Hallelujah!  I believe that abortion has gone on so long that demonically possessed feminists became over confident and began to show their true colors.  That woke people up.  For years they were able to fool the public into believing that abortion was for the good.  To save the lives of women with medical issues, or … Click Here to Read More


If you have not been keeping up with what has been happening in the WORLD today… it is time to take a serious look.   IN MY OPINION… WE ARE ALREADY AT WAR!  We are fighting on so many fronts, and I am sad to say WE WILL NOT COME OUT VICTORIOUS.  This may or may … Click Here to Read More

Life Matters

Our nation is going down, fast and hard.  We are daily becoming more and more of a Third World Nation.  Obama must be very proud of the CHANGE he has wrought.  I am amazed to see what we have come to in such a short time.  I was blessed to be an American/US Citizen while … Click Here to Read More