WEF – Open Your Eyes

Wow!  I am so excited to see so many people who are not only awake but joining the ranks of the TRUTHERS!!  So many people with the courage to stand up and speak the TRUTH BOLDLY!!  That is AMAZING! People, take courage, been inspired by these folks!  It does not matter what time it is, … Click Here to Read More

JANUARY 6 WAS AN EVIL DAY – But what really happened?

UPDATES ADDED 10/3/22; Video Added 10/13/22 Ok, folks, this may be most politically incorrect post ever.  I apologize if anyone gets offended.  Just speaking from my heart, my personal opinions.  If you don’t like them…that is ok.  I probably wouldn’t like yours.  But WE ARE STILL FREE in the USA, at least a little bit. … Click Here to Read More


Just a week after he sent forth the call, we see the formation and activation of the Obama “Misinformation Gestapo”.  TRUTH is the greatest weapon against the works of evil.  The evil ones do everything in secret/occult so that the truth can remain hidden.  When light shines into their darkness and truth escapes, they panic!  … Click Here to Read More

You Won’t Believe This

Dear Friends and Brothers and Sisters in Christ, It is a moment of rejoicing for the people of La Palma, who have been suffering so greatly over the past few months.  The Volcanos reign of terror seems to have come to a halt.  The can rest a little easier.  But, PLEASE, continue to PRAY for … Click Here to Read More

Long, Cold, Dark Winter

UPDATE: 10/13/2021;9:00:42 AM – PARTS OF USA COVERED IN SNOW! The Long Winter has begun! FRIGID and VERY SNOWY WINTER TAGS: JANUS, Operation Dark Winter, bio-terrorist attack, Longest and Coldest Winter,  Farmer’s Almanac, Telltale Signs, Walking Dead, COVID ZOMBIES, TEXAS FREEZE, Fake Snow, ELFVLF, HARRP, Weather Modification, Weather Warfare, FROZEN, Predictive Programming, Gatekeepers, Bill Gates, … Click Here to Read More


RESTORED: 08/31/2021 IF you examine all the evidence included here and are not shocked and infuriated recognizing the truth of the illegal activity perpetrated during the 2020 Election… than you are choosing to be blind and deaf, and your guilt will remain.   There may still be hope for reversing the situation in Washington, DC.  There … Click Here to Read More


HOW THE MIGHTY HAVE FALLEN! WOW… what a nightmare we are living!   Obama promised change, and BOY DID HE DELIVER.  I don’t even recognize our country anymore.  He was put in office by the elite to deliver America to the UN.  He continues his unfinished work and he is having great success.   I find it … Click Here to Read More


Photo Credit UPDATES ADDED 4/7/23 EUdict dictionary: Latin – English translate Italian detected – Concedere  to  English  – grant What does numquam mean in Latin? – mix2.wordhippo.com What does numquam mean in Latin? English Translation. never. More meanings for numquam. never adverb. nunquam, nusquam, nequando. concedere‎ (Latin, Italian): meaning, definition – WordSense concedere ( Italian) Origin & history From Latin concēdere, present … Click Here to Read More


“Janus is the god of beginnings, gates, transitions, time, doorways, passages, and endings. He is usually depicted as having two faces, since he looks to the future and to the past.”  wikipedia This post will convince you that they are working very hard to CHANGE our entire beings by polluting and/or altering our DNA.   If … Click Here to Read More

CHINA INVASION? Has TRUMP been making secret strategic moves to save the USA?

Here is an article from Christopher Green of AMTV.  He presents some important data that I have not seen anywhere else.  He also raises some very interesting questions regarding current events in California.  Events that tie to the Fires, Blackouts and HAM Radio issues.   I thought you ought to have an opportunity to consider these.  … Click Here to Read More


HEADS UP FOLKS!  This could be URGENT!   It may not manifest at all…but if it does, it will be horrific.  There seems to be some very clear messages coming forth related to this possibility.  I would be remiss if I did not warn you.   I know it takes some time investment to listen to these … Click Here to Read More

USA Events Happening NOW. – JUNE 2019

Well, it is another new month and I needed to open another new article because I ran out of space.  So much is happening at an ever-increasing rate.  Being that today is D-DAY, I wanted to get this article out to be seen.  I hope you will share it with your friends and family.  It … Click Here to Read More