Must be Something in the WATER


Over the last 10 years or more now, we have been watching unbelievable and disconcerting things happening in our rivers and oceans.  Just search on google for fish die offs, beached whales, blood red rivers, blood red oceans, shark invasions, trash islands, dead coral reefs, and of course deadly bacteria and micro-organisms making our beaches and rivers unsafe.  This is VERY ALARMING, as water is crucial for life.  These things have been occurring so frequently in this last decade that people have come to accept this phenomenon as NORMAL… IT IT NOT!

People have throughout history gone to the shore (river or ocean) for drinking water, for fish, for bathing, for swimming,for travel.   More recently, our waters have been a major place for entertainment, surfing, sailing, canoeing, kayaking, scuba diving, snorkeling, jet skiing, paddle-boarding, pari-sailing, etc.   Countless ways that we enjoy our water ways.  Of course, just simply wading in the water or dangling our feet off of docks and enjoying the lovely view, or strolling the beaches collecting seashells.   WATER has played many important roles in our lives.  BUT today, we are being made to FEAR the water.  Or at least they want to limit our access to it.  Let’s take a look at some of the issues that have become of issue.


This type of bacteria creates oxygen.   Oxygen is what we breath.  Breath is life.  There seems to be some very important significance to this bacteria. Those whose religion is Scientism want you to believe the lie that is Evolution and therefore this bacteria is responsible for life.  However, the TRUTH is that The Creator created a perfect world, perfectly in balance.  Every single cell is a tiny world in itself, and everything was created to work perfectly together.  To be regenerative, self healing and self supporting.  

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Those who practice Scientism are constantly playing with things that they do not fully understand.  Experimentation is their life.  Regardless of any possible negative or even disastrous results, their inquiring minds are driven to push onward.  They are not at all concerned with the welfare of the general public, demonstrated by the fact that they keep secret what they already know, and what they are attempting  to do with what they know, until they are forced by some extenuating circumstance to reveal these facts.  Thinking themselves so high above the general public, they determine that you are incapable of dealing with the things that they know.  So, they feel justified in keeping their experiments occult, even if the information could possibly save or endanger lives.

They have studying, experimenting and inventing for a very long time.  There is no telling what bizarre perversions they have created in our environment.  We see are able to see some of the evidence of their experimentation in the disastrous events and developments we witness in our earth today.  They would have you believe that all these things are natural and quite normal, or if not that they have been created by the callous, thoughtless, destructive actions of the general public.

Because we benefit to some degree from some of what they develop we have come to believe that these people are working on our behalf.  Satan ALWAYS offers something attractive, how else would he get you to buy into the lie??  The TRUTH is they have a dark agenda behind what they are doing.  Many of them do not even know this is true.   They think they are working for the greater good, but the SPIRITUAL FORCES behind them are what is really driving them.  Since most people who pursue Science do not believe in the CREATOR, they CANNOT know the TRUTH of any matter.  TRUTH is revealed by the power of the HOLY SPIRIT.  Many “scientists” not only do not believe in the Creator, they believe and worship Pagan Gods.  Why, because they do not have the Holy Spirit, they are open to the influence of Demonic Spirits.  Those spirits are worshiped in Paganism and are the  spirits behind the “Arts, Sciences and Crafts” .  Please see my series Gifts from the Fallen – Part 2 – Arts, Sciences and Crafts

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If you have any doubt about how far they have come in their experimentation with our environment, take a look at this application.  Ask yourself, how long it took to gather the information, experiment with it, analyze it classify it and prepare the program for storing the information so that they could make it available to you.  Then ask yourself how much they know and are not sharing.  Then ask yourself how much they do not know about the consequences and effects of their experimentation.

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The Magic of Chemistry – with Andrew Szydlo
Jun 4, 2014

Now consider all these recent events and developments in our environment.  Again, they will try to convince you these are natural and normal, or they are YOU FAULT, and due to pollution caused by YOU.  

The truth is these are not normal, these are catastrophic developments.  I suggest you do your own research and see for yourself how many different places are now terrorized by these microbes.  I grew up in a world where these things were UNHEARD OF!   I know I am old, but I am not that old!


Pfiesteria piscida

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Vibrio Vulnificus

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Rare Bacterial Disease Ravages Island Resort | Diagnosis Unknown | Real Responders

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On the tiny resort island of Martha’s Vineyard, landscaper, Patrick Ryer, suffers from chills and high fever. Patrick has contracted Tularemia, a rare bacterial disease. Health officials alert residents and tourists who crowd the Vineyard over the summer holiday. Over the next month, ten more people are diagnosed with the disease, including other landscapers and children. Content licensed from New Dominion Pictures to Little Dot Studios. Any queries, please contact us at:
In my lifetime I have seen many times when “scientists” professed to have found a “solutions” to some problem or issue.  They introduced something into a habitat where it did not exist and disaster resulted.   I will mention just three… ” Asian Carp”  “fire ants”  and “killer bees”,
I have NO FAITH in “Scientism”.   I do not trust these folks as far as I could throw them.   I believe that we need to get back to simple and natural ways.  God knew what He was doing.  HE IS SO AMAZINGLY and BRILLIANTLY WISE.  ANYONE who thinks they know better than GOD, is a FOOL!
I have not idea if they are making the water unsafe deliberately or by their own arrogant stupidity.  But, either way, they are doing it.  It seems to me they are doing the same thing with the AIR.    Air and Water are two things that human beings MUST HAVE to live.  This support my belief that the FALLEN ANGELS are behind this as they want to KILL US ALL.   They may be terraforming the earth to accommodate their current configuration.

Terraforming or terraformation (literally, “Earth-shaping”) of a planetmoon, or other body is the hypothetical process of deliberately modifying its atmospheretemperature, surface topography or ecology to be similar to the environment of Earth to make it habitable by Earth-like life.

The concept of terraforming developed from both science fiction and actual science. The term was coined by Jack Williamson in a science-fiction short story (“Collision Orbit“) published during 1942 in Astounding Science Fiction,[1] but the concept may pre-date this work.

Even if the environment of a planet could be altered deliberately, the feasibility of creating an unconstrained planetary environment that mimics Earth on another planet has yet to be verified. Mars is usually considered to be the most likely candidate for terraforming. Much study has been done concerning the possibility of heating the planet and altering its atmosphere, and NASA has even hosted debates on the subject. Several potential methods of altering the climate of Mars may fall within humanity’s technological capabilities, but at present the economic resources required to do so are far beyond that which any government or society is willing to allocate to it. The long timescales and practicality of terraforming are the subject of debate. Other unanswered questions relate to the ethicslogisticseconomicspolitics, and methodology of altering the environment of an extraterrestrial world.