IN YOUR FACE – Prediction? Warning? or NWO VICTORY DANCE? ………………………………………………….– Superbowl HALFTIME 2020 How dare they use our National Colors when that halftime was clearly about the demise of THE USA!  I am re-posting this article with some minor updates because I think it is important that every American gets to see exactly what … Click Here to Read More


For all of you who think that Truthers are just crazy fanatics making stuff up… I wanted you to see that now they are coming right out and telling you… this was all about bringing in the NEW WORLD ORDER.   I know most of the  snowflakes will still be too blind to recognize the truth.  … Click Here to Read More

Update 6/15/20: Golden Gate’s Voice or Frequency Weapon?

Photo Credit I have been convinced for a long time now that San Francisco and the Bay Area have an extremely important role to play in the Endtimes.  There are far too many reasons for that opinion than I can share here.   Today I want to look at a new development.  I find it very … Click Here to Read More

FACEMASKS Unexpected Consequences

Unintended Consequences of  Wearing Facemasks    Some things you may not know about FaceMasks and our current situation, which you might want to consider before you decide whether or not you should be wearing them.   ‘Incomprehensible’: Confrontations over masks erupt amid COVID-19 crisis A security guard’s murder is among several confrontations over face coverings. … Click Here to Read More

They Want to Abolish Police and Capitalism – SO, they want a Terrorist Dictatorial Regime?? Or, just ANARCHY and CHAOS?

It is hard for people to understand and accept but the truth is there is an AGENDA to bring a GLOBAL DICTATORSHIP. They have had to postpone their plans multiple times and they are not willing (or able) to postpone them any longer.  THE DEADLINE is 2030.   IF MUST BE ACHIEVED BEFORE THAT TIME!   They … Click Here to Read More


EVERYTHING we know is COMING TO AN END Ok, things are really speeding up.  I have to say that I have been spreading the truth for the last 30 years.  There are many of us out here who have been showing you what is happening.  It is unbelievably hard to get people to listen.  I … Click Here to Read More


The Race War is something that has been created, developed and inflicted on the people by greedy, self serving, power hungry elites.  At the grassroots level, there is not a race issue.  This is clearly demonstrated by the fact that whites are just as angry and outraged by abuses committed against blacks, mexicans, muslims, or … Click Here to Read More

It’s about MORE than just Shaking Hands

HOLY GURU BATMAN!  I am blown away everyday at how much mileage they are getting out of this COVID 19/CORONA/WUHAN Virus.  Talk about an UPSET!  CHANGE?  OH YA…ARE WE SEEING CHANGE!  INSTANT CHANGE.  What a testimony to AI/DWAVE/QUANTUM COMPUTING the Algorithm has presented them with a way to accomplish EVERYTHING they have been wanting in … Click Here to Read More


I know that there are many of you out there who find this all very hard to swallow.  It seems so ridiculous, even crazy.  I can relate.  When I first heard about this stuff my reaction was just the same as yours.  I poo pooed it for a long time.  Laughed it off and called … Click Here to Read More

Obama 2020 Campaign

An ambiguity in the U.S. Constitution allows for speculation about a back door method of getting around presidential term limits. DAVID MIKKELSON PUBLISHED 4 FEBRUARY 2008 UPDATED 9 APRIL 2020 If anyone is paying attention to what goes on behind the headlines they have very likely caught on to the truth that OBAMA or perhaps I should … Click Here to Read More


Photo Credit It should be apparent to most people that there seems to be a media push/hype for “taking a knee” these days.  So much of it seems to be deliberately staged and widely publicized.  Don’t you find it strange?  I find it extremely off-putting.  I am convinced that this is totally contrived and orchestrated … Click Here to Read More


I am greatly encouraged to see that many people are waking up to the fact that they have been lied to by the powers that be.  Many are recognizing that there is a conspiracy at foot and are getting harder and harder for those in power to fool. That is a good thing.  However, it … Click Here to Read More

FIRES OF BAAL – Fisherman’s Wharf, LA, Minneapolis

Photo Credit Ok, just a quick intro.  I started out just looking into the fire at Fisherman’s Wharf because I am currently working on an article about San Francisco.  Wow, did I open a door.  So much to research.   I am worn out.  This is a timely item so I felt lead to get it … Click Here to Read More

BILL GATES – Bullied and Misunderstood???

We who oppose Bill Gates are not fanatical, religious, crazy, fearful, idiots!   We are earnest truth seekers who diligently sift through the bullshit propaganda propagated on the public by the media and political forces.  When the people HEAR the real truth, they recognize it and they are outraged. Poor Bill, he is feeling persecuted because … Click Here to Read More

StarGate San Francisco

Photo Credit: Golden Gate  Bridge –  Gateway to the Heaven’s Gateways are very important in the realm of the heavenlies.  God is the one who set things in order.  He sets the boundaries for everything.  He commanded the Sun, Moon and stars to follow their set paths.  If you would like to read how God … Click Here to Read More