Fire Ant Scenario

*What would you do if you went to work one day, and your job was gone?  Taken over by AI?  What if that was true for EVERYONE you know at the same time?   No job and no possibility of EVER getting one. **What if you tried to use your debit card and it didn’t work? … Click Here to Read More


Our world is getting more and more bizarre everyday.  No one knows what to believe.  The media is showing us new and frightening developments everyday.  Technology is creating a world far beyond our ability to comprehend.  The skies are full of strange and amazing sights.  Our oceans are spewing forth monsters.  Our yards are being … Click Here to Read More

The Forest Way Part 4 – Some Final Thoughts

DON’T BUILD A FAIRY GARDEN TO INVITE DEMONIC SPIRITS!    If you want to create a beautiful garden to enjoy, do it.  Rather than communing with nature spirits, go into your beautiful garden to meet with the Creator of all things.  Your Heavenly Father, who loves you.  Spend time with HIM and thank HIM for … Click Here to Read More

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