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The saying “at sixes and sevens” has been around for a long time.  You don’t hear it much in this “MODERN” age.  But, it does pop up now and then.  The phrase means a state of confusion, disorder/CHAOS!  That certainly is an appropriate phrase for the world we find ourselves in today!  The whole world is upside down! Topsy Turvey!

The COVID NIGHTMARE was dreamed up by the Ruling Elite.  It is the tool they designed to resolve all the issues that had with RESISTANCE to the New World Order.  They mistakenly believe that they can make us all willingly comply with their every demand.  They do know the main holdouts will be those who KNOW GOD!  Led by the Holy Spirit they cannot be deceived.  The HOLY SPIRIT leads us to ALL TRUTH.  In a world that is dominated by DECEPTION, that is a gift one cannot be without. Sixes and Sevens

This post is about the COVID Mandates and how they are being employed to scare people into submission or detroy them by cutting them off from all means of support and supply.


What’s the meaning of the phrase ‘At sixes and sevens’?

To be at sixes and sevens is to be at a state of confusion and disorder (As in CHAOS), or of disagreement between parties.


What’s the origin of the phrase ‘At sixes and sevens’?

The derivation of this phrase is rather difficult to trace, not least because it has changed in both form and meaning over the nine centuries or so that it has been in use. The phrase was originally ‘to set on six and seven’ and is thought to have derived in the 14th century from the game of dice. The meaning then was ‘to carelessly risk one’s entire fortune‘. The earliest citation in print is Chaucer’s Troilus and Criseyde, 1374:

“Lat nat this wrechched wo thyn herte gnawe, But manly set the world on sexe and seuene.”


‘Six and seven’ is probably a corruption of ‘cinque and six’, French for the numerals five and six. Some may feel that this is a step too far, and the theory does set the folk-etymology antennae twitching. The OED supports the idea though, which will be good enough authority for most people.

If things had stayed that way the origin of the phrase would be fairly cut and dried and there would be little more to say. As we know though, it is now given as ‘at sixes and sevens’, having mutated via ‘at six and seven’, and the current meaning refers to a state of confusion, disorder or disagreement, not one of risk.

There’s no question of these different versions arising independently; the movement from one to another was gradual and they overlap each other in time. The first appearance in print of ‘at six and seven’ is in 1535 and the last citation of ‘on six and seven’ in 1601. The first appearance of ‘at sixes and sevens’ was in 1670, in Leti’s Il cardinalismo di Santa Chiesa, translated or, as the subtitle of the work helpfully notes, ‘faithfully Englished’ by G. H., 1670:

They leave things at sixes and sevens.”

There are two other stories that contend for the honour of being the source of this phrase (or one of the versions of it at least). One is the biblical text – Job 5:19 (King James Version):

“He shall deliver thee in six troubles: yea, in seven there shall no evil touch thee.”

Other than being old and including the numbers six and seven, this doesn’t seem to make a very strong claim. Chaucer would though have been familiar with earlier versions of this Bible story in Latin.

At sixes and sevens

The other is an appealing tale. The medieval Livery Companies that were established in London include The Worshipful Company of Merchant Taylors (Tailors) and The Worshipful Company of Skinners (Fur Traders). The precedence of the companies was set in 1515, but these two companies disputed their positions and a compromise was agreed by which they exchange sixth and seventh place each year, at Easter.  (Sounds to me like these two companies are Masonic and the exchange or changing of places on “Easter” definitely has a spiritual significance.  Notice the animals on top of each of the crests shown above.)

Given that the Chaucer quotation is earlier, the Livery Company story can’t be the source of ‘set on six and seven’. It is quite possible though that, having the existing phrase, the coincidence of the dispute being between the sixth and seventh places caused the migration in meaning. If that is in fact what happened then it could be argued that this is how the present day phrase originated.



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A healthcare worker administers a shot of the Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine to a woman at a pop-up vaccination site operated by SOMOS Community Care during the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic in Manhattan in New York City, New York, U.S., January 29, 2021. REUTERS/Mike Segar A nurse prepares a Pfizer BioNTech coronavirus disease (COVID-19) vaccination as part of a vaccine drive by the Fernandeno Tataviam Band of Mission Indians in Arleta, Los Angeles, California, U.S., August 23, 2021. REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson

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Sept 22 (Reuters) – The Biden administration announced on Sept. 9 (or 9/9) steps that will require tens of millions of Americans who have declined COVID-19 vaccines to get a shot as infection rates remain elevated, straining hospitals and weighing on economic growth.

Already, universities, local governments and businesses have mandated vaccinates for employees and students, which has prompted lawsuits.

Below are some key cases.

1) Employees fighting mandates and termination

Many large U.S. employers have announced mandates, including Walmart Inc (WMT.N), Google’s parent company Alphabet Inc (GOOGL.O) and the federal government. read more

Legal experts have said requiring vaccines is one way an employer can meet its duty to reduce workplace hazards such as COVID-19.

The cases against private businesses generally allege that mandates violate the right to bodily integrity under the 14th Amendment of the Constitution.

So far, the lawsuits have failed to gain traction.

A federal judge in Houston on June 12  (or 6/12 or 6 + 6 + 6  or 666) ruled in favor of Houston Methodist Hospital and dismissed a case by 117 workers who alleged the hospital was violating Texas’s wrongful termination law by linking their job to a COVID-19 shot. The judge determined the mandate did not violate public policy or amount to coercionread more

2) Challenges to mandates for students and teachers

More than 500 colleges and universities have imposed vaccine requirements and many have been challenged in court, sometimes for denying student requests to refuse the vaccine on religious grounds.

In the most detailed ruling, a federal judge said Indiana University acted reasonably to protect public health by requiring vaccines, or masking and testing, and declined to issue an injunction blocking the requirements. The judge said students could choose to attend a different school or postpone their education if they did not want to take a vaccine. read more

Federal courts in similar cases have sided with the University of Massachusetts and University of Connecticut.

3) Lawsuits over state vaccine requirements

At least 24 (or 6X4 or 6666) states have directed some healthcare workers to get COVID-19 vaccines, sparking legal challenges.

Local governments ranging from Los Angeles to North Charleston, South Carolina, also have been sued over vaccines requirements imposed on their employees. New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio was sued over a requirement that customers prove they have had a COVID-19 shot before entering restaurants, theaters and gyms.

There have only been preliminary rulings, as many cases were filed in recent weeks.

A federal judge in Albany temporarily ordered New York state officials to allow religious exemptions for a state-imposed vaccine mandate on healthcare workers, which begins to take effect on Sept. 27 (or 9 7 7) .

Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd (NCLH.N) convinced a federal judge in Miami on Aug. 8 (or 88) to prevent Florida officials from enforcing a state ban on “vaccine passports.” The ruling allowed the cruise line to require passengers boarding its ships in Florida to prove they had been vaccinated, without fear the company would be fined by state officials. read more

Reporting by Tom Hals

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JEN Psaki is a very well connected member of the elite and an Obama agent.   She thinks she is so clever and the queen of One-Liners.  She is EVIL!  
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Adam Andrzejewski


President Joe Biden didn’t just announce a Covid-19 vaccine mandate on companies employing 100 or more people, he plans to enforce it.

On Saturday, Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s House quietly tucked an enforcement mechanism into their $3.5 trillion “reconciliation” bill, passed it out of the Budget Committee, and sent it to the House floor.

Buried on page 168 of the House Democrats’ 2,465-page mega bill is a tenfold increase in fines for employers that “willfully,” “repeatedly,” or even seriously violate a section of labor law that deals with hazards, death, or serious physical harm to their employees.

The increased fines on employers could run as high as $70,000 for serious infractions, and $700,000 for willful or repeated violations—almost three-quarters of a million dollars for each fine. If enacted into law, vax enforcement could bankrupt non-compliant companies even more quickly than the $14,000 (or 14, or 2 x 7 or 77) OSHA fine anticipated under Biden’s announced mandate.

The Biden Administration has already started implementing its vaccine mandate enforcement blueprint:

  • The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) set precedent this summer and published an emergency Covid-19 rule in the Federal Register taking jurisdiction over and providing justification for Covid-19 being a workplace hazard for healthcare employment.
  • Early in September, Biden announced his 100-or-more employee Covid-19 vaccine mandate and tasked OSHA with drafting an enforcement rule to exert emergency vaccine compliance authority over companies with 100 or more employees.
  • The legislative provision that passed the Budget Committee raises the OSHA fines for non-compliance 10 times higher – and up to $700,000 for each “willful” or “repeated” violation. Speaker Nancy Pelosi has not announced when the House will vote on the reconciliation bill that includes the new OSHA fines.
  • If the legislation is enacted, OSHA could levy draconian fines to enforce Biden’s vaccine mandate, a move that could rapidly bankrupt non-compliant companies. The Biden mandate affects employers collectively employing an estimated 80 million workers.


The Democrats are playing hardball.

President Biden embraced an aggressive stance earlier this month when he challenged Republicans who are threatening lawsuits over what they decry as his federal overreach: “Have at it. … We’re playing for real here. This isn’t a game.”

The Legislation

The provision tucked in the House reconciliation budget bill (on page 168) that increases OSHA fines reads:


(a) OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY AND HEALTH ACT OF 1970.—Section 17 of the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 (29 U.S.C. 666) is amended—

(1) in subsection (a)—

(A) by striking ‘‘$70,000’’ and inserting ‘‘$700,000’’; and

(B) by striking ‘‘$5,000’’ and inserting ‘‘$50,000’’;

(2) in subsection (b), by striking ‘‘$7,000’’ and inserting ‘‘$70,000’’; and

(3) in subsection (d), by striking ‘‘$7,000’’ and inserting ‘‘$70,000’’

That provision would change existing law relating to OSHA’s enforcement fines, the very same section of law whose fines OSHA referenced in its June Covid-19 healthcare worker rule and is likely to use again to enforce its forthcoming vaccine compliance rules.

The Existing Law

29 U.S.C.§ 666 lays out OSHA enforcement fine levels. The 1970-enacted law reads:

29 U.S. Code § 666 – Civil and criminal penalties

(a) Willful or repeated violation Any employer who willfully or repeatedly violates the requirements of section 654 of this title, any standard, rule, or order promulgated pursuant to section 655 of this title, or regulations prescribed pursuant to this chapter may be assessed a civil penalty of not more than $70,000 for each violation, but not less than $5,000 for each willful violation

(b) Citation for serious violation Any employer who has received a citation for a serious violation of the requirements of section 654 of this title, of any standard, rule, or order promulgated pursuant to section 655 of this title, or of any regulations prescribed pursuant to this chapter, shall be assessed a civil penalty of up to $7,000 for each such violation [emphasis added].

Each year, OSHA adjusts these penalties for inflation, so for 2021, the fines are not actually capped at $70,000 and $7,000, but $136,532 and $13,653 per violation. If House Democrats get their way, by enacting the page 168 changes, those fines would increase to $700,000 for willful and repeated violations and $70,000 for serious violations.

Section 654, cross-referenced in the OSHA enforcement penalty code, outlines the law requiring workplaces to be “free from recognized hazards” causing harm or death:

29 U.S. Code § 654 – Duties of employers and employees

(a) Each employer

(1) shall furnish to each of his employees employment and a place of employment which are free from recognized hazards that are causing or are likely to cause death or serious physical harm to his employees;

(2) shall comply with occupational safety and health standards promulgated under this chapter.

(b) Each employee shall comply with occupational safety and health standards and all rules, regulations, and orders issued pursuant to this chapter which are applicable to his own actions and conduct [emphasis added].

OSHA has already published a rule this year claiming Covid-19 is a workplace hazard, and the agency is using this provision of law to assert and enforce its authority. It is likely the new rule to enforce Biden’s mandate will also use this authority, and by extension use the fines upon enforcement.

Huge Crippling OSHA Fines, Likely By Design

The crippling change described on page 168 of the Democrats’ bill isn’t a typo or a clerical error. It was inserted by design and, likely, with the hope that no one would notice before Democrats ram the bill through Congress.

If enacted, it could bankrupt a whole host of companies that do not believe they should have to comply with the Biden administration’s mandate or harbor the cost of intrusive, weekly tests.

In its June 2021 emergency rule affecting health care workers, OSHA complained it was having a hard time motivating employers with its paltry $13,653 fine:

“OSHA has been limited in its ability to impose penalties high enough to motivate the very large employers who are unlikely to be deterred by penalty assessments of tens of thousands of dollars, but whose noncompliance can endanger thousands of workers …”

The Critics

Some have openly discussed businesses defying the mandate and taking their risks with OSHA fines. For example, Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) tweeted that businesses “should openly rebel” against any OSHA rule.

It’s one thing to defy a $14,000 fine. It’s quite another to risk incurring hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines. One or two disgruntled employees, for example, could bring an employer $70,000-$140,000 in OSHA fines. If considered “willful,” as per Rep. Roy’s tweet — just three “violations” could quickly become a $2.1 million OSHA fine.


If its provision becomes law, the Biden administration may force American businesses to choose between vaccinating their employees, testing them weekly for Covid-19, or going bankrupt under crippling OSHA fines.

In September, Biden warned the tens of millions of Americans who have declined vaccination against Covid-19, “We’ve been patient. But our patience is wearing thin, and your refusal has cost all of us.”

Now the Democrats in the House are hoping to make employers foot the bill for that “cost” in the form of fines and bankruptcy.

Republicans might want to read page 168 of the Democrats’ bill. After all, as we like to say at, the text of the bill is online in real time.

Additional Reading:

29 U.S. Code § 666 – Civil and criminal penalties.

29 U.S. Code § 654 – Duties of employers and employees, referenced in 29 U.S.C. § 666

How OSHA Can Conjure Biden’s Soft Vaccine Mandate: Explained” Sept. 14, 2021

“Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA): Emergency Temporary Standards (ETS) and COVID-19,” Congressional Research Services, Updated September 13, 2021,

OSHA, “Occupational Exposure to Covid-19; Emergency Temporary Standard,” 86 Federal Register 32376, June 21, 2021.

OSHA Penalties as of Jan. 15, 2021, U.S. Department of Labor (DOL)

OSHA Memo on Annual Penalty Adjustments, Department of Labor

Note: We reached out to the White House, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and OSHA for comment.

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Tim, Ian, and Lydia join YouTuber and commentator Joey Salads to scrutinize how, exactly, President Biden intends to ram through his hugely unconstitutional mandate for Covid vaccinations for workers.

Guest: Joey Saladino @Joey Saladino Show (YouTube)

Hosts: Tim @Timcast (everywhere) Ian @IanCrossland (everywhere)Lydia @SourPatchLyds (Twitter, Minds), @RealSourPatchLyds (Gab, Instagram)

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This next video is the one that got me started on this post.  DON’T MISS IT!

Biden Admin introduces Section 17 of Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 U.S.C. 666 amended to “strike” (fine) companies with $70,000 to $700,000 fines that would result in BANKRUPTING America. A must hear report! Need a letter of religious exemption? Email me: I will respond with 24-48 hours of request. Please check spam folder. Visit me at: Donate to show your support for this church report and our ministry here:



Subtitle: Once you understand how Satanists of all stripes literally worship Numbers, you will more clearly understand key facts of early American history, and why certain events have occurred during the 20th Century.  A most fascinating understanding of the occult mind!

The New World Order is coming! Are you ready? Once you understand what this New World Order really is, and how it is being gradually implemented, you will be able to see it progressing in your daily news!!

Learn how to protect yourself, your loved ones!

Stand by for insights so startling you will never look at the news the same way again.  YOU ARE NOW ON

“…Calculate the number of the beast, for it is a human number — the number of a certain man; his number is 666.” (Revelation 14:18b). Today, we will be following Jesus’ commands in this passage, as we see how trained occultists calculate their numbers. Before we get started, you may want to get a pen and piece of paper to write down these facts and figures. Throughout this study, write down months as literal numbers. April should be calculated as 4, for example.

We will be utilizing three occult books in this study: W. Westcott, The Occult Power Of Numbers; Elizabeth Van Buren, The Secret Of The Illuminati; and Frederick Goodman, Magic Symbols.

In August, 1990 (or 8199) , President George Bush condemned the invasion of Kuwait by Iraq. He solemnly declared, “this invasion threatens the New World Order“. This revelation was shocking because this term had been such a closely-held secret since 1776. We can only conclude that the Plan to bring about the New World Order must be close to fulfillment for its leaders to begin publicly announcing it. At this point in August, 1990 (or 8199), the world stood at the threshold of the door to the New World Order. How soon will the world actually walk through the New World Order door? To understand this critical question, we must understand how the occultist believes and thinks as it relates to the actual implementation of a Plan. Whenever an occultist contemplates an action, he will go to great lengths to determine the most propitious or advantageous time. He will consult the astrologer, Tarot cards, and various forms of divination. He literally believes the success or failure of a Plan lies as much in the correct timing as it does in any other factor. This process is called “divination”. An occultist becomes fairly predictable once you understand his thinking patterns and belief structure.

This is one of our goals today, to understand how an occultist thinks when he is contemplating any particular action. We will then discuss the occult original goals which the Masters of the Illuminati and our forefathers shared for the United States of America. Let us begin with the divination beliefs of occultists.

Divination is defined by Webster’s New World Dictionary as “the practice of trying to foretell the future or the unknown by occult means.” As we said earlier, no occultist will attempt any major action without first determining the most auspicious time in which to carry out this action. This effort to determine the correct time for an action is carried out to precise days and times. A good example is the suicide of Adolf Hitler. Hitler chose the date, April 30 (or 430), 1945, because it was the first day of the Pagan Spring Holy Days. He chose 3:30p.m. because, according to occult doctrine, this combination of three‘s presented to him the most favorable time to depart this life and reenter the reincarnation cycle. Note the triple 3′s that are present here, April 30 as the first three, 3 o‘clock in the afternoon as the second three, and 30 minutes past the hour as the final three. Hitler was engaging in typical occult behavior by arranging the timing of his death in a very precise, numeric manner.

Why do occultists do this? All occultists worship nature and parts of nature, rather than the Creator Himself. The Apostle Paul stated this truth in Romans 1:25. Occultists not only worship the created being, they worship the gods of forces, in direct fulfillment of the prophecy in Daniel 11:38. Thus, occultists worship scientific knowledge, especially mathematics. They believe certain numbers possess magical powers; even more power can be released when these sacred numbers are used in certain combinations. One occult writer, Westcott, stated, “Numbers are a key to the ancient views of cosmogony (the universe)…spiritually as well as physically…all systems of religious mysticism are based upon numbers“. (p, 15). Further, occultists believe that “in Number lay secreted the key to the universe.” (Van Buren, p. 42). Numbers are literally worshipped.

Let us begin with a quick study of the six numbers which occultists deem to be sacred, possessing great power individually and even greater power when used in combination. This belief in combining numbers involves two exercises. First, occultists will create new sacred numbers by multiplying or adding basic sacred numbers. Secondly, occultists will simply group sacred numbers together to create a new set of powerful numbers.

All this activity fulfills two purposes. First, great power is supposedly released when an occultist utilizes the correct sacred numbers in carrying out his planned action. Secondly, when a new number is created by either multiplication, addition, or simply by grouping sacred numbers, this new number becomes an occult symbol, which informs the initiated occultist as to what is happening, while simultaneously hiding it from the uninitiated.

1. Three (3) is the first sacred number, the first perfect number (Westcott, p. 41). Three represents the Pagan Trinity.” (Westcott, p. 37). It is represented geometrically in the triangle, and spiritually as the Third Eye Of Hinduism. Occultists will multiply and add three to other sacred numbers to create new numbers. However, they also group threes in two’s and threes, because they believe in the principle of “intensification“, i.e., that greater power is achieved when a sacred number is grouped. In the case of three, greater intensification is achieved when it is shown as 33, or 333. When Hitler committed suicide, he arranged the timing details so as to create a triple three (333). Can you see how 333 formed the framework for this momentous occasion? Of course, 333 + 333 equals 666. Occultists have used 333 as the hidden symbol by which they present the more offensive number 666. When the details of an event are so arranged as to contain certain sacred occult numbers or numeric combinations, this is literally an occult signature on the event. Only occultists will recognize this signature.

Finally, threes are arranged so as to represent 666 when they are shown in pairs. Mathematically, 666 can be created when three pairs of threes are added. Thus, (3+3) + (3+3) + (3+3) = 666. Now, eliminate the parentheses and the plus sign, and you have 33 space, 33 space, 33, representing the number 666. Remember this fact, for it will assume gigantic proportions in a few minutes.

2. Six (6) is the next sacred number, representing the number of the soul of man (Westcott, p. 66). This shows the omnipotent power of God, as this belief parallels Revelation 13:18, where God assigns 666 to man and to the ultimate sinful man, the beast. Six is also believed to be “all-sufficient”. This parallels Biblical teaching, which states that man’s great sin is pride in himself.

If six individually is considered powerful, then so is grouping it together as 66 or 666. However, occultists also take 666 and multiply the three numbers, achieving the number 216. Westcott explains, “according to the Pythagoreans, after a period of 216 years…all things are regenerated”, including man. Each person’s soul would be regenerated, or reborn precisely 216 years after his death. Remember this figure, because occultists assign many of the same characteristics to nations which they hold for individuals.  (we know that reincarnation is a lie.  It is appointed to man ONCE to DIE)

3. Seven (7) is a sacred number. Van Buren calls 7 one of the most sacred of all the numbers…the Invisible Centre, the Spirit of everything“. (p. 39) It is believed that 7 literally governs all aspects of the universe, from man’s own body, to the bodies of the universe, and to spiritual matters. Since multiplication of seven creates an even more powerful sacred number, we should not be surprised that 3×7, or 21, is considered a most powerful number.

Thus, when Adam Weishaupt formed the Masters of the Illuminati, he arranged the timing of the event by arranging the numbers in a manner which would add to powerful numbers. He chose May 1, because May, month #5, added to the first day, equals 6. Weishaupt chose 1776, because the four numbers of this year add up to 21 (1+7+7+6 = 21). Further, the number 6 + 21 = 27, another number of power, because it is formed by the multiplication of 3×9. This date was very carefully chosen by Weishaupt; he believed the greatest Plan is doomed to failure if it is not carried out in the most numerically-advantageous time.

4. Nine (9) is sacred because it is the “first cube of an odd number (3)”, (Van Buren, p.40-41). Nine also contains many unique mathematical properties, but time does not allow us to examine them.

Spiritually, nine is the number of “death to the self in order to be reborn in Spirit” (p. 41). This is the Satanic counterfeit to being “born-again”.

Finally, the triple nine (999) is utilized to represent 666, because it is simply the inversion of 666.

5. Eleven (11) is a sacred number, even though it represents “…all that is sinful, harmful, and imperfect (Wescott, p. 100). When eleven is multiplied by the perfect number 3, the number 33 is produced, a number of tremendous occult importance. In 1933, Adolf Hitler and President Franklin Roosevelt came to power. Both these men were committed to the establishment of the New World Order, and their actions impacted humanity greatly. It was also in 1933 that the First Humanist Manifesto was issued. Do you see how Satan manipulated world history to produce three New World Order events in 1933? Thus, a powerful 333 served as a framework for world events in that year.

6. Thirteen (13) is deemed sacred because it is formed from the addition of 6 (man’s soul number) and 7 (one of the perfect numbers). However, 13 is the number which God has assigned to Satan. I mentioned earlier that the Holy Days in the Pagan Spring calendar are April 30 and May 1. Now add the numbers which comprise these dates (4+3=7; 5+1=6; when you add 7 and 6 you get 13, Satan’s number).

It was also no accident that Hitler chose the year 1939 to begin World War II, because 39 is formed by the multiplication of 13×3. Thus, you can see how human history has been shaped by the occult belief in the power of numbers. There are so many examples that it would take a seminar setting to explore them in depth. However, I do want to examine the effect upon history that the belief in the power of 21 has produced. I will list those years in the Twentieth Century in which the addition of the numbers equals 21, and we will see how history has been shaped.

  • 1929 — The Stock Market was deliberately collapsed, on Tuesday (the third day of the week), 10/24, producing some of the greatest societal changes in a very short time. The Great Depression certainly advanced the cause of the New World Order. Prior to the Depression, people had great faith in Private Business generally, and in their own private initiative specifically. They also wanted the least amount of Governmental interference possible. After the Depression, this attitude had changed dramatically. People distrusted Big Business, and were now looking to the Federal Government to solve their problems and to be the safety net to guard against calamity. Since the New World Order is planned to be the largest and most restrictive in the history of the world, this attitudinal change was critical.
  • 1938 — Hitler chose this year to begin his Holocaust against the Jews during a reign of terror which began on 11/9 and which was called Kristallnacht. Interestingly, November 9 adds up to 11. After 7 years of mass murder, 18 million people had died, including 6 million Jews. This 6 million represented two-thirds of the worldwide Jewry population. Jews also came under persecution in Italy and Austria; even England turned against the Jews, when she announced the postponement of any Palestinian partition, as provided under the Balfour Declaration.

This was also the year in which British Prime Minister Chamberlain appeased Hitler in Munich, setting the stage for World War II. Chamberlain announced he had achieved “Peace in our time”. (James Trager, The People’s Chronology, p.936) 

  • 1947 — Two great events occurred which mightily advanced the New World Order. President Truman announced the gigantic Marshall Plan to restore Europe and Japan. This plan is the first application of the New World Order concept of “Redistribution Of Assets”. Then, the General Agreement On Tariffs and Trade (GATT) was established. (Trager, The People’s Chronology, p. 998). Since then, agreements reached under GATT have set up the Global Economy as we now see it; yet, Americans have ignored GATT.
  • 1956 — Israel fought its second war for survival. United Nations troops landed in the Middle East to settle the Arab-Israeli war. This was the second time the UN had resorted to force to settle a conflict, thus further establishing the precedent that a nation’s sovereignty may be violated by the UN. (Trager)
  • 1965 — President Lyndon Johnson committed America to full-scale war in Vietnam. This action began the greatest change in American society in history, as we detail in our seminar. The Vietnam war greatly advanced the cause of the New World Order. President Johnson also announced his “Great Society” program, which began to pump billions of dollars into welfare programs. This program was the first domestic application of the planned “Redistribution of Assets”.
  • 1974 — Another gigantic step to the New World Order occurred when the UN passed the “Charter Of Economic Rights And Duties”. This charter codified many of the planned economic and political changes which comprise the New World Order.
  • 1992 — On December 31, 1992, Western Europe was officially established, marking one of the most exciting fulfillment of ancient prophecy ever seen in modern history! You see, Western Europe was the first supernation established according to the New World Order Plan that envisioned the world being reorganized into precisely 10 super economic nations. This reorganization was completed in 1996, and fulfilled Daniel 2:41-43 and 7:7-8.

Applying this understanding to history, you can unravel one of the greatest historic mysteries on the 20th Century.  Historians have been puzzled as to why the Allies waited nearly several months to invade Normandy after all preparations had been completed.  They could have invaded Normandy earlier in the year, but waited until June 6, 1944 to invade, and then went ahead of the invasion even though the weather turned suddenly very bad, seemingly necessitating calling off the attack.  Stalin was screaming for the Allies to attack Normandy early, because he was losing many thousands of soldiers daily. 

Why did the Allies deliberately wait to attack?  Occult Numerics gives us the answer.

June is the 6th month of the year so it gives us a:     6

The attack was carried out on the 6th day:              6

The year, 1944, added together equals:         18      6+6+6

Thus, the entire invasion timing gives our occult American and British leaders two critically important sets of numbers, a 66 and a 666.  Occultists believe that ‘6‘ is the number of man, ‘66‘ is the number of man’s ultimate government, and that Mr. ‘666‘, Antichrist, will head up this perfect government.  World War II was one of the three planned World Wars occultists had been told that would be necessary to produce Antichrist [Read NEWS1056 for full details].

The Invasion of Normandy was THE key Allied blow that eventually brought Germany to her knees.  Its very timing told all occultists throughout the world that this invasion was being carried out in support of this effort to produce Antichrist.  Now, you know the rest of the story.   

We now need to go back into early American history, to study the occult plan for this country. Most occultists share the belief that a spiritually-advanced country named Atlantis existed about 12,000 years ago. This country’s citizens were called Aryans; they possessed advanced scientific knowledge and an advanced civilization. Their citizens also supposedly possessed magical powers. The Aryans were known as the Fifth Root Race at the time of Atlantis’ destruction. Occultists believe that a new Sixth Root Race is evolving and that a new Atlantis will be created. Pennick notes that this new Atlantis would be known as the New World Order. (p. 127)

To further this “inevitable” evolution, occult leaders in Europe and America in the late 1700‘s carried out the original Satanic plan conceived in the early 1590‘s between Queen Elizabeth I and Sir Francis Bacon, of establishing a New Atlantis in the Seventh Continent of North America. Van Buren states this goal most clearly on page 143 of her book, The Secret of the Illuminati, “There is a secret and immutable destiny planned for mankind, one not recognized by or dreamt of by the mass of humanity. The northern continent of America had been decreed to be the land of a democratic commonwealth of states … before Columbus ever sailed to its shores.” Occult American leaders Washington, Jefferson, Franklin, planned to establish America as a New Atlantis. They hid this plan very cleverly by creating a framework of occult numbers within the new symbols of the nation. Only fellow occultists recognized the truth.

  • The Declaration of Independence was issued once there were 13 states. The Flag could then be designed with 13 stars and stripes.
  • The Great Seal of the United States was created with many hidden thirteens:
  • The Pyramid is comprised of 13 layers of stones.
  • The words above and below the pyramid, plus the Roman Numerals on the first layer, contain 39 characters, which is formed by the multiplication of sacred numbers 3 and 13.
  • Likewise the Eagle contains hidden sacred thirteens: 13 leaves in the olive branches and 13 arrows.

Now let us examine the date of the Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1776. We have already shown how 1776 adds up to 21. But July 4 also comprises a sacred number. July is the Seventh month, which, when added to the Fourth day, equals 11.

As our Founding Forefathers planned for the creation of the New Atlantis, they decided to schedule the Declaration of Independence in relation to the first Pagan Spring High Holy Day, April 30. There are precisely 66 days between April 30 and July 4. The number 66 is a most important occult sacred number for two critical reasons:

  1. It is a double intensification of sacred number 6.
  2. It is formed by the multiplication of two sacred numbers, 6 and 11.

Sixty-six is important in God’s reckoning also. Christian author, E.W. Bullinger states in his book, Number In Scripture, that the number 66 relates to the statue of Nebuchadnezzar; this statue was 60 cubits high and 6 cubits broad (p. 285). God arranged this event in such a way that the number 66 formed its framework. Bullinger concludes that the two sixes are connected with man’s pride of “absolute dominion“. This meaning is a perfect match with the establishment of the New World Order; when it is established, it will represent man’s highest achievement in establishing absolute dominion over the earth. This statue is also a type of the final image of Anti-Christ, before which all people of the world will bow to worship, another perfect parallel to the plans of the New World Order.

The New Atlantis, the United States of America, was to be an enlightened representative democracy. America was to show the rest of the world the way to the ultimate New World Order. Let us allow Van Buren to describe the planned scenario for the New Atlantis. “The destiny of the United States was to be Atlantis… In all matters there are cycles of birth and decay; what was, will be again…”

Our Founding Fathers, lead by Washington, Jefferson, and Franklin, calculated that they should establish the United States of America precisely 66 days after the start of the Pagan holiday, April 30. Their vision was that America would become the New Atlantis and lead the rest of the world into the final form of government, the New World Order. This is why the Great Seal pyramid is unfinished; the system of Government they established was not the final form envisioned. But, for the purpose of this study, do you see how they planned the birth of America to be constructed on a framework of occult numbers? Every trained occultist in the world understands this hidden meaning, but the untrained would miss it altogether.

This brings us to this year in world history. Even though America was established as the New Atlantis, she was designed to last only for a specified period of time. To symbolize this terrible end plan for America, our occult Founding Fathers secretly chose the Phoenix Bird of Egyptian Satanic Mysteries as their national symbol. The Phoenix Bird lives for hundreds of years, and then deliberately kills itself; its body immediately catches fire and is burned to a heap of ashes. But, immediately, a new Phoenix Bird arises out of the ashes to live again. America was established in 1776, a year that produced a ‘21′, to begin her national life, at the conclusion of which she was to physically return to ashes. Out of these ashes the new Phoenix was to arise, producing the final form of government, the New World Order.

Listen to Van Buren as she describes this planned scenario, remembering that she wrote these words in 1982: “We have arrived at a time when many an American, as a New Atlantean, is receiving the call…The time is short! Build your Ark and take in it as seed for the future age all that is worthy of a New World!! Take the dream of a Brotherhood of Man with you, for it was your country which took the first steps toward this ideal…Do not fear this, for out of the ashes of the New Atlantis will rise, in many parts of the world, a people who are conscious of their Oneness with Atlantis and America. They will help to create a democracy of world states under one government which will rule worldwide with Love and Wisdom.” (p. 150).

These are sobering words, because Van Buren is predicting nothing less than the destruction of our system of government so that the New World Order could arise. Van Buren declares in this book, first published in 1982, that the time was near to go aboard the ark. Certainly, we have seen so many signs that the Plan to officially enter the New World Order is near. We have detailed many of these events on past programs, so we will not repeat ourselves here. Suffice it to say that the world is rushing to a One-World Government, Economy, and Religion as never before. Remember that our current leaders both Republican and Democrat, are equally committed to this New World Order; as such, their supreme allegiance is to the coming Kingdom of Antichrist, not to the United States of America. Do not be deceived on this point.

I believe the world stands at the crossroads.

Today, Israel stands at the precipice of her war with her Arab neighbors, a situation that seems like it will fulfill the Satanic vision of 1870, which foresaw the need to wage three World Wars to stage Antichrist. This demonic vision foresaw that the Third World War would start between Israel and her immediate Arab neighbors. Out of the dust, smoke and ashes of this world war, Antichrist would come striding.

Numerous New World Order authors have stated that the time period immediately preceding its actual implementation would contain the events found in Matthew 24:

  • Wars, rumors of wars (verse 6)
  • Famines and earthquakes in many places
  • Multiplied lawlessness (verse 12)
  • Society is planned to be wracked with great distress and disorder. Authors have written about international crises and internal panic. The intended effect is to so panic the peoples of the world that they will accept the new governmental system of the New World Order and the Anti-Christ as he makes his appearance.

Further, the New World Order Plan envisions such total global panic that the peoples of the world will be stampeded into accepting the loss of their democratic government, and their freedoms in exchange for a “promise” for a return to normalcy. New Age author Bill Cooper tells us what this total package of events will be like, in his book, “Behold A Pale Horse”.

“… a very short but very deadly global war using nuclear weapons upon select population concentrations was contemplated, and … was not ruled out … Can you imagine what will happen if Los Angeles is hit with a 9.0 quake, New York City is destroyed by a terrorist-planted atomic bomb, World War III breaks out in the Middle

East, the banks and the stock markets collapse, Extraterrestrials land on the White House lawn, food disappears from the markets, some people disappear, the Messiah presents himself to the world, and all in a very short period of time?” [P. 177]

THIS is the New World Order Plan, and its fulfillment has never seemed more likely, and more real. This moment in history seems the most logical time to try to usher in the New World Order. The only question is whether God will allow it to occur. We must be alert, cautious, and active for Jesus Christ, more now than ever before.


Here is some more information on the Occult practice of Numerology, but from the perspective of a Satanist.


Draconis Blackthorne’s Shadowmantium

By Draconis Blackthorne

TABLE OF THE BEAST666×1=666/6+6+6=18/1+8=9

nd they both keep on infinitely multiplying ; adding up to NINE. Satan’s number. The number of the EGO, as it keeps returning unto itself. As a study of “The Unknown Known” shows, Satanic Forces work in variables of Nine – Epochs & Ages. Keeping this in mind, also consider multiples of Nine in seconds, minutes, hours, Days, Months {as in Pregnancy, the genesis of Life}, Nine Years, etc.

Also consider that the 9th letter in the alphabet is I, again, representative of The Self.

Satan represents the flesh, carnal desire, all the considerations of the physical aspects of existence. Of material attainment. Satan is the body, with all its lusts, which houses the brain, the wellspring of creation. As Nine signifies Satan, consider this… there are NINE bio-systems in the body, which comprise your being! Indeed, the sinews of Satan moving your flesh! No wonder blindlighters attempt to thwart themselves! To be purely Natural is the epitome of strong life!

I. Skeletal.
II. Digestive.
III. Muscular.
IV. Lymphatic.
V. Endocrine.
VI. Nervous.
VII. Cardiovascular {Respiratory}.
VIII. Reproductive {male/female}.
IX. Urinary {renal}.


In the Qaballah, the number deliniated unto Satan as Promethius, is 2. Promethius is the Greek God who brought down the bliss of fire & light unto man. Lucifer’s equivalent. He is also equivalent to Azazel, as He also brought the knowledge of cosmetics, & unto Abaddon, with the weapons of war.

A comparison can also be made with the serpent of Eden, who, of course, offered man the “knowledge of ‘good & evil'”, & the promise that Adam & Eve would “be as gods”. Satan has always been man’s greatest companion. Although man has, since xianity, been a miserable ingrate {Refer to the 4th Satanic Statement}. Throughout all mythology, there has always been the manifestation of Satan in on form or another. He always offers divinity, “forbidden” {the “f-word” for Satanists} & occult knowledge, & liberation from the stagnant tyrannical gods who would prefer to keep mankind in ignorance & subjection. Lucifer is always there, offering earthly delights to those with the courage to accept.

2 signifies Baphomet’s horns thrust upwards in defiance, in bold rejection of servility. “God” skewered on the points.

The unity of the bestial; the civil in man, thus attaining the balance of the emotions the intellect. Love ; Lust, Love ; Hate, Darkness ; Light, Pain ; Pleasure, The Macrocosm ; The Microcosm {“As above, so below”}, fantasy ; reality —– all these in equilibrium, one complimenting the other.

Heptagram of SATANAS


The number 7 has been ascribed to jehovah. But this would be more of a state of being, a dimension, a plateu. Since Satan has reached a state of absoluteness, is as omnigod {that is to say, omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent in all that IS – all powerful, all mighty}, He has surely traversed that high level, now that jehovah wanes, as The Wheel of the Gods turn. Let 7 also be Satan’s number also, as representing said complete dominion. If you add 7; 2, you get 9 {see The Satanic Rituals, “The Unknown Known”, p. 219}

According to Aleister Crowley, 7 is “most evil number, whose number is impossible to attack”. He states that 9 is “most evil, because of its STABILITY.” And 2 as “vide supra”, or, “superior life” {source: “777 Other Qaballistic Writings Of Aleister Crowley” p.43}.


5 is The Pentagram , of course, “symbol of man’s WILL, of the evil 4 dominated by man’s spirit.” And that “evil 4” represents “the weapons of the ‘evil magicians'”, namely, Satanists & Black Magick ritual devices.

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Infernal Trinity by Kyle Whittaker

And what of the sinister 666? Well, it truly IS the number of the beast, as it coincides with 9. Add the three sixes together, you get 18. Add the one & the eight, you get 9! You will find, by adding each quotient unto itself, it will constantly be a derivative of 9 – Satan’s supreme number.

666 represents the beast within, Man the animal. The Satanimal unleashed. It also represents The Antichrist – the rebellious, liberating spirit of Satan-Lucifer. The rebel who brings liberty. The Satanic Warrior.

666 is the number representing all material existence. Six protons, six neutrons, six electrons that comprise matter.

The Infernal Trinity
The trademark declaration of self-divinity can be found in the words “I Am that I Am.” This statement can be found in ye olde testament as supposedly said by “God.”

Since Midieval times, grimoires of reverse-Christianity have described the existence of an “unholy” or “satanic trinity” consisting of “The Devil, The Anti-christ, & The Unholy Spirit“, often depicted as a triple-faced demon. Perhaps in the imaginings of judeo-christian mythology, but not as part of Satanism, which is a carnal, rational belief-system, not a spiritual pipe-dream.

While the moldy babble asserts a worship of “The Father, Son, & Holy Ghost“, Satanism asserts the worship of The Self as God absolute supreme.

Therefore, it makes perfect Satanic sense that an “Infernal Trinity” would be “Me, Myself, I“, as symbolized by Satan’s Pitchfork, accomadating “666” at each point, as significant of the number of man. The Self.

WWW = 666

“Coincidentally?”, the medium {the world-wide web} by which you are viewing this article, adds up to “666” by ‘Quabbalistic numerology’…

Therefore, as an experiment, it would be interesting to affix the “Number of the Beast” as part of a given URL, whether .com, .org, or .net – for instance, while coded <>, it should read when linked, to add an occultural momentum, while granting additional perspective and credit where it is due, to this iconoclastic [read: Satanic] technomancy. Those “in the know” will realize what is being stated.

However, to retain perspective, just remember to keep “The Unknown Known” chapter in The Satanic Rituals by Dr. LaVey in mind.

13 IS a Satanic number, in that it is associated with all things dark & mysterious, & inspires fear in the populace. It is considered an “unlucky number” by the masses, yet they do not know why. The dread of 13, or, “triskadictaphobia”, is so entrenched in culture, that laborious efforts have been made to avoid any association with it whatsoever. Floors of buildings are spared the curse of 13. The number is skipped altogether. But like it or not, that’s STILL the thirteenth floor!

The number 13 conjures up images of witches & black cats, & even death. It stimulates unexplained {unrealized} primal fears through subconscious saturation. The number thirteen represents the thirteen cycles of the moon, as deified by Hecate, Dark Goddess of Witchcraft & The Underworld. On the full moon, Hectite Witches would gather in the night in covens of thirteen, to work the Magic {the weakans of today attempt to replicate the ancient rites with their miserable little spells, but fail miserably in their neo-Amerind hippie-haze}.

By historic origins, the modern basis for the aura that surrounds Friday the 13th stems from Friday October the 13th, 1307. On this date, the Pope of the church in Rome in Conjunction with the King of France, carried out a secret death warrant against The Knights Templar. The Templars were terminated as heretics, never again to hold the power that they had held for so long. The Grand Master, Jacques DeMolay, was arrested and before he was killed, was tortured and crucified.

Friday The Thirteenth is the day when people would rather stay in their holes, instead of having to face the evil this day would bring them. For they have created this curse for themselves.

Haunted Houses are often portrayed as having thirteenth in their address, such as “1313 Mockingbird Lane”. Johnny Cash sings about the number thirteen in the album, “American Recordings”, {“Thirteen” written by Glen Danzig}. Such an American musical icon crooning of it is testament to its pervasiveness. The number thirteen is synonymous with fear. It is the patron number of Shadowmancy. As Satanists, it is wise to utilize this powerful tool to its fullest potential.

In Nomine Satanas,
Draconis Blackthorne

{c}Copyright Draconis Blackthorne February/Friday 13th/XXXIII-XLII Anno Satanas / 1998-2007 {c.e.} All Rights Reserved.
The Satanigram is {c}Copyright by Draconis Blackthorne. All Rights Reserved.

The Blackthorne Theory of the Black Hole

Here are some samples of more Government documents that are focused around the number 666.  This should confirm to you who our leaders serve.
video image 18245:19     To Watch This Video On BitChute Click The Title Link Below:

Audrey Conklin from FOX News reports, Republican attorneys general (AGs) from 24 states are threatening to take legal action against Joe Biden’s coronavirus vaccine requirement.   1 week, 4 days ago

Are you pleasantly surprised to see so many states on that list?  I know I am!  So, BE BOLD, BE STRONG, FOR THE LORD OUR GOD IS WITH US!!