2020 Summer Olympics, also known as Tokyo 2020 is an upcoming International multi-sport event that will take place in Tokyo from 24 July to 9 August 2020. This event will introduce several summer games like Madison cycling and basketball and many others.

Technology at Olympics 2020 in TokyoTokyo is the first Asian city that has received the honor to host the International
Olympics for the second time after it was selected at 125th IOC
session in Buenos Aries. Tokyo was finally selected
after competing with Istanbul and Madrid. The gaming tournament is going to
feature 339 gaming events in 33 different locations.  The goal of the 2020 Olympics is to make them more youthful
and to encourage female participants to join the games by increasing the number
of female participants.

 Preparation for 2020 Olympics

A fund of 400 billion Japanese Yen is set aside by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government to cover the cost of the games. The organizers are planning to increase the slot capacity in the Haneda Airport and Narita International Airport. A new railway line is also planned between the two airports through the expansion of Tokyo station to cut the traveling time for the passengers. The preparation also includes the refurbishing of main expressways and other roads and also the reconstruction of the main Olympic Stadium of Tokyo.

Technology used in Tokyo 2020

Beside all other preparations
Japan has always used Olympic events to
showcase new technology and it is not wrong to say that during the 2020
Olympics, Japan is going to showcase something new and exciting as the host
country. In these 2020 Summer Olympics Tokyo is introducing new technology to
transform the International games. Let’s have a look at them:

Wind and Solar Energies

Tokyo is going to use Wind and solar
energies to power up the stadiums and the villages of the athletes.


Secondly, Tokyo is now turning old mobile phones into medals. This was planned in February 2017 when Tokyo Organizing Community signed a partnership with Japan Environmental Sanitation Center and NTT DoCoMo. Where they will extract 5,000 medals consuming old mobile phones as they contain a small amount of silver, gold, and copper. Bronze is collected separately as it purely utilizes its respective materials.

Driverless Taxis

Tokyo is also planning to introduce driverless taxis for the guests. The guests will be free to use the taxis by unlocking them through their smartphones. However, the way fares will be payed has not been announced.

Technology at Olympics 2020 in Tokyo

Solar Roads

Japan is planning to operate solar roads in Tokyo. The work on this has already started and they are testing some miles of solar road. Solar panels are placed on the roads and then covered with resin to ease the traffic movement.

Technology at Olympics 2020 in Tokyo

Torches for the Olympics

A large amount of Aluminum was collected from the temporary housing in Fukushima and was then utilized to make the torches for the tournament. Nearly 10,000 of small pieces of aluminum was gathered by the organizers to make torches.

Translating and Helping Robots

Organizers of the tournaments have planned to introduce translating robots for the guests that will help them to translate Japanese easily. The robots will be used across the venues supporting the foreign languages.

Technology at Olympics 2020 in Tokyo

The robot will not only translate the word for the foreign guest but will also help the elderly  and disabled passengers to carry bags .

Facial Recognition

Another interesting feature of the Tokyo 2020 is the facial recognition system. The system identifies over 300,000 people including athletes, volunteers, media and other staff.

The system is in place to avoid any inconvenience and long waiting lines in the extreme summer heat.

The facial recognition is significantly accurate and swift as shown in tests. It can detect several people passing through the gate at once. Players and volunteers must be in possession of their own IC card in order to get into the venue, else the system will not identify the person.

5G ready baseband network

Japan has planned to provide 5G ready baseband network in H=Jaoamn and to showcase this Japanese Telecom Company, NTT DoCoMo has already signed a deal with Finland’s Nokia.

These advancements in technology is making 2020 Olympics more exciting and people are planning to attend the 2020 Olympics. However, we do hope that Tokyo delivers what it is promising so that people are not disappointed.