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It does not take a rocket scientist to understand that playing around with DNA is a HUGE RISK even under the very best of circumstances and with strict oversight. The very fact that “Science” has decided to release this technology to the world is insane.  The fact that the world at large seems to be receiving it as not only acceptable but desirable, tells me just how MAD the world has become!  It appears to me that this is the manner the “Elite” have chosen to kill the masses of people they see as useless eaters.  I imagine they have reached the point where they have applied this technology in all the strategic areas they desired and have everything situated they feel is necessary for their vision of Utopia and we are now totally expendable.  


It really is an ingenious scheme!  They have designed a way for us to kill each other while generating a huge income for them, in the process.  It is brilliant.

If you will check online you will discover there are already an amazing number of PRODUCTS related to this technology, ready for purchase.  In the prior article of this series, in the video “Genetic Manipulation”  Dr. Lewis Thomas had stated “And now there is a new misapprehension about this technology. It is being made to seem as though a lot of money can be made out of it, and much of the interest one senses in the press is in the possible applicability of the technology for making one or another product for the marketplace.  This may be true.”   Well, obviously, yes indeed some money can be made.  AND MONEY CORRUPTS!!  Actually, for the Scientific Community, it has always been about money.  They spend most of their time and effort chasing funding.  The pressure is on to produce or die.  That has been the biggest factor in their corruption throughout their existence.  MONEY and obtaining it.  And now, they have taken this GODLESS technology and created a marketing strategy.  If you know anything about marketing, you know that it is ALL ABOUT DECEPTION!  They SELL you on their ideas.  We are literally BUYING into the lies of this satanic technology and ignorantly stepping into their shoes as corruptors and destroyers of the planet.  

Even more importantly, in this manner, we can no longer pass off our blood guilt onto the “scientists” and technicians.  WE will be the ones actually performing the desecration of GOD’s creatures and creation.  We will be the ones condemning these creatures to torment and damnation. There is a GOD in heaven and there is judgment and a price to be paid.   WE will be without excuse and without recourse. Another feather in Satan’s cap.  

Seriously, who in their right mind can honestly say they are comfortable with DNA kits being available to any idiot with $150  and school children from elementary to college level? 


We are talking about millions or billions of people around the world having access to this very unpredictable

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technology.  Granted most of these people do not have the level of knowledge, the driving interest or the monetary means to take these experiments past the basic limitations that come in the package.  But, the problem is there are a very large number of people who do.  There are already amateurs that have done just that and more.

I shiver to think where this is going and fear that we have already gone to far.  There is no going back. We may be facing annihilation in the very near future. 

If you watched the video The Hidden Agenda of Genetic Manipulation, F. William Engdahlin my previous article, you now know that ROCKAFELLER invented this “science” and is behind Genetic Manipulation.  ROCKAFELLER and ROTHSCHILD are the two biggest driving forces behind the works of SATAN to DESTROY YOU.  This is not a new science, it is the continuation of EUGENICS!  Please visit my articles “The Beginning of the End – Part 6 – Movers and Shakers”  and  “Do You Believe in Magick – Part 22 –  Secret Societies”.  

The truth is that EVIL exists and that people without GOD are driven by evil forces without their knowledge or discernment.  The videos and articles that follow are to give you visual evidence of just how far people will take experimentation.   You can bank on the fact that once you open Pandora’s box, it will play out to the most horrific, bizarre and satanic extremes possible.  COUNT ON IT!


Homunculus|Spook Stop

Video of a man who basically does DNA testing /home alchemist


Apr 19, 2019

Korney (How to make) created his russian homunculus experiment using the teachings of medieval alchemists with scrolls and texts of alchemy from paracelsus in the 1500-1600s. How does the homunculus actually work? Is it possible?


Homunculus – Kings, Queens and historical figures connected to their creation!


4 Of The Most Evil Science Experiments Ever Performed

Published August 20, 2014
Updated August 25, 2017

Evil Science Experiments: The Nazis

Evil Science Experiments Nazi Nurse

Nazi doctors tried to lighten the eyes of children by injecting them with dye. Image Source: Edit International

Almost any list of “X Most Evil Whatevers” is pretty much obligated to have a bunch of Nazis on it, even if it’s just a list of evil cupcake recipes. In non-consensual medical experiments of dubious scientific value, however, the Nazis really outdid themselves. Never has so much that was so bad been done for the enlightenment of so few for such little identifiable purpose.

At Auschwitz, Dr. Josef Mengele injected dye into the eyes of children to see if he could permanently change their color. He also famously tried to create conjoined twins by stitching his patients together.

Thank your lucky stars it didn’t work, because can you imagine if the Third Reich had perfected Siamese twin technology in time to win the war? Their elite Dopplesoldaten would have been unstoppable!

Evil Science Mengele

If your doctor wears a skull-and-crossbones hat, you might want a second opinion. Source: YouTube

In 1942, Nazi doctors in Baranowicze, Poland strapped a young boy into a chair and repeatedly hit his head with a mechanized hammer.. It turns out that one out of one test subjects react negatively to this.

At the Ravensbrück women’s camp, the effectiveness of sulfonamide, a synthetic antibiotic, was tested on prisoners. Their arms and legs were gashed and blood supply was cut off to simulate battle wounds. Then the wounds were treated with bacteria and—five will get you ten—rubbed with ground glass because why not?

Evil Science Twin Puppies

We’re not showing you pictures of wounds sustained in Ravensbrück. Here are some sleepy puppies. They’re twins, also! Image Source: Fanpop

The Nazi doctors who didn’t escape to South America were put on trial after the war. Some, mostly administrators, were acquitted. The guilty were given sentences ranging from ten years to death by hanging. So…happy ending?

How One Covert Japanese Unit Killed Hundreds Of Thousands Of People

Japanese Unit 731 Goggles

Image Source:

Unit 731 of the Japanese army was tasked with developing advanced germ-warfare techniques–and making the world a worse place in general.

Their greatest hits included the deliberate release of plague-infected fleas in Manchuria to kill as many people as possible. The targets were all civilians who played no part in anti-Japanese resistance. The Imperial Japanese Ministry of Gratuitous Evil could not be reached for comment.

Unit 731 Patient Blood

Image Source:

Unit 731 began in 1931 as a disease prevention unit. By 1935, however, the unit had been folded into the Kwangtung Army in Manchuria and was conducting experiments so horrific that it’s difficult to imagine why their headquarters didn’t just fold up like the house in Carrie and disappear behind an event horizon.

The scale of the operation was huge: hundreds of thousands of people were killed in plague, anthrax, and cholera outbreaks started by the unit, including a single plague attack that the Chinese government estimates killed 580,000 people. An only somewhat smaller number of people were killed in the unit’s other experiments…

For at least ten years, Unit 731 cultivated wild strains of disease in human patients to increase their virulence. Infected patients who succumbed quickly to particularly lethal strains were bled to death and their blood was used to infect the next crop of prisoners.

Prisoners were vivisected without anesthesia, limbs were frozen and thawed to study gangrene, left arms were cut off and grafted to the right side of the body, and sections of vital organs were removed piece-by-piece to study the progress of the unit’s pet diseases. Unit 731 was one twirled mustache away from starting work on a Dr. Strangelove-style doomsday weapon when the Allies rolled in and pulled the plug.

When the Soviets defeated the Kwangtung Army, they put the perpetrators on trial, sentencing them to between two and 25 years of penal servitude. The U.S. bitterly opposed these trials, refused to acknowledge their legitimacy, and offered immunity to practically every Unit 731 member who could be identified including the unit commander, Shiro Ishii.

At least one former member of the unit, Masami Kitaoka, found post-war work with Japan’s National Institute of Health Sciences, where he spent nine years infecting mental patients with typhus to see what happened.

See all the grim details of Unit 731 in this recent documentary:


The U.S. Tests A Chemical Weapon On Its Own People–And The Perpetrator Walks Free

Evil Science Kligman

Albert Kligman. You might recognize him as the man whose product, Retin-A, helped get rid of your acne, but to some prisoners, he was the man who made their lives a living hell. Image Source: Tevi

In 1951, American dermatologist Albert Kligman reported to work at Pennsylvania’s Holmesburg prison to study, of all things, ringworm.

Realizing the potential of the inmate population, and apparently forgetting literally everything he ever learned about medical ethics, Kligman eventually expanded his “research” into live drug trials, pathogen testing, and exposing inmates to dioxin, the active ingredient in Agent Orange, the chief chemical used in the United States’ herbicidal warfare program in Vietnam.

Over the course of 23 years, Kligman obtained grants from the US Army, Dow Chemical, and Johnson & Johnson, as well as academic support from the University of Pennsylvania, to research the effects of some of the most dangerous chemicals in his arsenal on people confined under terms that render the idea of “informed consent” a grisly joke.

By the time he finished, hundreds of patients had been knowingly infected with herpes, staph, athlete’s foot, and dioxin.

Agent Orange Birth Defects

A Vietnamese child who has suffered birth defects likely caused by dioxin/Agent Orange. Image Source: Business Insider

As with the other entries on this list, Kligman’s results were of limited value. Those who reviewed his work found it to be so sloppy and riddled with conflicting data that it was excluded from consideration by the Food and Drug Administration.

Essentially, Kligman spent over two decades torturing prison inmates, and his results weren’t good enough for government work. Kligman managed to evade punishment and live to just short of 94. To the end of his life, he swore he did nothing wrong.

Evil Science Experiments: The Results Of Injecting People With The Ingredients Of Nuclear Bombs

Soviet Nuclear Bomb Explosion

What plutonium can do in a nuclear bomb–and this is what was actually injected into subjects’ bodies. Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

In the ’50s and ’60s, there was hardly a quicker way to get your research funded by the U.S. government than to pitch the idea of exposing people (especially minorities) to ridiculous amounts of radiation to see what would happen. Some of the highlights:

As part the program to develop nuclear weapons, unsuspecting soldiers and patients at a Chicago hospital were injected with some of the weapons’ chief ingredient: plutonium. Unsurprisingly, only about one in four lived long enough to hear about what had been done to them.

Cornelius Rhoads Time Magazine

Cornelius Rhoads was widely hailed as a hero during his lifetime. Image Source:

Dr. Cornelius Rhoads, cancer researcher and future member of the Atomic Energy Commission, injected Puerto Ricans with active cancer cells to monitor the results–they, of course, died.

According to a cheery note written by Rhodes: “The Porto Ricans (sic) are the dirtiest, laziest, most degenerate and thievish race of men ever to inhabit this sphere…I have done my best to further the process of extermination by killing off eight and transplanting cancer into several more.

Dr. Eugene Saenger, under the guise of treatment, exposed dozens of African-American patients to over 20,000 x-rays’ worth of radiation. It was enough to cause severe pain, bleeding, and at least 20 identifiable deaths.

In the 90s, the families of some of Saenger’s patients sued him, eventually winning a $3.6 million settlement.

If you enjoyed this article on the most evil science experiments in history, be sure to read our collection of interesting articles and a shocking look at pollution in China. Then, read up on the horrific experiments of Nazi doctor Josef Mengele. Finally, check out ten fringe sciences that are as fascinating as they are terrifying.

The seven creepiest science experiments

Science is amazing, but it can involve doing some pretty weird stuff. Just in time for Halloween, here are seven science experiments that are creepy, scary, or just plain gross!


1. Scientist lets insect live inside her

The sand flea Tunga penetrans, here in a scanning electron microscope several days after penetrating the skin.


The sand flea, also known as chigger flea, is pretty gross. It burrows permanently into the skin of a warm-blooded host—like a human—where it swells, defecates, and produces eggs, before dying 4-6 weeks later, still embedded in the skin. We know a lot about them, but until now, their sex lives have been shrouded in mystery. Not anymore: A researcher in Madagascar was so interested in sand flea development that she let one of the bugs live inside her foot for 2 months.Her intimate observations paid off: She figured out that the parasites most likely have sex when the females are already inside their hosts.

2. Blood of young mice rejuvenates old mice

The weak skin of African spiny mice helps them escape predators.  ASHLEY SEIFERT

There are a lot of different interpretations of vampires out there—some sparklier than others—but two things remain consistent: Vampires guzzle blood and they live forever. As it turns out, if you’re trying to stay young, you could do worse than start with the blood of young victims. Scientists interested in aging joined two mice together—one young, the other old—and studied the effects. Once its circulatory system was connected to that of a younger mouse, the old mouse experienced reversed aging in muscle and in the brain. Although it’s not quite time to start asking your kids for blood transfusions, researchers are keen to start clinical trials in humans.

3. Pinpointing where fear lives in the brain

When survival is threatened, fear is the almost universal reaction.


Fear is a pretty universal emotion. But where does it come from? And what’s it like to truly be fearless? Researchers tried to answer the first question in 2011, when they tested a human patient, known anonymously as SM, who did not experience fear. SM had lesions on her amygdala, a part of the brain thought to be key to our experience of fear. They exposed her to snakes and spiders, took her to a haunted house, and had her watch scary movies. She showed—and felt no fear. That settles it, the researchers thought—the amygdala is key to the human fear response.

4. Shocking people to “death”

An electroconvulsive machine, like this one, can transmit painful shocks to the brain.


Stanley Milgram’s tests are some of the best known psychology experiments out there, and with good reason. In 1961, in the wake of the high-profile trial of Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann, Milgram set out to test our obedience to authority figures. The experiment was simple: Subjects were instructed to give a series of escalating electric shocks to a person in another room. The shocks started at 15 volts and ended at a massive 450 volts. Although the two were separated, the subjects could communicate with the person getting the shocks and hear their (faked) reactions, which included screaming, banging on the wall, and complaining of a heart condition. After a while, the person in the next room would stop responding completely. The subjects were not threatened or berated—if they expressed discomfort, they were simply instructed, a maximum of four times, to keep administering the volts. The results were shocking: Milgram found that a full 65% of the subjects, despite obvious discomfort, administered the final—and seemingly fatal—450-volt electric shock to the person in the next room.

5. Of birds, aggression, and Dick Cheney

The New Caledonian crow—shown here with a tool it crafted—is capable of high-level cognition, researchers report.


Be careful how you treat birds this Halloween—they remember! Researchers in Seattle ran an interesting experiment on crows. They designated a caveman mask as dangerous, and a Dick Cheney mask as neutral. They wore the dangerous mask to net and capture crows, and wore Cheney when they felt like acting the good guy. As it turns out, crows don’t forget a face: Up to two-thirds of the birds in the area would become upset when they saw the dangerous mask and start scolding, mobbing, and dive-bombing the wearer, no matter who they were.

6. Reanimation with dead hearts

Cross-sections of mouse ventricles show the visible change in size when old hearts are immersed in young blood.


If you’re smart, you already have a plan for the zombie apocalypse and you’ve got your survival team already picked out (no Beths allowed.) As it turns out, reanimation may not be complete science fiction. Researchers in California were successfully able to transplant “dead,” nonbeating hearts into young baboons. Although each of the subjects eventually died, they say that their findings suggest that we should one day be able to transplant “dead” hearts into humans too.

7. Frankenmouse!

“Earmouse,” sporting ears made from scaffolded tissue seeded with bovine cartilage cells.


Remember this picture? Creatively dubbed “Earmouse,” this little guy was originally held up as evidence that genetic engineering had gone too far. In reality, a better name for him may have been Frankenmouse—he’s the product of simple stitching, not genetic engineering. Earmouse’s creators molded sterile, biodegradable mesh into the shape of a human ear, which they seeded with bovine cartilage cells. To grow the ear, they needed a power source, so they stitched the ear-shaped scaffold onto a nude mouse, a mouse with no immune system. Once it was stitched on, the mouse’s own blood vessels infiltrated the scaffold, nourishing the incipient ear. By the time the scaffold dissolved, the ear was sturdy enough to stand on its own—and thoroughly creeped everyone out.


25 of the Scariest Science Experiments Ever Conducted

While science has the power to improve our lives and cure disease, it can also be used to torture, murder, and brainwash. Here are 25 scary experiments that destroyed lives, or have the potential to unleash doomsday.

Creepy animal experiments 

Pig Powder
From the University of Pittsburgh’s McGowan Institute of Regenerative Medicine, comes regenerative powder. Cells are scraped from the lining of a pig’s bladder, the tissue is decellulised, and then dried. From this they managed to regrow a finger. There is something chilling about the idea that dried pig organs will be used to regrow human limbs.

Source: PubMed

Pit of Despair
Psychologist Harry Harlow induced clinical depression in monkeys by taking young macaques that had bonded with their mother, and placing them in complete isolation, in a darkened cage, for up to ten weeks. Within a few days they became psychotic, and most could not be treated.

Source: American Journal of Psychiatry

Russians re-attaching dog heads
This infamous propaganda film from 1940 shows Soviet Dr Sergei S. Bryukhonenko removing the head of dogs, and keeping them alive on a heart-lung machine. While possibly a Soviet fake, it produced a major stir in the west.

Source: Time Magazine

Spider Goat
Nexia Biotechnologies developed a transgenic goat whose milk contains proteins like that of spider silk. The milk can then be refined into superstrong biosteel polymers. We crossed spiders with goats, with no idea of how these could impact the ecosystem. Unsurprisingly, DARPA funded it.

Source: Science

Horrifying human experiments

THN1412 Drug Trial
In 2007, drug trials started for THN1412, a leukemia treatment. It had been tested previously in animals, and was found completely safe. Generally a drug is deemed safe to test on humans when it is found to be nonfatal to animals. When testing began in human subjects, the humans were given doses 500 times lower than found safe for animals. Nevertheless this drug, safe for animals, caused catastrophic organ failure in test subjects. Here the difference between animals and humans was deadly.
Source: New Scientist

A human brain – trapped in a mouse!
Researchers at the Salk Institute in La Jolla discovered how to grow human brain cells by injecting embryonic stem cells into fetal mice. This combines the twin horrors of stem cells and transgenic research to give us either supersmart squirmy mice babies, or people with rodent brains.

Sources: Salk Institute and Washington Post

Implantable Identity Code
The first RFID implant in a human was in 1998,
and since then it’s been an easy option for people wanting to be a little bit cyborg. Now companies, prisons, and hospitals have FDA approval to implant them into individuals, in order to track where people are going. Mexican attorney general got 18 of his staff members chipped to control who had access to documents. The prospect of a business forcing its employees to receive an implant of any type is creepy and totalitarian.

Stanford Prisoner Experiment
Philip Zimbardo’s Stanford prisoner experiment took place in the 1970s. The psychiatrist took 24 undergraduates and assigned them roles as either prisoners or guards, in a mock prison on campus. After just a few days, 1/3 of the guards exhibited sadistic tendencies, two prisoners had to be removed early due to emotional trauma, and the whole experiment only lasted six of the planned 14 days. It showed just how easily normal individuals can become abusive, in situations where it is encouraged.

Source: Stanford University

Milgram Experiments
The infamous “shock” experiments conducted by Stanley Milgram in the 1960s showed just how far people would go, when ordered to hurt somebody else by an authority figure. The well-known psychological study brought in volunteers who thought they were participating in an experiment where they would deliver shocks to another test subject. A doctor requested that they deliver greater and greater shocks, even when the “test subject” started to scream in pain and (in some cases) die. In reality, the experiment was to see how obedient people would be when a doctor told them to do something that was obviously horrific and possibly fatal. Many participants in the experiments were willing to shock the “test subjects” (actors hired by Milgram) until they believed those subjects were injured or dead. Later, many participants claimed they were traumatized for life after discovering that they were capable of such inhumane behavior.

Source: Journal of Abnormal and Social Psychology

Hofling Hospital Experiment
In a similar vein is the Hofling hospital experiment, which involved nurses being told to administer a dangerous dose of a drug to a patient. In the Milgram experiment, it could be argued the participants didn’t really know the danger of what they were doing. With Charles Hofling’s work, the nurses knew exactly how toxic the dose would be, yet 21 of the 22 would still have performed the injection.

Source: Hofling CK et al. (1966) “An Experimental Study of Nurse-Physician Relationships”. Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease 141:171-180.

Historical atrocities

Sigmund Freud and the case of Emma Eckstein
In the late nineteenth century, Eckstein came to Freud to be treated for a nervous illness. He diagnosed her with hysteria and excessive masturbation. His friend Willhelm Fleis believed that hysteria and excessive masturbation could be treated by cauterizing the nose, so he performed an operation on Eckstein where he essentially burned her nasal passages. She suffered horrific infections, and was left permanently disfigured as Fleiss had left surgical gauze in her nasal passage. Other women suffered through similar experiments.
Source: Freud, Surgery, and the Surgeons (via Google Books)

Nazi Experiments
The medical atrocities performed by the Nazis are well-documented, and undeniably horrifying, with Josef Mengele’s work on twins being especially disturbing. What’s also terrifying is how useful this information was to medical science. A large amount of our knowledge about how hypothermia and cold effect humans is based on this data. Many have raised questions about the morality of using data gathered under such horrific circumstances.
Source: JLaw

Unit 731
Slightly less well known than the Nazi experiments were the ones inflicted on the native Chinese population by the Japanese in WWII. These included vivisection without anesthesia, induced gangrene, live weapons testing, germ warfare infections, and worse. General MacArthur granted immunity to these doctors in exchange for helping America with biological warfare research.
Source: New York Times

The Tuskegee Syphilis experiment
Between 1932 and 1972, 399 impoverished African-American farmers in Tuskegee, Alabama, with syphilis were recruited into a free program to treat their disease, but were denied effective treatment (penicillin) even after it existed. This was done as an experiment by scientists who wanted to see how the disease would progress if untreated. The leaking of this event lead to major changes in American laws on informed consent in medical experiments.
Source: Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved

Mind control

A biotech system that allows scientists to turn neurons in your brain on and off using different colors of light. The technique, which requires brain implants, already works in rodents, who can be compelled to turn in a specific direction. Imagine what would happen if optogenetics were used to regulate human behavior.
Source: Wired

José Delgado, a Professor at Yale, invented the Stimocever, a radio implanted in the brain to control behavior. Most dramatically, he demonstrated its effectiveness by stopping a charging bull with the implant. Except this thing could control peoples actions. In one case, the implant caused erotic stimulation for a woman, who stopped looking after herself and lost some motor functions after using the stimulator. She even developed an ulcer on her finger from constantly adjusting the amplitude dial.
Source: Pain journal

MK-ULTRA was a code name for a series of CIA mind-control research experiments, heavily steeped in chemical interrogations and LSD dosing. In operation Midnight Climax, they hired prostitutes to dose clients with LSD to see its effects on unwilling participants. The very concept of a Governmental agency trying to control minds, both to boost the mental abilities of its friends, and destroy those of its enemies, is suitably horrific.
Source: CIA Library

Our new robot overlords

Robo-Rats and Cyber-Beetles
Ready for remote controlled animals to keep an eye on you? Researchers have already found ways to create cybernetic rats and beetles, both controllable via remote. If the concept of beady eyed rats watching form the shadows doesn’t scare the hell out of you, then flying bugs might. Of course, the army is very, very interested in both.
Source: Technology Review and Nature

Robots That Eat
The EATR robot (Energetically Autonomous Tactical Robot), is a DARPA funded robot meant to forage for itself, by devouring biomass. While the developers swear it’s strictly vegeterian, that’s hardly comforting in the face of inevitable robot intelligence, and it possibly eating all our forests.
Source: Gizmodo

The Multiple Kill Vehicle (MKV)
This robot is a cluster of warheads on a single vehicle, each of which uses jets to hover, track, and then destroy incoming missiles. Just watch the YouTube video of the test of its hovering abilities, and imagine that thing coming after you.
Source: Missile Defense Agency

Self-Replicating Replicators
The RepRap project seems relatively innocent – it’s just a cheap and easy program that allows hobbyists to build 3D printers. But it’s main goal is to become a self-replicating device: A replicator that replicates itself. A self-replicating system, which can create mechanical objects? This could get ugly.
Source: Rep Rap Homepage

Evolving Robots
Take a bunch of cute, round robots, give them a generation lifespan two minutes, and after a few hundred generations, they evolve to cooperate, find food, and avoid pitfalls. These robots can evolve communication and intelligence, to some degree. Incredibly short lived, with the ability to evolve greater intellect. Just wait till they break out of the lab.
Sources: Technology Review and Science Direct

It could destroy the fabric of space-time . . . or not!

The Demon Core
During experiments with a sphere of plutonium nicknamed the “demon core” at Los Alamos laboratory, scientist Louis Slotin died when a screwdriver slipped and the sphere went supercritical. After the room grew hot and was suffused in a ‘blue glow,’ he saved the lives of seven other people, but died from severe radiation exposure.
Sources: Trinity Atomic Website and Wikipedia

The Death Ray
In his last years, mad scientist Nikola Tesla was working on a death ray (sometimes called a “peace ray”). It was a particle beam weapon that supposedly could bring down a fleet of 10,000 airplanes at 200 miles. He tried to sell the weapon, which he claimed ran via “teleforce,” to the USA and a number of European countries, but none of them would take it. When your death ray is too terrifying for the US military to take, you know that’s worrying.
Source: New York Times and Nikola Tesla’s scientific proposal about the weapon.

Time Machine
Physicist Ronald Mallett’s work is based on using a ring laser to create closed timelike curves, which may allow time travel. Possibly you would only be able to travel back in time to the point when the device was turned on. What could go wrong?
Source: Mallett’s proposal for the time machine [PDF]

Large Hadron Collider
The Large Hadron Collider (LHC), located in an underground facility in Switzerland, is the world’s largest particle accelerator, designed to ram protons or lead nuclei into each other at ludicrous speeds. The LHC has suffered a series of delays, and is meant to be back online in November 2009. Physicists admit there is an infinitesimal chance that it will generate a black hole that could destroy the Earth – or possibly another kind of anomaly that would eat the universe. Two scientists have even put forth the theory that the LHC is sabotaging itself from the future, to prevent us unearthing the elusive Higgs Boson particle; others have sued in the hope that they can shut down the LHC before it destroys the world.
Source: Large Hadron Collider at CERN

Additional reporting by Tim Barribeau.

15 Creepy Science Experiments That Will Haunt You In Your Sleep


Science is fascinating, to say the least. And experiments? A hundred times better. Little kids are always enthralled by how ordinary objects can “magically” turn into something mesmerizing like, say, the classic erupting volcano made out of volcano-shaped mud with vinegar and baking soda poured in it. The sciences enable people to develop theories and validate them through a series of experiments. And these days, there aren’t a lot of uncertainties that science hasn’t demystified yet.

But fascinating as they are, experiments are well known for being equally disturbing. There are science explorations that demonstrate a whole new level of creepy—too creepy to seem real, even—but evidence shows they actually did take place.

Here are 15 of the strangest, most hair-raising experiments that, instead of enlightening the world with answers, seemed to create even more questions.


Anything that has to do with animal experiments, easily falls in the “creepy” category. A 1940 propaganda film did just that, causing a stir in the medical world. It was a mind-blowing experiment that showed Soviet scientist Dr. Sergei S. Brukhonenko and his team decapitating a dog and keeping the animal alive using the autojektor, the heart and lung machine that he developed. The video was said to be a fake; many speculated it was a documentary re-staging the canine experiment performed by the frontrunner of the Research Institute of Experimental Surgery. Regardless, the experiments actually took place: Brukhonenko took dogs’ heads off their bodies and succeeded at keeping them alive for several hours on life support. According to Time Magazine, this research in fact earned the famous scientist the posthumous Lenin Prize. Downright disturbing, yes, but when did science stop being so incredibly strange?



In the 1890s, 27-year-old Italian Emma Eckstein sought treatment from Dr. Sigmund Freud for depression and stomach pain due to menstruation. Freud’s diagnosis was hysteria and extreme masturbation which was considered a mental illness at the time. Freud’s friend Wilhelm Fliess, an ear, nose and throat surgeon, believed that excessive masturbation could be cured by cauterizing her nose. Upon conducting the surgery, however, Fliess accidentally left surgical gauze in Eckstein’s nasal passage, resulting in infections that left her permanently disfigured, caused a cerebral hemorrhage and ultimately caused her death in 1924. However, Freud concluded that the hemorrhages or “wish-bleedings” emanated from her extreme desire for others’ affection and later associated her with his seduction theory. Analysts argued that the Eckstein case was a horrific display of Freud’s cover-up of Fliess’ apparent malpractice. How unfortunate for a woman who, these days, could’ve had simply popped some pills for the symptoms to go away!



As the most powerful man in Europe during the medieval times, the Holy Roman Emperor Frederick II carried out experiments that, as society would soon realize, were barbaric acts. With a ruthless Italian monk for an aide, Frederick II’s unspeakably cruel experiments ranged from detaining a man in a barrel with only a tiny hole to see his “soul” escape to disemboweling people whom he just fed to see who digested food quicker. His most infamous quest, however, was finding “the language of God” by completely keeping two infants from interacting with people since their birth. He presumed that without human interaction, the two would learn to speak “the language of Adam and Eve.” Unsurprisingly, all the experiments were a total failure. The infants, in particular, acted like insane savages and eventually died in the most deplorable conditions. Makes us thankful we never lived to see those atrocities—by religious authority figures no less!



Dr. John William Money, a psychologist and sexual behavior expert, believed that gender was learned as opposed to being innate. In 1966, he tried to prove this by performing orchidectomy, the surgical removal of the testicles, of a 22-month-old baby named Bruce Reimer who, at 8 months, was left without a penis due to failed circumcision. In what was dubbed the “John/Joan” case of nurture vs. nature sexual identity, Dr. Money went on with the sex change procedure and convinced the parents to bring up the child as a girl alongside his twin brother. The experiment failed miserably, as Bruce did not identify with being a girl and refuted Dr. Money’s theory. The twins even accused the doctor of coercing them into playing sex games with each other. It was considered a tragic experiment, as well, as both boys eventually committed suicide. As experts weighed in on the premise of this infamous scientific test, people couldn’t help but question the moral compass of Dr. Money, who was considered a leading figure in the field of gender biology.



How wild are some science theories? Dr. Henry Cotton, the head physician of the New Jersey State Lunatic Asylum (presently called the Trenton Psychiatric Hospital) had a crazy notion: internal organs, upon developing infections, were the root causes of insanity and must therefore be extracted for study. In 1907, the “surgical bacteriology” procedures were done often without the consent of patients. Teeth, tonsils and even deeper internal organs such as colons that were suspected to be causing the insanity were extracted. To prove his point, the doctor also extracted his own teeth, as well as those of his wife and sons! Forty-nine patients died from the procedures, which he justified as “end-stage psychosis.” He is currently regarded as a pioneering expert who paved the way for efforts to cure insanity—but critics still consider his works appalling, nonetheless!



The quest to discover or rediscover the sciences to cure diseases encourages experts to push scientific boundaries, but as the case of American gynecologist J. Marion Sims proved, the methods to uncover these mysteries could be unspeakably punishing—at least in the 1840s. Dr. Sims conducted a three-year study on curing vesicovaginal fistula, a medical condition in which the bladder was irregularly attached to the vagina. African-American female slaves became the subject of these horrific experiments, on whom Dr. Sims would operate without anesthesia. A test subject named Anarcha suffered 30 torturous surgeries before the doctor finally got the answer he was looking for. Such terrifying stories make us wonder, is sacrificing lives really worth the success of such scientific experiments? Thankfully, people these days are able to assert the rights they deserve as patients, as opposed to being under the mercy of such doctors whose acts are apparently bordering on lunacy!



Between 1913 and 1951, a hair-raising series of experiments involving the testicles of inmates was conducted within the San Quentin prison in California. The prison chief physician at the time, Dr. Leo Stanley, believed that male criminals shared a characteristic: they had low testosterone levels—and that this could be corrected by increasing them. To prove this, he transplanted testicles of executed convicts into living inmates. When there was a shortage of dead men’s testicles, he resorted to injecting liquefied animal testicles into the prisoners! Dr. Stanley admitted to have performed the experiment on at least 600 males and claimed success on them, citing a Caucasian prisoner who, according to him, became “energetic” after getting the testicle of an executed African-American convict. His strange and anomalous atrocities in the guise of science tests are enough to make anyone ask: Didn’t this brilliant doctor qualify as a sadistic, insane criminal who deserved to be in that jail?



Conducted in the context of a learning experiment, Stanley Milgram’s shock experiments were centered on a doctor directing a participant to administer severe punishment to a hired test subject who refused to do the instruction. The punishment came in the form of shock—ranging in levels from from slight to danger or severe—as may be administered using a generator with 30 shock switches. Even when the hired test subject was already supposedly screaming in pain and facing fatal consequences, the doctor would order the participant to administer even higher shock levels—and they did. According to The Journal of Abnormal and Social Psychology, several of the experiment participants admitted that discovery of their cruel and inhumane side had them “traumatized for life.” It’s alarming how science can bring out the cold-blooded and ruthless side of people.



In 2005, scientists at the Salk Institute for Biological Sciences in La Jolla, California were on a mission to prove that a fully functional human brain can be grown in the head of a different species. In particular, they injected stem cells in fetal rodents, combining the possibility of developing mice with human brain cells that could result in either human-smart rodents or humans with mouse brains. The outrageous human-animal research experiment, according to The Washington Post, was to be used as a basis for researches to support the theory that stem cell therapies for neurodegenerative disorders could work—as proven by the stem cells adapting well to a different environment inside an animal. Experiment for a noble cause, sure, but the entire procedure is enough to cause anyone to feel squeamish!



Just how far will a nurse go in the duty to please the physician as a figure of authority? This was the premise of the 1966 field experiment conducted by Charles K. Hofling about people willingly accepting orders from authoritative figures. In a real hospital, Dr. Hofling had mock doctors ordering nurses to give patients a fictional drug in doses beyond the allowed limits. Surprisingly, the nurses who said on a test questionnaire that they wouldn’t do such a thing did otherwise—despite knowing that the order was against hospital rules and could in fact risk patients’ lives. Dr. Hofling concluded that the nurses “suppressed good judgment” because they viewed the doctor as a professional who knew better. While the experiment did not cause harm to any patient, it was a terrifying revelation of the delicate yet harmful nature of human obedience, which could actually cloud common sense, compassion and rational thinking.



Were brilliant scientists of the past inherently unsympathetic and cruel enough to repress compassion and even disregard human life—all in the name of science? Dr. Walter Jones, a physician who hailed from Petersburg, Virginia, seemed to be that way. In the 1840s, when typhoid pneumonia was widespread, he took 15- to 30-year-old male African slaves in Virginia plantations as test subjects of his experiment: the pouring of boiling water on them to supposedly cure the disease! This was performed on the subjects who had high fever, cough, sore throat, runny nose, headaches, nausea, vomiting, fatigue and diarrhea—which were known signs of pneumonia. The doctor claimed that the experiment was a success as it cured several of the subjects, but this was never verified. Talk about torture treatment—and with no reasonable signs of success at that!



Do human beings, even the ones we least expect, naturally have a sadistic side that gets unleashed due to certain triggers? In 1971, an experiment at Stanford University in California proved that there was truth to this idea. Psychologist Philip Zimbardo and his research group had 24 college students—each paid $15 a day—as subjects to his “prison life” experiment, wherein some took the role of prisoners and the others, guards. Despite instructions not to use any form of violence in maintaining control and order, one in every three guards showed their tendency to be abusive even if they showed no signs prior to the experiment. This resulted in two prisoners suffering emotional trauma and leaving the mock prison. Multiple films and documentaries have been produced bringing to light the decades-old experiment which, because of the disturbing results, lasted only six days instead of 14.



In the 1960s, Yale University Professor Jose Delgado was bent on finding a way for the human brain to be controlled, resulting in controlled actions for the “psychocivilization” of a society. He invented the Stimocever, a radio that was able to control human behavior after being inserted in the brain. This was initially tested and proved its effectiveness on a raging bull that was successfully stopped. Later on, the chip was implanted in a woman’s brain that caused her erotic stimulation and loss of some motor skills. The subject was always adjusting her amplitude dial causing her an ulcer on her finger. While seen by many as a highly beneficial breakthrough as far as behavior control is concerned, some researchers cried foul over the experiment for advocating mind control, which is considered unethical and cruel.

The Brain-Machine Connection: Humans and Computers in the 21st Century



Between the years 1932 and 1972, the U.S. Public Health Service conducted a clinical study in the form of an experiment involving syphilis-infected, poor African-American farmers who hailed from the rural town of Tuskegee, Alabama. Around 399 people were recruited into a free treatment program but were actually denied of penicillin because the researchers wanted to find out the progress of the disease if untreated. In 1973, the subjects filed a class-action lawsuit against the U.S. government for their questionable experiment. To this day, the litigation has continued. This was a case of an experiment grossly carried out because really, why should a human being suffer the consequences of untreated syphilis? It is almost hard to imagine!

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