and the same trials. 
SO, ask yourself, how many of these SIGNS are we seeing currently in our WORLD?
1)  GLOBAL  COMMUNICATION /  which will enable the 2 Witnesses to be seen Worldwide
2)  GLOBAL ENTERPRISE / the ability to send gifts to one another worldwide.
3)  GLOBAL EVANGELISM / The gospel preached in all the world
4)  GLOBAL TRAVEL / Many running to and fro  
5)  GLOBAL KNOWLEDGE / Knowledge Explosion /Google all knowledge available to anyone at fingertips
6)  GLOBAL DISASTERS /   Earthquakes/seas roaring / signs in the sun and moon and stars
7)  GLOBAL FEAR / Men’s hearts failing for fear   
8)  GLOBAL CURRENCY / Digital Money / No Man will be able to Buy or Sell
9)  GLOBAL SURRVEILLANCE / Tracking & Positioning
10)  GLOBAL IDENTITY / Mark of the Beast/ Currently they have the technology
11)   GLOBAL WAR/ Weapons of Global Mass Destruction
12)  GLOBAL DESIRE / Demand for Peace and prosperity/  Safety
13)  GLOBAL HATRED / ANTI-SEMITISM – Worldwide hatred of the Jews and the Promised Land
With AI they are ready to bring about the SINGULARITY – where man and machine will merge.  AT THAT POINT…there will LITERALLY BE NO FLESH LEFT TO SAVE.
This next website is a great tool for anyone who wants to take a serious look at the things that are happening worldwide that coincide with Scripture.  Frank DiMora has been staying on top of this type of research for 30 years.  Do yourself a favor and check it out.  
They are getting ready to shut down CASH worldwide.  EVERYONE will become part of the DIGITL MONETARY SYSTEM.  At that point you have nothing to your name.  THEY control your money, THEY control YOUR LIFE.  They will assign you digital money as they see fit, and if you do not comply with their demands, or you try to use their money in a manner of which they do not approve…  YOU WILL BE CUT OFF.
Oct 24, 2020
The Fed is about to issue free digital dollars for every American, but don’t be mistaken – that will come with a price. In an attempt to conceal their massive inflation targets defending the plan would solely provide further support for unemployment households, the Federal Reserve is now unleashing its Helicopter Money 2.0. However, the creation of digital money may arrive at the expense of the total devastation of the currency, staggering hyperinflation, and the forgiveness of the colossal national debt. That’s why today, we gathered numerous experts’ insights that outline the real implications of this measure to the fragile US economy, and explain how the shift to a digital currency might allow the institution to surveil every transaction ever made using their app. So stay tuned, and don’t forget to give this video a thumbs up, share it with friends, and subscribe to our channel not to miss the next unfoldings of the US economic collapse. Recently, the Fed has accepted that its favorite stimulus pathway has failed to boost the broader economy, but instead of reviewing its current money-printing policy, Fed officials decided to put the blame on how it is intermediated, particularly the way it creates excess reserves that ultimately end at commercial banks instead tracking its path down to consumer level. That is to say, even though the institution doesn’t admit, since it introduced QE and NIRP, the Fed has only worsened the situation it has been trying to fix, while continued to expand the biggest asset price bubble in history. Right after the start of the widespread shutdowns and the huge spike in unemployment, the Fed has tried to short-circuit this process, and hand in hand with the Treasury it has issued its first round of “helicopter money”, which provided the direct transference of funds to US corporations via PPP loans, and also to end consumers via the emergency $600 weekly unemployment benefits. But the trillion-dollar stimulus relief wore off at an extremely fast pace, even before millions of workers had the chance to file claims to receive some help. Despite the economy increasing needs for a massive liquidity tsunami, the funds created by the Fed and Treasury still never managed to reach those who need them the most – the end consumers. Now, with the alleged goal of reaching consumers who have been traditionally underserved by financial institutions, the Cleveland Fed website has disclosed that “legislation has proposed that each American have an account at the Fed in which digital dollars could be deposited, as liabilities of the Federal Reserve Banks, which could be used for emergency payments.” Although the measure might look like a form of assistance to the American people, analysts have been warning that this is the perfect opportunity for them to raise surveillance on the public’s transactions. At some point, the Fed could also obliterate such digital currency and wipe out people’s accounts. But as experts have been pointing out, for the time being, their aim is to successfully disintermediate commercial banks, since it would both offer loans to US consumers and directly deposit funds into their accounts, in that way, the agency would have the power to actually make the entire traditional banking system obsolete. And before you think this is some type of “tin-foil theory” Fed opposers are trying to propagate in order to discredit the agency, the institution itself admitted its intentions in a recent statement transmitted on their website. Here goes what they said word-by-word: “Other proposals would create a new payment instrument, digital cash, which would be just like the physical currency issued by central banks today, but in a digital form and, potentially, without the anonymity of physical currency. Depending on how these currencies are designed, central banks could support them without the need for commercial bank involvement via direct issuance into the end-users’ digital wallets combined with central-bank-facilitated transfer and redemption services.” With that said, their plan to deposit “digital dollars” to “each American” essentially bypasses Congress and gives the agency targeted “fiscal stimulus” capabilities. In that sense, it could trigger a substantial reflationary spike since the marginal price setters for economic goods and services is the lower-income segment of the American society. What we still don’t understand in why the media isn’t reporting this news just yet. Where are the reputable economists acknowledging the undeniable fact that China has just become the most powerful economy of the world? What we can surely say is that this signals the end of an era for the U.S. economy and the beginning of a whole new level of economic suffering. Epic Economist website: