The Forest Way Part 4 – Some Final Thoughts


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The Forest Way Part 4 – Some Final Thoughts

Devilish Finds in the Forest


If you want to create a beautiful garden to enjoy, do it.  Rather than communing with nature spirits, go into your beautiful garden to meet with the Creator of all things.  Your Heavenly Father, who loves you.  Spend time with HIM and thank HIM for all the beauty in your life and your surroundings.  

This is just me wanting to share with you. Take or leave it.  I hope it helps to open your eyes.

I understand that to most of you this stuff is all just some crazy BS.  You can’t even imagine how anyone could believe such nonsense. I understand.  For a long time, Americans were programmed to believe that we were far too intelligent to buy any such inventions of the overzealous imagination and spiritual nonsense.

That was part of the plan.  To get you so far removed from spiritual things that you had no idea of what is TRUTH.  Then they started filling our minds with fantasy.  Makebelieve.  And boy we ate it up.  We loved to “escape” into fantasy, imagining all kinds of wonderful things.  Magic, dragons, giants, outer space, aliens, witches, fairies, superpowers.. etc.  

Now that they have us all convinced that none of this is real…we are moving into a time when TRUTH is being revealed at breakneck speed.  It is the time OF REVELATION.  Everything that was hidden is coming to light.  And the ANNUNAKI/The FALLEN Ones are returning.   

When GOD first started showing me spiritual TRUTH, I could not believe it either.  But, I KNOW THE ONE WHO WAS SHOWING ME.  

When he called me to be a witness and share the TRUTH it was way back in the 80’s.  There was very little if any evidence of the things I was sharing.  I was put down, berated, laughed at, mocked, scoffed and rejected, even by my own family.  But, I marched on, In HIS SERVICE.

NOW, when I share these things, there is actual evidence; some scientific, some photographic and some experiential.  There is plenty out there to confirm the TRUTH.  So, you have no excuse.   You have been warned.  You have been shown.  You have been admonished to go and seek for yourself. 

There is a war on for the hearts and minds of mankind.  Spiritual forces are moving rapidly through the earth, seeking whom they may devour.  Do you not see the evidence in the world?  There is so much evil.  We live in a society that has been turned upside down.  They call good evil and evil good.  That is because the world has pretty much turned their back on GOD.  Therefore, he has removed HIS hand of protection.  Unless you know the LORD, you don’t stand a chance.  These evil forces are so far beyond your ability to handle on your own. 

Most of the rest of the world never really was separated completely from spirits and spiritual influences.  They understand the spirits, some areas have been under the domination of evil spirits since the beginning of time.  When the Roman army forced people to “convert” to the ROMAN CATHOLIC religion or die… they confessed with their mouth, but their hearts and minds were never changed.  Their lifestyle never changed, either.  They continued to worship their gods as always, just changed the names.  So, these folks know that their gods are real!  They have experiential knowledge of them.  They KNOW that fairies and goblins and jinns are real.  They interact with them.  What they don’t know is that even those spirits who seem to be benevolent are demonic entities.

Americans are being totally caught off guard because they do not relate or even understand the forces at work against them!  We have all been lied to.   The nations don’t know our GOD at all… the ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH does not serve our GOD.  So, those the Romans converted don’t know our GOD and we don’t know their gods.  NOR DO WE WANT TO!  We do know who they are though.  They are the progeny of the Fallen Angels and the Fallen Angels as well.  

You need to understand that the battleground is YOUR MIND!!  The devil knows the power of our imagination.  He is using it against all of mankind.  I am going to write an article about that very soon.  Meanwhile…

Turn to the LORD and ask HIM to show you.  DON’T MISS OUT!   DON’T be caught unaware.  I can’t tell you when, and it may seem like He is not in any hurry. BUT, HE IS COMING!  Get ready!  He tarries because He wants everyone who can be saved to have an opportunity to be saved.  But, once that last one has made the choice.  THE DOOR WILL CLOSE!  There will be no more chances.  He will call us up and HE WILL DESTROY the wicked.   End of story.