I saw the video shared by China Anne McClain and I just had to share it.  I was blessed to see a fresh face, from the millenial/Z Generation who has experience in the Hollywood scene sharing the truth.  She shares a story from her childhood that may help some people get a clearer understand of why we are out here sharing the truth.

I know that I have shared a similar message but, I am an old lady and young people just don’t think anyone from my generation is relevant.  The morality and beliefs of this younger generation are so far removed from mine that it is hard sometimes for me to relate to them.  But, they need to hear the GOOD NEWS and understand TRUTH as much as anyone, maybe more.

If you are being attacked for sharing your faith, the Good News or your personal testimony of what God has done in your life, you will enjoy her video.  Perhaps you can share it with those who have an issue with your outreach.

I will start first with a different video that will provide a little background for those who are like me and have never heard of this young woman.  If you, like me, have not heard of China Ann McClain let this be your introduction.



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