A 22-year-old Greek man confessed to murdering a homeless woman in a “ritual Satanist ceremony,” according to the Associated Press.

The suspect, identified as Alexandros Papageorgiou by the Times in Londonallegedly killed the 41-year-old woman before dawn in a public square in an Athens suburb on April 20 — Orthodox Easter Sunday.

The scene was gruesome: Police said Papageorgiou killed the woman with a rock before writing the number “666” and drawing an upside-down cross on a bench in his own blood. He was identified by a fingerprint on the rock and references to the killing on social media.

The suspect allegedly told police that he had intended to carry out another ritual killing on Saturday, the day of the summer solstice, but it was unclear whether or not he had selected a prospective victim, the AP reported.

Papageorgiou, an actor’s son who reportedly turned to satanism as a teenager, was allegedly planning another murder for the summer solstice. Solistices are holidays in some forms of satanism — though it’s not clear what defines this much-maligned religion.

Unrelated, but chilling: In a recent book, The Parthenon Enigma,” a New York University professor argues that Athens’s oft-visited temple celebrates human sacrifice.