For those who hate the Bible/The Word of God/The TRUTH there is no ultimate source for TRUTH.  There is no absolute.  So anything goes.  Where does one draw the line?  How does one KNOW anything?

For those of us who know The CREATOR OF ALL THINGS, ALMIGHTY GOD, there is no doubt about space or time.  The WORD of GOD is very clear.  Time has an expiration date.  Just as we are appointed to die once.  (Unless we are still here when He returns.) Time has an end date already determined.

Since and Metaphysics are fully intertwined as you will see in the following items.  Modern Science wants you to believe that they have all the answers and that they are right and the Bible is wrong.  It is HOGWASH!!  The TRUTH is they KNOW NOTHING!   They have NO SOLID ANSWERS!  They only have theories.  That is why they tell you that everything is always changing, to explain why they have to keep changing their minds.

GOD NEVER CHANGES!!  He does not have to LEARN anything.  HE KNOWS EVERYTHING from the beginning to the End, and the END from the BEGINNING.  This is proven daily as every day we see manifest in the earth EXACTLY what GOD told us would occur.  That is how HE said we would KNOW that HE is GOD.  Because He told us before it ever happened.

All their mumbo jumbo, all their imagery, all their hocus pocus is NOTHING but DECEPTION.  They are looking for ways to convince you to buy into their version of a reality that you will HATE once you discover the TRUTH.  Sadly, it will be too late.

Science is nothing but Alchemy, Magick, pagan religion, sun worship.  That should be very clear to anyone who knows how to read their symbology.  I do my best to help you all to recognize their symbols.  I hope you are retaining the information and learning to discern for yourself.

Science now wants you to believe that Time and Space are not real. That they are figments of your imagination and YOU can rule as god.  If you have lived very long, you ought to find that hilarious!  No matter how many lies you buy into, no matter how hard you focus, or study, or meditate, or astro travel, no matter how many drugs you use, or shamans you visit, or candles you burn, or spirits you call down… YOU WILL NEVER CHANGE REALITY.  Reality will always slap you back into the present.

These people want you to believe that you are an idiot to believe in GOD.  Don’t let them fool you.  They are steeped in religion.  They are all serving some god or some system.  Again, easy to see if you look at their symbols.

We are getting very close to the end folks.  That is why they are feverishly working to bring you into their WEB.  The New World Order will trap you in a virtual reality, over which you will have NO CONTROL.

God established TIME.  He gave us the Sun to mark the passing of each day.  He gave use the moon and stars in their set patterns to mark the weeks, months and seasons.  These are all Lights in the sky.  Not rocks flying around above us.  They are all within the firmament, so they are close to earth not millions of miles away.  They can be seen with the naked eye.  We don’t need machines loaded with mirrors to distort our view.

Note that God created LIGHT on the first day.  So, when he created the Sun, Moon and stars on the fourth day, it was not because there was no light.  He did not create them to make light.  He created them to mark TIME.

The Fourth Day: Sun, Moon, Stars

And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years: And let them be for lights in the firmament of the heaven to give light upon the earth: and it was so. And God made two great lights; the greater light to rule the day, and the lesser light to rule the night: he made the stars also. And God set them in the firmament of the heaven to give light upon the earth, And to rule over the day and over the night, and to divide the light from the darkness: and God saw that it was good. And the evening and the morning were the fourth day.

Now that “SCIENCE” has everyone convinced that that are PLANETS made of rock up there that we might be able to in habit or that already have inhabitants, and that there is an outer space that goes on forever, and that the stars and planets are far from Earth… We are not sure what to believe.  We don’t know for certain what were supposed to learn from the stars.  We are not even sure they are still out there, with all the garbage they have thrown up into space to block our view.


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If you have been reading my current articles this next image should strike a familiar note. Oh an looky there… the Mark of the Beast at the bottom.  Crosshairs the sign of Mammon.  The only god about which Our Heavenly Father said  “You can’t serve GOD and Mammon.”

No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon.  Matthew 6:24



Urknall – Wiktionary German: ·Big Bang

A plea for time

Can the mystery of “time” be depicted or grasped – and what exactly is time?
Science is at a loss and still has no answer to the latter.
However, the first part of the question is somewhat different and more complex. There would seem to be a complete lack of enthusiasm towards giving time a countenance of any kind. This is probably considered to be too subordinate and of less fundamental importance to the world.


koun′tə-nəns – noun  1) Appearance, especially the expression of the face. 2) The face or facial features.


The theorem

The “fourth dimension of spacejust ticks away inexorably like a counting machine, and its passage has already been endlessly lamented in literature and music (although it is the very thing that allows these arts to exist in the first place). In short, time clearly has a huge image problem – even in the world of science.

Image Definition & Meaning |
image / ( ˈɪmɪdʒ) / noun a representation or likeness of a person or thing, esp in sculpture an optically formed reproduction of an object, such as one formed by a lens or mirror a person or thing that resembles another closely; double or copy a mental representation or picture; idea produced by the imagination 

But perhaps everything is really completely different and time is totally underestimated.

The aim of the proposal presented here is to demonstrate how it is if one consistently regards the world from the perspective of time

The speed of light (actually scientists are now saying that the speed of light theory was not valid) then appears as the central thread, the basis of time. It extends between its beginning, the Big Bang, and its end, when it stops at the speed of light. (Einstein, particularly the theory of relativity). *)

Somewhere between the two is where real life – and indeed the world – takes place. In the present moment.

This phenomenon is absolutely extraordinary and is surely the most persuasive illustration of the incomprehensibility of time.

Viewed in isolation, every point in the world is continually and constantly in the presentbut really only “in isolation”. All the other surrounding points are already in the past, due to the finite nature of the speed of light. Everything we perceive around us until we reach that velocity has irrevocably already happened…

The present moment extends neither spatially nor temporally. Even a millionth of a second later, it is already in the past.

The very last state, the expansion of the universe that lies in the path between the Big Bang and the present the “front wave of time” on which we are surfing, as it is perhaps best described – is an interface in which the dice have not yet fallen and it is not yet clear in which direction things will develop (which is most entertaining to watch in sports like table tennis or football…).

A great deal of things can be viewed in a completely new light if one allows time to have a fundamental significance in this world. One consequence of this proposal is briefly explained in more detail below.

One can only go back so far in time, since the present and the Big Bang can never occur at the same point. It is like approaching 0 (1 – 1/2 – 1/4 – 1/8 and so on).

So there could never have been a real zero point and beginning. And there would also be no end to the expansion of space, which is here a consequence of the passage of time.

At some stage, all particles are shattered into energy and the cycle starts againfor there is no “true” method of measuring time. The clocks expand with the universe.

If one agrees with the theory that the universe continues to expand forever and that all future processes and events will also occur therein – even if extremely slowly according to our sense of time – logic requires us to question our view of the cosmos’s past, in which the Big Bang is considered to be an event.

Or, to put it completely unambiguously: if the passage and measurement of time changes infinitely slowly from our present perspective, in the future and for all eternity, then it must have passed infinitely quickly at the starting point, the Big Bang.

Time is described according to the general, common definition, as the product of the sequence of events. These, in turn, are the result of interactions between different points of the world. In the ever smaller cosmos, as it appears when looking towards the Big Bang, the distances between the interaction points are also becoming ever smaller. This means that the number of events increases.

Until a mathematical point is reached, an infinite number of events in the universe are possible – and also probable. That it was much too hot for all this could also be a big mistake – resulting from the fact that we retrospectively apply our current time scale to the early cosmos and look at it from the outside.

Admittedly, it is difficult to imagine, but it is possible that in the first 1-100  second there was already an infinity in which everything unthinkable could have taken place. But infinity is infinity…

All this becomes a little more comprehensible when one changes perspective and realizes that we are already today those who live an infinity “later” – and in another infinity we will also disappear around the “thicket” of the Big Bang proximity.

Viewed objectively and calmly, this version is more conclusive and less spectacular than the assumption that a point exploded out of nowhere and formed the universe.

We are now seeking supporters of this thought-provoking proposition, so that science is at least forced to take note of this model and examine it.

*) In the theory of special relativity, the Lorentz transformation describes the deceleration of time when the speed of light is approached. Geometrically, this corresponds to a rotation of the system – i.e. the timeline bends to the side.


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Who came up with the Big Bang theory?

The term “Big Bang” was coined by the British astronomer Fred Hoyle in 1949. But the key ideas go back decades earlier.

After Einstein published his general theory of relativity in 1916, physicists began to think of the universe as dynamic and evolving (before the 20th century, most scientists thought of it as constant and unchanging).

In the 1920s, astronomers observed that distant galaxies are rapidly receding from Earth and from one another. That observation was consistent with the idea of an ever-expanding universe, and it suggested that the universe had been smaller in the past. In the 1920s, a Belgian physicist and Roman Catholic priest named Georges Lemaître speculated that if the history of the universe could be “run backward,” the universe would become denser and hotter (as well as smaller) until all the matter was concentrated in what he called a “primeval atom”what we now call the Big Bang.

Image: Albert Einstein and Georges LeMaitre

Big Bang    Included here for those who care to hear what they say.  If like me, you don’t care, you can skip this article and go on to the next.  For those who want to take the time to read through this…have at it.  Inquiring minds like to know.

In science fiction films and series, such as Star Trek, the main characters mainly travel through space . In other series , such as Doctor Who, they even travel through space and time simultaneously . It often talks about how the universe found its beginning or how it will end . In more modern Marvel movies , like Thor: Love and Thunder, it’s even used spoken of what was before the creation of the universe .

In reality , humans are nowhere near ready to travel into space . They have already conquered the moon , but Mars needs a little more time . However, the first theories about how the universe came into being were developed as early as 1940 . What explanations have people found to get the beginning of to explain everything ?

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big bang theory

There is still no clear proof of how the universe came into being . This also means that the big bang theory, or “big bang theory”, does not have to be definitive . It can be expanded or even invalidated with new knowledge . It is also possible that one day it will be superseded by another theory . It is nevertheless the most widespread theory at the present time .

The big bang theory explains the beginning of time , space and matter . This is what cosmology deals with , part of theastronomy. The concept of the Big Bang theory is based on Einstein’s theory of relativity . This states that energy and matter can be converted into one another . That can be simulated today.

In order to convert energy into matter , particles are accelerated to almost the speed of light in so-called particle accelerators . The particles receive an extremely high amount of energy . When it collides with another particle , the energy is released . The released energy can also be converted into matter .

In the explanation A new concept of energy: E=mc² you will learn more about the connection between energy and matter.

The problem with this assumption is that before the big bang there was no time , no space and above all no matter , i.e. no particles to accelerate either. Such a “nothing” is hard to imagine for people . Accordingly, scientists have no explanation for what happened before the Big Bang . You can only speculate about that. But what is the Big Bang actually?

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big bang definition

In the beginning , a tiny , infinitely dense and hot place forms in the “nothing” . Such a place you call singularity .

The big bang describes the beginning of space , time and matter . They arose together out of a singularity , the primordial atom .

The Big Bang is often mistaken for some kind of explosion . In fact, however, it only describes the beginning of the Big Bang theory , as described.

You can also imagine the primordial atom as a tiny little nucleus in which all the matter of the universe is contained. It is assumed that the primordial atom had a size of 10 -35 meters . For comparison: an atom is about 0.1 to 0.5 nanometers n in size .

One nanometer corresponds to 10 -9 meters.

How did the universe develop after the Big Bang?

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Big Bang timeline

Gravity sets in 10-40 seconds after the Big Bang . This creates the classical spacetime . In what form matter and energy exist is uncertain due to the infinitely high temperature .

If you want to learn more about gravity , it is best to take a look at the explanation of the same name. Spacetime is a construct from the theory of relativity . You will also find a separate explanation for this: the special theory of relativity .

After fractions of a second , the primordial atom suddenly spreads evenly and exponentially This is what you call inflation .

At the same time , the universe is steadily cooling as it expands . The inflation is already over after 10-32 seconds , after the big bang . Scientists have not yet found an explanation for this expansion .

After inflation , the universe just expands much more slowly . Furthermore, the temperature has dropped to about one trillion Kelvin . Now the first particles of matter are forming . These are the elementary particles : the quarks and gluons . Furthermore, high-energy photons are produced .

If you want to know which elementary particles exist, then visit the explanation of the same name. There are also separate explanations for quarks , gluons , photons and other elementary particles .

About a microsecond after the Big Bang , the universe cooled down to about ten billion Kelvin . It is therefore “ cold ” enough for protons and neutrons to be able to form from the quarks . In addition, further elementary particles and the electrons are formed .

Then the first atomic nuclei formnuclear fusion begins . Protons and neutrons combine into mostly hydrogen nuclei and a few helium nuclei . But you are not talking about atoms here . This is because the electrons cannot yet combine with the nuclei . The temperature is much too high for that .

What atomic nuclei look like and for more information aboutnuclear fusion, visit the explanations of the same name.

When the universe has cooled down to billion Kelvin , hardly any more nuclei will form . Nuclear fusion stops . A total of three minutes have passed since the Big Bang .

In figure 1 you see a condensed version of the big bang theory . The individually described and following stages were marked in time. As you can see, the singularity existed at seconds for a tiny moment before it expanded.

After the nuclear fusion of elements , the universe was quiet for about 380,000 years . During this time, the universe cooled down to around 3,000 Kelvin . Now the universe is cold enough for the first neutral atoms to form . To do this, the previously formed nuclei combine with the free electrons .

The electrons balance out the positive charge of the atomic nuclei . The atoms are thus outwardly neutral .

The element distribution is around 80% hydrogen and 20% helium . In addition, negligible amounts of lithium and beryllium are present.

Light already existed when the first high-energy photons formed. However, in this state the universe was opaque . The reason for this was that the light was constantly interacting with the charged particles present . It was reflected , absorbed and re -emitted . This situation changes when the electrons bind to the atomic nuclei .

The light no longer constantly collides with the charged particles and can move freely in space. This makes the universe transparent .

Energy was also released when the electrons combined with the atomic nuclei . This energy can still be measured today as microwave radiation .

The measurable microwave radiation is known as cosmic background radiation . The background radiation is isotropic , i.e. independent of direction. As a result, it spreads undirected in all directions.

Even if the universe is transparent now, no light sources exist , so noneStarsIt therefore initially remains dark in this state . The period from that date until the first Starsarise is called dark ages .

It takes 180 million years for the first stars to form. From now on, the matter of the universe illuminated by the stars is visible . With the formation of the first stars, the remaining elements can continue to be formed .

You can find out how the remaining elements are formed in the stars in the explanation forstellar evolution.

How can the formation of the solar system and the earth be classified in this time course?

Formation of the Earth Big Bang

The Milky Way is estimated to be around 13.6 billion years old . So it’s almost as old as the universe itself. The Sunhowever, it did not emerge until 9 billion years later. So today it is about 4.6 billion years old .

In the statement to stars and tostellar evolutionyou will find out howSun, as well as othersStarshave arisen.

Earth is another 60 million years in coming. So it was created 9.26 billion years after the Big Bang and is therefore about 4.54 billion years old today . The first life on earth arose about 3.5 billion years ago in the form of bacteria.

It is not without reason that the Big Bang theory is the most widespread explanation for the origin of the universe today . For this, scientists have made important observations that support this theory . So what speaks for the big bang theory?

big bang proven

The big bang theory can explain many of the scientists’ observations . The following three aspects are most significant in this context .

Big Bang Galaxy Escape

According to the big bang theory , the universe is always expanding . The physicists Willem de Sitter and later Aleksander Friedmann discovered signs of this between 1922 and 1924 . To do this, they examined the field equations from the general theory of relativity . These equations mathematically describe the concept of gravity . According to Albert Einstein, they are also called gravitational equations .

Subsequently, in 1927, the physicist Georges Lemaître put forward the hypothesis of the primordial atom already described . Initially , however, no attention was paid to the theories of these physicists . It was not until the observations of Edwin Powell Hubble in 1929 that they became meaningful .

Hubble observed that almost allgalaxies move away from each other . The speed increases linearly with the distance between the _ galaxies to . The galaxies have here reached a speed at which the mutualgravitational force is overcome . You also call such a speed escape speed .

Thus, the greater the distance between two galaxies, the faster they are moving away from each other . This so-called galaxy flight should therefore be the first characteristic feature that speaks for the big bang theory.

The physicist George Gamow and his team followed up on this finding in 1948. They say that the radiation responsible for the galaxy escape should still be measurable . The cosmic background radiation could then, 17 years later, be detected .

With this discovery, the Big Bang theory was consequently accepted as the valid theory for the beginning of the history of the universe .

age of the universe

Scientists have also used the background radiation to find out when the Big Bang is said to have occurred. To do this, Hubble also examined the light emitted by galaxies at different distances from Earth .

Hubble realized that wavelengths got longer with the distance of galaxy n . As a result, they move into the red area . Here you speak of the red shift , or the Doppler effect .

You can find out what the visible light spectrum looks like in the explanation forcolor range. Learn more about how redshift works in the explanation of the Doppler effect and Mach’s rule .

By back-calculating the redshift of these spectra, scientists determined that the Big Bang took place about 13.8 billion years ago . Thus the universe is about 13.8 billion years old .

Big Bang element abundance

Another important piece of evidence that speaks for the Big Bang is the abundance of the elements present . Scientists have calculated that it was mainly the light elements hydrogen and helium that were formed during the Big Bang.

The abundance of elements at that time can be deduced by considering the density of matter today and the chemical development of the universe . The scientists ‘ calculations agreed with the predictions .

It’s still a theory . Thus, with new , improved measurements and findings , more and more accurate results are produced. Contradictions also arise here .

Big Bang Disproved

In fact , the very aspects that speak in favor of the Big Bang theory also contain crucial contradictions .

Contradiction element frequency big bang

The American physicist Eric J. Lerner, for example, says that the big bang did n’t happen because the element distribution probably didn’t exactly match the calculations . He watched for very old ones Starsand determined their composition . They therefore have much less helium and a proportion of lithium is also missing .

The professor for observational cosmology at the University of Bochum, Hendrik Hildebrandt, replies to this statement that such measurements would not be sufficient to completely falsify the Big Bang .

Contradiction Hubble constant Big Bang

The Hubble constant brings with it a further contradiction .

The Hubble constant�0describes that the universe expands by the value of the constant . The value is:


Mpc stands for Megaparsec and describes the distances between two astronomical objects that are far apart .

Because this is a constant dictated by the big bang theory , it should always remain constant . However, modern measurements have now yielded new results for the Hubble constant .

The Hubble Law explanation contains more information on the expansion of the universe.

Contradiction Inflation Big Bang

As previously mentioned, inflation is said to be the explanation for a steady and exponential expansion of the universe. However , according to more modern knowledge , the initial conditions for this are extremely improbable . The theoretical physicist Roger Penrose saw another discrepancy here .

The problem in his case is the contradiction of the 2nd law of thermodynamics . This basically describes the direction of physical processes and the behavior of the so-called entropy .

For more information, visit the explanation of the main clauses of thethermology.

Entropy is a fundamental state variable that can be found in every physical system In short, it is a measure of whether or not a reaction is spontaneous . Furthermore, after each spontaneous physical reaction, the entropy in the respective system should increase .

If the universe is now regarded as a closed system , then the entropy should increase steadily from the beginning . However, the inflation of the primordial atom corresponds to a decrease in entropy in this system.

As you can see, the Big Bang Theory raises many more questions in addition to the explanations presented . These questions cannot be answered precisely at the moment .

Origin of the universe theories

In order to be able to explain the contradictions , further theories are being developed that are intended to supplement or even replace the Big Bang theory . The cyclical universe was evolved out of the contradiction of inflation .

cyclic universe

The theory of a cyclic universe is intended to complement the Big Bang theory by replacing inflation . Here, the Big Bang comes from the collision of two universes . This theory is described in more detail using string theory by theoretical physicists Paul Steinhardt and Neil Turok .

One of these universes is the forerunner of the current universe and the other is a parallel universe . The two universes are separated by a space , a kind of extra dimension . Only the gravity of the universes gets through the extra dimension .

Due to fluctuations in mutual attraction , the two universes equidistantly approach , bounce and recede from each other . This process describes the cycle in this theory. Each time this cycle occurs , a big bang occurs . Here the previous universes are destroyed and new ones are created .

In Figure 2 you can see how you can imagine the separation from the universes in a simplified way:

The problem with this theory is the need for an extra dimension separating the universes. So far , this has not been proven . Furthermore, scientists would need more information about the state of the previous universe in order to be able to test this model experimentally .

Still, this theory explains how a Big Bang could happen, which the Big Bang theory itself fails to do. Furthermore, the question “What was before the Big Bang?” would no longer have to be answered.

In addition to this cyclical model, there is another version that speaks of a primal impact rather than a big bang .

Cyclic Universe – Primal Bounce

Cosmologist Anna Ijjas also says that the current universe may have come from an older one .

The current universe is about 10 26 meters across . According to Ijja’s theory, the universe will continue to expand for about a hundred billion years . After that it starts to shrink until it reaches a size of about 10-23 meters . Here the universe is so small that it is about to enter the realm of describable physics leave . Nevertheless, it is larger than the primordial atom should be. At -23 meters the universe expands again . _

In Figure 3 you can see what a primary impact should look like in theory:

This cycle should be repeated over and over again . There is as yet no more precise evidence for this theory .

However, the Big Bang theory as well as the cyclic models were not the first theories that have described the history of the universe.

steady state theory

The steady-state theory was developed by astronomer Fred Hoyle and his collaborators Hermann Bondi and Thomas Gold in 1948 . She is the forerunner of the Big Bang Theory .

According to this theory, the universe remains the same regardless of the observer ‘s position . Here the universe has no beginning and no end , it is infinite . The expansion of the universe , as well as the escape from the galaxies , is explained by the fact that new matter is constantly being created .

The weakness of the steady-state theory is that it failed to provide an explanation of background radiation . Thus, the steady-state theory was superseded by the big bang theory in 1965, with evidence of background radiation .

As you can see, the Big Bang Theory has its problems . Scientists work tirelessly to fix these problems or find better alternatives . For example, in July 2022, the James Webb telescope has new, compared toHubble Telescope, much more detailed pictures of our universe have been taken. These images may provide new clues about the nature of the universe .

Big Bang – The Most Important

  • The Big Bang Theory is a theory and therefore not definitive .
  • The big bang describes the beginning of space , time and matter . Basically time zero in the big bang theory.
    • The first thing that came into being is the primordial atom , with a size of 10-35 meters . Everything that exists today was originally in this singularity . _
    • Inflation describes the sudden , steady , and exponential expansion of the primordial atom . It was over after 10-32 seconds after the big bang . To this day , there is no explanation for inflation.
    • The universe is steadily cooling down.
    • Quarks , gluons and high-energy photons form at trillion Kelvin .
    • After microsecond and at ten billion Kelvin , protons and neutrons form from quarks. After that, atomic nuclei are formed . Thenuclear fusion begins .
    • It stops at one billion Kelvinnuclear fusion. Up to this point, three minutes have passed since the Big Bang .
    • After 380,000 years and at 3000 Kelvin , neutral atoms are formed . This creates the cosmic background radiation . The universe becomes transparent. Dark age begins.
    • After another 180 million years, the first appear StarsIlluminated matter in the universe becomes visible .
  • The cyclical universe replaces inflation . _
    • Two universes collide and move apart again .
    • Each time there is a big bang , the previous universes are destroyed and reborn .
  • The original bounce replaces inflation .
    • The universe is expanding for several billion years .
    • After that it contracts again to a size of 10 -23 meters.
    • The universe is expanding again . _
  • On the steady-state theory, the universe is infinite .
    • The expansion of the universe and the flight of galaxies is explained by the emergence of new matter .


Lucerne, Switzerland is ground zero for the “Big Bang” Theory.   BERN Switzerland is ground zero for the theory of “Realativity”.  Belgium is ground zero for the “UNITED NATIONS.”  


Lucerne carnival programme

Photo: Marc Gilgen

Jan 22, 2023 The lake is a picturesque body of water situated in the Swiss cantons of LucerneSwitzerland. Its pristine waters, scenic natural surroundings, and charming namesake town make it a favorite tourist destination. The lake is actually a water-filled valley that was formed by ancient glaciers.


Photo: Marc Gilgen


Lucerne Carnival the city of Lucerne at its most colourful and loud.

Carnival begins with a loud explosion (the Urknall) on Schmutzig Thursday and ends late on Güdis (Shrove) Tuesday. All is quiet again on Ash Wednesday.

The highlights of Lucerne Carnival are the Urknall, the Fritschi parade on Schmutzig Thursday, the Wey parade on Güdis Monday and the Monstercorso parade on Güdis Tuesday.




Lucerne or Luzern is a city in central Switzerland, in the German-speaking portion of the country. Lucerne is the capital of the canton of Lucerne and part of the district of the same name. (So, it is within the DISTRICT OF LUCERNE) With a population of approximately 82,000 people, Lucerne is the most populous city in Central Switzerland, and a nexus of economics, transportation, culture, and media in the region .Wikipedia

from luc, stem of lux “light” (see light (n.))

light (n.)

“brightness, radiant energy, that which makes things visible,” Old English leht (Anglian), leoht (West Saxon), “light, daylight; spiritual illumination,” from Proto-Germanic *leukhtam (source also of Old Saxon lioht, Old Frisian liacht, Middle Dutch lucht, Dutch licht, Old High German lioht, German Licht, Gothic liuhaþ “light”), from PIE root *leuk- “light, brightness.”The -gh- was an Anglo-French scribal attempt to render the Germanic hard -h- sound, which has since disappeared from this word. The figurative spiritual sense was in Old English; the sense of “mental illumination” is first recorded mid-15c. Meaning “something used for igniting” is from 1680s. Meaning “a consideration which puts something in a certain view” (as in in light of) is from 1680s. Short for traffic light from 1938. Quaker use is by 1650s; New Light/Old Light in church doctrine also is from 1650s. Meaning “person eminent or conspicuous” is from 1590s. A source of joy or delight has been the light of (someone’s) eyes since Old English:Lucifer 

Old English Lucifer “Satan,” also “morning star, Venus in the morning sky before sunrise,” also an epithet or name of Diana, from Latin Lucifer “morning star,” noun use of adjective, literally “light-bringing,” from lux (genitive lucis) “light” (from PIE root *leuk- “light, brightness”) + ferre “to carry, bear,” from PIE root *bher- (1) “to carry,” also “to bear children.” Venus in the evening sky was Hesperus.Lucina 

Roman goddess of childbirth, late 14c., from Latin Lucina, literally “she that brings to the light,” fem. of lucinus, from luc-, stem of lux “light” (see light (n.)).


LUCERNE is the name of the CITY, the CANTON and the DISTRICT of this particular location..  

Lucerne is actually on Lake Lucerne.  There are three lakes in the immediate area: Lake LucerneLake Zug and Lake Lauerz


As I stated, The fallen and their progeny love HIGH PLACES!  Here are some instances in current times that they have been sighted.

There are giants in the land.
Giants captured on Google Earth Walking through an Egyptian town
To watch the Tik Tok video click the title link above.
Video: When Google Earth goes wrong! From a two-headed dog to a headless man, comedy gallery shows what happens when the internet giant’s very clever mapping technology FAILS

A Google Earth photo appears to show two giant men up to nine feet tall. A YouTube video shows the men while searching near the Dolci bakery close to the Giza pyramids. The figures appear to tower over cars in the…

To watch the Tik Tok Video CLICK HERE



7 months ago
May 29th, 2023
A mystery that begins with Andrew Dawson recording a supposed Giant on top of a mountain, then later a UFO and black choppers hovering in the same area, and later to mysteriously vanish, never to post another video again. Somehow it connects Giants, Aliens, and a supposed cover-up that is creeping the entire internet out. In this video, I will analyze Andrew’s unexplained videos and the possibility of Giants existing in Ancient Past and modern times.
February 28th, 2023.

(Note: I noticed the Great Awakening Infographic Map mentions Sasquatch, and back in the 1970s I used to watch a TV series, The Six Million Dollar Man”. This series had several episodes dedicated to the Sasquatch, aliens and Mount Shasta which hid military secrets. So, tying everything together, I think something really is going on and a lot of these TV programs are for soft disclosure or predictive programing purposes. I included an excerpt from the Infographic Map where it mentions Sasquatch for the Inner Earth topic in the video thumbnail. Note, both CH21 and Gene Decode speak at length on the inner earth possibility. You are welcome to download the Great Awakening Map from my video link below or the direct download link below that. I first I dismissed a lot of the info on this infographic map, but the more research you do to try to debunk a lot of this stuff, the truer it becomes including it is the general perspective and topics Gene Decode usually takes. Decided for yourselves. Pray! Marcum)

(Note: The secret is out. Soon they will not be able to walk down the streets (including pro-genocide Catholic leadership/priests). The mainstream media (MSM)/Vatican are all complicit in design, not only for hiding the reality of child trafficking (adrenochrome), but supporting the C19 genocide narrative. They are all demon-controlled MK-Ultra/Clones or demon possessed shapeshifting reptoids or blackmailed for their deeds. Humans do not act or think this way. Once you know this fact everything fits. The lizard-brain mentality trait is now easy to spot, plus those possessed cannot deviate from the exposed demonic global hive-mind narrative. Proof- Total systematic cancelling of the good Priests/Ministers and anti-vaxx doctors/nurses. They need us, but we sure as hell do not need these psychopathic nutjobs or the Soros/Antifa/WEF/UN/NWO/Commie/Francis agenda and the Great Reset global hive-mind BS, plus there are more of us. Think! How else could this evil plan been orchestrated if not through a single global coordinated satanic hive-mind? Pray for all the removed/canceled good priests, doctors and nurses! Marcum)

Think! What consciousness (entity) or hive-mind controls the clone? Marcum

February 11th, 2023
He did film a giant not even a year ago

If there is anything that will knock one back to REALITY, it would be running into a GIANT face to face, unarmed!  If you can handle that without screaming like a baby as you try to run…  maybe you could talk about becoming a god.  I don’t know who you would talk to… but it would not be me.