Time to revisit the Disaster that was the crash of Kobe Bryant’s helicopter.  So many people are so invested in the life and death of Kobe Bryant and his lovely daughter.  Not to mention all the other innocent people who lost their lives.  We care.  Much like the world cares about Jon Bennet.  We want to see resolution and closer and know that we never will.

It breaks our hearts.  Not only for those who died, but for their family, friends and for all the people around the world who are affected emotionally, spiritually and mentally by the trauma of the whole thing.

It seems that Kobe Bryant’s name is back in the news and the interest in the story is rising again.  There are some developments that I had not covered in my past posts about Kobe.  So I am sharing them here.  If you have not seen my earlier posts check them out.

The KOBE Bryant Story -The Kobe Show

The KOBE Bryant Story – The Devil is in the Details that you probably missed. – Part 1 of 2

The KOBE Bryant Story – The Devil is in the Details that you probably missed. – Part 2 of 2


Nike Will Relaunch Its Kobe Bryant Line on Kobe Day 2023

CEO John Donahoe revealed the news during Nike’s recent Q4 earnings call.

Nike held its Q4 earnings call for 2023 yesterday, and among all the numbers, projections and business-speak — the brand surpassed its sales projections but missed its earnings goal for the first time in three years — there was a tasty morsel for hungry sneakerheads to chew on: the Swoosh is set to relaunch Kobe Bryant‘s signature line later this year.

As announced by Nike CEO John Donahoe, the Nike Kobe line will return on August 24, Kobe Day 2023. Since Kobe Bryant’s death in January 2020, the ultra-popular line has had something of a tumultuous run: Bryant’s partnership with Nike expired in 2021 and his estate reportedly had no plans to renew the deal at the time. A handful of releases and leaks (the final pieces of the expired deal) trickled out over 2021, and the leak of one in particular, the Kobe Protro 6 “Mambacita Sweet 16,” revealed in June of that year, raised the ire of Kobe’s wife Vanessa Bryant, who said that it was “NOT approved for sale” and that she wasn’t sure “how someone else has their hands on shoes I designed in honor of my daughter Gigi and we don’t.”

Through all of this, Kobe’s shoes remained so popular with NBA players that there was a “shortage” of the larger sizes they needed by November 2021.Thankfully, in March 2022, all was made well, as Nike announced a new partnership with Kobe’s estate and officially announced the “Mambacita Sweet 16.” News of various forthcoming Nike Kobe releases went from a trickle to a steady streampairs rumored to release include the Kobe 6 “Prelude,” the Kobe 6 “Reverse Grinch” and the Kobe 8 “Triple White” — while DeMar DeRozan signed a four-year deal with the Swoosh to remain the face of the Nike Kobe line.

The return of the Kobe line arrives at an opportune time for Nike, which has struggled with a glut of excess inventory at stores and flagging interest around some of its energy products over the last 12 months. At the time of writing, more info on the line’s return has yet to be announced, but look for programming to start rolling out later this summer.



Kobe Bryant and the CORONAVIRUS

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Dear Simon and CluesForum Members,I have been looking at this prior to the beginning of this thread. I hope you don’t mind me adding a somewhat tangential contribution and hope you will indulge me as I attempt to add a piece of the puzzle.

The Kobe Bryant Coronavirus Connection

Now, prior to connecting some dots, I was investigating the Kobe Bryant death which I believe is another silly celebrity death hoax. This was verified after only a few days when suddenly my searches were flooded with stories of Kobe’s “widow” Vanessa and another one of his daughters Natalia involved in an online death hoax. So many articles began to appear about this story, so that the real Kobe Bryant death hoax research was quickly buried and much more difficult to find. How convenient and of course we’ve seen this part of the playbook in the past, have we not? Let’s continue…

Of course, the first thing that should be mentioned, is that Kobe Bryant grew up in Italy. He wore the number 33 in high school. Kobe Bryant is said to have “died” on  1/26/2020  which happens to be the very same day that the first case of Coronavirus was reported in California. Kobe Bryant, who has a tattoo of a crown (corona) with a monarch butterfly on his right deltoid, is said to have been “buried” in Corona del Mar, California.

Kobe Bryant tattoos: The butterfly crown dedicated to Vanessa Bryant
(but is it?  Or is it dedicated to the VANESSA BUTTERFLY?  MKULTRA – was Vanessa Kobe’s handler?)

Kobe Bryant bicep tattoo

(Image source: @nbastats official Twitter)

A crown is usually considered to be symbolic of a king.. While the tattoo is of a traditional crown, Bryant had butterfly wings added to it. As per reports, a butterfly crown tattoo is usually a symbol of emotions, respect, feelings, power, authority and connections. Over the years, Bryant added to his butterfly crown tattoo by shading around itBut, ANYONE WHO IS FAMILIAR WITH OCCULT SYMBOLISM KNOWS THAT THE BUTTERFLY REPRESENTS MIND CONTROL.  IT is also associated with SEX KITTEN PROGRAMMING.

Kobe Bryant tattoos: Kobe Bryant’s Vanessa (Bryant) tattoo with wings

Kobe Vanessa tattoo

(Image source: Nike.com)


Updated July 07, 2023. Popularity:652. Origin:British. Meaning:Butterfly. Vanessa is a girl’s name of British origin, meaning “butterfly.” This title was brought to life poetically in 1712 when Anglo-Irish author Jonathan Swift needed a name for a character in a poem he was writing.

Vanessa is a traditionally feminine name with all sorts of mythological roots. In Latin it can mean “of Venus,” the god of love; in Greek, however, it’s a reference to the mystic goddess Phanessa, who is Pandora’s daughter and bore a fascination for butterflies. (Vanessa has also been said to mean “butterfly” and is also the name of a specific butterfly genus.)

Vanessa (butterfly)

Genus Antanartia Rothschild & Jordan

Vanessa is genus of brush-footed butterflies in the tribe Nymphalini. It has a near-global distribution and includes conspicuous species such as the red admirals (e.g., red admiralIndian red admiralNew Zealand red admiral), the Kamehameha, and the painted ladies of the Cynthia group (formerly a subgenus): Painted ladyAmerican painted ladyWest Coast ladyAustralian painted lady, etc. For African admirals, see genus Antanartia. Recently, several members traditionally considered to be in the genus Antanartia have been determined to belong within the genus Vanessa.[1]

The name of the genus may have been taken from the character Vanessa in Jonathan Swift’s poem “Cadenus and Vanessa,” which is the source of the woman’s name Vanessa. In the poem Vanessa is called a “nymph” eleven times, and the genus is closely related to the previously-named genus Nymphalis.[2] Though the name has been suggested to be a variant of “Phanessa”,[3] from the name of an Ancient Greek deity, this is unlikely. The name of the deity is actually not “Phanessa” but PhanesJohan Christian Fabricius, the entomologist who named this genus, normally used the original forms of the names of classical divinities when he created new scientific names.


Kobe Bryant tattoos: Kobe Bryant and Vanessa Bryant

Right below his flower crown tattoo, Kobe Bryant wrote Vanessa’s name along with angel wings attached to a nimbuswith the word Psalm and roman number XXVII. Bryant got the tattoos made in 2003, when he was accused of rape charges. Bryant admitted to committing adultery but denied the rape charges.

Word of the Day – nimbus – Dictionary.com

Nimbus, “shining cloud surrounding a deity; dense clouds with ragged edges,” comes straight from Latin nimbus, “rainstorm, rain cloud, cloud (of smoke), cloudburst.” Nimbus comes from a complicated Proto-Indo-European root (e)nebh-, (n)embh– “damp, vapor, cloud,” as in Sanskrit nábhas– “fog,vapor, cloud, heaven,” …Oct 21, 2020

Nimbus Definition & Meaning – Dictionary.com

noun,plural nim·bi [nim-buhbahy], nim·bus·es. Classical Mythology. a shining cloud sometimes surrounding a deity when on earth. a cloud, aura, atmosphere, etc., surrounding a person or thing: The candidate was encompassed with a nimbus of fame.


Angel Wings?  Seriously?
When you look at this image is the first thought that comes to your mind WINGS of an ANGEL?
TO ME, that looks more like two mermaid demons facing off.
And does that really look like any  kind of cloud you ever saw above them?
I understand that on a tattoo it would be hard to make it shine but do you see any rough or tattered edges on what is supposed to be a cloud? Looks more like some kind of a halo. Or maybe a porthole?


Angel Wings coloring page | Free Printable Coloring Pages Angel wings Stock Photos and Images. 40,385 Angel wings pictures and royalty free photography available to search from thousands of stock photographers. Angel Wings PNG Images, Transparent Angel Wings Image Download - PNGitem Angel wings Stock Photos, Royalty Free Angel wings Images | Depositphotos


During a press conference with Vanessa, Bryant apologized to her and their family, calling her his backbone, blessing and the piece of his heart. The case was reportedly settled outside of the court a year later.

The word ‘Psalm’ and roman numeral ‘XXVII’ most likely refers to a Bible passage. Popular tattoo artist Mister Cartoon, who is situated in Los Angeles, was the one who drew Bryant’s tattoo and had also posted about it on social media. As per reports, the tattoos could represent his faith as a Catholic, along with being a reference to his struggles.  (Unfortunately, most people read “Catholic” and assume “Christian”.  However, there is nothing Holy or Righteous about the ROMAN CATCHOLIC CHURCH.  That organization is not serving the CREATOR GOD and NEVER HAS, it was perverted from it’s beginning.  It was created by the Romans to stamp our the new Faith in Christ.  It is from its onset a ROMAN religion serving ROMAN gods and goddesses.  The so called saints they worship are ancient demonic spirits. Followers of the Roman Catholic Church are deceived.)


The first website to report the coronavirus in Los Angeles reported at 11:14am, 10 minutes before TMZ reports the helicopter crash. Some of you may remember that it was TMZ that first reported all of the bizarre happenings around Michael Jackson’s “death” … Now, not to digress, but Kobe Bryant was also friends with Michael Jackson, and referred to him as his mentor. To get up to speed on the Michael Jackson Death Hoax, you can digest the 9 years of research over at https://www.michaeljacksonhoaxforum.com/.
https://www.huffpost.com/entry/kobe-bry … -qMbdshxEk

As we take a closer look at this Kobe Bryant Coronavirus connection, we’ll see some other interesting facts that should at the very least raise an eyebrow. ^_^

Translate “Covid” from English to Hebrew and back to English, what do you get?


Covid = Kobe

But wait, there’s more. You see, Kobe Bryant died in a Helicopter. Perhaps I shouldn’t mention that “Helicopter” = 666 in English Gematria or 111 in Simple Gematria, but I did find it quite curious that Kobe Bryant’s death was actually “predicted” in a cartoon called Legends of Chamberlain Heights. Yes, you see this cartoon’s episode is titled End of Days (how appropriate) and was aired on 11/16/2016, per Wikipedia.
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Legends_o … in_Heights.

full link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WQ2l2SmCJOI

And then there is this bizarre and morbid Nike commercial with Kanye West, where Kobe throws a basketball bomb at … you guessed it… a helicopter! :P I’ll let you plug in Kanye or Kanye West into the Gematria calculator for yourselves. ;)

Kanye West vs Kobe Bryant – Black Mamba Commercial – 2011

Black Mamba commercial  (from my earlier Post)

Feb 12, 2011
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.

 I saw the helicopter, then I saw it blow up at the same time they put Kobe’s name up on the screen.  Also, note that Kobe is standing in an arch.  An arch is a spiritual gateway between the two dimensions.

Do You See The Helicopter?   
If you watch the video closely you will see the helicopter blow up.  See the spot where it was? They Put Kobe’s name up there as it was exploding.  Weird, eh?


Now, let’s take a look at this alleged helicopter that supposedly crashed, killing Kobe, his daughter and 7 other “people” (9 total), shall we?

The state of the art Sikorsky S-76B helicopter is said to have originally been owned by the state of Illinois and the original callsign was 776ILL (33).

Government records show that Kobe Bryant’s helicopter used to be owned by the state of Illinois

https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/kob … 24444.html

Now I don’t want to get lost in the numerology, but I did note that $515,161 = 19, as in Covid-19.:o

As the story goes, after the helicopter was sold…

Its tail number was changed from N76ILL to N72EX when it was bought by the Island Express Holding Corp. of Van Nuys, California, the holding company at the time of the accident, the news outlet reported.

The helicopter also received a new paint job, including the Nike swoosh logo and Bryant’s signature “sheath” insignia after the ownership change five years ago, according to the report.

https://nypost.com/2020/01/27/kobe-brya … -illinois/


NOTE:  In the photo above – ALL THE PYRAMIDS IN THE FINISH!  


Spiritual Meaning of Letter N

DECEMBER 26, 2021
Esoteric Letters
Letter N attributes Meaning and Specification
Astrological sign Scorpio
Spiritual sense Smell
Symbol Fish, esoteric teachings, spiritual growth
Spiritual meaning Verb-ing, treading position
Numerology value 14/5
Stand for Nation, Notice, Nimbus, Number
Spiritual meaning of letter N

Meaning of Letter N

Letter N corresponds to Nun (noon) in the Hebrew alphabet, meaning spiritual growth. The symbol of N is fish, which is symbolic of esoteric knowledge that is being kept hidden from the mass. In many faiths, fish were drawn to resemble the divinity of gods and goddesses.

When someone eats the bread in the Bible, it allegorically represents the act of digesting the esoteric knowledge. Thus, the spiritual meaning of letter N is exactly the mystical knowledge that is hidden from the mass.

The number for N is 5,which is the number of MAN. By digesting the knowledge, you shall become M-A-N = Master – Able – Noble.

Letter N as striding posture of Horus

In Egypt, letter N symbolizes the striding posture of Horus. Horus is one of the main gods
in the Egyptian Trinity: Osiris, Isis, and Horus.


  • Osiris is known as “once wise”, meaning the first bloodline of the Egyptian kingdom.
  • Isis is “twice wise”, representing “double wisdom” and the duality of all things.
  • Horus is regarded as “thrice wise”, symbolizing “triple wisdom”, or “wisdom in action”.

As Horus is the “son” of Osiris and Isis, the lowercase “n” represents a son. It serves as a determinator of male attributes signifying the masculine principle in nature, such as son, scion, and Ibn in Arabic, meaning “son of”, according to Resurrect Isis.

Therefore, many words such as Pythagoras, Luther, America can be changed into a person by adding this determinator: Pythagorean, Lutheran, American.

Spiritually, the concept of letter N is closely related to the syllable “-ing” after a verb.I” is our spinal column, N represents the striding position, and G is the gonads.

Thus, the syllable “ing” symbolizes Horus doing the sexual act of multiplying his “seeds”. Remember that Horus stands for “wisdom in action”, and “Verb-ing” means that someone is “in action”.


Properties of the number 72


  • Represent the number of the earth.
  • According to R. Allendy, it is “the differentiation, 2, in cosmic series, 70, producing the extreme multiplicity of the aspects, moreover interdependent between them (7 + 2 = 9)”. It would express also the solidarity in the multiplicity (8 x 9) showing the harmony and the reciprocity in universal relations of things.
  • Sixty-twelve is considered as harmful in the apocryphal books of the Old Testament that speak about the 72 dead (Will of Abraham) and of the 72 sicknesses (Life of Adam and Eve).


  • The 72 disciples sent by Jesus. (Lk 10,1)
  • The 70 ancients accompanying Moses that received an outpouring of the spirit, plus the 2 absent ones which had remained in the camp, Eldad and Medad. (Nb 11,25-26)
  • The 72 races resulting from Noah. They are enumerated in chapter 10 of the Genesis. There are fifteen descendants by Japhet, thirty by Cham, twenty-seven by Sem. The list is arbitrary since the descendants of Peleg are not taken into account, and that the fathers are counted at the same time that their sons.
  • The 72 languages confused to the Tower of Babel.


EX | definition in the Cambridge English Dictionary

Cambridge University Press & Assessment
used to show that someone is no longer in the situation or condition the person had been in; former : The governor of Minnesota is an ex-wrestler.







Perhaps somebody started asking questions, as it would be clear as day that this is NOT Kobe Bryant’s leased helicopter. Apparently, the Los Angeles Sheriff removed any additional evidence by ordering “photos of the bodies” to be deleted! Perhaps the Sheriff is unaware that destroying or interfering with evidence from a crime scene is indeed a felony! Someone might want to call the cops! :D

LOS ANGELES — Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva said eight deputies allegedly took or shared graphic photos of the Kobe Bryant helicopter crash scene, but he ordered them deleted.

That was my No. 1 priority, was to make sure those photos no longer exist,” Villanueva told NBC News for a story Monday. “We identified the deputies involved, they came to the station on their own and had admitted they had taken them and they had deleted them. And we’re content that those involved did that.

The sheriff said he learned the week of the crash that as many as eight deputies may have been involved.

Link: https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/20 … fMj9lnTOVc



Updated: May 29, 2022

Team: Los Angeles Lakers

Kobe Bryant is an NBA professional American basketball player who played as an offensive defender for the Los Angeles Lakers team. He played 20 seasons, receiving a personal emblem. It was developed by the famous sports company Nike and placed as a label on the 4th version of Air Huarache 2K5 brand shoes.
Among the name emblems of athletes, the Kobe Bryant logo stands out for its originality and recognition. Designed to advertise Nike products, it has become an accurate reflection of the athlete’s life philosophy, the personification of the features of his sports career.

Kobe Bryant is the name of one of the most awarded NBA players in history, which was born in 1978
(1+9+7+8= 25 or 2005) and died in 2020.
The legendary player shared his name with the exclusive collection, designed byNike, which was launched at the beginning of the 2000s.   (Nike the goddess of VICTORY)

Meaning and history

Logo Kobe Bryant
Notice the snakeskin background

Before the launch of collaboration all collection with Nike, the famous basketball player worked with Adidas and created several models of sneakers, where his profile’s silhouette with Afro-hairstyle worked as the logo. It was placed directly on the shoe and was embossed on the leather details, featuring various options of a background, depending on the model.

In 2003 the official logotype for the Nike collection was introduced, and this symbol became truly iconic and recognizable across the globe, staying a symbol of the sport’s legend till the end.

The Kobe Bryant logo is composed of an abstract geometric symbol, consisting of six segments, which make up a figure, resembling a sword.  The two upper parts are short; the lower is long.  Together they form a common geometric figure resembling a tricorn (cocked) hat.  This symbol gives the impression of a tall, inflated person (in particular, a basketball player) with arms spread out to the side, who is ready at any moment to accept the ball thrown to him.

Though its official color palette is monochrome, the emblem can be seen in different combinations, depending on the needs and background.

Their strictness of the lines and unusual shape of the emblem gives endless opportunities to stylize it, it looks sharp and serious in 2D, when drawn in white on a black background, and sleek and futuristic when used with a three-dimensional effect.

PONDER: HOW MANY “V” for Victory can you find in the KOBE SYMBOL?


The iconic geometric emblem of Kobe Bryant has a hidden meaning in it. 

Kobe gave his own explanation to the logo in the Esquire magazine. He said the emblem represented a sword in a sheath. But there was a deeper meaning also. “The sword is the raw talent,” explained Kobe, while the sheath stands for the effort one puts into developing his talent. It is your calluses and your baggage, it is your training. He referred to the logotype as the Sheath, which was supposed to be the official name of the emblem.

In addition to this, Eric Avar, as the designer and developer of personalized shoes. , pointed out that the emblem has an Asian influence.  He pointed out that its prototype is the paraphernalia of samurai warriors. It was their environment of determination and courage that served as a source of inspiration for the logo. According to him, the ancient eastern warriors exhibited the same balance and composure as Bryant.


Magic sword
The Samurai of Japan believed that their swords had their own soul that could
possess them
. It was not the wielder but their swords that desired to kill; …

Samurai Sword “Katana”
They feature a process of folding and forging’ two types of metal, hard brittle steel
and soft iron,
so the Toshin (body of blade) and Nakago (core) are combined
It is thought that the process of creation of Katana has been developed
basically in order to achieve three conflicting natures,
‘Not to break, not bend, and
sharply cut’


Moreover, the nominal logo is only a graphic symbol. There are no inscriptions. Therefore, when adding the name of the basketball player, the text is written in different fonts, since they are not standardized.

The base palette of the emblem is black on white or golden, violet, red on a dark background. Colors vary and depend on the type of substrate on which the brand name is placed.

The mamba logo consists only of a graphic sign, in which there is no inscription; therefore, the name of the athlete is written in different fonts. There is no standardized option. The color of the emblem also depends on external circumstances – in particular, on the background. The classic design is black with white stripes, in the variable design – red, purple, or sand on a dark backing.

Kobe’s nickname was the “Black Mamba” … a highly venomous southern African snake, dreaded because of its quickness and readiness to bite. According to answers.com, the Mamba symbolism is satanism^_^

Of course I could mention A LOT more on this subject, including that the sun’s rays are referred to as “corona”, the virus looks like the sun and all of these celebrities indeed worship the sun, if only in jest … but I’ll leave it at this for now.

What a silly world we live in. :P

SOURCES:   KOBE BRYANT LOGO    and   Kobe Bryant Logo


What does the emblem (really) mean?

Can you see the five pointed star it forms?  Do you also see the resemblance to the one the five pointed star represents?

Kobe Bryant Emblem



Kobe’s helicopter circled over Glendale for “11 minutes” and it’s said that this 13 million dollar state of the art helicopter did not have a black box or TAS system:rolleyes:

The helicopter carrying Kobe Bryant didn’t have a recommended warning Terrain Awareness and Warning System (TAWS) to alert the pilot he was too close to land but it’s not clear it would have averted the crash that killed nine because the pilot may have lost control as the aircraft plunged into a fog-shrouded mountain, federal investigators said Tuesday.

Pilot Ara Zobayan had been climbing out of the clouds when the aircraft banked left and began a sudden and terrifying 1,200-foot descent that lasted nearly a minute.

“This is a pretty steep descent at high speed,” said Jennifer Homendy of the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB). “We know that this was a high-energy impact crash.”   SOURCE

When it struck the ground, the helicopter was flying at about 160 knots (184 mph) and descending at a rate of more than 4000 feet per minute, the data showed.  SOURCE


Kobe was drafted in to the NBA at the 13th position and retired on the 13th of April [4] / 2016, he died at the age of 41.
41 is the 13th position of the prime number with his daughter’s age which is 13 years old.
Kobe died on 26/01/2020. 2+6+0+1+2+0+2+0=13
Kobe scored 81 points (second to only Wilt Chamberlain’s 100 point game) in his 666th game. And of course, if any of you follow basketball, you may have heard of Kobe’s infamous workout sessions called the 666 workout:

The Kobe Bryant workout routine features a hefty mix of track work, basketball skills and weightlifting. His off-season workout has been called the 666 program because he spends 2 hours running, 2 hours on basketball, and 2 hours weightlifting (for a total of 6 hours a day, six times a week, for six months).

Kobe Bryant Workout Routine: 666 Workout

As a quick reminder, Kobe’s 13 year old daughter, Gianna is also said to have perished on January 26, 2020.

List of Satanic Holidays…

It should be noted that Kobe Bryant “died” the day after LeBron James passed him on the all-time scoring list. This is the symbolic “passing of the torch” as Kobe’s final tweet reads: “Continuing to move the game forward @KingJames. Much respect my brother,”

LeBron James, now a Laker, is considered to be the best basketball player on the planet. Of course LeBron = 66in simple Gematria and LeBron James breaks down to 6 as welland he wore number 6 while playing for the Miami Heat. You can see him flashing the “666” sign below (the number of the beast) and it should be noted that he has the word “Beast” tattooed on his left arm.

His nickname is “King James” … as you know, the King wears a crown or corona Source

Every Lakers player Who Has Worn #8 or #24 Not Named Kobe   (from my earlier Post)

Prior to Bryant, no NBA player had ever had two jersey numbers sent up to the rafters by the same team. He wore the No. 8 jersey from the 1996-97 season to 2005-06, and then wore No. 24 from 2006 …

What Does 224 Mean?    (from my earlier Post)

224 means “Today, Tomorrow, Forever”. 224 is commonly used in internet chat forums and text speak in a romantic context to express permanency, such as when making a declaration of love. For example:

  • I promise to love you 224.

Of note, the term “Today, Tomorrow, Forever” has long been used in love songs and was the title of albums by musician Corey Paul and singer Nancy Wilson.

Freemason Sacred Texts/Footnotes  #224 (from my earlier Post)


224. “Ni fallit fatum, Scoti quocunque locatum Invenient lapidem, regnare tenentur ibidem.”

The Coronation Chair | Westminster Abbey   (from my earlier Post)

Ni fallat fatum, Scotiquocunque locatum Invenient lapidem, regnare tenentur ibidem [If Fates go right, where’er this stone is found The Scots shall monarchs of that realm be crowned] The prophecy was fulfilled at the accession of James VI of Scotland and I of England in 1603. The Stone weighs 152 kg (336 pounds) and is composed of sandstone.

Genesis 28:18 – So Jacob rose early… – Verse-by-Verse      (from my earlier Post)
i fallat fatum, Scoti, quocunque locatum Invenient lapidem, regnare tenentur ibidem. “Or fate’s deceived, or Heav’n decrees in vain, Or where they find this stone the Scots shall reign.” It had been brought out of Spain into Ireland, afterwards out of Ireland into Argyleshire, and Edward I. caused it to be conveyed to Westminster.

The Myths of the Stone of Scone/Destiny   (from my earlier Post)

Reproduced with permission from “The Highways and Byways of Central Scotland” by Seton Gordon (b. 1886)
Stone of Destiny as it used to be “housed” in the Coronation Throne.

The Celtic name of the stone now in the Coronation Chair in Westminster Abbey is Lia Fail, “the speaking stone”, which named the king who would be chosed. Cambray in his “Monuments Celtiques” claims to have seen the stone when it bore the inscription: Ni fallat fatum, Scoti quocumque locatum Invenient lapidiem, regnasse tenetur ibidem: If the Destiny prove true, then the Scots are known to have been Kings where’er men find this stone.

A few miles up the river from Perth is the site of the historic Abbey of Scone, where the kings of Scotland were crowned. But the glory of Scone has long departed, for, even in the time of the writing of the old “Statistical Account”….”on the spot where our ancient kings were crowned there now grows a clump of trees.” At Scone the Coronation Stone or Stone of Destiny was “reverently kept for the consecration of the kings of Alba” and, according to an old chronicler, “no king was ever wont to reign in Scotland unless he had first, on receiving the royal name, sat upon this stone at Scone, which by the kings of old had been appointed to the capital of Alba.” The Stone of Destiny, now in Westminster Abbey (at the time this was written), is an oblong block of RED SANDSTONE, some 26 inches long by 16 inches broad, and 10 1/2 inches deep: on the flat top of the stone are the marks of chiselling.

Tradition (legend) affirms that it is the same stone stone which Jacob used as a pillow at Bethel and then set up as a pillar and anointed with oil: later, according to Jewish tradition (possible legend), it became the pedestal of the ark in the Temple. The stone was brought from Syria to Egypt by Gathelus, who in order to escape the plague, sailed, on the advice of Moses, from the Nile with his wife and the Stone of Destiny, and landed in Spain. Gathelus sent the stone to Eire when he had invaded that country, and it was later brought to Scotland where it remained in the Abbey of Scone until, in the year 1296, Edward I of England carried it off to Westminster Abbey in England.

An interseting tradition (again possibly legend) that had been given me (Seton Gordon) by the Earl of Mansfield, whose family have owned the lands of Scone for more than 300 years. The tradition, which has been handed down through several generations, is that, somewhere around the dates 1795-1820, a farm lad had been wandering with a friend on Dunsinnan, the site of MacBeth’s Castle, soon after a violent storm. The torrential rain had caused a landslide, and as a result of this fissure, which seemed to penetrate deep into the hillside, was visible. The two men procured some form of light and explored the fissure. They came at last to the broken wall of a subterranean chamber. In one corner of the chamber was a stair which was blocked with debris, and in the centre of the chamber they saw a slb of stone covered with markings and supported by four stone “legs”. As there was no other evidence of “treasure” in the subterranean apartment the two men did not realise the importance of their “find” and did not talk of what they had seen. Some years later one of the men first heard the local tradition, that on the approach of the King Edward I , the monks of Scone hurriedly removed the Stone of Destiny to a place of safe concealment and took from the Annety Burn a stone of similar size and shape, which the English King carried off in triumph. When he heard this legend, the man hurried back to Dunisinnan Hill, but whether his memory was at fault regarding the site of the landslide, or whether the passage of time, or a fresh slide of earth, had obliterated the cavity, thefact remains that he was unable to locate the opening in the hillside. It may be asked why the monks of Scone, after the English king had returned to England, did not bring back to the abbey the original Stone of Destiny, but the tradition accounts for this explaining that it was not considered safe at the time to allow the English to know that they had been tricked, and that when the days of possible retribution were past, the monks who had known the secret were dead. This tradition, it is held, explains why the Coronation Stone in Westminster Abbey resembles geologically the sandstone commonly found in the neighbourhood of Scone.

This states clearly that the stone is of red sandstone and although in person appears brown-grey, geologists assure it is indeed sandstone inside.
Many scientists believe that the stone, despite all the high-flying mythical background, probably came from a local area considering the type of stone. It most likely came from the times of the Dal Riata kings of Scotland and Ireland (Circa 500 AD, see Story of Scotland, Ch. 1 for details), and possibly brought to Scotland from Ireland to coronate early Scots kings in Dunadd, and was later moved. Taken from “Highways and byways in the Central Highlands”…

1996: The Stone of Destiny

On St Andrews Day, 30th November 1996, Scotland’s coronation stone, the Stone of Destiny, was installed in Edinburgh Castle. About 10,000 people lined the Royal Mile to watch the procession of dignitaries and troops escort the stone from Holyrood Palace to the castle. In a service at St Giles cathedral the Church of Scotland Moderator, the Right Reverend John MacIndoe, formally accepted the stone’s return saying it would “strengthen the proud distinctiveness of the people of Scotland”.

Once inside the castle the stone was laid on an oak table before the grand fireplace of the early 16th century Great Hall. The Scottish Secretary of State Michael Forsyth ceremoniously received it from Prince Andrew, who was representing the Queen.

Outside the castle, under clear blue skies, a twenty-one gun salute was fired from the Half-Moon Battery, echoed by HMS Newcastle lying anchored off Leith harbour in the Firth of Forth. When asked of an official why the Scottish flag, the Saltire (St Andrews Cross) was not flying at the highest point. He replied that because Prince Andrew, (second son of the Queen) was inside, the flag of the United Kingdom, the Union Jack, had to fly on top.

This seemed to summarize the paradox: The Stone of Destiny, traditional coronation stone of Scottish Kings and Queens was stolen by English King Edward the First 700 years ago and is still a powerful symbol of Scottish independence. But its return comes with no promises of real or even partial independence for today’s Scotland.


LITERAL  “passing of the torch”

September 8, 2022
The Queen died at 15:10 BST on 8 September 2022 at the age of 96 (69 reversed), ending her 70-year reign. According to her death certificate, which was made public on 29 September, she died of old age. Her death was publicly announced at 18:30. Elizabeth II was the first monarch (as in butterfly, as in MKULTRA MIND CONTROL) to die in Scotland since James V in 1542.

Death and state funeral of Elizabeth II – Wikipedia

Coronation of Charles III and Camilla

May 6, 2023
The coronation of Charles III and his wife, Camilla, as king and queen of the United Kingdom and the other Commonwealth realms, took place on Saturday, 6 May 2023 at Westminster Abbey. Charles acceded to the throne on 8 September 2022 upon the death of his mother, Elizabeth II. Wikipedia
The Stone of Destiny, an ancient symbol of the Scottish monarch, was moved south from Edinburgh to London ahead the coronation and was placed beneath the 700-year-old coronation chair that King Charles III was seated on during the ceremony.

EDINBURGH, July 5 (Reuters) Scotland marked the coronation of King Charles and his wife Camilla on Wednesday with a grand procession full of pageantry and a solemn church service where he was presented with the “Honours of Scotland”, Britain’s oldest crown jewels.

The 74-year-old, who is said to have a deep affection for Scotland, succeeded his mother as monarch of the United Kingdom and 14 other realms when Queen Elizabeth died in September.


Numerology;  COVID translates to KOBI or KOBE in Hebrew and Italian

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anonjedi2 wrote: Fri Mar 13, 2020 8:54 am Covid does translate to Kobe for me when I enter it into Google translate, first from English to Hebrew and then copy/paste the Hebrew back to English.


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Strange indeed. I wonder why we are getting different results. Here’s what I get with Italian.



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Weird indeed, nonho :huh:

Here’s what I get :
And yes, I also get “Kobi” in Italian.

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anonjedi2 wrote: Fri Mar 13, 2020 9:17 amStrange indeed. I wonder why we are getting different results. Here’s what I get with Italian.


Google translate isn’t a word to word translator

Google Translate is based on something called “statistical machine translation”. This means that they gather as much text as they can find that seems to be parallel between two languages, and then they crunch their data to find the likelihood that something in Language A corresponds to something in Language B

https://www.quora.com/How-does-Google-t … r-language

https://www.independent.co.uk/life-styl … 06131.html

Excuse me for using quora’s summary but it was the most concise. The article explains it in detail.