Crisper’s Progression – GOD HELP US

When I first started sharing the truth about Genetic Engineering and Crispr people there was very little publicly known that would give credence to what I was sharing.  NOW, things have progressed to an alarming level.  If you are not already aware of the truth of these matters you are not keeping up with what … Click Here to Read More

We Are Not Pigs! – Part 6 – What do we do with these HYBRIDS?

originally posted: 08-17-2016, 09:34 AM; Updated: 8-2018; RESTORED 5/18/22 What do we do with these hybrids?? What/who are they?  Are they souls with redeemable spirits? For the first time, scientists have grown an embryo that is part-pig, part-human.   By Kanaga Rajan April 25, 2017 The very idea that humans are closest to Pigs is an insult to the … Click Here to Read More