SYNOD 2024

WHAT INSANITY!  It start out crazy and unbelievably it has gone from bad to worse to HORRENDOUS.   Who can make any sense of what has been going on between the Pope, the Vatican, the meeting of the Bishops, the lay folk and the United Nations.  Nothing they are doing or saying makes any sense.

WHO can keep up with it?  DAILY we are smacked with new insanity.

I know that I am not equipped to sort it all out and present it to you in a manner that can provide any clarity.  So, I have compile a selection of what I consider the best of the videos created to bring light to what has occurred.  It is a lot to digest, so I suggest you take it in small doses.

As fast as things are moving, much of it will be irrelevant in no time at all.  But, it is good to know how things progressed in order to recognize where it is going.