A Godly Approach to CANCER

Art Credit: Biblia Blog
I received this article from someone who visits my site.  I thought it was worthy of being shared and both the writer and I hope that it will help the body of Christ restore the health in which GOD intended them to walk.  I take no credit for this article.  It is printed here as it was sent to me. 
By Clint Young 1/14/2020
Disclaimer:  This article is not intended for “medical” diagnosis or “medical” therapy or “medical” treatment.
I have a background of solving difficult academic and industrial problems. As an engineer and researcher, I always tried to figure out exactly how things worked. Once that was determined, it was easy to make new discoveries, make improvements and to resolve existing problems. 
When I was diagnosed with prostate cancer 20 years ago, I immediately asked the doctor, “What caused my prostate cancer.” He told me “If I knew that, I would win the Nobel Prize.” 
This doctor’s answer was not satisfactory. So, from that point on I pursued the answer to the question of “What caused cancer?” Over time I came to a clear understanding of what causes cancer. When I understood the specific cause of cancer, the purpose of cancer clearly came into focus. So, not only was I able to find the cause, but also the purpose of cancer cells initiating, growing, and multiplying.  
This understanding showed me what would and what would not work in effectively dealing with cancer. This understanding helped me to avoid taking the typical medical road offered to me at that time. I am confident that taking an alternative road that really works helped me to avoid a lot of tragedy over the last 20 years. 
I can not take full credit for discovering the truth about cancer. I often went to the Heavenly Father for His understanding and for His help in dealing with my cancer. With His help I was able to uncover the truths about cancer in a sea of lies surrounding this subject. 
The truth about cancer helped me to understand and to find the best ways to effectively address cancer. These ways worked to see my cancer eliminated in a gentle and effective manner. More importantly, this approach allowed me to deal with the cause of my cancer. This allowed me not only to eliminate cancer but also to achieve a healthier and a better feeling body being cancer free for almost 20 years. 
Need for a Different Approach:  When something does not work, another approach needs to be taken. A different approach will always be considered radical by the system which is profiting on the existing status quo. 
The modern, cancer medical system is a failure. Too many have lost too much who blindly followed and trusted the “modern” cancer industry. Those tremendous losses were unnecessary if the system had embraced the truths about cancer. However, the system will not embrace the truth because it has way too much to lose by doing so. 
If the system where to embrace the truth about cancer, ineffective therapies and treatments would quickly be replaced with effective therapies which cost very little compared to today’s cancer protocols. The cancer industry would lose 100’s of billions every year. The medical segment of the economy would be weakened. Life spans would increase. This which would put an increased burden on the retirement system which is just about broke like many segments of the US economy.  
In this dangerous situation where the system itself is in danger, it is important for any with cancer or that have a loved one with cancer to quickly find the truth for themselves and to quickly embrace what will actually help resolve their cancer. Taking the extra effort to understand cancer and to determine what will really work when addressing it can lead to both more life and a much higher quality of life.
This article is written and presented so you can discover the fundamental truths about cancer. Finding these truths can be very helpful in determining the best course of action to take in addressing and resolving cancer. 
These truths run opposite of what the failing cancer system will tell you. The medical approach of aggressively going after cancer to quickly kill it or remove it from the body has miserably failed in most cases. Many times cancer patients are given a clean bill of health after certain medical therapies. Yet, often the cancer returns because neither the cancer patient nor the medical system addressed the true cause of their cancer. 
If you become confused with what the truth is regarding cancer, focus on what works and does not work. Going the route of aggressively attempting to destroy or to remove cancer cells has failed miserably for way too many for way too long. Much life and quality of life has been lost with this failed approach. 
Going the way I am presenting here works to best help resolve cancer or to keep it from ever becoming a problem.
Without further introduction, I am going to present you the simple truths of cancer. I hope and pray that you have the fortitude and the love of the truth to pursue what will best work for you in this world of lies that often consumes so many way before they reach their life potential. 
Caution:  The below truths about cancer are contrary to the current medical system. So, if you are the type of person who embraces and trusts the status quo, these truths may not be for you. If you are such a person, it may save you a few minutes to stop reading here and to embrace the system. However, just know that embracing the cancer medical system has been disastrous for so many for so long. The current medical system has been one BIG FAILURE when it comes to effectively addressing cancer.
What is really going on when it comes to cancer?:
Cause of Cancer:  All cancers are caused by over toxicity of the tissue(s) where cancer cells are growing. 
Could it be that the cause of cancer is so simple? Often the truth is quite simple. Man makes things complicated for his own advantage. Yet, often the truths from God are quite simple. 
Purpose of Cancer:  The purpose of cancer cells is to isolate excess toxins from healthy tissue. When excess toxins are absorbed and safely contained within cancer cells, these toxins can not directly attack and destroy healthy tissue. By absorbing and isolating harmful toxins, healthy tissues are protected. 
It may be very difficult to accept that cancer has a purpose. Yet, it should be realized that nothing happens within our marvelous bodies without purpose and without design.
What is cancer?: Cancer cell initiation, growth and multiplication is a defense mechanism of the body. Cancer is a defense against any tissue(s) accumulating too high a concentration of harmful toxins. Cancer was designed by God to help the body survive longer, not to destroy it. 
This is why there never will be a cure for cancer. You really don’t want to get rid of something that is actually helping the human body. The entire campaign regarding a “cure for cancer” is just one BIG LIE that has collected 100’s of billions of dollars for research for a cure that is never going to happen.
Benefits of Cancer:  Cancer cells absorb excess toxins. In doing so cancer cells isolate harmful toxins from surrounding tissue. This prevents cancer-cell-captured- toxins from directly attacking and destroying healthy tissue.
Being diagnosed with cancer allows one to understand that the tissues where the cancer is found are over toxic. This gives a loud warning that lifestyle changes are quickly needed to correct an over toxic situation.
Does cancer cause death?:  Cancer was designed to help extend life by capturing and isolating harmful, excess toxins. When a tissue becomes so toxic that further cancer growth can no longer absorb the excess toxins within that tissue, those toxins overflow the ability of cancer cells to capture them. At that point, free floating toxins attack healthy tissue. Death can soon follow when non-contained toxins attack and destroy vital tissue(s). Cancer is blamed for the death even though it actually prolonged life. 
Since cancer is associated with the over toxic situation of the affected tissue(s) and because of the ignorance of man, cancer gets the blame. 
The failed medical therapies and treatments of directly attacking and attempting to destroy cancer cells often contribute or cause death. When a cancer medical approach causes death, the doctors always define the cause of death as “cancer” not their failed treatments or therapies.
If cancer cells and tumors grow to an extent that they physically obstruct vital life functions, these cancer growths can be the direct cause of death. In such rare cases it should be realized that without the cancer, the person would have died much sooner from direct toxin attack of vital tissue(s).
Best Way to Deal with Cancer: The best way to deal with cancer is to focus on its cause. The cause of all cancers is the over toxicity of the tissue where it is growing. When over toxic tissues are adequately detoxified, cancer cells either dissolve or revert back to normal cells. 
The key to dealing with cancer and more importantly what is causing it, is to detoxify. The human body is an incredibly efficient machine that reacts and responds to keep itself alive. As excess toxins surrounding the cancer cells are eliminated, the cancer cells themselves start to release small controlled amounts of toxins which are usually shunted to the liver by the circulatory system. As more and more toxins leave cancer cells, they begin to shrink. When all the excess toxins within a cancer cell are eliminated, that cancer cell will either dissolve back into the surrounding tissue or that cancer cell will revert back to normal cells. 
In situations where cancerous tissues can safely be removed by excision, there is some credence to this medical procedure. However, if the system adopted the more effective approach of detoxification, few would ever get into this bad a situation to necessitate excision of cancerous tissue.
Fear of Cancer:  Knowing the painful and often disfiguring approach that medical doctors take to address cancer can cause a lot of fear. Knowing the dismal outcome of medical approaches in dealing with cancer can cause a lot of fear. The prospect of losing a lot of potential life can cause a lot of fear. The loss of a loved one way before their time can cause both fear and a lot of hurt. 
These fears and hurts can be best addressed by understanding the cause and purpose of cancer. These fears can be resolved by knowing there is an effective and gentle way to resolve cancer. These fears can be resolved when one understands that by effectively dealing with the cause of cancer, the body will quickly dissolve cancer cells or revert cancer cells back to normal cells.
When cancer is dealt with in a gentle and effective way via adequate detoxification, there is no need to fear. Those who adopt a detoxifying lifestyle after cancer is found are the most successful in dealing with their cancer regardless of which therapy (or no therapy) they might choose. The object of detoxification is not just to eliminate cancer growth but also to eliminate the cause of the cancer. When the cause is effectively dealt with, the cancer cells will have no remaining purpose nor purpose for remaining. They will be gone because of the marvelous design of our human body.
A continual detoxifying lifestyle will keep cancer from occurring in the first place. If cancer is diagnosed, one can quickly embrace an effective detoxification protocol to see their cancer resolved. Any that have had cancer need to remain vigilant throughout the rest of their life to keep their body at low toxicity levels by adopting a non-toxic lifestyle. 
Knowing how to effectively deal with cancer and more importantly what is causing cancer helps to have no fear of cancer. The Lord Jesus does not want any of his to have fear. Instead he wishes for his to have a sound mind. Part of having a sound mind is being humble enough to accept the truth.
Why cancer is becoming more of a problem: Excess consumption of alcohol, caffeine, sugar, natural flavors, glyphosated foods, unclean foods (as defined by the Bible), many harmful chemicals, as well as cigarette smoke greatly contributes to the increased toxicity of different tissues. More and more people are ingesting and being exposed to higher levels of these harmful substances at younger ages. This is leading to more being diagnosed with cancer in all age groups.
With the average person being under more stress, this often results in a more toxic life style. Often, it is difficult to detoxify and to continue in a stressful lifestyle. 
Daily fasting time is being reduced by a larger percentage of the population. This gives the body less time each day to achieve adequate detoxification. Reduced daily fasting times along with more exposure to what impairs the body’s ability to adequately detoxify, is leading to more cancer in more people. 
Exercise is important to help keep tissues detoxified. As the blood flow increases, tissues are benefited with a stronger flow of blood. This helps to reduce tissue toxicity. More are living a sedentary life. This is hindering the potential of their blood flow to help keep tissues free of excess toxins. 

Medical Improvements:  The medical industry has improved its diagnosis of the various cancers found within the human body. Better diagnosis is good. This has brought about an earlier diagnosis of cancer which is a positive development. However, despite earlier diagnosis, the longevity of cancer patients has not improved because the cause of cancer is not being adequately addressed. 

How to best address cancer: To effectively address cancer the body needs to safely detoxify cancerous tissue(s).
One of many ways to help detoxify over toxic tissue is by intermittent fasting. The web has a lot of good information about intermittent fasting. So, I am not going to delve into the many wonderful benefits of intermittent fasting. 
Skin cancer can often be effectively addressed by directly applying gentle detoxifying topicals to cancerous skin tissue. Cancer along the GI tract can be helped with a detoxifying diet and taking food grade activated charcoal. 
It is needful to reduce or to eliminate consumption of the many foods and drinks that contribute to the overall toxicity of the body. 
There are many other ways to help the body detoxify cancerous tissues. Regular aerobic exercise, deep tissue message, adequate sleep, eating Organic fruit in the right way, eating more raw Organic vegetables, de-stressing, and gaining more energy from the earth via grounding are examples of other helpful beneficial detoxifying helps. This list is not near complete but does mention some major areas and strategies for addressing cancer.