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“In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill.”
Alexander King and Bertrand Schneider, The First Global Revolution, A Report by the Council of The Club of Rome (1991).

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October 22, 2019

Today they announced that 15 people have been killed since the Chile Student Protest Riots started five days ago. Greta Thunberg is heading down to Santiago, Chile for the December 2nd United Nations COP 25 Climate Summit that runs until the 13th of December. Greta keeps talking about how people (school children) need to go on school strike to get their point across regarding climate change. I wonder if Greta is going to join the protesting students in Chile who are fighting against their government over something as simple as fare hikes on their subway system? Greta may find this form of ‘civil disobedience’ a little too dangerous to participate in and may need to hide in her hotel room once she ‘lands’ in Santiago. Just saying. Thank you to Rebel News for providing the related video. In a brief interview clip from Greta Thunberg’s trip to Edmonton, Alberta, Canada we learn that Greta states Autism is NOT a mental illness. We learn that her and her handlers are not sure how she will travel back to Europe. We hear that Arnold Schwarzenegger has lent her and her entourage an electric Tesla for her travels throughout North America and soon to be Mexico and Chile. In this video I also ask the question now that Chile has had massive protests and several rioters killed will Greta be participating with her fellow student protestors once she eventually makes her way down to Santiago, Chile for the 2019 COP 25 Climate Summit starting on December 2nd? Afterall she has encouraged civil disobedience as a means to get her message across and she supports Extinction Rebellion’s aggressive tactics for getting their message across.


October 16, 2019

It´s convinient that Greta Thunberg is from Sweden, so that the politicians here can ignore the real issues for a moment.

Update 10/21/19

October 20, 2019

Here is my new fave Female Swedish YouTuber. @Jellybean Gen. Please check out her new video: “What is really happening in Sweden, Greta?”… Greta Thunberg hopped into her Elon Musk electric powered car and headed from North Dakota to oil rich Edmonton, Alberta on Friday October 18th and spoke before a crowd of approximately 4,000 people in front of the Alberta Legislature and was warmly greeted by what appeared to be every Indigenious person that they could muster up to show-up for her anti-climate change speech. I find it odd that so far on her two major speecehes on the climate crisis (so she and her handlers say) she has cozied up to Canada’s Natives in her rallying cry climate speeches here in Canada. #ExtinctionRebellion #GretaThunberg #Censorship

Why Canadian’s Dislike Greta Thunberg and Extinction Rebellion’s Message of Civil Disobedience (MIRRORED)
Why Canadian’s Dislike Greta Thunberg and Extinction Rebellion’s Message of Civil Disobedience (MIRRORED)
channel image
Published 3 years ago |
Why Canadian’s Dislike Greta Thunberg and Extinction Rebellion’s Message of Civil Disobedience (MIRRORED)
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October 11, 2019
Ed Conway takes a look at what the climate change movement wants – and whether that can realistically be achieved.
October 10, 2019
Sky News host Andrew Bolt says the Extinction Rebellion movement is an “anti-democratic”, “anti-Western” movement and is comprised of “a mix of communist and anarchist ideas”.

Update 9/30/19

September 25, 2019
Liberal MP Craig Kelly believes children are being “completely brainwashed” and are saying “the exact opposite of the truth” in relation to climate change.

September 19, 2019
The U.N. / WMO dashes mood of climate extremist on the eve of the largest demonstrations ever. Why did the IPCC allow solar particles? What is expected to happen? What is the REAL story of climate change? See The Movie: CLIMATE FORCING:

Update 9/26/19

September 26, 2019

The idea that anything is new under the sun is key for mind control to work. Let’s break some spells! to pre order documentary, signed DVD’s and new special go here… meet and greet tickets here PO Box 727 Gig Harbor WA 98335

Update 9/25/19

September 24, 2019
Sky News host Andrew Bolt has described Greta Thunberg’s address at a United Nations climate event on Tuesday as a “meltdown speech”.

Update 9/24/19 PM

Let’s stop encouraging the ravings of a spoiled brat and listen to the truth about Climate Change and some viable solutions!!   

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Extract, taken from… Dr Willie Soon covers a range of issues including extreme weather, climate models, and possible alternative explanations for observed variation. For more info, see

So now you have heard that reducing C02 and or ending the use of fossil fuels… will not make a difference…

Here is a guy that has a viable solution that will make a difference.

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“Desertification is a fancy word for land that is turning to desert,” states Allan Savory in his quiet but inspirational form. And it’s happening to about two-thirds of the world’s grasslands, accelerating climate change and causing traditional grazing societies to descend into social chaos. Savory has devoted his life to stopping it. He now believes, and his work so far shows, that a surprising factor can protect grasslands and even reclaim degraded land that was once desert. The role of livestock in a new agriculture that can save city-based civilization. Allan discusses how animals, such as sheep, can be used to heal landscapes, combat climate change, restore economies, increase soil fertility, produce clean water, provide healthy habitat for wildlife, and more.

The confusion morphed into anger as Trump cut in front of Thunberg. Body language expert Wood noted how the teen's eyebrows turned inward and she thrust her tongue into her cheek

Who told this child that she has the right to speak to national and international leaders in such a rude and disrespectful manner?? How dare YOU Greta Thunberg!  HOW DARE YOU HURL YOUR INSULTS AND VAGUE THREATS AROUND SO INDISCRIMINATELY.   I don’t care what you may believe about Climate Change and how you think it has affected your life or marred your future, you have no right appear before the public and behave like a spoiled brat, screaming and making demands of adults and world leaders.   You have a lot of growing up to do.  You are not a good role model, and certainly not qualified to lead anyone. 

Editors Note: 

This is just pure madness.

You mark my words, old people are next on their hit list!!

Once you control the children, they will do anything you tell them to do.

Old people are bad because they are worthless eaters. Old people only take away from your society, old people don’t contribute to society, therefore to save the planet, we must remove all the worthless eaters. 

You may think it’s funny now, but just wait… MARK MY WORDS!!!

Who can we blame for allowing our children to become indoctrinated by the Deep State?

David DeGerolamo


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As you look at the latest manufactured Teen Activist promoting the urgency for World Leaders to get together and reinvest in their commitment to battling climate change and global warming one has to ask the question: Has Greta Thunberg quit school to spend full time on her activism? She has not been back to Sweden in over a month after arriving in New York harbor by boat on August 28th after a two week adventure on a boat travelling across the Atlantic Ocean. She has been on a whirlwind tour since she went on ‘school strike’ late last summer and my question is: has Greta officially quit school to take on the Globalists? Also, will Greta be going to go back to Sweden on boat? Because she has vowed never to fly in a plane again. (At least not while she is playing hooky from school and travelling around the world)


Everyone who knew about Agenda 21/30 did not fall for this COVID Bullshit – it is as simple as that.

In 1992, long before Greta Thunberg started the school strike/global climate strike to raise awareness about the fight against climate change, global warming, or what’s also known as the climate crisis, there was Severn Cullis-Suzuki. Severn Suzuki spoke at the UN Earth Summit in Rio De Janeior in 1992 about the holes in the ozone layer which threatened the environment greatly. Her passionate speech is not unlike the Greta Thunberg UN speech also now known as the Greta Thunberg how dare you speech.

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Clamoring for their own demise!

Dozens Arrested as Climate Activists #ShutDownDC

September 24, 2019
Monday morning’s commute was disrupted in the nation’s capital when activists blocked 22 intersections to demand action from leaders to address climate change

They can’t they see that they are being played.  This is exactly what the Elite want.  They want you begging to surrender all your rights to their dictatorship!  That is what AGENA 2030 and the Paris Agreement is all about!  TOTAL CONTROL of your lives, by the Elite!!

By Lisa Haven

Did you know that the most expensive purchase we have ever made as American citizens is our government? That’s right! Government costs the average person more than their home, more than their healthcare, and more than their child’s college education. Yet most people spend little time checking to see if the government, that sucks so much of their hard earned money, is doing their job or for that matter telling the truth?

Unfortunately, many of us are aware that the we live under a government who constantly lies to us yet we tend to believe those lies? Why?  After all if the government lies how do we know anything they say is for certain? If you had a son who constantly lied to you would you believe anything he says? I wouldn’t.

The truth is our government has an agenda and often times they try to trick us into agreeing with whatever their own purposes happen to be. Be it that they want to drive us into World War III or some other devious agenda; they have a goal….A goal called Agenda 2030.

That being said we must pay attention to one of the biggest lies they are pushing today and that is the lie of Global Warming/Global Cooling/Climate Change (that should scream fraud all on its own but sadly many still believe it). In the video below I interview health activist, Ronnie McMullen, and he reveals bombshell information.


Update: The ONE THING that I hope you all understand, is that these UN Summits, these conferences, meetings, committees, gatherings, THIS IS WHERE THE DECISIONS ARE MADE… this is how world is run.  Forget about your local, state, national politics.  That is all a facade.  Those things are in place to give you the illusion that you have some control.  ALL Nations are submitted to the UNITED NATIONS.  We allowed them to do that.  We should have shut that down at its inception.  Why?  BECAUSE POWER CORRUPTS AND ULTIMATE POWER CORRUPTS ULTIMATELY.  No single body should have that much power.  I don’t care how many “representatives” are present.  THOSE PEOPLE DON;T REPRESENT YOU!  You should have been able to see that well enough in our own capital.  Once those people get to Washington, they fall in line with the AGENDA.   

We should never even have allowed one government to rule all the states of the United States.  TOO MUCH POWER in the hands of TOO FEW PEOPLE.  

Agenda 2030 is not a good thing.  A “One WORLD” is not a good thing.   There always needs to be checks, balances and oversight.  Human nature is too easily corrupted.

Once they solidify their plans THIS YEAR in New YORK… the game is over.  Watch and expect things to escalate even more rapidly than we have seen in the last few months.  Hold onto your hats.  And stay PRAYED UP!

I have been watching videos of the Greta Thunberg they have been cramming down our throats.  In my opinion, and I am entitled to my opinion,  I see nothing praise worthy about this child.  She is demanding, obnoxious, threatening, rebellious, and spoiled.  Seriously, she has done nothing that has not been done before.  People, even young people, have been organizing, protesting, building support groups and infrastructure to try and save the Earth for decades.  Along with so many other issues that plague us. Her little sit out/skip school/protest is certainly not worthy of all the hoopla and promotion it has received.  She is being promoted because that is the agenda to move things forward for the UN 2030 timeline.  I am sorry but what she is teaching our young people is not good.  It is only going to bring more problems.  Youth in this country, and probably around the world are all ready out of control.  They are falling right into the plan of the Elite. And that plan is not in their best interest.  

I don’t care what people say about these children being able to understand the very complicated issues related to the climate.  It is a very complicated issue, with so many facets, many of which are not opening revealed to the public.  Our world is a very complicated place and getting more and more complicated all the time.  Things are progressing so fast, NO ONE can keep up with it all.

I know what it is like to be that age.  You think you know everything.  You are full of idealism and romanticism and you are ready to conquer the world.  BUT, when you grow up, and grow in experience, when you have had time to see the world through the eyes of others, when you study and obtain a more well rounded understanding of the world around you… you find out you were not as smart as you thought.  And your parents were not so dumb.  Goodness, I am 66 years old, and I am still learning everyday. Life is an ongoing learning process.  Experience and time are crucial elements.  The greatest and most important element is wisdom that comes from relationship with GOD, and that takes time to build.  

I care very deeply about the young generation.  I sympathize with their insecurity and anxiety.  I appreciate their courage and their hunger to be part of making changes.  I just see this as the wrong route.

There is a WORLDWIDE Phenomenon happening this week.  They want you to believe that it is totally organic, created and financed and developed by the youth.  HOGWASH!!   This is not an organic demonstration.  I can promise you that this thing is fully created, directed and funded by the NWO/UN to drive the World into Agenda 2030.  They have goals to meet by 2020 and they are doing everything they can to see that they are met.

The environmental issues/Climate Change (which used to be called Global Warming) is the tool that they plan to use to beat everyone into submission.  Through this one issue they can justify most of the projects, proclamations and persecution they have in store for us (the masses).

If you study the events of the past few weeks, in light of the fact that the Climate Change Summit is occurring at this time, it should be EXTREMELY EVIDENT that these events are all being staged to lead the masses to accept and even participate in the radical changes that will be implemented by those attending the Summit.  YOU ARE BEING DUPED INTO SUPPORTING YOUR OWN DEMISE!  They will have you begging to turn over your rights to life, liberty and property!! WAKE UP!

The other HOT TOPIC they have on their list right now is of course, gun violence.  They are salivating about GUN CONTROL.  It is their deep desire to disarm all civilians.  Once they have your guns…it SHTF time!!  IT is over!

Meanwhile, they have created this March for Climate Change.  If you have not already seen that for yourself…stay tuned.  This article should bring it all too light.  Unless, you are too far gone to see.

I TOLD YOU, YOUR LIFE WAS CHANGED IN SEPTEMBER of 2018!   IF you have not viewed that POST I strongly urge you to do so.  That is where the groundwork for this years events was laid.

Update added 9/23/19

I have been pondering this onslaught of Greta Thunberg, and the powerful and wealthy backing behind it.  They are investing an awful lot in pushing this “movement” on us. The Elite have an agenda and they have been failing to meet their goals for years now.  They keep having to move their deadline forward and they don’t like it.  The populace/masses/general public just are not responding to their propaganda or their manipulations.  Adults are just to hard to manage.  They have had too much life experience to be easily swayed.  It appears to me, that just like HITLER, they have decided to focus all their effort on the young.  From library programs, to school curriculum, to non-profit organizations and non-government organizations pushing political agendas!  They are creating a new and updated NAZI-SOCIALIST- HITLERJEGUND!!! 

Adolf Hitler with Nazi party Hitler Youth at a 1935 gathering. (Credit: Universal History Archive/UIG via Getty Images)
Photo Credit: Adolf Hitler with Nazi party Hitler Youth at a 1935 gathering. (Credit: Universal History Archive/UIG via Getty Images)

Hilterjegund:  Not only did it allow the Third Reich to indoctrinate children at their most impressionable, but it let the Nazis remove them from the influence of their parents, some of whom opposed the regime. The Nazi Party knew that families—private, cohesive groups not usually under political sway—were an obstacle to their goals. The Hitler Youth was a way to get Hitler’s ideology into the family unit, and some members of the Hitler Youth even denounced their parents when they behaved in ways not approved of by the Reich.   Source

Sadly, people cannot even recognize when they are being manipulated!  That includes everyone, these children are being manipulated and exploited and the adults are being maniplated and circumvented.  Our rights and our power of self determination are being USURPED!   The WORLD is being duped!!  This is AGENDA 2030 and it is DEATH to the masses!  

I understand completely.  Manipulation is an art form.  It is a deadly poison, utterly indistinguishable.  Tasteless, colorless, but deadly.  I had a mother in law that was a genius at it.  That is the first thing she told me when I met her.  She said “I learned at an early age how to manipulate,  I am really good at it. I always get what I want.”..  For the next 9 years I watched her work that magic.  She could smile sweetly and speak in tender tones while she was cutting your heart out from your back.  She could make you believe she was the sweetest thing that walked the earth, and that everything that was happening to you was your fault.   So, I know how to recognize manipulation.  INSTANTLY now!  

Wake up folks!  Don’t be duped.  The Elite know how to play you.  They know what buttons to push and how to pull on your heart strings.   DO YOUR RESEARCH!!!  DO YOUR DUE DILIGENCE.  TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for your choices and your actions!  Get control of your children and your household! Don’t let the system raise your kids! You are their parents!  You will have to answer to GOD for what you did or did not do as parents. Whether you believe in Him or not.  You will stand before HIM one day.   SHAKE LOOSE FROM THE PETER PAN SYNDROME AND GROW UP!

Youth Activists Including Greta Thunberg Open UN Youth Climate Summit | NowThis

NowThis News
September 21, 2019
Young activists from around the world are sharing what they’re doing in their own communities to fight the climate crisis at the first-ever UN Youth Climate Summit. Speakers include Hashtag Our Stories’ Yusuf Omar and YouTube influencer Penny Tovar. » Subscribe to NowThis: » Sign up for our newsletter KnowThis to get the biggest stories of the day delivered straight to your inbox: #News #NowThis #NowThisNews Connect with NowThis » Like us on Facebook: » Tweet us on Twitter: » Follow us on Instagram: » Find us on Snapchat Discover: NowThis is your premier news outlet providing you with all the videos you need to stay up to date on all the latest in trending news. From entertainment to politics, to viral videos and breaking news stories, we’re delivering all you need to know straight to your social feeds. We live where you live. @nowthisnews

Children at the Climate Strike outside parliament in central London, on Friday.
Children at the Climate Strike outside parliament in central London, on Friday. Photo Credit: Olivia Harris for The New York Times
They are clamouring for us to listen to the Scientists.  That is very funny!  Because they refuse to listen to TRUE Scientists. 

Published on Sep 19, 2019   start at 21:08 for real truth about what Scientists say!

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This is my last countering of the climate change lies spoken by the narcissistic psychopaths. It’s clear that our main problem is the immorality within the individual … in the aggregate. It’s clear that most choose the lie instead of truth. If most regarded truth as even important, liars would not still be on the main stage.

The climate change agenda is accelerating at a rapid pace now, MSM is censoring “climate change deniers,” lairs are out in full force, more weaponsized weather to come, and, soon, we will no longer have the right to speak the truth for it will bring consequences.

I do hope you are currently thinking, and currently planning on what steps you can take to protect yourselves, your family, your finances, your property.  3 years, 5 months ago


Top Scientists Slam and Ridicule UN IPCC Climate Report

Written by 

At this point, the number of independent experts calling for an end to the largely discredited UN panel and its reports is growing fast. Some prominent voices in the climate discussion have even been calling for the “climate scamsters” to be prosecuted and jailed as a way to deter future scientific fraud. Much of the establishment media continues to parrot UN climate scaremongering, but it appears increasingly likely that, unlike the growing polar bear population, the IPCC is standing on thin ice.  

March 31, 2014 

The IPCC’s Latest Report Deliberately Excludes And Misrepresents Important Climate Science

Mar 31, 2014 · The IPCC’s Latest Report Deliberately Excludes And Misrepresents Important Climate Science. Very few scientists are familiar with biology, geology, physics, oceanography, engineering, medicine, economics, and scores of other more specialized disciplines that were the basis for the claims summarized above.

October 8, 2018

The IPCC is still wrong on climate change. Scientists prove it.

By John Dale Dunn, Joseph Bast

On October 8, the IPCC released a special report on the alleged impacts of global warming. Three days earlier, NIPCC released the Summary for Policymakers of its own forthcoming report. The two reports tell dramatically different stories.

Climate Change Reconsidered IIcToday, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) releases a special report on the alleged impacts of “global warming of 1.5° C above pre-industrial levels and related global greenhouse gas emission pathways, in the context of strengthening the global response to the threat of climate change, sustainable development, and efforts to eradicate poverty.”

To coincide with that publication’s release, the Nongovernmental International Panel on Climate Change (NIPCC) released on October 5 a draft Summary for Policymakers of the fifth volume in its “Climate Change Reconsidered” series.  That report is available online here.

The two reports tell dramatically different stories about the causes and consequences of climate change.  The IPCC report, referred to as SP15, is expected to claim that human greenhouse gas emissions are causing an unprecedented warming of the planet’s atmosphere, that it is too late to prevent a warming of 1.5° C above pre-industrial levels, and that nothing less than a dramatic reduction of the use of fossil fuels, possibly even an outright ban enforced by the United Nations, is needed to prevent a global catastrophe.

The NIPCC report finds that while climate change is occurring and a human impact on climate is likely, there is no consensus on the size of that impact relative to natural variability, the net benefits or costs of the impacts of climate change, or whether future climate trends can be predicted with sufficient confidence to guide public policies today.  Consequently, there is no scientific basis for the recommendation that the use of fossil fuels should be restricted.

According to its Summary for Policymakers, the new NIPCC publication shows:

  • Fossil fuels deliver affordable, plentiful, and reliable energy critical to human welfare.  Wind and solar are not practical and reliable substitutes.
  • Fossil fuels create a better environment for the ecosystem because they require less surface area than renewable energy sources.
  • Sixteen of 25 identified impacts of fossil fuels are net positive, eight uncertain.  Only one is net negative.  Areas of impact measured include agriculture, air quality, extreme weather events, and human health.
  • Forcing a transition from fossil fuels to wind and solar power would inflict tremendous economic hardship, reducing world GDP by some 96 percent and plunging the world back to economic conditions last seen in the 1820s and 1830s.

How could two international teams of scientists, economists, and other experts arrive at opposite conclusions?  Therein lies a story.

The IPCC is a political organization, not a scientific body.  It was formed by the United Nations in 1988 for the purpose of establishing the need for a global solution to the alleged problem of anthropogenic climate change.  Note that the mission of the IPCC was never to study the causes of climate change; were that the case, it might have devoted some of its billions of dollars in revenues over the years to examining solar cycles, changes in ocean currents, the sensitivity of climate to greenhouse gases, or the planet’s carbon cycle.  The IPCC has spent trivial sums on these issues, and the authors of and contributors to its voluminous reports have few or no credentials in these fields.

Now consider the NIPCC.  It is a scientific body composed of scholars from more than two dozen countries, first convened in 2003 by the great physicist S. Fred Singer and later chaired by another great physicist, Frederick Seitz.  The NIPCC’s only purpose is to fact-check the work of the IPCC.  It receives no corporate or government funding and so has no hidden agenda or axes to grind.  Most of its participants volunteer their time; a few receive token compensation for many hours of effort.

The NIPCC views the claim that human greenhouse gas emissions are causing climate change to be a hypothesis to be tested, not a preordained conclusion.  It asks whether the null hypothesis – that changes in climate are natural variability caused by a multitude of forcings and feedbacks – has been disproven.  Its research reveals thousands of studies published in peer-reviewed science journals supporting the null hypothesis, meaning that the IPCC’s mountains of data and expressions of “confidence” are irrelevant, meaningless, and ultimately wrong.

Given their provenances, which report do you think is more likely to be truthful?

NIPCC scientists and experts will be in Katowice, Poland the week of December 4 to release the full volume of “Climate Change Reconsidered II: Fossil Fuels“ at a counter-conference coinciding with the United Nations’ 24th Conference of the Parties (COP 24).

John Dale Dunn, M.D., J.D. is an emergency physician and inactive attorney and a policy adviser to The Heartland Institute.  Joseph Bast is a director and senior fellow of The Heartland Institute.  Both are contributors to “Climate Change Reconsidered II: Fossil Fuels.”

Originally published on October 8, 2018 at American Thinker:

A Judgment against (insert your Nation here)


For behold, the Lord GOD of Hosts is about to remove from Jerusalem and Judah(insert your nation here) both supply and support: the whole supply of bread and water, the mighty man and the warrior, the judge and the prophet, the soothsayer and the elder, the commander of fifty and the dignitary, the counselor, the cunning magician, and the clever enchanter.   (In other words, God is pulling the rug out from under us, to get our attention!)

“I will make mere lads their leaders, and children will rule over them.”

The people will oppress one another, man against man, neighbor against neighbor; the young will rise up against the old, and the base against the honorable.

A man will seize his brother within his father’s house: “You have a cloak—you be our leader! Take charge of this heap of rubble.”

On that day he will cry aloud: “I am not a healer. I have no food or clothing in my house. Do not make me leader of the people!”

For Jerusalem has stumbled and Judah has fallenbecause they spoke and acted against the LORD, defying His glorious presence.The expression on their faces testifies against them, and like Sodom they flaunt their sin; they do not conceal it; woe to them, for they have brought disaster upon themselves.

Tell the righteous it will be well for them, for they will enjoy the fruit of their labor.

Woe to the wicked; disaster is upon them! For they will be repaid with what their hands have done.

Youths oppress My people, and women rule over them.

O My people, your guides mislead you; they turn you from your paths.

You can sneer and mock and laugh all you want.  THE TRUTH IS, GOD IS COMING!  COMING TO DELIVER HIS PEOPLE AND TO JUDGE THE UNGODLY!  Believe it, or Don’t, that is an UNCHANGEABLE TRUTH.   ANOTHER TRUTH is that without GOD, there is no way to FIX our WORLD and environmental/climate problems are only part of our trouble.  Our World is very close to  beyond repair and getting worse every minute.  I hate to tell you,  there is no escaping to another “Planet”.  Planets are STARS and not solid as Earth.  Just another area where “Science” has been lying to you.  IF GOD does not intervene soon, we will be beyond HOPE!  Praise HIM, that HE IS OUR HOPE and that ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE WITH GOD.  Get to KNOW HIM, before time is UP!

Guardian News 
September 18, 2019
Teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg testifies at a congressional hearing on ‘Voices Leading the Next Generation on the Global Climate Crisis’

I wanted to get an idea of where they are getting their support and training, and this is what I found first.  It was very interesting, so I wanted to share it with you.   Right off the bat you can see that there is big money and power behind them.  This Noah (interesting name for a climate lobbyist) is a salaried Lobbyist for Quaker Voice, out of Olympia (very spiritually charged name) Washington (a very Occult state).   Check out what I noticed on the map for this location. 

Climate Strike Olympia

Noah Martin
Olympia, Washington

 This Logo belongs to the “ACTION NETWORK”

We’re like you: a mission-driven organization dedicated to building online power for the progressive movement. We don’t have clients – we have partners.

Use Action Network to:

  • Organize people online and offline
  • Recruit and mobilize new activists
  • Raise funds to fuel important work
  • And much more!
Noah Martin
Lobbying since: 2016
Employed by: Quaker Voice on Washington Public Policy (Source)

Noah has a background managing an in-school children’s mentoring program with the Falmouth Volunteers in Public Schools. He has also worked managing a shelter with the Downtown Emergency Services Center. Noah Martin is contracted with FCWPP to represent Quaker values in Olympia.

Between Division Street and Plum(Plumbline)  Between Hwy 5 and 5th Ave. (5 means Death in the Occult Symbology) Old Hwy 99 runs along the waters edge. ( The number 99 is related to the overseer, the gatherer, the universal consciousness knowledge, the closure when each and all elemental meaning is understood. 9- Humanitarianism, Selflessness, Highest Level of Change, Giver, Universal Spiritual Laws, Karma Source)  (Symbolism: Express a realized perfection state, since it is in relation with the number of the perfection, 9. According to Bercelius, this number would be the equivalents of the Gold, symbol of the Pure Spirit. Source)  (99 signifies Cosmic and Personal completion, or THE END Source)

Start: Friday, September 20, 201911:00 AM

Location:WA Capitol Steps416 Sid Snyder Ave Southwest, Olympia, WA 98504

Host Contact Info:

Jamie Margolin (foreground) and other young climate activists in Olympia 

Who will inherit the earth? And what kind of earth will that be?

As part of #CoveringClimateNow, the global media project to bring attention to the story of climate change, KUOW’s Angela King spoke with Seattle high school senior Jamie Margolin.

Margolin founded the climate justice movement Zero Hour with friends back in 2017. She just testified to Congress, and she was at the global climate strike in New York on Friday.   Source

So, who is the 16 year old named Greta, who has so much money and power behind her and where did she come from?

Image result for Greta ThunbergGreta Thunberg –  Nobel  Peace Prize Nominee

Greta Thunberg was born on 1/3/3  in Stockholm,[7][8] the daughter of opera singer Malena Ernman and actor Svante Thunberg.[9] Her paternal grandfather is actor and director Olof Thunberg.[10]

Thunberg says she first heard about climate change in 2011, when she was 8 years old, and could not understand why so little was being done about it.[11] Three (3) years later she became depressed and lethargic, stopped talking and eating, and was eventually diagnosed with Asperger syndrome,[12] obsessive–compulsive disorder (OCD),[12] and selective mutism.[12][13] While acknowledging that her diagnosis “has limited me before”, she does not view her autism as an illness and has instead called it her “superpower”.[13]

For about two (2) years, 10 years old, Thunberg challenged her parents to lower the family’s carbon footprint by becoming vegan and giving up flying, which in part meant her mother had to give up her international career as an opera singer.[9][14] Thunberg credits her parents’ eventual response and lifestyle changes with giving her hope and belief that she could make a difference.[9] The family story is recounted in the 2018 book Scenes from the Heart.[15]  (ok, so she is 10 years old at the time, and she is making demands of her parents that cause her very famous and influential mother to drop her lucrative career?  and they acquiesce???  What?   Talk about over indulgent permissive parents!!)   
In late 2018, Thunberg began the school climate strikes and public speeches by which she has become an internationally recognized climate activist(Sounds like her mother quit her job to manage her daughter’s career as an activist, talk about parents living through their children. Her mother is a environmental activist and is likely the driving force behind this project.) Her father does not like her missing school, but said: “[We] respect that she wants to make a stand. She can either sit at home and be really unhappy, or protest, and be happy”.[14]  (Wow!  I can’t tell you how ridiculous that sounds.  So parents should just allow their children to break any rules, and do what they please, as long as it makes them happy?  Oh, and wait, her mental handicap does not allow for her to maintain “happiness” so, what will it take next?)  Thunberg says her teachers are divided in their views about her missing class to make her point. She says: “As people they think what I am doing is good, but as teachers they say I should stop.”[14]  (Wait, so not only are her parents overindulging this rich brat, but the Teacher is acquiescing as well?  When were teachers given the authority to determine truancy??  Why are her repeated absences, for entire days, not placing her on the truant list?  Don’t they have truancy laws in Sweden? I am sorry this is all very fishy, or the world is more topsy turvy than I even know.) 

Thunberg published a collection of her climate action speeches, No One Is Too Small to Make a Difference, in May 2019[16] with the earnings being donated to charity.[17] In one of her first speeches demanding climate action, Thunberg described the selective mutism aspect of her condition as meaning she only speaks when necessary, and said “now is one of those moments”.[11] In 2019, Thunberg also contributed a voiceover for a release of “The 1975”, the theme song of an English band by the same name. Thunberg finishes by urging: “So, everyone out there, it is now time for civil disobedience. It is time to rebel.” Proceeds will go to Extinction Rebellion at Thunberg’s request.[18]

(LOOKS TO ME LIKE SHE IS DOING PLENTY OF TALKING! Calling everyone to rebellion and civil disobedience!   Wow!  For this she gets the Nobel Peace Prize and Woman of the Year!)

Why Greta Thunberg doesn’t deserve a Nobel

The rise of child climate activists is a truly strange development.


The Real Problem with Greta Thunberg Is Not Her Age

Greta Thunberg first came into the public light in 2018 when she started a school strike on climate in front of the Swedish parliament.

The real problem with the climate change activist sensation Greta Thunberg is not that she is 16 years old. Rather, it is that she is a clueless fanatic who is considered brave and enlightened for promoting a cause that almost everyone agrees with without any study or reflection. And it is the duty of anyone who does not want clueless fanaticism to determine policies affecting billions to call it out as such.

Thunberg has spoken at climate rallies in Stockholm, Helsinki, Brussels and London. In December she attended the United Nations COP24 in Katowice, Poland, where she addressed the Secretary-General and made a plenary speech that went viral and was shared many million times around the globe. In January 2019 she was invited to the World Economic Forum in Davos where her speeches again made a worldwide impact.

Thunberg tries to live a low-carbon life. Therefore she is vegan, and she doesn’t fly. She has been named as one of the worlds most influential teens by TIME magazine.   Source:

Greta Thunberg is everywhere, appearing at Davos, giving a TED talk, speaking at the UN Climate Conference in Katowice, and her message is always the same. Western governments are doing nothing to combat climate change. She isn’t saying they’re not doing enough. No. She claims they’re not doing anything. “Everyone keeps saying that climate change is an existential threat and the most important issue of all and yet they just carry on like before,” she says in her TED talk. “You would think the media and every one of our leaders would be talking about nothing else, but they never even mention it.”

Never mention it? One of the placards often held up by climate change protesters says there’s no “Planet B,” but Greta does appear to have been living on another planet for the past 16 years.

She claims to be independent, but in Katowice, where she spoke at the COPD24 conference, she informed her audience that she was speaking on behalf of Climate Justice Now!, a lobby group which describes itself asa “network of organisations and movements from across the globe committed to the fight for social, ecological, and gender justice.”The organisation believes that, since the northern hemisphere has caused emission levels to get too high in the first place, it should pay for the sins of the southern hemisphere. But in order to get emissions down, developing countries like India will have to get on board, or what developed countries do won’t matter all that much. Of the most polluting countries—US, India, China, Russia, Japan, and the EU nations—only India’s carbon emissions are rising (almost five percent in 2016) according to theGuardianAlthough its emissions per person are miniscule, the size of India’s population means that its efforts to combat global warming will matter a great deal.  Source:

French Parliamentarians Heavily Critical of Greta Thunberg Invite

From Breitbart

Teen climate activist Greta Thunberg was invited to the French parliament this week but received heavy criticism from some right-wing lawmakers.

MPs Guillaume Larrivé and Julien Aubert of the conservative Republicans called for a boycott of the Swedish activist, labelling her a “prophetess in shorts”, Le Figaro reports.

“To fight climate change intelligently, we do not need apocalyptic gurus, but scientific progress and political courage,” Mr Larrivé said.

“We are invited to a prediction of Saint Greta Thunberg, surrounded by people who see global warming as a religion,” Mr Aubert told Le Figaro and added that Thunberg had no qualifications and used only emotive arguments, saying there was no debate to be had.

Breitbart London@BreitbartLondon

Swedish Populist Leader: Climate Kid Greta Thunberg a Product of PR Agency 

Swedish Populist Leader Labels Climate Kid Greta Thunberg A PR Creation

Jimmie Åkesson has slammed climate change activist Greta Thunberg as a creation of a public relations agency.

Sébastien Chenu, a member of Marine Le Pen’s National Rally, also slammed the invite saying: “She has no legitimacy other than media, I do not see why I would go prostrate before her.”

“She is a committed young woman, but she brings nothing to the debate, and is not enough to mask all the hypocrisy of the government. The members of the National Rally will not take part in this masquerade,” he added.

National Rally MEP Jordan Baredella, who led the party to election victory in the European Parliament elections in May, labelled Thunberg’s movement “a new form of totalitarianism”.

“This dictatorship of permanent emotion, moreover when it is based on children, is a new form of totalitarianism. It is beyond ridiculous,” he said.

The Manufacturing of Greta Thunberg – for Consent: The Most Inconvenient Truth: “Capitalism is in Danger of Falling Apart” [ACT III]

January 28, 2019
By Cory Morningstar

This is ACT III of the six-part series: The Manufacturing of Greta Thunberg – for Consent: The Political Economy of the Non-Profit Industrial Complex

In ACT I of this new body of research I opened the dialogue with the observations of artist Hiroyuki Hamada:

What’s infuriating about manipulations by Non Profit Industrial Complex is that they harvest good will of the people, especially young people. They target those who were not given skills and knowledge to truly think for themselves by institutions which are designed to serve the ruling class. Capitalism operates systematically and structurally like a cage to raise domesticated animals. Those organizations and their projects which operate under false slogans of humanity in order to prop up the hierarchy of money and violence are fast becoming some of the most crucial elements of the invisible cage of corporatism, colonialism and militarism.”

It started in August last year. She (Greta) (claims) believed that her government wasn’t doing enough to fight climate change. So she decided to send a message. She decided every Friday she would (SKIP SCHOOL and) sit outside the Swedish parliament until Sweden is in line with the Paris Agreement. After 3 days she had 35 other strikers with her and after 3 weeks she had 10,000.Greta’s actions attracted heaps of attention and pretty soon millions of kids all over the world had joined in too. Greta’s become an international icon. She’s travelled the world talking to world leaders. Of course that’s not an easy thing to achieve.

Millions of school students all over the world have hit the streets for the global climate strike. Marches and protests are being held in more than 3,400 towns and cities across 130 countries. Hundreds of thousands of people marched all over Australia! The crowds in Sydney of school students were joined by adults who also left work for the day,people in Cairns took the opportunity to talk about saving the reef and there was a big turnout in Canberra.  Source

So, this girl SKIPPED SCHOOL EVERY FRIDAY, and where were her parents and why was she not reported for truancy??  Did her parents know where she was all day, every Friday? She skipped all her classes, EVERY FRIDAY, and NO ONE NOTICED?  In America, her parents would be receiving a summons to truancy court.  And she was sitting on the steps of Parliament, EVERY FRIDAY, and why were there no adults who questioned her presence when she clearly should have been in school?  Where were the police?  Where I live, if a police officer found you out of school on a school day, they would take you into custody.  Then she influenced other children and young people to do the same.  And just how were all these children transported to the Parliament building?  Again, where were the parents, the teachers, the principles?  I am JUST NOT BUYING IT!  This wreaks of adult organization.

Then she is “joined by adults who left work for the day following her example.  Just what kind of adults encourage young people to skip school, by skipping work?  What kind of an example are they giving?  AND THE THE SCHOOLS ARE NOW SUPPORTING THIS TRUANCY!  REALLY?  JUST TRY AND GET THE SCHOOLS TO SUPPORT ANY OTHER CAUSE IN THIS MANNER!  Let me know how that goes for you…   The only time the Schools en masse get behind this kind of truancy, is when it promotes the UN AGENDA,  as in GUN Violence and Climate Change.  This is an agenda being supported by the authorities as directed by the Elite in power.  

The Manufacturing of Greta Thunberg– for Consent has been written in six acts. [ACT IACT IIACT IIIACT IVACT VACT VI] [Addenda: I]

In ACT I, I disclosed that Greta Thunberg, the current child prodigy and face of the youth movement to combat climate change, served as special youth advisor and trustee to the burgeoning mainstream tech start-up, “We Don’t Have Time”. I then explored the ambitions behind the tech company We Don’t Have Time.

We Don't Have Time 2 line logo

Support Global Climate Action September 20–27

At the UN Climate Action Summit in NYC, world leaders will meet to discuss the escalating climate crisis. This week, the youth climate movement invites everyone to attend 8,399 manifestations or strikes in 156 countries to show their support for bold decisions. It’s going to be massive. Act for the climate or use your position to encourage your employees or members to take climate action.

In ACT II, I illustrated how today’s youth are the sacrificial lambs for the ruling elite. Also in this act I introduced the board members and advisors to “We Don’t Have Time.” I explored the leadership in the nascent We Don’t Have Time and the partnerships between the well established corporate environmental entities: Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project,, Avaaz, Global Utmaning (Global Challenge), the World Bank, and the World Economic Forum (WEF).

In ACT III, I deconstruct how Al Gore and the Planet’s most powerful capitalists are behind today’s manufactured youth movementsand why. I explore the We Don’t Have Time/Thunberg connections to Our Revolution, the Sanders Institute, This Is Zero Hour, the Sunrise Movement and the Green New Deal. I also touch upon Thunberg’s famous family. In particular, Thunberg’s celebrity mother,Malena Ernman (World Wildlife Fund -WWF Environmental Hero of the Year 2017), and her August 2018 book launch. (Her fatherSvante Thunberg (born 10 June 1969) is a Swedish author, arts manager and producer, and actor. He now also works as manager and producer for his wife, opera singer Malena Ernman. Together, they wrote Scener ur hjärtat, in English, Scenes from the Heart, about their family and the environmental crisis.) (Her Grandfather  Fritz-Olof Thunberg was a distant relative to Nobel Prize winner Svante Arrhenius,  an actor, director, did voice work on Disney films,  [3]I then explore the generous media attention afforded to Thunberg in both May and April of 2018 by SvD, one of Sweden’s largest newspapers.

In ACT IV, I examine the current campaign, now unfolding, in “leading the public into emergency mode”. More importantly, I summarize who and what this mode is to serve.

In ACT V, I take a closer look at the Green New Deal.  (What Is the Green New Deal?) I explore Data for Progress and the targeting of female youth as a key “femographic”. I connect the primary architect and authors of the “Green New Deal” data to the World Resources Institute. From there, I walk you through the interlocking Business & Sustainable Development Commission, the Global Commission on the Economy and Climate, and the New Climate Economy – a project of the World Resources Institute. I disclose the common thread between these groups and the assignment of money to nature, represented by the Natural Capital Coalition and the non-profit industrial complex as an entity. Finally, I reveal how this has culminated in the implementation of payments for ecosystem services (the financialization and privatization of nature, global in scale) which is “expected to be adopted during the fifteenth meeting in Beijing in 2020.”

In the final act, ACT VI [Crescendo], I wrap up the series by divulging that the very foundations which have financed the climate “movement” over the past decade are the same foundations now partnered with the Climate Finance Partnership looking to unlock 100 trillion dollars from pension funds. I reveal the identities of individuals and groups at the helm of this interlocking matrix, controlling both the medium and the message. I take a step back in time to briefly demonstrate the ten years of strategic social engineering that have brought us to this very precipice. I look at the relationship between WWF, Stockholm Institute and World Resources Institute as key instruments in the creation of the financialization of nature. I also take a look at what the first public campaigns for the financialization of nature (“natural capital”) that are slowly being brought into the public realm by WWF. I reflect upon how mainstream NGOs are attempting to safeguard their influence and further manipulate the populace by going underground through Extinction Rebellion groups being organized in the US and across the world.

With the smoke now cleared, the weak and essentially non-existent demands reminiscent of the 2009 TckTckTck “demands” can now be fully understood.

Some of these topics, in addition to others, will be released and discussed in further detail as addenda built on the large volume of research. This includes stepping through the looking glass, with an exploration of what the real “Green New Deal” under the Fourth Industrial Revolution will look like. Also forthcoming is a look at the power of celebrity – and how it has become a key tool for both capital and conformity.

[*Note: This series contains information and quotes that have been translated from Swedish to English via Google Translator.]

And who is this Jamie Morgolin, the one sitting next to her as she appears before Congress.  The one who was clearly more prepared with very specific references and directed statements?  How did she get to speak?

Jamie Margolin is a climate change activist in Seattle, Washington.[2] In 2017, Margolin founded the youth climate action organization Zero Hour with Nadia Nazar[3] when Margolin was 15.[4] She serves as the co-executive director of the organization.[5] She started Zero Hour after two catalysts – the response she saw with Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico and the destruction there[6] and how difficult it was to breathe in Seattle after there were Canadian wildfires.[5] She is also a plaintiff in the Aji P. v. Washington case, suing the state of Washington for their inaction against climate change on the basis of a stable climate being a human right.[6][7] Her writing about climate change has appeared in many publications including HuffPost[1]Teen Ink[2] and CNN[3]. She was part of Teen Vogue’s 21 Under 21 class of 2018.[8] In 2018, she was also named as one of People Magazine‘s 25 Women Changing the World.[9][10] Margolin is a member of the Junior State of America  Wikipedia

WOW… these kids egos must be climbing as high as Mt Denali!  For heaven’s sake.  Suddenly, they are important and the center of attention, surrounded by their piers and basking in the limelight.  Skipping school and behaving rebelliously with the blessing of the authorities, screaming and shouting at adults, making demands of Congress and Parliament, and being taken seriously.  With all the accolades, news coverage, awards with which they are being lavished as well as the incomes they are earning at such a young age, not to mention all the traveling and expense budgets, it has be exhilarating.  Man, I know most grown ups could never dream of receiving anything near that much recognition.  

New York Times

Thousands of students like me are protesting today. We know that we can’t solve the climate crisis without addressing the root causes of oppression.


Ms. Margolin is the founder of Zero Hour.

I’m 17 years old, and I’ve been a climate justice organizer since I was a freshman in high school. I started as a community organizer with “Plant for the Planet” in Seattle, giving climate action presentations to middle and high schools, testifying at bill hearings in my state legislature, and lobbying my City Council to adopt warning labels on gas pumps.



Over 100,000 children are pursuing a common objective. In order to be successful we have to be extremely well organized. Find out how we do it!

It all started with a school presentation and today Plant-for-the-Planet is a global movement with an ambitious goal: to fight the climate crisis by planting trees around the world. Here you find out what has happened since the founding of the initiative and what we have planned for the future.

The children’s initiative Plant-for-the-Planet is initiated
by 9-year-old Felix Finkbeiner.

Inspired by Wangari Maathai, (Wangari Maathai (1940-2011) was the founder of the Green Belt Movement and the 2004 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate. She authored four books: The Green Belt Movement; Unbowed: A Memoir; The Challenge for Africa; and Replenishing the Earth.Wangarĩ Muta Maathai was a renowned Kenyan social, environmental and political activist and the first African woman to win the Nobel Prize. She was educated in the United States at Mount St. Scholastica and the University of Pittsburgh, as well as the University of Nairobi in Kenya. Wikipedia ) who planted 30 million trees in Africa in 30 years, Felix formulated his vision:
Children could plant one million trees in every country on earth and thereby offset CO2 emissions all on their own, while adults are still talking about doing it. Each tree binds a CO2 intake of 10 kg per year.

The first tree is planted and Klaus Töpfer, former German Federal Minister of the Environment and executive director of the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) becomes official patron.

These organizations are just covers for massing HUGE AMOUNTS OF MONEY!  They are not organized or run by children as they would have you believe.  They are run and controlled by adults with an agenda!  

In the summer of 2017, after climate-change-fueled wildfires in Canada blew smoke over the Pacific Northwest and coated Seattle in a thick gray smog that made me sick, I decided to take my local activism to the national level. I had a vision of young people marching in the streets demanding climate justice. I decided to make it happen. I founded an organization called Zero Hour because #ThisIsZeroHour to act on the climate crisis. We have no more time to wait around.

Zero Hour organizes mobilizations, events and campaigns to bring youth voices to world leaders — all while being a bunch of scrappy kids just trying to survive high school. Worldwide, we have nearly 100 chapters, and counting.

One month after the Zero Hour marches, a Swedish teenager, Greta Thunberg, began her climate strike. It has been incredible to see the movement grow even more with the school strike movement. The same people who organized the Zero Hour marches of 2018 are now Fridays for Future organizers and strikers.

The climate strikes today are projected to be the largest mobilization for climate action the world has ever seen.

My heart goes out to the youth.  No one is denying that the Earth is being destroyed.  It must be so hard on the young people to be faced everyday with a world that does not appear to hold any future for them.  That is heart wrenching.  

Sadly these young people are being lied to and manipulated.  Their efforts and their energy is being vampirized by the ELITE and their Agenda.

Yes, there are horrendous changes in our environment, livestock, wildlife, water, air and land are being destroyed.  But, not by cows farting, not by CO2 which is a natural and necessary part of life… but by the deliberate, hateful and destructive acts of the “scientific, military, and political forces developed, maintained and commanded by the ELITE, who have no regard for the environment, the populace or the future of our children.   

Behind the News 
Sept 20, 2019
Millions of school students all over the world have hit the streets for the global climate strike. Marches and protests are being held in more than 3,400 towns and cities across 130 countries. Hundreds of thousands of people marched all over Australia! The crowds in Sydney of school students were joined by adults who also left work for the day, people in Cairns took the opportunity to talk about saving the reef and there was a big turnout in Canberra. — GRETA THUNBERG HISTORY Now with all these protests and marches happening around the world. You might be wondering how it started. Well it’s all inspired by a teenager from Sweden. Greta Thunberg is a 16 year old from Sweden and she is the person behind this global movement. It started in August last year. She believed that her government wasn’t doing enough to fight climate change. So she decided to send a message. She decided every Friday she would sit outside the Swedish parliament until Sweden is in line with the Paris Agreement. After 3 days she had 35 other strikers with her and after 3 weeks she had 10,000. Greta’s actions attracted heaps of attention and pretty soon millions of kids all over the world had joined in too. Greta’s become an international icon. She’s travelled the world talking to world leaders. Of course that’s not an easy thing to achieve. Climate change is a global problem and a lot of countries can’t agree on the best way to tackle it. The Aussie government says it does have a plan. Greta says the best thing people can do is start small because everyone has the power to make a difference. — SCHOOL SAVING FINCHES Some kids in Townsville are on a mission to save the Black-Throated Finche. Experts reckon they’re extinct in New South Wales and only around a thousand are left in Queensland. But the students at Belgian Gardens have managed to breed 120 over the past six years! — VR CORAL REEF A team of international scientists created a virtual reality reef to provide a snapshot of what the world’s coral reefs look like and how they’re changing. — GRETA THUNBERG CROP ART What better way to draw attention to the issue of climate change Than to create a giant portrait of Greta Thunberg. An Italian land-artist created a 27 thousand square metre picture of her by ploughing through a field in Verona, Italy. Hopefully Greta approves of the effort! __ For the past 50 years, Behind the News has been helping to break down current issues and events for young people all around the world. The program is a high-energy, fun way for people to learn about the stories we see in the news, while providing background information that isn’t usually given by other news bulletins. We have over 1000 stories on all sorts of topics – everything from politics & volcanoes, to online security & fortnite. If you’re looking for help to understand something, you’ll probably find it on BTN. Make sure to like & subscribe our videos if you want to stay in the know!

4 Million People Strike for Climate Action

Organizers say this was the largest youth-led demonstration in history. TRNN spoke to demonstrators in New York and Baltimore.

So, now we know the reason for the bizarre weather this past couple weeks, “Hurricane” Dorian (which did not behave like any hurricane) Imelda, Jerry, and the flooding in the Midwest, the fires in the Amazon, wildfires in California, the stories on the loss of the Coral Reefs.  This all in time for their Climate Summit.  WE KNOW that they are able to control the weather, to steer and cause Hurricanes.  Since that is a fact, if they did not CAUSE the recent storms, why did they do nothing to stop or steer them in order to save all those thousands of people?

September 21, 2019
I highly suggest raising your voice real loud re: the truth about the climate change liars who are getting really loud. they are closing the Sustainable development deal,and most of you will feel it in 2020, 2021.
TO “LISTEN TO THE SCIENTISTS”  the real scientists…
forward to minute 21:06 in this video. 
Sandra Jay
December 2, 2017
8th September 2017 Top Scientist Admits on Live TV: Recent Hurricanes are Man-Made Dr. Michio Kaku accidentally makes confession on weather modification By: Jay Greenberg Neon Nettle Dr. Michio Kaku admits on live TV that recent hurricanes are man-made. One of the world’s leading scientists has made a shocking confession on live TV when he accidentally admitted that the recent “man-made” hurricanes have been artificially created through secret government weather modification.During an interview on mainstream media outlet CBS news, Physicist Dr. Michio Kaku said that the skies have been sprayed with nano particles and storms are then “activated” using “lasers”. SCROLL DOWN FOR VIDEOGeoengineering isn’t a new idea though, and government-funded programs such as the High-Frequencyency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) was created in the early 1990s and was an ionospheric research program jointly funded by the U.S. Air Force, the U.S. Navy, the University of Alaska Fairbanks, and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). HAARP was capable of “weaponizing” the weather and has the ability of potentially triggering floods, droughts, hurricanes, and earthquakes. Throughout the life of the program, it had incurred around $250 million in tax-funded construction and operating costs. Anonymous reports: People in positions of influence propose that the skies be sprayed to “combat climate change,” but they never exactly admit it is already happening: in this little-known slip-up, a mainstream scientist admitted it. In the interview, Michio Kaku briefly dips into the history of weather modification (in little detail compared to extensive works, such as the book “Chemtrails Exposed: a New Manhattan Project”).Very quickly, the CBS crew interrupted him to say the state weather modification programs were only “alleged.” That might even suggest the CBS staff was explicitly told never to approach that topic. One detail in a plethora of academic papers and patents about altering the weather with electromagnetic energy and conductive particles in the stratosphere, research published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences said the “laser beams” can create plasma channels in the air, causing ice to form. According to Professor Wolf Kasparian: “Under the conditions of a typical storm cloud, in which ice and supercooled water coexist, no direct influence of the plasma channels on ice formation or precipitation processes could be detected. “Under conditions typical for thin cirrus ice clouds, however, the plasma channels induced a surprisingly strong effect of ice multiplication.” Within a few minutes, the laser action led to a strong enhancement of the total ice particle number density in the chamber by up to a factor of 100, even though only a 10−9 fraction of the chamber volume was exposed to the plasma channels.”The newly formed ice particles quickly reduced the water vapor pressure to ice saturation, thereby increasing the cloud optical thickness by up to three orders of magnitude.” To really understand geoengineering, researchers have identified defense contractors Raytheon, BAE Systems, and corporations such as General Electric as being heavily involved with geoengineering. According to Peter A. Kirby, Massachusetts has historically been a center of geoengineering research.With the anomalous hurricanes currently ravaging the Americas, floods destroying India, and wildfires destroying the Pacific Northwest, weather warfare is a topic on the public consciousness right now.Please share this with as many people as possible. Read more at:…

Live | Global climate strikes kick off ahead of UN summit on climate change

•Streamed live on Sep 20, 2019
As world leaders prepare to meet in New York for a UN Climate Summit next week, millions of young people all over the world will skip school on Friday to demand faster action against climate change.

Those experts who are considered “dissenters” who do not agree with the false narrative being imposed upon the public, are conveniently “disappeared”, or found dead under very strange circumstances.

Dead Scientists 2004-2015

List of Dead Scientsts…Assassinated???

List of over 100 Dead Microbiologists

Climate Change is an agenda devised to control the masses.  There are many articles, papers, documentaries, testimonies out there that prove this to be true.  If you have been following my posts than you are already informed.  Those who are in power, are controlling the environment and the weather.  These disasters we are witnessing are not NATURAL.  There is no longer any natural weather.  “Scientists” have been experimenting with weather control since the 30’s.  The natural balance created by GOD has been disrupted.  Man continues to manipulate not only the weather but our habitats, introducing species into areas where they do not belong, changing the directions of the winds, currents and creating rain in areas where there is normally no rain and snow in areas where there is normally no snow, pulling down lightning and creating new kinds of clouds.  They have even created artificial sun(s) and artificial moon(s).  Many different Governments have developed weather manipulation capabilities and are using them.  There is no telling who is pulling the strings these days. 

The “Scientific” Community now is opening bragging that they have the ability to control the weather.  They do that without fear, because they know that the masses will not believe it.  Cognitive Dissonance prevents the people from hearing or seeing the truth that is right in front of them.

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    Dec 11, 2018 · “Rising sea levels,” “ocean change,” and “global warming,” (now referred to as “climate change”) have become part of the vernacular despite severely flawed global warming models.

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      4. Intentional concealment of inconvenient parts of climate history. In serving as willing propagandists …
  5. Videos of climat change hoax

    Weld: On climate change, Trump tells followers drink the Kool-Aid, don't ask questions

    Weld: On climate change, Trump tells followers drink the Kool-Aid, don’t ask questions
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    Weld: On Climate Change, Trump Tells Followers Drink The Kool-Aid, Don't Ask Questions | MSNBC

    Weld: On Climate Change, Trump Tells Followers Drink The Kool-Aid, Don’t Ask Questions | MSNBC
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    The Climate Change Hoax Going On In Collingwood

    The Climate Change Hoax Going On In Collingwood
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Obama meets with teen climate activist Greta Thunberg: ‘You and me, we’re a team’

Obama Foundation
Fmr President Barack Obama meets with teen climate activist Greta Thunberg ahead of her UN address Sept. 23.
Published at: 07:59 PM, Tue Sep 17 2019

Former President Barack Obama on Monday met with Swedish teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg as part of her visit to Washington, DC, to promote environmental issues.
Well, of course he did.  He still believes he President or maybe King?  He continues to carry on like he never left office.  Check out my article:

“Just 16, @GretaThunberg is already one of our planet’s greatest advocates,” Obama tweeted after his meeting with Former President Barack Obama on Monday met with Swedish teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg as part of her visit to Washington, DC, to promote environmental issues.

. “Recognizing that her generation will bear the brunt of climate change, she’s unafraid to push for real action.”

Thunberg established herself as a bona fide climate action figure after staging weekly sit-ins outside the Swedish Parliament, spawning a burgeoning movement of youth climate activists to hold their own protests in more than 100 cities worldwide.

She arrived in New York last month after sailing across the Atlantic to speak at the United Nations Climate Action Summit, which will take place on September 23. Thunberg traveled on a zero-emissions sailboat to reduce the environmental impact of her journey, according to a statement from her team.    Wow, anyone who cannot see the money and power behind this entire routine has got to be blind or stupid!

Video of the meeting between Thunberg and Obama released by the Obama Foundation on Tuesday shows the former President asking Thunberg about recent climate strikes she participated in while she visited New York and Washington.

“Everyone is so nice and all of these young people seem so eager, very enthusiastic which is a very good thing,” she said.

Before the two fist-bumped, Obama said to Thunberg: “You and me, we’re a team.

While Obama championed addressing environmental issues while in office, President Donald Trump — a longtime climate crisis denier — has attempted to remove many of the policy guardrails installed by the Obama administration to limit the emissions of greenhouse gases.  (Thank you President Trump!  For recognize the farce that is Global Warming/Climate Change.)

In 2017, Obama lamented Trump for withdrawing the US from the Paris climate agreement, saying in a statement that the deal was intended to “protect the world we leave to our children.”     (Well, Hurray for TRUMP!  Getting us out of the Paris Agreement is one thing for which I apploud him.)

Thunberg said in the Obama Foundation’s video that creativity from young people is key. (Like Hitler, Obama targets the young people,  they are so much easier to control than ADULTS!)

“My message to young people who want to have an impact is to be creative,” she said “There’s so incredibly much you can do and to not underestimate yourself.”  (that is the problem,  the world is viewing our children as just small adults!  That is crazy.  They have not had time to mature, to gather experience, to exercise their decision making processes and reasoning abilities, to experience the evils of the world and learn to comprehend what is truly happening.)

Translation of malizia – Italian–English dictionary

malizia   noun,  [ feminine ] /ma’litsja/  
1. malice
agire con maliziato act with malice

2. guilemischief

una ragazza senza maliziaa young woman without guile


alludere a qlco con sottile maliziato hint at sth with a touch of mischievousness
3. trick
imparare le malizie del mestiereto learn the tricks of the trade

 (ItalianMalizia) is an Italian comedy. The original title Malizia is Italian for “malice”. It was entered into the 23rd Berlin International Film Festival.[1] For their performances Laura Antonelli and Turi Ferro won the Silver Ribbons for best actress and best supporting actor.[2]

That name/title was very clearly, very deliberately placed on that sail.  That sail was created specifically for this voyage.  SO, what do you think they are saying??

As Greta Thunberg continues to poo in a bucket across the Atlantic, it has emerged her trip is not nearly as environmental as she first made out. Nobody could have seen this coming… 

The €4 million yacht she’s sailing on is made of carbon fibre – a material with a carbon footprint 14 times higher than that of steel, and that “spews out a significant amount of greenhouse gases” during its manufacturing. It’s always worth reminding Greta that flying only accounts for between 2 and 5% of the world’s carbon emissions… GQ’s ‘game changer of the year’ clearly putting carbon fibre over moral fibre…

UPDATE: It transpires that the five people bringing the boat back from NYC will first fly over to the States, meaning in total Greta’s PR trip will end up creating six times the emissions it would have done if she’d just flown over to begin with…

August 16, 2019 at 12:27 pm

So this obviously wealthy and privileged, spoiled brat is preaching to the adult population of the world that they MUST meet her demands, whether they like it or not!!  

She must have been traveling via airplane frequently at a very young age, according to her story about how she “gave up” air travel and demanded that her parents do the same.  

She brags about taking a 15 day trip via a “YACHT” to deliver her speeches. Wow, what a sacrifice.  

But, she does not tell you that trip across the ocean on that very EXPENSIVE YACHT whose sails had been totally replaced with sails created just for her journey, or that they had fly the return crew to the US in order to bring it home.  All of this expense just for her promotion.

I am curious about the expense to the environment and the economy involved in the creation of those special sails for the ship!   I don’t know what kind of materials go into creating those sails, but I am sure that was a very costly endeavor! 


The Presidency was a tool to give him the GLOBAL PLATFORM

US President Barack Obama speaking in July 2016 Photograph: Robyn Beck/AFP/Getty 

Barack Obama on Food and Climate Change

The second thing that is increasingly important is how to shape public opinion. It is very important for people who are interested in issues like climate change or inequality, or whatever it is that you care about, to find effective ways to speak to the public and to change public opinion. Abraham Lincoln used to say: “With public opinion there’s nothing I cannot do, and without public opinion there’s nothing I can get done.” And I’ve learned that first-hand myself.

We need to find ways to speak to young people who are getting all their information off a phone, and will not sit down and read a 50-page report. You may have two minutes to get your message across, or five minutes, and they may be more interested in a video than they are in reading a text. You’ll need to create a strong, truthful, powerful message that leads them to action – that’s something I’m going to be spending a lot of time thinking about.

Young people are more conscious today, they are more innovative, they are more entrepreneurial. Because they are more skeptical of government and politics, it seems as if a lot of people think: “That’s a dirty business, I don’t want to go into it, who wants to be criticized and attacked all the time?” So you’re seeing a lot of people who want to change the world thinking that maybe the best way to do it is by going into business or non-profit organisations.

If I were an entrepreneur today, trying to make money and sell my products or services, I would want to understand this youth market. They want to do the right thing, too. If they find out that what you’re selling isn’t good for the environment, or what you’re selling is not good for people, or if they hear that you do not treat your workers well, and do not pay them a decent wage, and don’t provide decent benefits, that can affect your brand. And so part of what has changed is the nature of the entrepreneurs themselves, who may be more socially conscious, coming into their business. Even if you don’t care about these issues, your customers care. And you’ve got to be paying attention to that.

Adapted from a talk given by Barack Obama at the Seeds & Chips Global Food Innovation Summit. Seeds & Chips is one of the world’s foremost food innovation events, a showcase for cutting-edge solutions and outstanding talent. Details:

Obama Handing U.S. Sovereignty to United Nations? The UN and Interpol: How the UN Will Gain Power.

Watch for it, because it is bound to come.

While you weren’t looking, Obama signed Executive Order 12425 giving Interpol immunity from American laws.

***Make sure to read this blog ALL THE WAY THROUGH.  Connections of Pachuri and Soros to the United Nations Millennium goals!**

An article written by Barry Napier on December 30, 2009  should BE READ by EVERY American.  Realize what Obama is doing when YOU aren’t looking:

It is interesting that the man who cast aside the US Constitution like a rag, and imposes his own laws without consent, has agreed to allow an international police authority to overrule the US government.

Barack Obama signed an Executive Order giving express permission for Interpol to supersede the laws and police authorities of the USA.

Some have seen this as heralding loss of sovereignty. The truth is, the USA already lost it when it voted for Obama. Before the election he promised to hand over sovereignty to the UN, and this will indeed occur if the people allow him to carry on implementing his own Executive Orders without the consent of Congress or the people!

Image result for interpol
Photo Credit


Interpol operates with the consent of 188 member countries (so far). Its aim is to combat international crime and seek cross-country police cooperation. This is based on the “limits of existing laws in different countries and in the spirit of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights” (which has itself caused more mayhem than it is worth). Its constitution prohibits being involved in political, military, religious or racial conflict. Tell that to the fairies!

In 2005, Interpol briefed members of the UN’s Security Council Counter Terrorism Committee on its work to combat terrorism and its “growing cooperation with the UN in a range of anti-crime areas”. But, what is considered to be ‘crime’? Whatever the UN decides it will be.

Interpol has an office in the UN’s New York building. The links between Interpol and the UN are very strong, if not interwoven. Interpol spokesmen say that Interpol can give “teeth and real impact to Security Council Resolutions”.

According to Interpol’s Article 2, Interpol is looking for “new opportunities” to expand its operations within the UN. In other words, Interpol is to be the police eyes and ears of the UN worldwide. Doesn’t this sound rather familiar? (If it doesn’t, read up on Soviet KGB operations). Remember, too, that anti-environmentalism is being called ‘terrorism’.

Interpol has a worldwide anti-terrorism network. Yet, Obama is nestling up to terrorist organisations and countries. This means that the central theme of ‘terrorism’ will change dramatically under Obama. Also, Obama is planning to make the owning of small arms illegal, effectively making US people defenceless, not just before criminals but also before government. Interpol will be used to discover and arrest those who own small arms.

Another aim of Interpol is to provide support for UN peacekeeping missions. Anyone who knows the truth recognises that these UN peacekeeping missions are anything but! They are killing sprees, with UN troops at the helm, making sure Marxist regimes stay in power, or gain power. How can Interpol claim neutrality when it assists UN troops in murderous ‘peacekeeping’?

This is of prime importance when Interpol says that another area of crime it wishes to obliterate is “Genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity”. Yet, the UN Charter includes the notion of genocide, its troops are guilty of war crimes, and the UN says that anti-greens are acting against humanity!

Anti-Greens are ‘Criminals’

According to Interpol, “Environmental crime is a serious and growing international problem… it is not limited to criminals polluting the air, water and land and pushing commercially valuable wildlife species closer to extinction; it can also include crimes which speed up climate change… and exhaust essential natural resources.” What did Interpol say about not being involved in politics?

Very clearly, Interpol is working behind the scenes to identify ‘criminals’ who oppose climate change plans by the UN! Can’t you see what is going on? Can’t you see that we are seeing the creation of a Marxist regime far greater than the Soviets could have dreamt of? Far greater than the one now existing in China?

Interpol speaks of these ‘crimes’ as being harmful to the economy and security… blatant political propaganda dressed up in police uniforms! What has a police organisation got to do with the economy? The economy is to do with politics!

The organisation says that organised crime is behind anti-green activities. This tells us which way Obama and the UN are moving to silence their foes. “In this way we can contribute to the ongoing conservation of the world’s environment, biodiversity and natural resources.”  This is nothing but police being used as the strong-arm men of the UN to silence anti-green activity. What has a police organisation to do with ‘conservation’ and ‘natural resources’? Nothing! But, under the UN, Interpol will make very sure people like me are eliminated. (Of course, before that, they will ensure that our names are ridiculed and our protests are muffled, which works just as well).

One must ask Interpol why it doesn’t investigate the CRU at East Anglia University, or other scientists about their fraud, or Greenpeace about its sabotage… or Obama and Brown taxing the people fraudulently.

“Corruption undermines political, social and economic stability”. In which case, why isn’t Interpol investigating every country involved in the recent Copenhagen Summit, or that imposes tax based on fraudulent green claims? It is evident that Interpol is not genuine!

UN and ‘Natural partners’ ( 11th October, 2009)

The UN already has its own police force (UNPOL) – did you know that? But, Interpol will take precedence. The UN’s Secretary General says that the “only way to succeed is to join forces.” Succeed at what? The UN has no place in the world, but it acts anyway! Wherever it goes it creates, not reduces, conflict, often to the point of murder, rape and pillage… and I am taking here about UN troops.

The UN Security Council, supposed to look after peace and reduce tensions, is dominated by Islamic countries that hate Israel. Every meeting starts with hateful statements against Israel. Every meeting begins with demands to sanction Israel. Therefore, Interpol is part of this hate campaign against the Israeli nation, by siding with Islamic extremist governments who make their own ‘laws’ against Israel! What you think of Israel is not the issue. The real issue is that if the UN gets away with this, the next one to suffer could easily be YOU.

Singapore Summit

On 11th October, 2009, Interpol’s Secretary General met with the UN’s Secretary General in Singapore. In the meeting praise was given to police forces joining together to fight organised crimes worldwide. This is fine. But, they don’t need the UN for this! The UN is a Marxist organisation, corrupt and trouble-making.

The opening speech spoke of a new era when Interpol will work with the UN by “entering into a strategic partnership to promote state stability, and, in turn, global law and order.” Police forces can do this on their own – they don’t need the sticky fingers of the UN.

Law officers are seconded to Interpol for particular operations, so, in theory, there are no actual ‘Interpol officers’. But, with the USA being handed over to the UN by Obama, it makes no real difference – the UN will control what local officers, FBI, etc., do. UN (23rd December) says that all this is just ‘fear mongering’. Is it? Given Obama’s lamentable record in his first year of office (assuming he is there legitimately, of course), we have every right to be concerned.

The Norwegian UN mission ( 16th April 2009) states: “the role of the police is considered pivotal in consolidating peace and building sustainable security.” Perhaps Norway should go back a few years and remember how this worked when Hitler decided to make his land-grab! In every country Hitler took, the ‘pivotal’ force was the national and local police forces. They made sure Nazi plans were adhered to, and arrested anyone who didn’t make the grade, often leading to their deaths. Fear mongering?

No, it is a step closer to “common goals of global security and peace”. The best peace we can have is to retain national borders and national policing. The worst move is to bring in the UN and its notion of Marxist world government.

Secretary General of Secrecy

It is no coincidence that this joining of the UN and Interpol should come under the Secretary-Generalship of Ronald K Noble. He is a tenured professor of law at New York University, and previously worked as the US Dept of Treasury as First Undersecretary for Enforcement. He has held many law-related positions in the US and has Obama’s right hand.

This man is complicit in the aim of Obama to keep documents from the sight of Americans, by claiming protection for Interpol officers who are now able to work with diplomatic immunity. Thus, any documents Obama wants hidden can simply be given to Interpol! In this way Obama jumps over the head of the Constitution, and Interpol are not held to the Freedom of Information Act. This is all going on underneath your noses! I wonder if this is where Obama’s birth certificate will be going?

During Hitler’s time, Interpol was under the command of the SS. ( The FBI sought membership of Interpol in 1938, despite it being riddled with, and ruled by, the SS. Thus, today, only the type of socialism has changed… Interpol is now under Marxist rule. The continued membership of the USA in Interpol, and the new status of Interpol as diplomatic, with immunity, means that Obama can operate under the radar as much as he likes, by placing documents with Interpol. And Interpol can be used as the bully-boys of state, with no come-backs.

Interpol will work alongside the UN’s stormtroopers, as enforcers of UN laws and whims. It has immunity in the USA – no doubt it will gain immunity in many more countries as they mimic Obama’s duplicity. They will investigate and arrest any who dare to oppose UN policies, whether social, criminal or economic, including anti-greens. Watch for it, because it is bound to come.


If the Socialists/Communists can’t gain control of the United States one way, they will try another.

It is called Eco-Socialism.

From the Committees of Correspondence and Democratic Socialism (offshoot of Communist Party USA):

Eco socialism means approaching environmental needs from a socialist perspective. Not just analyzing climate change from a Marxist perspective, but recognizing that an applied socialist approach is necessary to prevent catastrophic climate changes that will harm us all.

Today, most socialist organizations recognize green organizing must be an essential part of their work. Most have started promoting both practical short term efforts to preserve our ecosystem and long term efforts to reform our political economic systems so that we may best survive the changes that are already underway andthe greater changes that threaten.

Obama is hell-bent on turning America’s sovereignty over to the United Nations.

UN to Review Progress on the Millennium Development Goals
at High-level Meeting in September 2010

“Time is short. We must seize this historic moment to
act responsibly and decisively for the common good.”

With only six years until the 2015 deadline to achieve the Millennium Development Goals, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon chose these words to strongly urge Governments to engage constructively in the preparations for a high-level meeting in September 2010 to review progress towards the MDGs and other international development goals.

The UN General Assembly took a decision in July 2009 to hold such a high-level plenary meeting at the opening of its 65th session in 2010. At the Assembly’s request, the Secretary-General has issued a report setting out a proposed format and modalities for the event, which are expected to be agreed through consultations before the end of 2009. The Assembly has encouraged all countries to be represented at this important meeting at the level of Heads of State and Government.

In the 2009 Millennium Development Goals Report released earlier this year, the Secretary-General noted: “We have made important progress in this effort, and have many successes on which to build. But we have been moving too slowly to meet our goals”. The 2010 high-level meeting, he hopes, will not only result in a renewal of existing commitments but also can decisively galvanize coordinated action among all stakeholders and elicit the funding needed to ensure the achievement of the Goals by 2015.

Read the United Nations Millenium Development Goals:


Photo Credit

The Millennium Project was commissioned by the United Nations Secretary-General in 2002 to develop a concrete action plan for the world to achieve the Millennium Development Goals and to reverse the grinding poverty, hunger and disease affecting billions of people. In 2005, the independent advisory body headed by Professor Jeffrey Sachs, presented its final recommendations to the Secretary-General in a synthesis volume Investing in Development: A Practical Plan to Achieve the Millennium Development Goals. The bulk of the Project’s work was carried out by 10 thematic Task Forces, each of which also presented its own detailed recommendations in January 2005. The Task Forces comprised a total of more than 250 experts from around the world including: researchers and scientists; policymakers; representatives of NGOs, UN agencies, the World Bank, IMF and the private sector.

After the presentation of the Millennium Project’s final reports, the secretariat team worked in an advisory capacity through to the end of 2006 to support the implementation of the Project’s recommendations, with special focus on supporting developing countries’ preparation of national development strategies aligned with achieving the Millennium Development Goals.

HMMM Looks a lot like YES, WE CAN  The 2010 high-level meeting, he hopes, will not only result in a renewal of existing commitments but also can decisively galvanize coordinated action among all stakeholders and elicit the funding needed to ensure the achievement of the Goals by 2015

Image result for yes we can advisory body headed by Professor Jeffrey Sachs: WHO is Professor Jeffrey Sachs?

Jeffrey D. Sachs is the Director of The Earth Institute, Quetelet Professor of Sustainable Development, and Professor of Health Policy and Management at Columbia University. He is also Special Advisor to United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. From 2002 to 2006, he was Director of the UN Millennium Project and Special Advisor to United Nations Secretary-General Kofi Annan on the Millennium Development Goals, the internationally agreed goals to reduce extreme poverty, disease, and hunger by the year 2015. Sachs is also President and Co-Founder of Millennium Promise Alliance, a nonprofit organization aimed at ending extreme global poverty.


The External Advisory Board provides guidance regarding priorities in science, public policy, and teaching, among other issues for the Earth Institute. The Board meets annually in New York City.

Board members INCLUDE:

Dr. Rajendra K. Pachauri

Dr. Rajendra K Pachauri

Dr. Rajendra K Pachauri was born in Nainital, India, on 20 August 1940. He assumed his current responsibilities as the head of TERI (Tata Energy Research Institute) in 1981, first as Director and, since April 2001, as Director-General. TERI generates unparalleled and original research, and from that provides professional support in the areas of energy, environment, forestry, biotechnology, and the conservation of natural resources to government departments, institutions, and corporate organizations worldwide.

**Part of Climategate scandal***


Mr. George SorosMr. George Soros
President Soros Fund Management

George Soros was born in Budapest, Hungary on August 12, 1930. He survived the Nazi occupation of Budapest and left communist Hungary in 1947 for England, where he graduated from the London School of Economics. Today Soros is President and Chairman of Soros Fund Management LLC, a private investment management firm that serves as principal advisor to the Quantum Group of Funds, a series of international investment vehicles. The Quantum Fund is generally recognized as the most successful investment fund ever, returning an average 31% annually throughout its 32-year history.

Soros is also Chairman of the Open Society Institute and the founder of a network of philanthropic organizations that are active in more than 50 countries. Based primarily in Central and Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union—but also in Africa, Latin America, Asia, and the United States—these foundations are dedicated to building and maintaining the infrastructure and institutions of an open society. In 1992, Soros founded the Central European University, with its primary campus in Budapest.

Soros is the author of seven books, most recently “George Soros on Globalization” (Public Affairs, March 2002). His articles and essays on politics, society, and economics regularly appear in major newspapers and magazines around the world. Soros has received honorary degrees from the New School for Social Research, the University of Oxford, the Budapest University of Economics, and Yale University. In 1995, the University of Bologna awarded Soros its highest honor, the Laurea Honoris Causa, in recognition of his efforts to promote open societies throughout the world.

So George Soros who is tied to the United Nations in one form or another is part of the Earth Institute and an arm of eco-socialism.

Interpol will be used as the United Nations foot soldiers that will be immune from American law thanks to Obama’s Executive Order.


And Congresses’ reaction to this?…………….crickets……………..crickets………crickets.

The following title comes from an article that  was written by someone who is obviously a fan.  I just thought the title was apropos.

Ai-jen Poo: Obama Should Become Organizer-in-Chief?

I submit to you that the skills he learned as a community organizer are the very skills which he employed while he was in the office of President, and he has NEVER STOPPED playing that same role.  To this day, he continues to undermine the Government of the United States as he works to BUILD and CONSOLIDATE THE NEW WORLD ORDER.   Non-Governmental Organizations are the tool that he has used to bypass the laws of the Nations and the will of the people.  He has one purpose and one mindset, to bring in the NEW WORLD ORDER!  TO DESTROY ALL NATIONAL GOVERNMENTS!   He is just a stooge for the UN.  OR is he?  Perhaps he has an expectation of becoming the WORLD DICTATOR? 

One day when he’s done wrangling with the Iranians and congressional Republicans, President Barack Obama plans to get back to where he once belonged.   (well, that can have multiple meanings… back to Communism/Socialism? Back to Kenya,  Back to his Muslim Kings? Back to his ambitions?  Back to his FUTURE?)

The most powerful man in the world wants to return to community organizing after he hands over the keys to the White House in 2017, he told middle-school students at a public library in Washington’s Anacostia neighborhood Thursday.

“I’ll be done being president in a couple of years and I’ll still be a pretty young man,” he said. “And so I’ll go back to doing the kinds of work I was doing before,

Obama, who will be 55 when he leaves office in 2017, said his post-presidential agenda includes helping children get educations and better access to the job market, and luring businesses into low-income neighborhoods. Just out of college, he worked on Chicago’s South Side as a community organizer, a career choice that earned him much derision from conservative quarters.

“That’s the kind of work that I really love to do,” he said,

Last June, Obama said at a town hall-style meeting that he and his wife, Michelle, had discussions about “developing young people and working with them and creating more institutions to promote young leadership.”
Well, he says he is all about helping children get educations and better access to the job market, and luring businesses into low-income neighborhoods…
Let’s check in on what he is doing for  his “home town” neighborhood. 

Meet the Community Organizers Fighting Against … Barack Obama

Locals in the former president’s hometown worry that the new Obama Center will leave them out.

“The library is a great idea, but what about a community benefits agreement?” Taylor asked, referring to a contract between a developer and community organizations that requires investments in, or hiring from, a neighborhood where a project is built. “The first time investment comes to black communities, the first to get kicked out is low-income and working-class people. Why wouldn’t you sign a CBA to protect us?”

Measured as always, Obama began by telling Taylor, “I was a community organizer.” Then he said, “I know the neighborhood. I know that the minute you start saying, ‘Well, we’re thinking about signing something that will determine who’s getting jobs and contracts and this and that’ … next thing I know, I’ve got 20 organizations coming out of the woodwork.”

The answer infuriated Taylor, who pays $1,000 a month for the Woodlawn apartment she shares with her mother and two children, and is worried that the Obama Center’s cachet will drive up neighborhood rents. Months later, she is still furious at the former president.

“He got a lot of nerve saying that,” Taylor told me. “He forgotten who he is. He forgot the community got him where he is.

Obama now finds himself on the receiving end of the same demands his younger self once made to crusty Chicago politicians he derided as “ward heelers.” But, as the dispute plays out, Obama the former president is far more powerful than the City Hall bureaucrats and state senators he once badgered for resources—maybe too powerful for organizers to rally against.

Back when Obama was a community organizer, a project was known as a “piece.” His successful campaign to pressure the Chicago Housing Authority into removing asbestos from Altgeld Gardens and the Ida B. Wells Homes was “the asbestos piece.” (Obama even chartered a school bus to Housing Authority headquarters, where Altgeld residents sat in the hallway outside the director’s office, insisting he visit the projects. He did.) Coalition organizers believe their campaign is exactly the kind of piece Obama himself would have worked on when he was in their position, 30 years ago. But that was then: before Harvard, before politics, before the presidency. For them, Obama has gone from sticking it to the man to … being the man.

“Of course, he would have,” says Jeanette Taylor. “But now he’s part of the establishment.

Ozan Varol
By Ozan Varol

For many of my students, breaking American democracy was hard, but doable.

For example, the students figured out ways to cripple the media and create a culture of self-censorship. Six companies own 90% of the media in the United States. If the government can bend those six companies to its will, it would also control 90% of the information the American public consumes. The students applied a carrot-and-stick approach to get these media companies to toe the line: They rewarded friendly media companies and punished the disloyal ones through tax audits and building inspections that appeared legitimate on the surface. When these strategies didn’t work, the students outright purchased, or had their cronies purchase, the media giants to establish control over them.

Instead of the transparently repressive act of jailing journalists or shutting down media outlets, the students sued them for libel. This was a tactic used during the civil rights movement, when Southern officials used libel lawsuits to silence critics and curb media coverage of the civil-rights struggle. These libel suits would force journalists to burn through funds they don’t have and promote self-censorship.

The students also developed plans to exploit free speech as a machine of demagoguery and filled the media with falsehoods that, once reported and retweeted, became the truth. They created troll armies to dominate digital media with misinformation. They formed and financed their own civil society groups and channeled funding to them at the expense of independent non-governmental organizations. They created bogeymen to unify their base and make public enemies out of the opposition. They manufactured domestic and foreign conflicts to bolster the public approval of the executive. They ramped up surveillance efforts ostensibly to combat organized crime and terrorism, but used those laws to blackmail or discredit political opponents by selectively leaking information about them. They distracted the public with government handouts, tax cuts, and amplified social-welfare programs.

Through this exercise, the students realized that a potential plunge into dictatorship wouldn’t happen overnight. There wouldn’t be tanks on the ground to enforce a violent transition to tyranny. The strength of these strategies lay in their sustained accumulation in a “drip, drip, drip” fashion. Over time, the pressure on democratic institutions would build up, like increased hydraulic pressure on a water pipe. These measures slowly, but surely, would corrode the foundations of liberal democracy until the pipe eventually bursts.

The exercise made the urgency of action clear. In this century, the threat to democracy will come, not from military coups or openly repressive dictators, but from elected politicians in seemingly democratic countries who gradually roll out an authoritarian agenda. The students realized the importance of remaining vigilant against these strategies and actively resisting them through legal, political, and social means.

Counterintuitively, the best way to protect American democracy might be to figure out ways to destroy it first.

NGOs: They always have a “CAUSE” to which people willingly rally.  They pull on your heart strings.  But, that is just the front they use to cover their true agenda, which is GLOBAL CONTROL AND GLOBAL DOMINANCE.

Non-Governmental Organizations

Non-governmental organizations (NGOs), also called “civil society” organizations, are groups formed by individuals working across national borders to affect public policy. Recent progress in technology, coupled with globalization’s emphasis on international cooperation, has allowed the effectiveness of these organizations to grow drastically. Individuals living in different countries can now network with one another, and the Internet has permitted NGOs to both obtain and publish information on an extensive level, previously only available to states.

NGOs have had significant impact on environmental affairs, such as Greenpeace’s advocacy work on climate change, Amnesty International’s advocacy of human rights, and the International Campaign to Ban Landmines, which won a Nobel Peace Prize for its work in shaping a global treaty to prohibit use of landmines.

However, as the influence of NGOs has grown, more questions are being raised regarding their accountability. Essentially, NGOs are special-interest groups on an international scale, which means that  they are unelected and unaccountable to any public oversight, even though they claim to speak for the “public” as a whole. Failure to deliver adequate or promised results, coupled with little to no structural oversight has proven to be a large obstacle, which many NGO’s still currently face scrutiny for (Munoz & Undarya, 2010).

For more information on NGOs, refer to the Human Rights Issues in Depth (The Rise of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and Global Civil Society).

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A cautionary tale from the history of NGOs

The contemporary world features more than twenty thousand international NGOs in almost every field of human activity, including humanitarian assistance, environmental protection, human rights promotion, and technical standardization, amongst numerous other issues. These organizations include household names such as Amnesty International, Greenpeace, and Doctors Without Borders, as well as less well known but sizeable institutions such as the International Cooperative Alliance which claims to represent more than a billion people. Many of these organizations comprise of networks spanning every continent, and their resources in some cases exceed the development assistance budgets of several OECD countries. Given their considerable role in contemporary global affairs, the activities of international NGOs have become subject to growing scrutiny, especially in the wake of a wave of scandals in recent years.

While the scale and reach of international NGOs today may appear to be unprecedented, these organizations have a history spanning many centuries. Up until the late eighteenth century they predominantly consisted of religious orders, but by the mid-nineteenth century international NGOs had been established in a wide array of areas including humanitarianism, anti-slavery activism, feminism, and the promotion of peace. Among the most influential and most globally networked of the international NGOs of the early nineteenth century was the International Shipwreck Society – an intriguing but now largely forgotten organization that sheds light on the potential and limitations of transnational organizations two centuries ago.

Founded in Paris in 1835 ‘with a view to uniting the benevolent of all countries’, the International Shipwreck Society focused primarily on humanitarian assistance to the victims of shipwreck and the rescue of drowning persons. This was a cause that aroused considerable public sympathy given the common occurrence of shipwreck in increasingly crowded seas as global commerce expanded in the early nineteenth century. Thanks to the interconnected nature of Paris and the energetic correspondence of its principal founder the ‘Count of Liancourt’ Auguste Godde, the Society expanded rapidly into a global organization, and by 1837 it had branches in Brazil, China, Mexico, Morocco, the Ottoman Empire, and the United States, as well as throughout Europe. Its journal, entitled The International, aimed to be ‘a powerful force for stimulating the spirit of charity among all peoples’ and to reach ‘all parts of the globe.’ Journalist Louis Reybaud remarked that ‘no organization made more noise in the columns of publicity or carried out more ingenious experiments’ than the International Shipwreck Society. Such was the organization’s popularity that secretary-general Godde found himself richly furnished with gifts including a diamond ring from Tsar Nicholas I.

The Society’s short life was also the product of the absence of oversight of its work.

Originally located at Place Vendôme 16, opposite what is now the Paris Ritz, the International Shipwreck Society displayed a remarkable capacity to generate large subscriptions from wealthy individuals, who could opt for a range of membership tiers, the highest of which, a Protector, offered for the princely sum of 1000 francs the same status in the organization as numerous European royals and ministers of state. Despite its extraordinary size and wealth, the organization was to meet with a precipitous end in the early 1840s. In Godde’s account, this was due to the machinations of the editor of its journal, Sebastian Palet, who wished to seize control of the organization. The pages of The International, on the other hand, reveal a somewhat different story: not only had Godde been falsely claiming to be a Count and a Knight of the Legion of Honour, he had also been abusing his position as both secretary-general and treasurer for purpose of his enrichment. With the organization splitting between supporters of Palet and Godde, the Society was to disappear by 1843. Godde fled to England where he taught French language lessons and died in 1890 a Poor Brother of Charterhouse.

The extraordinary tale of the International Shipwreck Society reveals not only the remarkably global scale of transnational organizations that had become possible by the 1830s, but also its vulnerability and dependence on the work of a small number of highly interconnected individuals. The work of the International Shipwreck Society was in part made possible by the limited regulatory context of France in the era of the July Monarchy, but the Society’s short life was also the product of the absence of oversight of its work. These issues remain pertinent to today’s international NGOs operating in an increasingly globalized context in which national regulatory mechanisms may be insufficient.

Featured image credit: Shipwreck in the North Sea by Ivan Aivazovsky (1817–1900). Public domain via Wikimedia Commons.

First published: 11 June 2016
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Nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) were once considered as altruistic groups which aim was to impartially influence public policy with no vested interests. Nevertheless, this perception has changed. They are increasingly perceived as groups that prioritize their own ideologies or that respond to the interests of their donors, patrons, and members rather than to those of the groups they represent. This article discusses the politics of NGOs in the present changing globalized world as agents concerned with social and environmental change as much as with their own causes. It argues that numerous NGOs are as much a part of national and international politics as any other interest group and that their practices and activities are not always in the search of a good society or the common good.

1 Introduction

World politics and international development have undergone a radical transformation mostly because of increasing globalization. A unique characteristic of this transformation is the increasing number and type of stakeholders organized into interest groups or nongovernmental organizations (NGOs). Their influence on public policy at local, national, and global levels and in nearly every aspect of policy‐making and international relations has made them dominant actors in the development arena (Lewis 2003).

In this global association revolution, NGOs have gained prominent positions in negotiations, especially in advocacy activities for human rights, peace, and the environment. They have also played leading roles in delivering disaster relief, humanitarian aid, and development assistance. While they are known for questioning the effectiveness, accountability, and legitimacy of governments and the private sector alike, many NGOs have also been questioned on their own effectiveness, accountability, and legitimacy.

Many NGOs are as much a part of national and international politics as any other interest group, and their practices and activities are not always in the service of a ‘good society’ as discussed by Trent of the Centre on Governance at the University of Ottawa (Trent 2013). Their accountability and transparency have been increasingly questioned, mostly in cases where they have falsely claimed to represent the poorest and most deprived, mainly for fund‐raising purposes (Kaldor 2003).

This article discusses the roles NGOs play as agents concerned with social and environmental causes as well as with their own causes irrespective of social and environmental needs. It presents two examples of activism where national and international mobilization has led to policy changes in national and intergovernmental institutions, both positively and negatively. I will use case studies from my area of expertise, water management.

While general conclusions cannot be drawn, I suggest that it is necessary for the NGO sector not only to acknowledge but to address its own weaknesses to become relevant once again in national, regional, and global policy dialogues.

2 Funding and Effectiveness

Traditionally, NGOs have collaborated with state and nonstate actors; more recently, the latter increasingly include multinational corporations (Boström & Tamm Hallström 2010). The extent of collaboration between the different parties has varied according to the type of initiative, the availability of human and financial resources, and the potential benefits that can be achieved (McLoughlin 2011), including financial benefits. To a great extent, collaboration has also depended on agendas, self‐interests, and ideologies (Söderbaum 2000).

NGOs impact civil society in numerous ways. Nevertheless, evaluations of the programs and projects they implement are rare. Evaluations are normally limited to the analysis of perceived effects at the local level and do not often focus on development outcomes or outputs, generally because of lack of reliable data. It is very hard to obtain reliable data on social development indices at small geographical scales. Even when such information has been collected, it is not always disclosed.

One of the few evaluations carried out was based on the Indices of Social Development database ( of the International Institute of Social Studies, Erasmus University Rotterdam. This database includes 200 indicators focusing on civic activism (use of media and protest behavior), clubs and associations (membership in local voluntary associations), intergroup cohesion (discrimination, ethnic and sectarian tensions), interpersonal safety and trust (perceptions and incidence of crime and personal transgressions), gender equality (gender discrimination in home, work, and public life), and inclusion of minorities (discrimination against vulnerable groups such as indigenous peoples, migrants, refugees, or lower‐caste groups). The indices are based on 25 data sources for 193 countries, over the period from 1990 to 2010. They are updated as new data become available.

A study commissioned by the Policy and Operations Evaluation Department of the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands 2012) that uses extensively the ISD database, explored the relationships among development aid, civil society, and development outcomes. The authors argue that donor aid has an ambivalent relation with civil society development: it has improved civic action and club membership, but effects on poverty alleviation have been modest at best. The work on social cohesion is considered weak because not all NGO groups receive equal support, because project implementation has been found to be poor, and because numerous projects have not reached rural or urban low‐income areas.

In another evaluation, Dreher et al. (2012) of the Kiel Institute for the World Economy (2012) analyzed the allocation of aid by Swedish NGOs, the related impacts in terms of poverty alleviation, and their efficiency compared with government programs. The authors are skeptical as to whether NGOs are able to outperform the government when it comes to allocation across recipients. This is important because the amount of aid by NGOs from donor countries of the Organization for Economic Co‐operation and Development’s Development Assistance Committee is very large. In 2013 alone, it represented $15 billion in assistance.

3 Agendas, Self‐interest, and Ideologies

Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) governments consider that NGOs can make important contributions to poverty alleviation, but there is research that argues otherwise. Not much is known about how NGO aid is spent or how helpful it actually is in the long term (Adelman 2003). Because NGOs are smaller than governments, they are presumed to be more efficient, to be more flexible in decision‐making, to have lower service delivery costs, and to be better at working closely with poor populations and encouraging their direct participation. But these perceived advantages in reaching those for whom aid is intended have increasingly been disputed with reference to donor motives, government influence, organizational limitations, and internal agendas (Fruttero & Gauri 2005). Examples of these concerns are discussed in the article.

Government‐funded NGOs often face disincentives and constraints that are contrary to properly targeted aid, such as compliance with a specific country’s aid policies, with priorities varying over time and across donors. Aid to NGOs with a focus on poverty alleviation may also be undermined by increasing pressure from co‐financing governments to demonstrate project‐related poverty impacts or by forcing them to adopt a target‐driven rather than a process‐driven approach. According to a study commissioned by the Steering Committee for the Evaluation of the Netherlands’ Co‐financing Program, increased governmental intervention in Dutch‐co‐financed NGO projects in the Andes raised concerns among partner NGOs. They were worried that they could lose funding if they were not able to demonstrate immediate project‐related poverty impacts (Bebbington 2005). This may mean that NGOs could be anxious for their own survival rather than for the poor populations they were supposed to help.

From the viewpoints of some donors, the NGO sector has a number of important deficiencies: limited size, scope, and impact; loose structure, often with limited accountability to beneficiaries; inadequate attention to the ultra‐poor; undue influence from donors’ interests, which may not reflect the priorities of the poor; strategies and measures ineffective in building institutional capacity and self‐reliance among the poor; insufficient attention to monitoring and evaluation; weak planning and management capacity; lack of broad social and economic perspective; and inadequate technical, professional, and managerial skills. Large NGOs are often considered bureaucratic at the operational level and also too dependent on sponsors (Ministry of Foreign Affairs 2012). High administrative costs have also been of concern; many times, they take up more than half of the organization’s net income. A few have become almost as extensive and as powerful as the national government. An example is the Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee (BRAC) (

There are examples where actions of grassroot NGOs on natural resources management, particularly water resources, have been largely driven by donor’s interests. The objectives have been to promote specific agendas that often match with their own ideologies, rather than based on the needs of socially backward communities. The main problem has been that such ideologies are often nurtured by poor knowledge on the sciences involved and have not always considered how effective they are at the larger societal level (Kumar 2010).

4 Public Participation for the Common Good or for Self‐promotion?

NGOs are considered to have smaller bureaucratic apparatus than governments, more efficient decision‐making processes and ability to adapt relatively quickly to changing situations through strategic alliances. The expectation is that these attributes would allow them to play multiple roles in society, such as providing alternative forms of leadership to governments and becoming catalysts with triggering effects and mobilizers and opinion makers in society (Cooper et al. 2002). A main problem has been, however, that decision‐making has not always been transparent or based on broad participation and many times, self‐interests have led the NGOs to impose their views over the rest of the stakeholders’, manipulating participatory processes and conveniently forgetting the cause they were supposed to defend. In doing so, the opportunity to stimulate change or play leading roles in policy dialogues is lost, with consequent damage to the credibility of the sector and, most important, to the cause itself (Söderbaum & Tortajada 2011).

Some examples of activism, where participatory processes and decision‐making have been manipulated to suit the agendas of certain parties, relate to the fight against large dams. The Sardar Sarovar Project, on the Narmada River in India, and the World Bank and IUCN‐supported World Commission on Dams (WCD) are two examples that have been discussed extensively elsewhere (Edwards & Hulme 1996; Patel 2001; Patel & Mehta 2011).

In the case of the Sardar Sarovar Project, in the mid‐1980s, a local–international NGO alliance led by the local group ARCH‐Vahini in Gujarat was established to secure a proper resettlement and rehabilitation policy for the tribal people that would be affected by the project, including land entitlements. ARCH‐Vahini lobbied the World Bank for several years to ensure that the government of Gujarat produced an equitable resettlement and rehabilitation policy, which was finally announced in 1987 and which was unprecedented in India. However, in 1988, Narmada Bachao Andolan (NBA), a grassroots organization in Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh, took a ‘no dam’ position opposing the project on economic, social, and environmental grounds. Contrary to ARCH‐Vahini, who looked after the interests of tribal people, this group imposed its own agenda. It focused on opposing the project rather than on trying to improve their quality of life. Criticism of the project attracted the attention of national and international NGOs, who joined the movement and who fought with one‐sided information, some of them unaware of the local situation (Patel 2001). The NBA movement forgot the needs of the tribal populations and focused on its own interests and visibility. Prizes and recognitions were awarded to NBA leadership by organizations outside of the basin and outside of the country who may not have realized that the project‐affected people had become the main casualty of the NBA movement.

The pressure of American NGOs resulted on a hearing on the Sardar Sarovar Project before the Subcommittee on Natural Resources, Agriculture Research, and Environment of the Committee on Science, Space, and Technology of the US House of Representatives on 24 October 1989 (U.S. House of Representatives 1990). The subcommittee was concerned with the ‘serious social and environmental issues that surround the construction of the Sardar Sarovar dam, part of the Narmada Development Project in India’. Astonishingly for a Congressional Hearing, the witnesses included only three NGO representatives from India, no representative from the government, and certainly none from the project’s affected population. Most surprisingly, the chairman of the Subcommittee considered that these three persons represented ‘the voices of 90,000 people who will be displaced by the Sardar Sarovar project’. The World Bank declined to participate.

The pressure on the World Bank for supporting the construction of the project increased to such an extent that, in June 1991, it had to appoint an independent review commission; this was known as the Morse Commission. The politics of the commission are beyond this analysis. However, its report published in June 1992 was considered to have serious flaws (Morse & Berger 1992). In the words of ARCH‐Vahini, the analyses in the report had serious factual errors and had reached conclusions that were not supported by evidence: ‘It resorted to convenient selection of the documents, suppressing other inconvenient ones to establish the conclusion that R&R (resettlement and rehabilitation) was impossible’. The report suggested that the World Bank should withdraw its support for the construction of the dam.

Despite the Morse Commission’s findings, the World Bank continued to support the Sardar Sarovar Project. In response, NGO pressure became immense. In 1993, the Board of the World Bank favoured cancelation, mostly to protect the International Development Association, from which United States was threatening to withhold $3.7 billion if specific conditions for the project were not met. Knowing that the World Bank would withdraw its support for the construction of the dam, the government of India decided to withdraw the project from the bank. The construction of the project continued with national and mostly state of Gujarat funds.

In 1994, also triggered by the project, some 326 groups and coalitions in 44 countries signed the Manibeli Declaration (International Rivers 1994), which called for a moratorium on World Bank funding for large dams. It resulted in the World Bank reviewing the large dam projects it had supported and which had been completed between 1960 and 1995. The Bank published a short review that states that 74% of the dams are acceptable or potentially acceptable and that the bank should continue supporting the development of large dams provided that they comply strictly with bank guidelines and fully incorporate the lessons of experience (The World Bank 1996).

Almost two decades later, the Sardar Sarovar Project is delivering water to the driest regions of the state even though it is not fully developed yet. In Kachchh, one of the driest regions in Gujarat, with a population of two million according to the 2011 census, water availability and industrial development, promoted after the 2001 earthquake, are providing development opportunities never seen before. The state’s Water and Sanitation Management Organization, responsible for providing water supply in the rural areas, is also empowering rural communities to develop, maintain, and operate their own water supply systems. NGO involvement has not been considered necessary so far (Author’s interviews, Gujarat, September 2015).

The aforementioned social movements had lasting impacts, both positive and negative. The World Bank improved its resettlement and environmental policies, developed a more open information disclosure policy, and became more open to NGOs’ views. In addition, in 1993, the Bank established the Inspection Panel, an independent complaints mechanism for people or communities who may have been adversely affected by a World Bank‐funded project. Meanwhile, requirements for lending for dam construction became much more stringent as a larger number of conditions were imposed on projects that included dams. According to Briscoe (who has since passed away), bank lending for hydropower, for example, fell by 90% in the 1990s (Briscoe 2010). This had enormous negative impacts all over the developing world because during that time, unlike now, the bank was the main funding agency for infrastructure development. Losses were in terms of human development as well as power generation and irrigation benefits.

A response to the continuous confrontations between NGOs and dam developers was the creation of the World Commission on Dams (WCD).

Established in 1998, the WCD was created in response to the increasing controversies over large dams in many parts of the world. It was intended to bring together stakeholders with different (often opposing) views of the dam debate, carry out a global consultation on the topic, and develop a framework for the planning of water and energy projects while protecting affected populations from negative impacts. Instead, it became mostly a stage where activist groups pursued their own objectives, claiming to promote public participation but in fact looking after their own visibility. After a consultation process that was considered by many countries as a flaw, in November 2000, the Commission launched a report with its findings and recommendations. It included a series of guidelines that described how to assess options and plan and implement dam projects to meet the Commission’s criteria.

NGOs strongly supported the report and the guidelines. However, they also acknowledged a process of manipulation ‘in which governments (most of them democratically elected) are sidelined, as are the intergovernmental cooperatives (such as the World Bank) (Briscoe 2010, p. 406)’. As mentioned by the then US‐based International Rivers Network,

anti‐dam activists saw the WCD as a means to further the aims of the international movement against dams.… The WCD was a mere [continuation] of the anti‐dam movement by other means (McCully 2001).

In the midst of this confusion, the World Bank recognized that compliance with the guidelines would make it impossible for the Bank (or anyone else) to ever finance another dam. The Bank announced that it would not comply with the guidelines but would continue with the implementation of its operational policies. The rationale was that the policies of the Bank are set by the Board of Governors, who represent member countries, and that it was not possible to cede the responsibility for setting Bank policies to a commission.

During the launch of the WCD report, President Mandela of South Africa reminded the international community of the importance of focusing not on dams but on development for poverty alleviation—a fact that seemed to have been forgotten in the ideological fight for power. The WCD disbanded with the publication of the report in 2000. Its principles and guidelines have been extensively debated but are not mandatory for any project.

In the twenty‐first century, the debate on large dams has become less polarized. Strongly supported by its India and China executive directors, infrastructure development has returned to front and center for the World Bank, as shown in its Water Resources Sector Strategy (The World Bank 2004). This has also been the case for most development agencies—another indication that the global development situation has changed and that power has shifted from West to East.

Valid concerns over the social and environmental impacts and the political consequences of large projects have resulted in most countries adopting more open processes of dam construction. Planning and implementation of compensation have improved in numerous cases, and many NGOs no longer insist on no dam construction in every case, although NGO‐led development is still questionned (Gyawali 2013). Most importantly, in most places in the world, populations in both urban and rural areas are better informed and more aware of their rights and thus more likely to demand more transparent processes (Yasuda 2015).

5 Lessons Learned and Relevance at Present: A Culture of Evaluation

The lessons that can be learned here are many. One is that public participation is valuable in its own right but that by itself it will not lead to more effective policy‐making. For a participatory process to be meaningful, it must be a means to an end, the end being establishing a platform where different parties can share their views, concerns, and values and come to a common understanding on how to proceed with whatever process they are engaged in, even when views are different and conflicting. Participatory processes have the potential to trigger multiple gains for both governments and society, and NGOs can become important sources of knowledge, information, and mobilization rather than obstacles to governing and not forces that impose their own views.

A unique strategy, although a distinct challenge, for efficient decision‐making processes that render results and hopefully more effective policy development, is the promotion of a culture of evaluation, not only among government and private‐sector groups but also in NGOs. It is well known that public institutions, especially in the developing world, are reluctant to have their performance evaluated, especially by third parties. This also applies to the nongovernmental sector. While the public sector is accountable to the voters, and the private sector to the shareholders, NGOs in many cases are not accountable even to their constituency.

The international community is increasingly demanding that decisions are made in transparent processes, where the performance of all parties, including governments, private‐sector organizations, and NGOs, is publicly evaluated. It is increasingly expected that there will be opportunities to voice concerns, that these will be honestly considered, and that this will result in improved quality of life.

Public participation can take many forms. While it may be pursued to obtain support and avoid mistrust, confrontation, or potential disputes, processes are not always transparent, and this can compromise the perceived legitimacy of governance in policy development. In the end, evolutionary processes of institution building are defined in new forms of consultation, decision‐making, implementation, and correction that can become permanent with time.

The mounting economic, social, and environmental challenges the world is facing and has to resolve require growing multi‐stakeholder participation and collaboration. No single group, be it the government, the private sector, NGOs, academia, or philanthropy, is equipped to address these interdependent issues on its own. Institutional competence thus relies on increasing collaboration, and the NGO sector is far from having the ability, or the credibility, to represent civil society as a whole in decision‐making processes for policy development. This requires more willingness for collaboration.

At present, globally, interest groups and civil society in general have the possibility of voicing their concerns and interacting through partnerships that go beyond national boundaries with the use of the Internet. The emergence of social media has revolutionized the ‘who’, ‘how’, and ‘where’ of the discussions. This has substantially increased the number and type of actors, although not all discussions are necessarily rich in content. Even if virtual stakeholders do not always assume responsibility or accountability for their roles, they are often able to give thrust on specific issues that are of interest to them, on which they may have limited knowledge or even information. Inclusive dialogues have thus become a necessity because of the multiplicity of actors that participate in decision‐making and that have gone well beyond the NGO sector. The challenge is how to include multiple and often conflicting or competing interests in the overall policy framework. The value of inclusive dialogues is that decision‐making has shifted from being primarily in the hands of governments to include multiple stakeholders and views (Tortajada 2014).

Lenihan (2009) argues that for the public to recognize that it has a critical role to play in policy‐making and accept this as a responsibility, a new generation of public processes is needed, which reflect the views of all involved. This equally applies to NGOs and makes it necessary that all parties understand the need for public engagement processes, how they work, and the issues, challenges, and opportunities they pose for governmental and nongovernmental actors. Rethinking public policy processes and the roles different stakeholders play is of fundamental importance to make sure that their involvement is relevant in practical terms.

The problem in public policy is not that there is a lack of ideas or proposals for change coming from the various stakeholders, including NGOs. Instead, many times, efforts are wasted because they are manipulated. In any of these cases, and for practically all stakeholders, effecting change may be difficult because it may be inherently against the interests of individuals and interest groups. The most influential groups tend to be reluctant to change because this threatens the status quo from which they benefit. Such groups include not only governments and private‐sector groups but also NGOs that can be too self‐interested to arrive at collaborative solutions. Like governments and public bodies, NGOs also prioritize their own interests over the common or societal good. As a result, engaging them in dialogue is often carried out with reluctance because their participation many times results in conflicts and delays rather than the formulation of effective and widely accepted solutions.

6 Final Thoughts

NGOs have contributed to policy‐making on critical issues. However, serious weaknesses have been exposed in the sector in terms of accountability, transparency, and ability to address equity concerns. These have resulted in a growing skepticism in the international community regarding their performance and have shifted the previously favourable global opinion of the NGO sector to a more critical one that questions even their legitimacy. Rather than a ‘choice and voice’ for the people, NGOs are now often regarded as primarily supportive of themselves and their agenda, along with that of their donors in many occasions. In the end, they seem to be no more than groups of individuals organized for multiple reasons that include human aspirations and self‐interests that prevail over the search for the common good. While they remain key players in the development arena globally, they have lost the favourable view once held uncritically by the international community.

It is acknowledged that a large number of NGOs in the developing world are limited in the contributions they can make as they follow the agendas of the donors they work with and the donors they work for. This can be because they do not have the technical skills to analyze the effectiveness of their programs with respect to intended developmental outcomes, or they do not have the financial independence to pursue their own developmental agenda, or perhaps they are just keen to continue receiving funds. Donors’ wisdom has been challenged numerous times for innumerable reasons, but this is not a topic for discussion in this article.

Conventional wisdom suggests that the negative perceptions of the NGO sector will force it to take notice of the accountability and transparency gaps that have often characterized their operations and that this will open the doors for a comprehensive shift toward more transparent and accountable decision‐making and policy development processes. On the other hand, there is also the distinct possibility that NGOs will decide to remain as they are, taking advantage of short‐term benefits and eventually losing the significant role they have had in widening and expanding the scope of public debate at the global level. If so, the sector will eventually lose its influence on public policy and service delivery, becoming but one more actor unable to engage in transparent public policy for the common good.

For years, governments and private‐sector groups, mostly international, have had to justify their decisions and policy choices to a growing number of critical NGOs who claimed to represent the interests of the poor and marginalized, the environment, or gender equality. From their side, NGOs have not had to justify their decisions to anyone. Because the end objective in society should be the common good, it is time for all parties to improve their accountability and transparency, creating the space for norms and developing standards where there have been few. The pressure from NGOs has been so influential that it has resulted in more accountability and transparency in government and private‐sector actors, although not necessarily in the NGOs themselves yet. This should be the next step.


March 16, 2015 

kissinger obama new world order

A few days ago, loyal FOTM reader and commenter Jan Neeley wrote a comment that is, at once, intriguing and alarming:

Related image
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In 2011 I was on youtube going thru videos of 9/11 and other questionable events. To make this short, I found a video which was about 1-2 hours long and Henry Kissinger was talking to a man name unknown – Kissinger said to this man “we are grooming a young man to be president one day his name is Barack Obama”. This was said during the 1980 convention…. My mouth fell wide open. This would have made Obie about 19-20 years old. Kissinger was wearing a mustard yellow v neck sweater with shirt and tie. Common dress for the 1980’s. I saved the video to my youtube and I saved it as well to my videos on my computer. It is gone. No where to be found. Everything is planned. It is all evil….

I scoured the Internet for the Kissinger video referred to by Jan Neeley, but to no avail. The only real link that popped up was to Neeley’s comment on FOTM.

But it must be said that Neeley’s comment is consistent with what U.S. physicist Tom Fife said.

Tom Fife is an American businessman and physicist. During the 2008 presidential campaign, Fife, then a U.S. government contractor, wrote an essay claiming that in 1992 while he was visiting Moscow, a woman with undying allegiance to Soviet Communism (the Soviet Union had recently collapsed, on December 31, 1991) told him that a black man named Barack, born of a white American woman and an African male, was being groomed by communists to be, and would be elected, President of the United States.

The Russian woman also said that Barack is himself “a Soviet,” that is, a communist. She also said Barack was from Hawaii, educated in “Ivy League” schools, had been to New York, and was presently in Chicago.

Three years after Fife’s encounter with the woman in Moscow, in 1995, Barack Obama was chosen by Alice Palmer to succeed her in the Illinois State Senate. Palmer was an admirer of the Soviet Union and had attended the 27th Communist Party Congress in the Soviet Union. Palmer announced that Obama was her chosen successor in the Chicago home of Bill Ayers, a self-described communist and former terrorist of the Marxist Weather Underground.

See “U.S. physicist Tom Fife: Obama was groomed to be president by Soviet Communists

Neeley’s comment is also consistent with what Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan said on March 20, 2010 at a black conference in Chicago.
Image result for Louis Farrakhan
Louis Farrakhan leads a chant in Iran. Photo Credit

Referring to “our brother” Barack Hussein Obama, Farrakhan questioned how a “junior senator” who hadn’t gotten his “foot on the ground” could have the audacity to think he could be President. Farrakhan then declared that Obama “was selected before he was elected” by certain “kingmakers” who were “political scheming” “in back rooms,” and that Obama’s early primary victory in Iowa was “financed largely by Goldman Sachs.”

Although I couldn’t find the 1980 video of Kissinger referenced by Jan Neeley, I did find this, a video uploaded to YouTube on Jan. 6, 2009 — 14 days before Barack Obama was inaugurated President.

The video is of a CNBC interview with Kissinger on the floor of Wall Street, mainly about the Gaza conflict.

Beginning at the 2:01 mark, the female reporter asked Kissinger if Gaza or another place would be the country or conflict or place that would define the [incoming] Obama administration. Kissinger replied with a very telling comment:

“The [Obama] administration is coming in at the moment when there is a lot of upheaval in many parts of the world simultaneously — near Pakistan, you have the Intifida movement. So we can’t really say that there is one conflict that is the most important one. But he [Obama] can give due impetus to American foreign policy partly because the reception of him is so extraordinary around the world. I think his task will be to develop an overall strategy for America in this period when really a New World Order can be created. It’s a great opportunity. It is in fact a crisis.”

The male reporter then asks: “Are you confident about the people whom president-elect Obama has chosen to surround him because he does not have a great deal of experience.”

Kissinger replies: “He has appointed an extraordinarily able group in both the international and financial field.”

Of course, Kissinger proves to be very mistaken in that last observation, as Obama has made a shamble of U.S. foreign policy and of the economy.

Henry Kissinger was National Security Advisor (1969-1975), then concurrently Secretary of State (1973-1977) in the Nixon and Ford administrations, after which he ran his lucrative international consulting firm, Kissinger Associates. Kissinger is a known member of all the secretive elitist groups, including the Bilderberg Group, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Aspen Institute, and the occultic owl-god worshiping Bohemian Club. In 2008, Kissinger donated $20,000 to the Bilderberg to fund the group’s annual meeting. (See “Powerful Bilderberg Group’s Tax Returns”)

Then Secretary-of-State Henry Kissinger is quoted in the bestseller exposé of the U.S. betrayal of American POWs in Vietnam, Kiss the Boys Goodbye, as saying,“Military men are just dumb stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.”

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Dr. Eowyn’s post first appeared at Fellowship of the Minds.

BARACH OBAMA was given the task of disarming the American public (gun confiscation),  creating public opinion that is favorable to Agenda 21, raising the necessary funds to make Agenda 21 a reality, and surrendering the rights of Americans to the UN.   Well, he accomplished one of those with Executive Order 12425, he certainly did a lot to accomplish the second, but he failed the first and primary objective. 

Four global-scale events to watch carefully, as they could rock your world and change the course of everything

  • (Natural News) This post is a summary of four things you need to be watching very carefully because of how they may impact your world. To stay up to speed on these events, you need to be watching these news aggregation websites:
  • – The new replacement for Drudge, whose updates are slow and tend to push traffic to left-wing media sites. Whatfinger is updated very rapidly and encompasses independent media news sites that report the real news.
  • – This site aggregates news headlines in real time from the most censored indy media news sites on the web. Check it at least once a day.
  • – Covering world events, the rise of Satanism and the attacks on liberty, this site features hand-picked news headlines from indy media sources that dare to tell the truth.

Here are the big events unfolding now:

#1) Risk of war with Iran is heating up

The U.S. is staging troops in the Middle East, in preparation for a possible shooting war with Iran. Thanks to the treasonous traitor Obama, Iran may already have nuclear weapons and appears poised to unleash them against Israel and U.S. military targets (such as bases, ships, etc.) throughout the Middle East.

Read this story to get informed: A Full Blown War With Iran Could Unleash Death And Destruction All Across America Unlike Anything Ever Seen Before.

War with Iran is so likely that at least one major airline has now suspended flights to Egypt for the next 7 days, just to avoid flying over a possible nuclear war zone.

If war with Iran is initiated, you will see: 1) HUGE spikes in oil prices and fuel costs. 2) RECORD spikes in the price of gold. 3) PANIC across the world’s financial markets, which could pop the tech bubble we’re currently experiencing (which Millennials mistakenly think is the “normal” way markets function).

#2) China is heading toward a real estate bubble collapse and economic implosion

Trump’s decisive move to level punishing tariffs on Chinese-made goods is doing exactly what it was intended to do: Implode China’s exports, cash flow and manufacturing base. If it goes on long enough, it could cause a cascading collapse of China’s bubble real estate markets (complete with entire “ghost cities” of uninhabited high-rise apartment buildings) and even lead to mass social unrest that could topple China’s communist regime.

Events in Hong Kong are already heating up, as even Chinese people realize they no longer want to live as slaves under an authoritarian regime run by control freak communists. Trump is smart, and he realizes that China has declared war on America, infiltrating Hollywood, real estate, Big Tech, politics and educational institutions. It’s time to fight for America and defeat all commies, including the commie California radical leftist America haters.

Trump is the only President to stand up to China’s bullying, currency manipulations, intellectual property theft and rampant dishonesty on trade issues. China’s long-term hope is to occupy the West Coast of California and invade / overthrow the United States of America, turning it into a “commie utopia.” Google, Facebook, Twitter and other tech giants are now openly conspiring with Red China while committing treason against the United States. Trump may soon invoke the Insurrection Act and send military police to take down the tech giants for their open collusion with communist China.

The techno-fascists must be stopped before they turn America into another communist wasteland of authoritarianism, censorship and “social scoring” surveillance, which is already being rolled out to spy on infants in California.

#3) Jeffrey Epstein’s black book list of names will expose the global pedophile / human trafficking rings of the politically connected elite

You are probably aware that Jeffrey Epstein is a child-molesting pervert who trafficked young boys and girls to “feed” them to pedo-predators like Bill Clinton. Using hidden video cameras and weird, cult-like sex rituals involving underage children, Epstein ensnared hundreds of wealthy elitists, world leaders, top-level bureaucrats and tech-industry pioneers. He then blackmailed them all to pay him money and do his bidding, while threatening to release surreptitious video records that show them molesting little boys and girls.

Epstein’s little black book is about to be made public, according to multiple media sources. Once these names drop, you’re going to see a who’s who list of the world’s politically connected elite, many of whom sexually molested little boys and girls while decrying Trump for merely saying “grab ’em by the pu@@y.” Far beyond just saying it, people like Bill Clinton pounded ’em by the pu@@y even when the girls were only 14 or 15 years old. The left-wing media is going to great lengths to avoid mentioning Bill Clinton in all this, of course, once again covering up the sex crimes of another prominent Democrat.

All this also proves that the Pi@@agate conspiracy was likely true all along, by the way. Which is why the media so desperately sought to cover it up and demonize anyone who reported on it.

As a side note, the truth about Epstein just barely scratches the surface of what’s really happening out there. Autistic children are now being kidnapped by the state, then human trafficked in order to “disappear” any evidence of vaccine damage. The Democrat party is practically synonymous with child trafficking and the sex abuse of children, which is why it’s so pathetic when they claim to be fighting for children who are “held in cages” at the border. The real children being held in cages are the ones rotting away in the deep, dark dungeons constructed underneath Jeffrey Epstein’s “sex cult temple” on Orgy Island.