You may have difficulty with the string of topics and how they tie together, but stay with me. They most certainly do.  These and so many more.  Too many to be able to present them all in one post, or even one series.  These folks have their hand in every single aspect of our world.  … Click Here to Read More

Johnson & Johnson… REALLY??

WHO in their RIGHT MIND, would ever want to take a Vaccine rushed to market by Johnson & Johnson.  After what we have learned about Johnson and Johnson, I am amazed that ANYONE buys ANY of their products!!  How heartless do you have to be to knowingly and deliberately do irreparable damage to babies???  Damage … Click Here to Read More

Would YOU trust them with YOUR LIFE? Your KIDS?

RESTORED 09/04/2021; RESTORED 6/11/23 more videos added They are rushing at breakneck speed to develop, manufacture and prepare a Vaccine for COVID 19 by the end of the year.  That is insane.  There is no way on earth, no matter what advances they have had in science, that a drug of any kind let alone … Click Here to Read More