Throughout history there have been imitators of Christ.  Many pagan religions have a story that mimics the Salvation Plan of God.  Why?  Because Satan is a liar and all he can do is imitate GOD.  He will NEVER be like the Most HIGH.

Many people today are saying that Christianity is just like all these other religions which came before.  They say there is no truth to the bible.  These people do not know HIM, obviously.  Some have CHOSEN to deny him, others were born of their father Satan and can never know our Blessed Savior.  But those of us who KNOW him, who are covered by His Precious Blood, KNOW HE IS ALIVE AND WELL.

The devil plants seeds of doubt, to confuse and deceive us.  He wants us to question our faith.  I am here to tell you that THERE IS A GOD IN HEAVEN, HIS PRECIOUS SON DIED FOR US, HE IS COMING AGAIN TO JUDGE THE WORLD AND MAKE THINGS NEW.

With all the crazy, twisted, sinful stories of a god who died and was resurrected… I have never see a story about a GOD who took on the flesh of humanity purely to lay down that life for us, to be abused, spit upon, tortured, rejected and murdered in such a horrendous way, to take upon himself the sins of all mankind, to be raised up and provide the gift of the precious HOLY SPIRIT to endue us with power to stand holy and righteous and FREE.


The world is about to see this truth revealed to them in MIRACULOUS ways.  Everyday new revelation’ s are being laid out before us.  I personally am hoping that one day very soon we will see the evidence of Ron Wyatt’s video tape from the chamber where he found the Arc of the Covenant.  (Though being that the Pharisee’s have control over that area they will fight hard to keep that concealed.)

Today, we have new revelations regarding the Shroud of Turin.  It is so exciting that I just had to post it!  Now there have always been those who doubt the Shroud is real.  Many will even deny it after what they see in this video.  But for those of us who have the leading of the Holy Spirit we walk by faith.  I am certain that GOD has preserved this shroud exactly because of the Great Deception that is upon us.  He knew that they would claim a different Savior.

Let’s take a look at the news… and you can make up your own mind.


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