IN YOUR FACE – Prediction? Warning? or NWO VICTORY DANCE? – Superbowl HALFTIME

UPDATED 11/12/23

“THE BIG GAME” Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers.  Air vs. ground. The Kansas City Chiefs were in the very first Super Bowl. Running back Damien Williams can carry the rock and make catches out of the backfield.
49ers prefer ground and pound, mimicking the Hasbro classic, “Hungry, Hungry Hippos.”  All-Pro tight end Travis Kelce does the dirty work over the middle.  The Chiefs extremely potent offense has the ability to score reminiscent of the Nicholas Cage classic, “Gone in 60 Seconds.”   Their offense  will be hard to stop in Miami.


Forget about the scantily clad bodies gyrating on stage! That is just a distraction for the mindless masses.  LOOK at the message in the symbolism of the staging, lighting, choreography, music and lyrics.  This entire program is calling forth the globalists plan for bringing in the New World Order via this PANDEMIC!

Let me tell you something right off the bat… I DO  NOT FOLLOW OR WATCH THE SUPERBOWL or any other SPORT!!  I may occasionally view a small portion of it for research on an article.  But, GOD got me started on this one this morning and HE would not let me go.  Though I desperately wanted and needed to walk away.  He kept showing me more and more stuff.  I know there is more, but HEAVEN’s THIS IS ENOUGH.   

There is duality/yin yang/As Above So Below  throughout the entire show.  Gold/Silver, Black/White, one side dressed/one bare, up/down, light/dark nothing new about that.   BUT THERE IS OH SO MUCH MORE.  IF you missed it, just read on . 


If you haven’t seen my last two articles, please visit them when you finish this article.  GOD is TALKING to HIS people!  Do you have your ears on?  He wants you to LIV!!  Yes, I know those are numerals…but they can be read like letters.  CHOOSE LIFE!  LIVE AND NOT DIE!  Listen to HIS voice.  



Feb 2, 2020
Shakira & J. Lo perform at the Super Bowl LIV Pepsi Halftime Show. Para más contenido de la NFL en Español, suscríbete a

The Opening set.  I am convinced it has very strong spiritual significance but I don’t have the understanding.  Maybe someone else will.  It looks like 20 dancers around the raised platform that holds Shakira (as if a sacrifice).  Two channels or roads leading to the MAGIC CIRCLE.  Three very distinct Lights shining like stars in the foreground.  Many lights behind.  

The Program Starts with Shakira… singing something that I don’t understand.

Lots of very scantily clad dancers prancing about the stage performing very suggestive and vulgar movements.  Then Shakira starts to sing another song I don’t understand except for the phrase that is repeated “I AM ALIVE

The Stage turns red like HELL and the Devil’s Horns Appear.  There appears to be three figures standing amidst flames. 

Then Shakira appears to be surrounded by bars, in the dark, with stars high above…

Still singing and repeating the phrase I am ALIVE

The lights begin to alternate between appearing like she is trapped in a NET to the Behind Bars imagery.  The masses caught in the net and locked in prison?

She voluntarily ties herself up and appears as a captive/slave.  Taking civilians into prison camps?  As quarantine or perhaps incarcerating those who are spreading the news?

Next she appears to be in a circle of flames.

Then she and her dancers form a triangle surrounded by flames within a circle.  Then there is a lot more dirty dancing and singing I don’t understand.  If you notice, within the triangle it looks WHITE HOT,  like maybe a nuclear explosion?  Or from the opposite angle, a volcanic explosion?   Hmmm…

Next thing I noticed was the 6 (six) men playing HORNS.  Which I initially connected with sex, but actually I think they represent the TRUMPETS of Revelation.  There are only six so one not present. Once again in Triangle formation.

NOW, this part is very interesting.  IF you are into TRUTH and Research you surely are aware of the meaning of the Obelisk and the Pool.  Here we have four Obelisks and a Pool.  As in the FOUR CARDINAL POINTS of Earth.  FOUR ELEMENTS.  Interestingly, the Obelisks turn from white to pale green.. Once again, pale green meaning death.  Signaling the spread of the plague to the four corners of the Earth. 

Next we have Shakira “falling” (as in dead) into the audience into a Crucifixion Figure.  Signifying the coming of the death of the Martyrs?

Next we have the symbol of the Rosicrucian (Freemasons).  Just to be certain you did not miss the symbolism, they made sure you could clearly see the RED ROSE in the middle.   Notice there is a dancer on each rose, 20 roses, 20 dancers.  Dancing to the tune of their masters.   Year 2020 Masses dancing to the tune of AntiChrist.  

Now you probably have already learned about the significance in the spirit of sticking out the Tongue.  It is a sign of rebellion against GOD.  Many stars have been photographed in that manner.  Miley Cyrus is probably the most noted.  SHIVA the Destroyer was displayed in this their favorite pose on the Empire State Building.  Shakira wagged hers in a battle cry of sorts.  One that I think might be common where she originates.

Shakira executes a rather artful maneuver to KICK OFF JLo’s part of the Show, revealing her Vesica Piscis. 

Immediately center stage turns into the ALL SEEING EYE.   In purple, no less, TRANS – gender, trans-human, trans-muted, trans-formed.  SYMBOLIZING TOTAL SURVEILLANCE!  

Enter JLo on her STRIPPER POLE…  draped in pink (Goddess/Feminist).. which she removes immediately.

Wait is that pole supposed to look like the One World Trade??   Then she flips open her pink wrap to unwrap her pink vesica piscis.   All about the GODDESS/Feminity/Woman’s Movement which is clamoring for the demise of the Patriarchal society.  Anti-God and His plan.  They want the goddess/paganism.

Then the stage becomes an animated TARGET…  

Lots more dirty dancing… and some stripping. 

Then the target turns Green and the Net turns green and dancers dressed in white/pale outfits gyrating around on the floor within the green net.  Plague??  The Pale Horse of the Apocalypse.

See the Green Circle with the Green MIST.  

OH MY GOODNESS,  This is some crazy S___.  Can you believe.  NOW JLo is Crucified amidst the dead bodies…  WTH

Holy COW!   Now the people are dancing around in what appears to be slave clothes and the Ground Falls away.  As she sings Waiting for the NIGHT    Then the people are laying as dead around the POLE where JLo is Crucified!!!   

Then we see the floor drop to reveal the BOTTOMLESS PIT!!   Water is released like a flood, and flows continuously into the pit.   The GREEN pit.  Endless sea (signifying people) of sick and dying people?

More dirty dancing and singing I can’t understand… then these children in cages of light in the darkness… representation illumination.  The Illuminati taking control of our children, our reproduction, our future.  

Now we see JLo’s daughter in a cage…  like a stripper…  like mother like daughter.  This is feminism?  Power for women?, by parading themselves sexually? Proud that her daughter is following in her footsteps.  Whoring herself out for the Elite.

Now we see the symbol for female, pointing to seed? atomic? starlike? Demonic??   Wait… is that a SNAKE underneath? Or Dragon???  That image is not there by accident folks.   Is that demonic seed??  So the seed of the serpent returning to power.  

Next we see the children singing Let’s Get LOUD as Shakira plays the drums.   JLo Comes out singing Let’s Get LOUD!  and pointing upward…

Wait what is she wearing??  A USA FLAG?  Surrounded by a RED Net now… Does that symbolize BLOOD? 

They Burst into Born in the USA as she swaps the Flag with the 50 Stars (States) for the Flag with ONLY One Star.  (ONE STATE/ONE WORLD/ONE GOVERNMENT)

Completely rolled out… cause they did not want you to miss it!   The NEW FLAG… ONE,  just ONE!  I am shocked that no one is up in arms about this one.  THIS IS VERY CLEAR!  A declaration of the DEATH of the USA!  Death of the CONSTITUTION.  DEATH OF FREEDOM!

Then Shakira joins them and sings directly to the Children…”Let’s Get DOWN.. Nobody gotta tell ya what to do...”

Some more hip shaking and dirty dancing, and singing that I don’t understand.    THE END. 

Jennifer Lopez and Shakira perform during the halftime show. REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton
Photo Credit: REUTERS

Feb 2, 2020
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Different people catch different things.  This next video ties a lot of this half time show to Epstein and his Island of Horror. 
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“Stadium is ABOUT 13 miles from CON Ctr.”

When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child; but when I became a man, I put away childish things.

If people only realized how TRULY EVIL these BASTARDS and THEIR MASTERS are!Once YOU sign-up, YOU ARE BIGGER SLAVES THAN WE ARE!
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I always enjoy A Call For An Uprising. 
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February 24th, 2020.