OBAMA – Organizing a NEW WORLD ORDER where Obama Rules

US President Barack Obama speaks at the Summit of the Americas in Panama City.

Obama was chosen for his skills as a community organizer.   He considers his community to be the WORLD, and he is organizing it to suit his liking.  He knows how to rally support and gain your confidence. That is his realm of knowledge, but more importantly, there is a spirit moving through him powered by the magick workings and sacrificial offerings all over the world.  He is not going anywhere. He is growing support worldwide and soon will step into his Global Office.  

He knows that he can circumvent the current administration by organizing the nations into Summits meeting on an ongoing basis being brainwashed and herded into good little globalists, buying into all the lies currently driving the hostilities on the one side and the satanic liberal love fest on the other.  The masses are blindly following his lead right down the path to socialism and ultimately to a totalitarian dictatorship.

Barack Hussein Obama “I WON’T STOP” “In fact, I will be RIGHT THERE with you FOR ALL MY REMAINING DAYS”.  Promise or a Threat?  You decide.  

UPDATE 3/19/20

You better believe these folks are not kidding!  They have no intention of letting go of the reins.  Most people have no clue how much Obama is manipulating everything from behind the curtain. 



By RUSTY WEISS at The Mental Recession

In an interview with the Today show’s Jenna Bush Hager, former First Lady Michelle Obama said she and her husband Barack have one way in which they plan to be involved in politics “forever.”

The conversation, conducted in Vietnam where the two women are promoting girls’ education, began with Mrs. Obama revealing that she and the former President were waiting to see who won the Democrat primary before offering support.

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“When it comes to the candidate, we have to wait and see who’s the victor and then part of it is waiting to see, do they want our help?” she said. “Do they want my help? … I’ll wait to be asked.”

Considering Trump’s stunning victory in 2016 was a rebuke of a perceived third Obama term under Hillary Clinton, whoever wins the primary might want to think twice before enlisting the help of the Obamas.

Involved Forever

Should the chosen Democrat not want Michelle and Barack involved, the former First Couple have another means to “be involved forever,” a frightening prospect for America.

Encouraging people to vote.

“One of the biggest ways I think I can help is to make sure that people understand the importance of voting and the power of voting in a democracy,” Obama disclosed. “That’s one way that we will be involved forever.”

Getting out the vote may be a worthy endeavor, but when it comes to Democrats that would also likely involve the votes of felons, illegal aliens, and those not amongst the living.

Calls Impeachment Surreal

When asked to weigh in on the subject of Democrat efforts to impeach President Trump, Mrs. Obama could only describe the entire ordeal as “surreal.”

“It’s surreal. I don’t think people know what to make of it. But do I think we can come back from it? Oh yeah,” she conveyed.

“We’ve seen tough times in this country,” Obama added. “You know we’ve gone through depressions and wars and bombings and terrorist attacks, and we’ve gone through Jim Crow, and we’ve always come out stronger.”

It’s almost a sure bet that she’s not simply comparing the divisive impeachment process to those events, but very likely equating the President’s time in office to those very difficult times.

This article was republished with permission from RUSTY WEISS at The Mental Recession.

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Dean James at Right Wing Tribune

God Bless.

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WOW, I don’t know if you have been watching or noticed, but OBAMA is everywhere these days.  Promoting candidates, giving his opinion on everything, making movies that promote communism.  This guy just will not go away.  It appears that the media are really promoting him, evidence by the following glowing article about the Obama’s.  

How Barack and Michelle Obama Built a Multimedia Empire in Two Years

From book deals to Netflix and Spotify, the Obamas have gone multiplatform


The Obamas are taking over media.

Suffice to say, the Obamas are doing pretty well these days. The former president and first lady didn’t waste any time establishing their post-White House legacy, and just a few years after leaving office, Barack and Michelle Obama have found themselves standing on growing multimedia empire.

There was the unprecedented $65 million book deal with Penguin Random House, coupled with the massive arena tour to promote Michelle’s record-breaking memoir Becoming. There’s also the multi-year content deal with Netflix, a podcast agreement with Spotify, and the couple’s own production company, Higher Ground Productions.

While the Obamas’ success may not be surprising given the couples’ longtime popularity, it is hugely impressive. As Joe Pompeo noted for Vanity Fair, part of the success is due, in part, to luck. The Obamas left the office and entered the media space just as the streaming wars were driving up prices for content across platforms, and execs from major media players like Apple, Amazon and HBO reportedly all wanted a piece of the former first couple.

“They have great taste, access to the best talent, and global distribution,” former HBO exec Richard Plepler told Pompeo. “If you have all of those three, it’s not hard to see them succeeding at this. I would bet on them.”

Of course, there are more cynical views to be taken of the Obamas’ rapid rise through the media ranks, most of them focusing on the large paychecks that have accompanied it. As one Hollywood source who reportedly took a meeting with Higher Ground told Pompeo, “It’s got the Democratic halo, but there’s this bourgeois element.”

In general, however, supporters argue that the Obamas are looking to expand their platform to advance the same values of goodness and idealism that have long been at the core of the couple’s brand.

“These resources give them an opportunity to have even more of an impact,” said Obama’s former senior advisor Valerie Jarrett. “If they’re a force for good and are able to do well and make money at the same time, I think that’s what we should hope for from all business leaders.”



A Chinese-owned Fuyao Glass plant in Ohio is the subject of the documentary "American Factory."
A Chinese-owned Fuyao Glass plant in Ohio is the subject of the documentary “American Factory.”


Future of Work

Preparing for a labor force that doesn’t yet exist.

At the Academy Awards tomorrow, the movie American Factory is heavily favored to win the Best Documentary Feature category. It is a remarkable film and would be a deserving winner. American Factory also just might be the most thoughtful movie ever made on how globalization may impact the future of work.

The movie documents the opening of a Fuyao Glass factory in the small city of Moraine, Ohio and takes place from 2015 to 2017. Fuyao Glass is a Chinese company worth nearly $60 billion that supplies glass to major automobile manufacturers like Ford and General Motors. The factory in Moraine, which is still operating, was Fuyao’s first venture into the US. The plant employs over 2,000 people.

General Motors closed a factory in Moraine in 2008, which the filmmakers documented in an earlier film, The Last Truck. The announcement of Fuyao’s arrival was generally welcomed by the community as a chance for stable blue collar work. In addition to hiring locals, the Chinese company brought over hundreds of workers from China to supervise the Americans. As the film shows, the first several years did not go smoothly for the plant. There were major communication difficulties between the American employees and Chinese supervisors, and an ultimately unsuccessful union drive.

The directors, Steven Bognar and Julia Reichert, were given a surprising level access by Fuyao to management and employees. They capture a Chinese executive telling the Chinese supervisors that the American workers talk too much, and joke about covering their mouths with duct tape. They also follow several American workers to China to observe a Fuyao factory there and the grueling conditions the Chinese workers face. The film manages to be humane and non-judgmental to all its subjects, from Fuyao chairman Cao Dewang to the struggling workers.

The movie, which was produced by Barack and Michelle Obama’s production company Higher Ground, is now available on Netflix. We spoke with Bognar and Reichert about their film in late January. The interview has been lightly edited and condensed for clarity.

As you were making the movie, I was wondering if any of what you captured made you more optimistic about the future for workers?

Reichert: There are 2,200 more jobs in Dayton because of this factory, and they do have good benefits but the pay is not great. It starts very low. They fought the union very hard. But you can make something approaching a living wage. The jobs are there. That’s a good thing.

Bognar: We were filming there for three years and we met a lot of people. We really got to know these two guys. One is Rob, this gun-toting, Harley Davidson riding, self-described redneck. But Rob had deep empathy for the Chinese folks like Wang, who came to the states to work at the plant, and had to be away from his kids for two years. Rob’s level of empathy, despite stereotypes that he might spark, shows that everyone runs deeper than you initially might think. And Wang also had such empathy for the Americans like Rob, and how hard they work, and how they work two jobs to get by. Those relationships give me hope that all these huge divides can be bridged.

What makes you pessimistic?

Bognar: What gives me pessimism is the way capitalism now works in the world does not lift all boats—like some people might say it should or does. Capitalism right now is a very broken machine where certain kinds of people and class of people are benefitting and everyone else is being squeezed. They are pressured to produce more but they have less security and less pay.

Reichert: The role of union-avoidance companies was a real surprise and awakening for us. Fuyao hired a consultant team whose specialty is convincing the workforce that it would be bad for them to have a union. They had a huge impact, we believe, on the the union election.

Bognar: These companies will be around for a couple decades. There is a well-established playbook and messaging. In the film, they told the workers, “Keep your voice, vote no against the union.” It’s sort of Orwellian in how the language is used to dissuade people from organizing together. That was a big surprise to us. We need to work on American labor laws.

One of the main focuses of the film is the relationship between the Chinese management and American workers. How would you describe the main challenges the management faced?

Reichert: I think the Chinese management style is extremely different. The way their managers approach work and they train workers is very different. The system is a little more like an apprenticeship, where you just watch, and then you are expected to be able to do that task. What we saw, and other people told us this is not unusual, is that the manager can basically tell the workers what they need to do, and demand the worker do exactly that.

If you tell an American worker to do something, they will ask why. They will say that they might have a better idea. They look at the management and the supervisor right in the eye and talk to them like another person. The Chinese management supervisors and management are really not used to that. The Chinese management were also really frustrated with the Americans because they didn’t feel they worked fast enough. They didn’t feel like they did what they were supposed to do right away.

Also, from what we saw, there are not really human relations departments in China that can straighten worker complaints.

Bognar: These are cultural differences. It’s not like we are trying to say that one is good and one is bad. You could argue that if people [in the US] were less individualist, more stuff would get done. You might see a higher productivity level when people are less questioning or individualist.

At the same time, we are two Midwestern Americans, and we love seeing when people question authority. We love seeing when Americans workers ask why they should do something, and want to understand the big picture. That spirit of stubbornness and resistance is beautiful.

One of my favorite moments of the movie is when the Chinese president of the plant explains to the Chinese supervisors that Americans need to be stroked like donkeys, as a way to explain that they need a lot of positive reinforcement.

Reichert: Yeah. When any American sees that their jaws drop. [The president] also says, “we’re better than them.” Which is really bad. He really shouldn’t be rallying his workers by saying that.

What was your experience talking to workers about Trump? National politics does not really appear in the movie.

Bognar: In terms of Trump, we spoke to a bunch of factory workers who voted for Obama twice and then voted for Trump. Both times they voted for who they perceived as the outsider who was going to come in and make things better. It’s not that they love Trump, but they wanted to give him a chance.

Reichert: We could tell Trump was going to win, from where we lived. He wasn’t an inside politician, and they thought he would shake things up. People would literally say things like, “The union is going to fight for us, and Trump is going to fight for us.” They would be pro-union and pro-Trump. A lot of people are still pro-Trump. They look at the jobs situation. Wages are only going up a bit, but there are way more jobs around.

Speaking of politics, how did the Obamas get involved in the movie?

Reichert: The Obamas saw the movie when it was finished at the Sundance Film Festival in 2019. They have a production company called Higher Ground. Their idea is that in their legacy years, they want to spend a lot of time creating stories, film, TV, and books. They chose our film as their first release, and they have a deal with Netflix.

The Obamas were attracted to the movie being a story about the working class. How often do you see the stories of working people on the screen that are honest and not making fun of them? Michelle Obama is a working class kid, just like me. Her dad punched the clock and wore a uniform to work in Chicago, and is from a humble background.

I also think that they like that the film tries to be fair. It is a very divided world and I think that the Obamas want to bring people together and try to create movies and TV shows that let people of different opinions come and talk together in a thoughtful way and hear each other.

Welcome to 2020 Vision, the Yahoo News column covering the presidential race with one key takeaway every weekday and a wrap-up each weekend. Reminder: There are 69 days until the Iowa caucuses and 343 days until the 2020 election.

It’s been a recurring theme of the overcrowded 2020 Democratic presidential primary campaign. Ask voters how they feel about the field, and they’ll say they’re basically content. Ask them which candidate they support, however, and they’ll find something wrong with all of them.

Turns out Barack Obama shares the sentiment.

In a Politico magazine story about Obama’s post-presidency published Tuesday, Ryan Lizza reports that while the most influential Democratic voter of all has decided to not to endorse any one candidate during the primary — he doesn’t want to “put his thumb on the scale,” as his close advisers frequently put it — he has expressed his views privately. And pretty much nothing he’s had to say has been positive.

Former President Barack Obama speaking in Munich in September. (Photo: Hannes Magerstaedt/Getty Images)
Former President Barack Obama speaking in Munich in September. (Photo: Hannes Magerstaedt/Getty Images)

He assessments of the three black candidates — natural heirs to his message and coalition — have been unsparing. Obama once described Kamala Harris as “brilliant” and “dedicated” and “tough”; now, according to Lizza, he and his aides have “discussed doubts” about her “appeal to African-Americans.” The former president told Deval Patrick, one of his closest political pals, that it was likely “too late” for him to secure “money and talent” if he jumped into the race — and that was months before Patrick actually made the leap. Meanwhile, Obama seems not to have bothered to mention Cory Booker much at all.

Obama’s feelings about the moderates in the race — the other obvious standard-bearers for his brand of consensus-oriented progressivism — have been no kinder. Four years ago, he singled out Pete Buttigieg as a rising talent; now Lizza reports that he is “deeply skeptical” about the young South Bend, Ind., mayor’s prospects. The former president praised former Montana Gov. Steve Bullock’s record, then immediately burst his bubble. “Nobody knows who you are,” he said.

Even more conspicuous is Obama’s lack of enthusiasm for his own vice president, Joe Biden, who has made his association with his former boss the cornerstone of his campaign. During a meeting with another potential candidate, Lizza reports, Obama lamented that he no longer enjoys the kind of bond he forged with the electorate in 2008, particularly in Iowa. But “you know who really doesn’t have it?” he added. “Joe Biden.” Obama also refused to endorse Biden or intervene when he and his son were being attacked by Donald Trump over Ukraine. “Why doesn’t Obama say something?” Biden’s people complained.

Obama and Joe Biden at the White House in January 2017. (Photo: Susan Walsh/AP)
Obama and Joe Biden at the White House in January 2017. (Photo: Susan Walsh/AP)

And Obama seems no more fond of the other Democratic frontrunner who worked in his administration. His relationship with Elizabeth Warren, his former Consumer Financial Protection Bureau leader, is famously fraught. In 2015, Obama “said privately that if Democrats rallied around her as their nominee, it would be a repudiation of him,” Lizza reports. Today he seems to worry that Warren can’t beat Trump. On Nov. 15, at an event in Washington for a network of wealthy progressive donors, he delivered a line that was seen as a stinging rebuke of her call for “big, structural change.”

“I don’t think we should be deluded into thinking that the resistance to certain approaches is simply because voters haven’t heard a bold enough proposal, and if they hear something as bold as possible, then immediately that’s going to activate them,” Obama said. “Even as we push the envelope and we are bold in our vision, we also have to be rooted in reality. The average American doesn’t think we have to completely tear down the system and remake it.”

At least Obama has never implied that he would actively work to prevent Warren’s nomination. The same can’t be said of the other candidate in the left lane, Bernie Sanders. Earlier, Obama said “privately that if Bernie were running away with the nomination, Obama would speak up to stop him” — a momentous statement that only appears moot now because Obama no longer believes Sanders has a shot.

“Yeah, if Bernie were running away with it, I think maybe we would all have to say something,” one Obama adviser told Lizza. “But I don’t think that’s likely. It’s not happening.”

Bernie Sanders making a campaign stop on Sunday in Hillsboro, N.H. (Photo: Mary Schwalm/AP)
Bernie Sanders making a campaign stop on Sunday in Hillsboro, N.H. (Photo: Mary Schwalm/AP)

So if not an African-American candidate, or a moderate, or the woman he appointed to set up the CFPB, or his own vice president, then who does Obama support?

“As I talked to him,” his friend and former Attorney General Eric Holder explained, “I’m not sure that I can honestly say that he has a particular candidate who he would at this point say that he’d vote for.”

According to aides, Obama will remain publicly neutral throughout the primary. As he sees it, his role is to provide (in Lizza’s words) “guardrails to keep the process from getting too ugly and to unite the party when the nominee is clear.” He and his closest advisers have made it clear that “all that matters to him” is “who can beat Donald Trump.”

But what about his private misgivings? Do they matter? What Obama seems to be looking for, and failing to find, is someone like him: new but comforting, more consensus-minded than combative, inspirational but not ideological. “As we all know,” one close adviser told Lizza, “he’s an extraordinarily self-confident guy.” But America in 2020 isn’t America in 2008. Donald Trump isn’t John McCain. The last election is never the next election. And the same goes for the next nominee. Democrats — Obama included — will have to accept this fact if they want to win in 2020.


SingaporeWorldBig ReadOpinionGen Y SpeaksFeaturesVisualsBrand Spotlight8 DAYS
World would be a better place if women led all nations, Obama tells cheering S’pore audience

The Growth Faculty
Former United States president Barack Obama speaking on Monday (Dec 16) at a dialogue event at Singapore Expo Convention Hall and Exhibition Centre, with moderator, Mr Nicholas Fang.
Published16 DECEMBER, 2019UPDATED 16 DECEMBER, 2019

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SINGAPORE — If all the countries in the world were to be run by women for the next two years, there would be significant improvement across the board “on just about everything”, said former United States president Barack Obama on Monday (Dec 16).

“There would be less war, kids would be better taken care of, and there would be a general improvement in living standards and outcomes,” added the 44th US president to loud applause from the 4,500-strong audience at the Singapore Expo Convention Hall and Exhibition Centre.

Calling women “pretty indisputably” better than men, Mr Obama said that after two years of leading the world, everybody would realise that women should run things all the time.

Mr Obama, who served in office from 2009 to 2017, is also the first African-American president of the US. He was speaking at a public dialogue held by The Growth Faculty, an Australian business events provider.

Those attending paid between S$295 and S$1,295 for their tickets.

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Mr Obama is visiting Singapore with his wife, Michelle Obama, as part of a tour of Asia. The couple held separate engagements in Singapore over the weekend, including a meeting between Mr Obama and Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong on Saturday.

His remarks on women in leadership positions were part of a larger point he was making about the necessity for greater diversity in leadership positions to have more views to cover “blindspots” in decision-making.

Explaining the need for diversity in a team, Mr Obama drew parallels with a basketball team which requires different players with different strengths for each position

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“A basketball team can’t have all shooters. Some people have to rebound, some people have to do the dirty work, some people have to play defence. The same is true in terms of the diversity of talents that we build on any team, whether it’s in the private sector or the Government.”

This is why governments need the voices of women, ethnic minorities and people of different socio-economic strata to succeed, he added.


Read also: S’pore’s racial integration has contributed to its success: Obama

Turning to the issue of leadership renewal, Mr Obama said that problems around the world were usually due to “old men not getting out of the way”.

“They cling to power, they are insecure, they have outdated ideas, and the energy and fresh vision and new approaches are squashed,” he continued, to loud applause.

Mr Obama said that when his team was making way for the incoming Trump administration, some members on his team had commented that they wished they could stay on to keep doing their work.

“I would say no, it’s time for fresh legs and new ideas, although I didn’t fully anticipate what the new ideas would be,” said Mr Obama to laughter from the crowd. “But that is the risk you take with democracy,” he added.

Mr Obama said that the world needs more leaders who can understand complex issues.

However, when issues get complicated and confusing, Mr Obama said that citizens want “simple answers” to their problems, and end up electing leaders who reflect their own insecurities or problems.

“What we should be asking for our leaders to be doing is to help all of us understand the difficult decisions we have to make. But then, we have to make (these decisions) together,” added Mr Obama.


Responding to a question by moderator Nicholas Fang, the director of security and global affairs at think-tank Singapore Institute of International Affairs, on the top three things that kept him up at night, he highlighted three global trends that he has noticed over the past decade.

The first is political polarisation in advanced economies and developing countries which has led to the rise of populism. He warned that the world should be on guard against these trends which had led to the outbreak of world wars in the past.

The second is the trend of climate change, which has caused extreme weather events such as droughts and fires across the world and has the potential to pose problems to national security.

The third trend is the rise of social media. While Mr Obama acknowledged that social media has been key to helping him find donors and volunteers during his presidential campaigns, it is now being used to promulgate falsehoods and hate narratives among people.


On whether he misses his time in office and if he wishes he could have stayed on to achieve more, Mr Obama said that barring limits by the US constitution which allows a president to serve for only two terms, he said that his “agreement” with his wife was to be president for only two terms.

“The idea that I could have pulled (another term) off even without a constitutional prohibition – not a chance,” quipped Mr Obama to laughter from the crowd.

Turning serious, Mr Obama called his time in the White House a privilege and said it was rare to be in a position where one could make a positive impact on people every day.

Mr Obama said he does not miss “the pomp” of being president, such as having people stand up every time he walked into a room, and the heavy security which surrounded him.

Post-presidency, Mr Obama said that he is now spending more time with his wife and catching up on sleep.

He added that he is still getting used to the slower pace of life, and joked that he can complete a week’s worth of work within half a day.


In response to what smaller countries in the region can do to keep the US engaged in the Asia Pacific region, Mr Obama acknowledged that regional countries are concerned about the possibility of conflict between the US and China.

Mr Obama said that during his time in office, he had made efforts to engage with regional partners, including the Association of South-east Asian Nations. He also tried to manage the US’ relations with China in a manner that allowed the US to compete with China, but also reduce tensions and work on areas where co-operation was needed.

He said that to help the US and China avoid conflict now, small countries in the region can help both sides find areas of cooperation.

However, Mr Obama acknowledged that this will not be easy to do as domestic politics in both the US and China has made their respective governments willing to play up nationalism at the risk of greater geo-political tension.
Read more at https://www.todayonline.com/singapore/world-would-be-far-better-if-women-led-all-nations-obama-tells-cheering-spore-audience

Barack Obama – The Office of Barack and Michelle Obama

As President Obama has said, the change we seek will take longer than one term or one presidency. Real change—big change—takes many years and requires each generation to embrace the obligations and opportunities that come with the title of Citizen.


The above video is posted on the Barack and Michelle website.  The main page photo is the two of them with their back to the viewer and their arms around each other as gaze upon the Phallic Symbol of Osiris/BAAL.  How appropriate! 

Ex-“President Obama”: 

It was you who on ABC News referenced – “My Muslim faith.”

It was you who gave $100 million in U.S. taxpayer funds to re-build foreign mosques.

It was you who wrote that in the event of a conflict – “I will stand with the Muslims.”

It was you who assured the Egyptian Foreign Minister that – “I am a Muslim.”

It was you who bowed in submission before the Saudi King.

It was you who sat for 20 years in a Liberation Theology Church condemning Christianity and professing Marxism.

It was you who exempted Muslims from penalties under ObamaCare that the rest of us have to pay.

It was you who purposefully omitted – “endowed by our Creator” – from your recitation of The Declaration Of Independence.

It was you who mocked the Bible and Jesus Christ’s Sermon On The Mount while repeatedly referring to the ‘HOLY’ Quran.

It was you who traveled the Islamic world denigrating the United States Of America.

It was you who instantly threw the support of your administration behind the building of the Ground Zero Victory mosque overlooking the hallowed crater of the World Trade Center.

It was you who refused to attend the National Prayer Breakfast but hastened to host an Islamic prayer breakfast at the WH.

It was you who ordered both Georgetown Univ . and Notre Dame to shroud all vestiges of Jesus Christ BEFORE you would agree to go there to speak, but in contrast, you have NEVER requested that the mosques you have visited adjust their decor.

It was you who appointed anti-Christian fanatics to your Czar Corps.

It was you who appointed rabid Islamists to Homeland Security.

It was you who said that NASA’ s “foremost mission” was an outreach to Muslim communities.

It was you who as an Illinois Senator were the ONLY individual who would speak in favor of infanticide.

It was you who were the first President not to give a Christmas Greeting from the WH, and went so far as to hang photos of Chairman Mao on the WH tree.

It was you who curtailed the military tribunals of all Islamic terrorists.

It was you who refused to condemn the Ft. Hood killer as an Islamic terrorist.

It is you who has refused to speak-out concerning the horrific executions of women throughout the Muslim culture, but yet, have submitted Arizona to the UN for investigation of hypothetical human-rights abuses.

It was you who when queried in India refused to acknowledge the true extent of radical global Jihadists, and instead profusely praised Islam in a country that is 82% Hindu and the victim of numerous Islamic terrorists assaults.

It was you who funneled $900 Million in U.S. taxpayer dollars to Hamas.

It was you who ordered the USPS to honor the MUSLIM holiday with a new commemorative stamp.

It was you who directed our UK Embassy to conduct outreach to help “empower” the British Muslim community.

It was you who embraced the fanatical Muslim Brotherhood in your quest to overthrow the Egyptian President, Hosni Mubarak.

It was you who funded mandatory Arabic language and culture studies in Grammar schools across our country.

It is you who follows the Muslim custom of not wearing any form of jewelry during Ramadan.

It is you who departs for Hawaii over the Christmas season so as to avoid past criticism for NOT participating in seasonal WH religious events—while keeping all those who have to travel and protect you from spending the season with their families.

It was you who was uncharacteristically quick to join the chorus of the Muslim Brotherhood to depose Egypt’ s Hosni Mubarak, formerly America’ s strongest ally in North Africa; but, remain muted in your non-response to the Brotherhood led slaughter of Egyptian Christians.

It was you who appointed as your chief adviser, Valerie Jarrett, who is a member of the Muslim Sisterhood , an off-shoot of the Muslim Brotherhood

Author Unknown

I have not idea when this article was written, but it does not matter… it is and will always be relevant.

Why People Around the World Should be Terrified of Obama
(And Christians Should be Thankful)

No, you read the title correctly. I know many people will initially be confused by the title, but hopefully it will all make sense very soon. At first glance, one might assume the title should read, ‘Why Christians around the World Should be Terrified of Obama and Non-Christians should be Thankful’. I concede that in the short term, that would be a more appropriate title, however if one considers Biblical prophecy, where we are now and where we’re quickly headed in the mid to long term, Barack Obama is a “necessary evil” to get us to where God needs the world to be for Christ’s return.

We have assembled some admittedly frightening headlines from around the world to present to you. If one is un-saved by the blood of Jesus, then you need to rethink your strategy for what will happen to your eternal soul after your death. If you have given yourself to the Lord, these news stories should be great news for you. As troubling as these news stories are on the surface, they all boil down to the unquestionable fact that God is about to call a halt to the current world’s disarray and bring His people home to Heaven for the glorious Marriage Supper of Lamb.

These stories are not our words. Biblical prophecies are not our words; they belong to Jesus and prophets of God. The tying together of the headlines and prophecy is what we present to you. We encourage you to do your own investigation of today’s events and of Biblical prophecy.

We are told in the Bible that the antichrist will come to power as ruler of the world and will do so as head of the revised Roman Empire, also known as the European Union (EU). See our ‘Antichrist’ document in our Articles page for a thorough study. He ascends to this position after he brokers a 7-year treaty with Israel. As ruler of the EU and the world, he will establish a one-world government and currency along with the Roman Catholic Church as the one-world religion. These prophecies are the widely held beliefs of us and of countless Christian theologians all over the world.

In our One World Government Quotes by World Leaders article we give just a few examples of national and international world leaders from past and present where their single-point of focus is to elevate and install a one-world government with a single person as its head. This alone is disturbing and in direct opposition to the U.S. Constitution. We know that the U.S. will be a part of this coalition of nations when the antichrist assumes his power, but if the U.S. does this before that time, it will cease to be the United States of America and will just be another cog in the global wheel.

As startling as this may seem, the EU has already divided the world up into 10 regions, just as the Bible has so accurately predicted. See this EU website!

If you notice in our ‘One World Government Quotes‘ article, the celebrated foreign policy expert Henry Kissinger calls for a one-world government. Actually he uses a term that is less ominous sounding (but essentially means the same thing); a “New World Order”. At the head of the “New World Order”, he insists that Barack Obama is the man for the job. As a prominent and influential member of the globalist-minded Bilderberg group, his feelings of installing Obama has the head of the New World Order is probably shared by many, or possibly most, in the group.

Recent headlines from around the world reflect the same, growing desire to see Obama as some sort of “leader of the world”. For years, whomever the sitting U.S. President is at the time is often referred to as “leader of the free world” but this time it feels different and the phrase seems to have more meaning. The world is facing many crises; some real and some manufactured to enact legislation that wouldn’t have had a chance to be passed unless a “disaster” was imminent. People are longing for answers to problems and via the governments and the news agencies of the world, we are being told that a one-world government is the answer; the only answer. And who is the most popular politician in the world to capable enough to lead it? Barack Hussein Obama.

As we said a moment ago, the center of power of the antichrist will be the EU. This news article, published on May 13, 2010, indicates that Obama is now the current president of the EU. No, not “legally” as the president of the EU (as far as we know), written on official parchment and notarized, but as the EU’s heart, soul and driver of its policies.

This video from November 2009 even indicates that the EU is “anxiously waiting” for Obama’s call…

Another report about Obama and the EU comes from The Week news organization. It shows how Obama is now the de facto President of the EU, supplanting the permanent, legal EU president, Van Rompuy. I urge you in the strongest possible terms to read the following slowly and carefully, and absorb its meaning.

What this article reports is that the permanent, legal president of the European Union, Van Rompuy, could not get individual EU countries to act on the financial crises, but Obama did. In doing so, he has performed a bloodless coup, becoming the de facto president of the European Union.

Or how about this news article from CNN, stunningly just one day after Obama is elected President of the United States. Still more than two months from officially taking office, he has already been crowned ‘President of the World’.

This is another article from frontpagemag.com that wonders if Obama will be ordained as “World President”…

Some web sites are even coming out and asking the question “is Obama is the antichrist?”

This is a great time for us here at AWLITLD.com to be crystal clear about how we feel concerning this question and what the Bible says about this subject. As precisely as we can possibly state it, no one knows who the antichrist is; period. Many people over the years have been falsely labeled as the “Antichrist”. Although time is growing very short and the antichrist will soon reveal himself to the world, his identity will remain a mystery until after the Rapture of the Church. If someone tells you they know who the Antichrist is, run the other way. They are either deceived or have ulterior motives.

As Christians, we will be whisked away to Heaven immediately before the antichrist signs his name to the 7 year treaty with Israel. The Bible does not tell us if his identity will be revealed to us in Heaven, but we will surely know his identity as we return with Christ at the end of the 7 years of Tribulation for the Battle of Armageddon.

Unfortunately for non-Christians who are not taken in The Rapture, they will learn very quickly who the Antichrist is. The man that comes as a peacemaker will soon ascend to the position that he was born for, Antichrist.

This article is meant to shine a light on where the earth currently is and where the Bible says we will be in the very near future in three different, but completely intertwined ways. First, it’s important to speak about how the people of the world are yearning for something, anything or anyone to provide answers for the dire global problems. Secondly, it is meant to show the intent of the people we have elected as leaders. Presidents, Prime Ministers and other globalists are only too happy to install a one-world government as a solution. They’ve been trying to do this for over a hundred years. And if successful, this will only give more power and wealth to the leaders.

Thirdly, it is of great importance to report on the intent of Barack Obama. His actions and words clearly indicate that he is committed to ending the U.S. role in the global arena while elevating himself as a world-dictator. He has shown that he has truly global aspirations and that the U.S. Presidency is merely a stepping stone. He has the complete support of everyone committed to a one-world government. He is without question the right man, at the right time, in the right place for the job. Will he be the Antichrist, or is he just a forerunner paving the way for the Antichrist? Only those left behind will be able to answer that question with certainty.

The founding fathers would be livid to see what the U.S. is being fundamentally transformed into. In fact, they wouldn’t even recognize it.

In closing, everyone is looking for answers. As Christians, we know where our answers lie; with God and Jesus’ payment for our sins at the Cross. But those who are lost will grasp at anything to fill this void in their heart and soul. Those who do not believe in Jesus will fall for anything. Couple that with very powerful rich people working as hard as they can to collapse the American economy and put it on a level playing field with the rest of the world under a global Marxist government and economy with Barack Obama as the leader and we quickly have the ingredients and recipe for a very ominous future.

Without the insight of Biblical prophecy, these headlines of President Obama might go unnoticed. And without Biblical prophecy, one should be even more worried that the entire globe is inarguably heading towards a one-world government, religion and currency.

So, back to the title of this article… Why should Christians be thankful for Obama and his Marxist, socialist, globalist friends? It’s simple. The sooner that this happens, the sooner we’re in Heaven with Jesus at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. Don’t get me wrong, the time from now until The Rapture will be very painful to observe and live through. But this quickening slide into a global, totalitarian regime is necessary and it will happen. It will happen.

Whoever the antichrist is will need this global engine of government, economies, etc. already built so that he can easily take control of it and command the world without mercy.

I leave you with this quote from a member of the Socialist Party of America who ran for U.S. President in 1944. Does it sound like anything we’re experiencing today?

This next article is old…but it clearly lays out the personality and nature of Barack Obama.  It never ceases to amaze me how people just overlook all the very clear and obvious demonstrations of a person’s evil nature and are hypnotized by the SHOW.  People hear what they want to hear and see what they want to see.  Their perceptions have nothing to do with reality, and they don’t care. 


1 Thessalonians 5:3 “For when they shall say, Peace and safety; then sudden destruction cometh upon them, as travail upon a woman with child; and they shall not escape.


How the president is exploiting his office for more grandiose goals.

Rookie Democratic congressmen are reportedly afraid that Obama will stubbornly press ahead with his unpopular plans for Health Reform, even if they, his unwilling Kamikazes, get voted out of office in 2010 as a result.  As a dedicated Obama watcher, I for one am not surprised by this development. In fact, I am now betting even money that our president is not particularly concerned about his own re-election in 2012, and that he will enact as many of his programs in health reform, energy conservation, arms reduction and income redistribution as he can before his current term expires, and then try for higher goals. My hunch is that he is already getting restless in his present job, and that he seeks a promotion to an even greater status.

My sensitivities, sharpened by years of Obama watching, take note of the following pieces of evidence, and have gone to Condition Red:

Obama’s seeming restlessness is a matter of record. Until recently he was routinely charged with throwing outworn sponsors, including his old mentor the Rev. Wright, “under the bus.” And as a Chicago politician, he used wealthy, influential backers (mainly women), discarding them as better prospects hove into view.

Just four years ago he was a backbencher in the Illinois legislature, but since then he has served a partial term in the U.S. Senate, where he spent most of his tenure campaigning for the next giant step in his upward mobility, to the Oval Office. He has never in any office run for re-election, but has instead used any current position as a boost platform for his next installation.

Observers of his presidency have been puzzled by the continuing pattern: Obama is still in campaign mode, spending a good deal of time giving major policy speeches, not only in the states, but around the globe. “What office is he running for now?” One can ask.

Tackling that question, we note that Obama is an enormously ambitious, audacious man, and – as his gritty record in Chicago politics demonstrates – an enormously competitive and at times ruthless one. Coupled with his formidable intelligence, plus the evident grandiosity revealed most blatantly in his victory speech after winning the Democratic nomination, (“This is the night when the oceans start to recede”), we glimpse a personality constellation that we have known before, notably in Alexander the Great and Napoleon Bonaparte: that of the would-be world conqueror.

If this is indeed Obama’s fantasy, then it is shared by a sizeable portion of the world’s population: a poll taken in Sept. ’09 by the BBC indicated , at that time, that a large proportion of the global sample favored Obama as world president; and my Google search of “Obama, world President,” turns up more than120, 000,000 posts.

So here is my answer to questions concerning Obama’s electoral ambitions: he aims to fill an as yet unformed position, that of World President, and  – as in the past – he uses his current presidency as a launching pad toward that more grandiose goal.

Barack Hussein Obama was raised abroad, and – possibly for global electioneering purposes – he keeps his foreign name. In addition, it becomes increasingly evident that our exotic president has bought into the alien, Third-World view of the US as a dangerous bully: a prime source of pollution, a nation too powerful, and too undisciplined in the use of power, and as such a leading danger to Humanity. Thus, campaigning as the “Good American,” Obama apologizes around the world for America’s sins, he genuflects before Saudi and Chinese tyrants, he negotiates with our sworn enemies while down-grading our allies, he weakens the U.S. militarily and economically while permitting the Iranians to construct nukes, and he builds up the prestige of the heretofore discredited, America-bashing UN.

This is the Audacity of Defeat: Obama is engaged in a redistribution of power, though now on a global rather than a domestic scale. Thus, he gives away pieces of America’s prestige, in his eyes to detoxify it, and to build up the as yet unrealized world coalition that he hopes one day to lead.

As Napoleon discovered in the snows of the Russian winter, grandiose dreams of world dominion are never realized. However, those who pursue that hectic fantasy can cause terrible trouble before they are stopped. In this age of proliferating nukes, we cannot afford such dreamers. This should be the winter of Obama’s discontent.

American Thinker

There’s a miasma of corruption around the Obamas, even now

Michelle Obama’s got a heckuva political apparatus surrounding her even in President Obama’s post-presidency, and it all comes with a strong odor of corruption.

Here’s the latest news making waves:

CHICAGO — After being contacted by a former senior Obama administration official, the Chicago-area’s top prosecutor last month requested that the city police turn over their investigation of an alleged attack on “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett to the FBI, according to texts and emails released by the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office.

Tina Tchen, who worked as former first lady Michelle Obama’s chief of staff during her time in the White House, first contacted Kim Foxx by text on Feb. 1 and said the actor’s family had “concerns” about the investigation, according to the communications.

That’s corrupt as heck.  The political muscling of the Chicago cops (led by a black police chief, no less) from the Obama machinery suggests that the Obamas knew that the case was fraudy (much as the rest of us suspected from the start, given the odd circumstances of the claimed racial/anti-gay attack, in polar vortex weather, late at night, in left-wing Chicago), and thought their buddies in the FBI would do a better job of covering for them, keeping the case alive.  Those are the same FBI buddies who allowed Hillary Clinton to be questioned by FBI agents over her illegal private server with aides complicit in the act serving as lawyers (unprecedented) and the foofaraw about the case against her opening and shutting a couple times, each without incident.  The same FBI that employed the likes of FBI lovebirds Peter Strzok and Lisa Page to cook up that “insurance plan” against the election of President Trump.  There’s no doubt that that Obamified agency has political players more interested in politics than law enforcement.

And the Chicago cops did a credible job blowing apart the scam and charging Smollett with filing false police reports and other crimes.  Did Michelle Obama know that this was coming, and did her minion seek to protect him?  Smollett is a politically connected actor, given his mom’s friendship with Angela Davis and other famous lefties.  Did Michelle Obama want to keep the phony narrative going, about Smollett being the victim, for his sake and to whip up power for the Obama political machine, which thrives on this kind of divisive politics?  Well, Obama himself sure did, given his behavior during another fraudy racial case – in Ferguson.  So right now, that’s what it sounds like.

Two days ago, another charge of Michelle Obama’s aides meddling in racial issues, trying to whip up rage, came from Roseanne Barr, so that’s a pretty interesting pattern.  Here’s what the now fired star of the popular sitcom had to say just this week:

“She (Michelle) said, ‘This tweet is unforgivable’,” the disgraced actress said in an interview with The Sunday Times Magazine.  “That’s what I was told and I tend to believe it because the woman who fired me is now working with the Obamas at Netflix.”

Barr appeared to be referring to former ABC Entertainment president, Channing Dungey, who has since been hired by Netflix to work on original programming, including content from the Obamas’ Higher Ground Productions.

So we’ve got Obama aides meddling in the Chicago hate crime hoax and we’ve got Obama aides meddling in which television star should be seen…

They do seem to be all over the place.  Here’s another one, which might just be cut from the same cloth:

A former Georgetown University tennis coach who at one time was the instructor of First Lady Michelle Obama and her daughters was among the 50 people indicted this morning in a sweeping college admissions scandal.

The bribery scheme, which allegedly also involved actresses Lori Laughlin and Felicity Huffman, entailed getting students admitted to some of the top schools in the country as recruited athletes – regardless of athletic ability – and helping those applicants cheat on their entrance exams.

Gordon Ernst, who until last year was employed as the head coach of men’s and women’s tennis at Georgetown, was named in the bombshell indictment, along with long-time Yale women’s soccer coach Rudy Meredith.

He, too, was an Obama aide of sorts, but the very radioactivity of the charges against him hasn’t led to quite the bid to step forward of other aides as has the other two cases.

But cripes, it stinks of corruption, too.  Was this guy involved in making tennis recommendations for Malia Obama to get into Harvard?  Admittedly, she had a lot of legs up — as a legacy kid, and the daughter of a president, and who knows, might have been a good student, although her public pot-smoking suggests otherwise.  But the fact that this guy is even in the picture, and the reality that Operation Varsity Blues showing the cheating of the elites to get into elite colleges, was likely just the tip of the iceberg to show how the elites rig the system, and signals yet another ethics-challenged person in the Obama circle.

They’re ethics-challenged, and they have a propensity to interfere.

One can only hope that more facts come out on this one.

The pattern with the Obama flunkies still operating as if there were no end to the Obama presidency is starting to get pretty clear.

Image credit: Sister Circle Live via Wikimedia CommonsCC BY-SA 3.0.


 Breaking News
Obama: The Man behind the Curtain
July 06, 2018

If you’re a movie buff, most likely you’ll recall that pivotal moment within the 1939 movie classic “The Wizard of Oz,” when Dorothy’s little dog Toto pulls back the huge curtain to reveal Professor Marvel (played by character actor Frank Morgan) looking befuddled – nervously pleading onlookers to “pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!”

Well, the curtain has been painstakingly and slowly pulled back, with one incriminating revelation after another. Many now realize President Obama is indeed the man behind the curtain, the “puppet-master” still pulling the strings behind the scenes.

After the historic 2016 election, most Americans anticipated that Obama would – as tradition dictates – slowly withdraw from the political landscape.

However, at his very core, Obama is a “community organizer,” an ultra-progressive Chicago politician who subscribes to the teachings of the late Saul David Alinsky, author of the infamous playbook “Rules for Radicals.”

Obama’s post-presidency may give the illusion that he’s no longer actively involved in the daily give and take of partisan politics. However, just the opposite is true. The former president commands a secret army of radical loyalists, numbering between 30,000 to 40,000 and ready to protest at a moments notice.

Not surprisingly, you won’t see Obama publicly leading the charge to sabotage the Trump Presidency. Instead, Obama, like any savvy crime figure, insulates himself from direct involvement by using a network of leftist nonprofit groups led by “Organizing for Action.”

After leaving office, Obama decided to continue his shadow government by setting up shop in a fortress-like home only 2-mile from the White House – and growing a “war-chest” while quietly installing OFA field offices around the country (currently totaling over 250 offices).

While Obama’s fingerprints aren’t directly on OFA, he’s intimately involved in their daily operations. The resistance leader now tweets out orders to his minions, much like a “community organizer” looking after his flock.

Following the upset victory by Trump over Hillary Clinton, the former president addressed his followers. “It is fine for everybody to feel stressed, sad, discouraged,” he said in a conference call from the White House. “But get over it.” He demanded they “move forward to protect what we’ve accomplished.”

The most interesting aspect regarding Obama is his similarity to Saul Alinsky, right down to creating a new and improved 2018 version of “Rules for Radicals.” The new edition is simply dubbed “training manual.”

The manual calls for mobilizing against Republicans from now until Feb. 26, when “representatives are going to be in their home districts.”

The manual advises protesters to go into halls “quietly so as not to raise alarms and “grab seats at the front of the room but do not all sit together. Rather, spread out in pairs to make it seem like the whole room opposes the Republican host’s positions.”

I miss the days when former presidents retired to a life of puff pieces and golf games…

Hypocrite-In-Chief Obama Still Behaving Like He’s President, And Undermining The Real President In The Process

By Norman, in Exposing MSM LiesPolitics on 

Free Market Shooter’s recent article exposing former President Obama’s “bullshit” included a notable claim from PEOPLE Magazine, courtesy of Obama’s long-time pal David Axelrod:

But the former president has been meticulous since the election about not publicly violating that unwritten code of conduct among ex-presidents that bars criticizing whoever’s currently in the Oval Office.

“He’s very respectful of the appropriate role of a former president and that ex-presidents should not be looking over the shoulder of their successors and commenting on every decision,” says Obama’s long-time friend and political strategist David Axelrod, now director of the University of Chicago’s Institute of Politics, noting how George W. Bush refrained from criticizing Obama.

Even The Washington Post, king of fake news, knew this almost four years ago; Obama was always planning to stay in Washington DC after his term as President ended:

Now, though, Obama has raised the possibility that he might remain a resident of the capital after his lease on 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. expires in January 2017.

In an interview this week with Barbara Walters of ABC News, Obama and the first lady, Michelle, said they may live in Washington beyond their time in the White House to allow their younger daughter, Sasha, to graduate from Sidwell Friends School.

Indeed, in May of last year, Obama planned to (and later did) rent a mansion in DC to move in to after he left office, even when Hillary was predicted to win.  But be sure to take note of something else WaPo pointed out in its article:

Obama would be the first former president to remain in Washington post-presidency since the dying Woodrow Wilson more than nine decades ago.

Woodrow Wilson left office in 1921, and his post-presidency political actions were limited to campaigning for Democratic candidates in the 1922 elections.  In fact, he spent more time practicing law and publishing books than he did campaigning, prior to his death at 67 years of age in 1924. 

And, you’ll soon see (if you didn’t already realize) that Wilson’s actions pale in comparison to Obama’s.  Even about a century after the fact, Wilson isn’t even a historical precedent Obama can realistically cite to defend what he’s doing to undermine President Trump.

So when Trump finally took office, absolutely no one should have been surprised that it took less than ten days for Obama to go after President Trump:

President George W. Bush stayed out of President Barack Obama’s business for the eight years Mr. Obama ruled the country. It took a little more than one week for Mr. Obama to criticize President Donald Trump.

Through his spokesman, Mr. Obama said he was “heartened” by all of the anti-Trump protests that have erupted throughout the nation.

Of course, many (including this author) were not surprised at all; Representative Mike Kelly (R-PA) spoke at length about Obama’s actions in March:

A YouTube video shows the Pennsylvania lawmaker expressing his suspicion about the fact that after leaving the White House the Obama family moved into the Kalorama neighborhood in Washington, D.C., to “to run a shadow government.”

“I think we ought to pitch in to let him go someplace else, because he is there for one purpose and for one purpose only,” Kelly said. “And that is to run a shadow government that is going to totally upset the new agenda. It just doesn’t make sense. And people sit back and say, my gosh, why can’t you guys get this done?”

Shortly after his post-inauguration subversion of Trump, Obama jetted off (almost certainly via private aircraft) to talk business with his pal Warren Buffett, met the next day with tech leaders in Silicon Valley, before dropping off the radar for a bit… only to re-emerge in April meeting with “young leaders” at the University of Chicago.  Of course, these are meetings/actions that are usually reserved for the sitting President.

Still, all of that pales in comparison to Obama’s May moves; in early May, he (very publicly) endorsed French Presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron, following Macron’s publication of a phone endorsement Obama gave him in April:

In an interview with The Associated Press, Trump said although he was not offering an endorsement, he thinks Le Pen is “strongest on borders, and she’s the strongest on what’s been going on in France.”

It almost seems as if Obama, just to oppose President Trump’s tepid endorsement and Le Pen’s parallels as the Brexit/Trump candidate, decided to re-emerge for the sole purpose of countering that trend.  Couldn’t this be constituted as “election interference”, far more so than the allegations being lobbed at Trump’s alleged “links” to Russia?

He wasn’t even the only Obama to criticize Trump’s agenda; again, as Free Market Shooter covered, his wife Michelle even got in on the act

Michelle Obama on Friday criticized a Trump administration decision to delay federal rules aimed at making school lunch healthier, saying kids will end up “eating crap” instead.

“You have to stop and think, ‘Why don’t you want our kids to have good food at school? What is wrong with you and why is that a partisan issue?” Mrs. Obama said. “Why would that be political?”

…because why wouldn’t Obama let his wife get in on the fun?

Next, Obama jetted off to Milan, Italy (this time for sure, via private aircraft), to give a speech on “climate change” that Free Market Shooter previously covered:

The former US president met former Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi on Monday and will speak about climate change at a sold-out conference on Tuesday.

He arrived in Italy’s business capital by private jet with his entourage and reportedly took over two floors of the Park Hyatt hotel – where presidential suite rooms cost almost $10,000 a night.

Mr Obama seemed to be making the most of his post-presidential work routine as he was ferried through the city with a 14-car convoy on Monday.

Though Free Market Shooter more than adequately exposed the hypocrisy of Obama’s trip and speech combination…

Former President Barack Obama warned the world that more people on the planet were eating meat, causing a dramatic rise in climate emissions.

“As people want to increase meat consumption, that in turn is spiking the growth of greenhouse emissions coming out of the agricultural sector,” Obama said, pointing to countries that were consuming more meat.

The amount of cows, Obama explained, were contributing to global pollution, alluding to the amounts of methane gas emissions from cow herds.

Has anyone been informed on what exactly Obama’s diet was during this tour?  Did he eat any meat?  Is he a pescatarian all of a sudden?

In true Obama fashion, he made sure to decry the rest of the planet for spewing “harmful” carbon into the atmosphere, but only after traveling to Milan via private jetand being shuttled to a $20,000/night suite in the center of the city via a 14-car caravan:

…it appears no one asked why Obama was giving speeches on the world stage, just before President Trump’s foreign trip, that were the business of the President himself to make.  Remember Axelrod’s quote from PEOPLE Magazine?

“He’s very respectful of the appropriate role of a former president and that ex-presidents should not be looking over the shoulder of their successors and commenting on every decision,”

This must be Obama’s “respect” of the “appropriate role”: going on his own foreign tour to compete with President’s own.

Oh, you thought Obama’s foreign tour was over?  Nope; he made sure to drag it out, stopping in Germany to meet with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.  Notably… President Trump was still on his own tour of foreign nations:

Former President Barack Obama will sit side-by-side with German Chancellor Angela Merkel Thursday in the first event of what will eventually become his worldwide program to inspire young people to create change.

Obama will join Merkel at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin to highlight his foundation’s new global effort to inspire and support young people active in narrowing inequality, combating climate change, working on public health, empowering women and girls and boosting young entrepreneurs.

“He and Mrs. Obama have been pretty clear that the foundation will have a global reach. They want to be really involved in programing throughout the world,” an Obama Foundation official said.

Isn’t this the current President’s job to be meeting with foreign leaders on his foreign tour, not the ex-President’s on his own coincidentally coinciding foreign tour?  Is it any surprise that just days later, Merkel publicly rebuked President Trump and the entire US?

Speaking at a CDU election rally in Munich, Merkel said that Europe must take its fate into its own hands” or as the AFP put it, “Merkel warns US, Britain no longer reliable partners.”

Faced with a western alliance divided by Brexit and Donald Trump’s presidency, Merkel said “die zeiten, in denen wir uns auf andere völlig verlassen konnten, sind ein Stück vorbei”, or loosely translated “the times in which we could completely depend on others are on the way out” and added that “I’ve experienced that in the last few days.”

If as ex-President, you’re not going to support the current President, maybe you should just go paint?  I mean… that is what George W. Bush did for Obama, after all. 

Obama’s tour had one more stop though; on his way home, Obama’s private jet made a pit stop in London to meet with Prince Harry; another “job” for the current President’s foreign tour, not the former one:

Former President Barack Obama paid a visit to Kensington Palace in London on Saturday where he met with Prince Harry.

“They discussed a range of shared interests including support for veterans, mental health, conservation, empowering young people and the work of their respective foundations,” Kensington Palace said in a statement, according to CNN.

Unsurprisingly, Obama returned home from his trip around the same time as President Trump did; just in time for him to (publicly, of course) respond to President Trump leaving the Paris Accord he signed, undoing more of his “legacy”…

With former president Barack Obama’s climate legacy in tatters, moments ago the ex-president issued a scathing statement, slammed the Trump administration for “rejecting the future”, and that “in the absence of American leadership”, unlike the “steady, principled American leadership ” under Obama, the former president urged “states, cities, and businesses” to “step up and do even more to lead the way, and help protect for future generations the one planet we’ve got.”

“The nations that remain in the Paris Agreement will be the nations that reap the benefits in jobs and industries created,” Obama said. “I believe the United States of America should be at the front of the pack.”

Trump announced on Thursday that the U.S would leave the 195-nation agreement, his firmest rebuke yet of Obama-era environmental policies and the fulfillment of a key campaign promise.

And if you think Obama is finished undermining President Trump, think again; remember that house he was “renting” in DC so the family could “remain in DC” just to allow his youngest daughter to graduate high school?

Barack and Michelle Obama have bought the home they’ve been renting in a tony D.C. neighborhood since the former president left office.

The Washington Post reports (http://wapo.st/2qHfREZ ) the Obamas bought the eight-bedroom, 9½-bath mansion for $8.1 million. Property records show the deed transfer was recorded Wednesday.

Just another Obama lie, of course; you don’t shell out $8.1 million for a mansion in DC if you plan on leaving.Because that’s how you stand up for the disenfranchised American; in a massive, expensive DC mansion enclosed by a large wall, which is ironically just another Trump agenda item that Obama so publicly opposes:

…too bad; he’s made himself right at home in DC, just like he planned to four years ago.  But with Trump around, he has all the more reason to keep on keepin’ on as the campaigner-in-chief.

This to me, is just too coincidental, and I DO NOT BELIEVE in coincidences  The Obamas made it clear that neither one of them had any love for American, in fact, they held America in great disdain.  They set out to “change” the United States, and BOY DID THEY EVER.  This country is not at all the country in which I grew up.  Sadly, my generation, the “Baby Boomers” are the last generation to know freedom in America or even remember what it was like.  

Friday, April 26, 2019 |  Video

Shock Report: Michelle Obama Drinks As Notre Dame Burns

Photo appears to show Notre Dame cathedral fire reflected off former First Lady’s wine glass


Michelle Obama was sipping wine as she watched the Notre Dame cathedral fires from a Paris dinner cruise, paparazzi photos appear to show.

In one photo of the Ducasse sur Seine dinner attended by the former First Lady, smoke clouds and the church inferno appear to reflect off her wine glass as she looks on.

“Michelle Obama enjoying the fire of Notre Dame on a Paris cruise sipping some fine champagne shows the decadence of our time…AMEN,” wrote Illuminati researcher and author Leo Zagami.

Michelle Obama enjoying the fire of Notre Dame on a Paris cruise sipping some fine champagne shows the decadence of our time…AMEN

The river cruise, which sails the Seine River, was set to pass the historic cathedral, but the boat’s captain reportedly changed course when notified of the fire that evening, writes The Daily Mail.

TMZ also reported: “We’re told the boat’s captain ultimately made the decision to take a different route than planned for the cruise to avoid the Notre Dame fire… dinner was still served.”

An itinerary of the route taken by the Ducasse sur Seine dinner tour shows the cruise typically circles back to the Eiffel Tower boarding point near the cathedral.

Image credit: ducasse-seine.com

Other Facebook users claimed the necklace worn by the First Lady during the event appears to say the word, “burning,” but it likely says, “Becoming,” since the First lady was in town for her book tour.

Obama later tweeted about her visit to Paris.

“Being here in Paris tonight, my heart aches with the people of France,” Obama wrote, adding, “Yet I know that Notre Dame will soon awe us again.”


The photo was published in a UK Daily Mail article, which featured several photos from the celebrity news agency Backgrid. The article is archived, and the photo has also been saved.