See what the main players in this scandal have to say for themselves, see and hear testimonies from other experts including people in the Fashion Industry, Lawyers, Balenciaga models and others in the entertainment industry.  This issue goes very deep.  We are just scratching the surface.  We must keep this before the public until we see major changes.

The elite and the Fashion World would like nothing more that to sweep this whole thing under the table, and move us all on to the next distraction.  WE MUST NOT ALLOW THAT TO HAPPEN.  I am telling you that GOD is bringing this to light.  If we don’t acknowledge the TRUTH and DO SOMETHING we become accomplices after the fact.
This is much deeper than the one or two campaigns, this is the surface of what is going on DAILY.  Children are being abused.  Not only children, but many of the other peripheral personnel that are under the control of these monsters!
QUIT SUPPORTING THE “FASHION INDUSTRY”, DISNEY INDUSTRY, THE STAR MAKING INDUSTRY.  The “STAR MAKERS” are more than just the scum in Hollywood.  Believe me you can live without their merchandise and be very happy.  THIS STUFF IS POISON.  It will steal your soul.
GET FREE!!!  How can you free others, when you are captive?


The Balenciaga model trend is out of control #balenciaga





It’s been nearly three weeks since Balenciaga got embroiled in a public relations crisis involving ads many accused of explicitly and implicitly conveying messages about the exploitation of children. It threatens the very future of the 100+-year-old brand.  (WELL THAT IS GOOD NEWS!)

There is no doubt that they were deliberately and shamelessly displaying the exploitation of CHILDREN!! What do they think people are stupid??

Public outrage was swift and brutal, while Balenciaga’s was slow and feeble. And as of this posting and after a request for comment, Kering, the $19 billion conglomerate that owns the brand, has silently stayed behind the scenes.

For a company that states its strategy is “uniting audacity, authenticity and responsibility,” Kering’s lived up to its audacity promise. Yet, it has ignored its responsibility, reminiscent of Nero fiddling while Rome burned.

Balenciaga has been a rising star in Kering’s portfolio of six legacy fashion brands, including Gucci, Saint Laurent, Bottega Veneta, Alexander McQueen and Brioni. In addition, the company also owns Boucheron and three other prestige jewelry and nearly 20 luxury eyewear brands.

It is also one of the three multi-national conglomerates that control about one-third of the $300 billion personal luxury market. LVMH is the largest, generating $68 billion in its last fiscal year, with 75 brands or houses, including 14 fashion brands, notably Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior, Givenchy, Celine, Fendi and Marc Jacobs. Richemont, most heavily invested in jewelry, is the other with 26 maisons and $20 billion in revenues.

“Balenciaga has been disturbing even before the teddy bear ad. It’s been full of negativity and darkness, almost post-apocalyptic,” she said, adding, “Fashion should entertain. It can be an incredible strategic tool to leverage to make the world a better place. But it should be uplifting, beautiful, a work of art.”

“The parties involved have been tone-deaf, and considering the size of the parties involved, it cannot take two weeks. These are very serious charges that demanded immediate, appropriate action, including someone taking charge from Kering. This is going to go down as one of the worst examples of corporate crisis communication in history. It’s inexcusable,” she stated.

Brand Value And Reputation Are At Stake

Reflecting on what Kering, Balenciaga and other luxury brands need to learn from this experience, Dr. Martina Olbert, founder of Meaning.Global and a leading authority on brand meaning, sees two important takeaways:

“The first thing is how fragile your reputation and perception are as a brand – especially for a luxury brand – and how volatile they can be due to cultural missteps. No brand how ever celebrated, with heritage and legacy, is immune to the drastic shifts in consumer sentiment when it makes a misstep of gargantuan proportions like this.

“The second thing is how interconnected the perception is between Balenciaga as a portfolio brand and Kering as its holding company. You cannot be a pioneer of sustainability and lofty social and environmental ideas for future generations and then do the complete opposite and disrupt these social values by targeting children who represent the future generations we want to protect,” she said.

Noting that responsibility and sustainability are key words in luxury today, she concluded:

“Kering’s CEO François-Henri Pinault said: ‘luxury and sustainability are one and the same’. The individual brand strategies need to reflect that. Sustainability is about respect. Luxury brands and their parent companies need to be managed holistically as connected ecosystems of cultural value, or their whole sustainable strategy simply doesn’t make sense.”

Taking The Heat Off

While prevention is the best cure for a PR crisis, corporations have learned the hard way how to manage them. Guidelines are available widely in the literature and numerous firms specialize in guiding companies through them. 
(They do not realize this is SO MUCH MORE THAN A PR CRISIS.  This is REVELATION THAT LEADS TO REVOLUTION!! This was the crack in the wall that let the TRUTH come POURING OUT!  People are beginning to recognize just how EVIL the ELITE really are and how dangerous they are to our existence.)

Inexplicably, Kering has failed to intercede appropriately to protect one of its prized legacy brands, though maybe that was by intention. The Balenciaga controversy has taken the spotlight away from what would have been equally challenging news for Gucci, Kering’s most prized legacy brand, which accounts for 57% of revenues.

On November 23, the company announced that its famed creative director Alessandro Michele was stepping down.

“There are times when paths part ways because of the different perspectives each of one of us may have,” Michele said in the company statement. That leaves more questions about why his “extraordinary journey” with Gucci ended on that day.

And it leaves even bigger questions about the future sustainability of Gucci brand under new creative direction. But nobody is talking about that.

DO YOU SEE? These people are not the list bit concerned with how these photo shoots affected the children involved, or how the images impact society, or how it encourages the creeps that get off on that stuff, and most imporantly, they are not ashamed or repentant for their evil rituals, or the actions  involved in them.  NOPE they are only concerned about the “IMAGE” and how much their profits will be affected.






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