Cellular Vehicle to Everything Technology – C-V2X

Cellular Vehicle to EVERYTHING Technology… WOW, that sounds pretty scary to me!  Do we really need our vehicles to be wired to EVERYTHING… and EXACTLY WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?   This first article is obviously a very intense programming release, intended to make you anxious to get this 5G technology on your car before CHINA gets all the advantages of the new wave.  They want you to push for this technology, forget about taking time to investigate the pros and cons and possible side effects or outright damage that can occur.  Everything in today’s society is a manufactured RACE.  We GOT TO GET THERE FIRST…mindset, why?  Because that is the best method to ensure that they are able to market their products without the cost or time constraints involved with preliminary testing, investigating, studying and approving.  Let’s get it out there.  IF there are consequences, we can worry about that somewhere in the future.  

Don’t believe me?  Look at the medical/pharmaceutical industry or the chemical (insect control, weed control, cleaning products)  industry.   How many of their products have been rushed to market without proper vetting, and now the general public is paying the price in unnecessary illnesses and death.  

Listen to the way this is all presented in the video.  Watch for the obvious manipulation of public opinion.  Do you catch it?  If not, maybe you are already so accustomed to these mind games, you can’t discern it.

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CV2X or Cellular Vehicle to Everything is the latest, cutting-edge technology from Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. (QTI) aimed at collision avoidance and value-added services. CV2X will enable vehicles to communicate critical messages with everything around them, including other vehicles and infrastructure.

The CV2X Development Platform enables demonstrations of V2V/V2I/V2P (vehicle to vehicle, vehicle to infrastructure, vehicle to pedestrian) functionalities. V2N (vehicle to network) functionality is implemented by the CCARD telematics control unit (MDM9250) – ordered separately. V2V (vehicle to network) functionality is implemented by the CV2X Development Platform. The CCARD and CV2X Development Platform units communicate with each other via an Ethernet RJ-45 connection.

 The CV2X Development Platform’s major features include:

  • CV2X 3GPP single channel radio
  • 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi 802.11n connectivity
  • GNSS supporting QDR3 (Qualcomm dead reckoning) for 10 Hz augmented location fixes
  • 3x CAN interfaces to access vehicle data information
  • HSM for storing private keys and signing ITS messages
  • 1x 1000Base-T Ethernet using an RJ-45 connector
  • USB 3.0 ports for debugging on both the MDM9250 and APQ8096AU modules
  • 1x USB 2.0 host port on the APQ8096AU module
  • The CV2X module RFFE supports the following bands: □ B46D: 5725–5825 MHz □ B47: 5850–5925 MHz
  • Computing module (APQ8096AU) to run the ETSI and/or WAVE + SAE, China-SAE ITS stack

5G and the Future of Connected Cars

Published on Aug 1, 2019

Jul.30 — Connecting cars to each other and the infrastructure around them could play an important role in the future of autonomous vehicles and improving safety. However, a debate over technology and standards is delaying global deployment. While China is focused on utilizing 5G for cars, other markets are debating the choice between a 5G-based cellular technology and an older wifi-based technology. Bloomberg’s Ed Ludlow reports on “Bloomberg Technology.”

“recent developments in 5G could be handing China an early lead.  Their focus is leading them to this real kind of marketing advatage and frankly, they’ll be saving hundreds if not thousands of lives much sooner than we will, as we fumble to determine which is the standard that is best for the long term road map in the western world.”

Do you get it?   Here is what he is putting in your mind… China already has a head start on us, while we are so foolishly losing time, fumbling around, troubling ourselves needlessly looking at two options and examining what is best for our long term future, we are going to risk so many people dying, while China beats us to the market… Look how superior China’s way of do things is over ours.    This is propaganda and fear-mongering, these things are being planted in your mind in order to get you prepared to accept and even desire the damaging, destructive, enslaving technology they are imposing on you.  

Do we really want to live under the type of government we see in China?  Everything about the Chinese system of government is designed TO TOTALLY CONTROL THE MASSES.  They do not even consider you as humans.  They consider you as either assets or deficits.  You are just a number.  A lump of cells and organs at their disposal.  If you don’t comply, they will take you prisoner to be used as organ donors or subjects for experimentation.  Is that what we want to emulate?  Are we completely mad? Lost all reason?  Idiots?  I say, if China is doing it… we ought to run as far away from it as possible.   I know the elite want the WHOLE WORLD MODELED AFTER CHINA…  That is because they want their slaves under CONTROL!  

So now, we have the first Car company (Byton) that is going to have its cars made in China and brought to the US to market.  Are we crazy?  Don’t we get enough of our products from China, now we are going to buy our cars from them as well.  In a time when jobs are disappearing faster than you can shake a stick, why would we want to do that? 

Not only do we not want to lose more US jobs.   We don’t know enough about 5G and how it is going to affect us.  Do we really want our roads and automobiles controlled by 5G?  



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I will tell you what, I am already very concerned about our automobiles.   The reason why Obama offered the cash for clunkers program was to get all the old cars, that were made without computer systems, off the road.  Our cars are already all CONTROLLED by computers.  They have the capability right now to turn off your car any time they see fit or cause it to accelerate beyond your ability to control it, they can direct it (into a tree or off a cliff, into a building or out of the state).  That is not good enough for them.  They want total control, no interference from you peons.  They have gotten you to believe it is something YOU want.  Oh for sure, people are clamoring for the self-driving car.  For those who don’t have their own private chauffeur, this will be the next best thing.  What luxury to sit comfortably in the back and sleep or read or drink, while your car does the driving.  What a fat, lazy, coddled lot we have become.  IT WILL COST US!  TRUST ME.  

What do you know about the 5G system and how it will affect us in the long run?   What do you know about cars that are connected to EVERYTHING!?!?