OBAMA – Did Obama Perform his own “Babylon Rising” type Ritual?


There has never been a President or any other political figure in America who displayed so many Occultic and/or Magick symbols or made some many verbal references to things occult.  EVER!   He can claim he is joking all he wants, but that does not clear him.  These things are being spoken or acted out for a reason.  There has never been another Ex-President who has continued to behave as if he were still in office and still representing the American people or who has done more to undermine the sitting President.  There has never been a President with more disregard for the Constitution or for the United States than this evil entity.

Things have been growing increasingly dark at an unbelievable pace here lately.  I came across the article here about the Blue Moon Ritual, and it seems to me to be very plausible.  At any rate, more and more it appears that Obama is not only an AntiChrist, but I believe he is THE ANTICHRIST and we have not seen the last of him.

Obama Hints He Is Clone of Pharaoh Akhenaten 666. (Unbelievable video)

President Barack Obama Makes Key Speech In Cairo

US President Barack Obama and Egyptian antiquities chief Zahi Hawass visit the Giza pyramids complex on June 4, 2009, in Cairo, Egypt. Earlier, Obama gave a key Middle East policy speech seeking to bridge the gaps between the US and the Muslim world. (Photo by Mohamed Hamed – Pool/MENA/Getty Images) * Local Caption * Barack Obama; Zahi Hawass
(June 4, 2009 – Source: Pool/Getty Images Europe)

An Egyptian man buys a cartouche (hieroglyph) which reads “Obama New Tutankhamon Of The World” from Gamal Shosha (L) in his souvenir shop in the old city June 3, 2009 in Cairo, Egypt. The US President is due to deliver his key Middle East policy speech at Cairo University this Thursday.

(June 3, 2009 – Source: David Silverman/Getty Images Europe)

You may have heard the saying, ‘that will happen once in a blue moon’ and never thought much of it.  Well, Obama is president and that ancient saying once again has meaning.[adinserter block=”1″]Sources report that Obama performed a dark ritual today in the secretive chambers beneath the White House.  Eye witnesses confirm numerous people with ‘horses heads and apocalyptic bodies’ were seen exiting cars and being hurried into the White House.  Beneath the light of the Ecclesiastical super moon, they planned to confirm America’s betrayal of its Christian heritage (hallmarked by legalizing gay marriage) and into the path of Satanic darkness.

The liberal media is trying to hide the significance of the July 31st blue moon, an event that has not happened since the dark ages.  20 or 30 years ago, liberals conspired to create the ‘Calendrical Blue Moon’.  This media campaign was to make blue moons happen more often, so that their Biblical significance would lose meaning in popular culture.
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But rest assured, the Blue Moon tonight is an Ecclesiastical blue moon, a part of America’s Christian ancestry that dates back to the times of ancient Rome.  The moon appears every 19 years, on July 31st.   History holds that whoever possesses certain artifacts can determine if the super moon will be the harbinger of good or evil.
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As we have seen in the last few years, Obama has busied himself completing Illuminati rights and gathering artifacts from ancient cultures.  This has all been so that tonight, he and his dark friends could help usher in the next age of darkness that will cast America further into the murky pits of homosexuality, Godlessness and socialism.

Obama and Liberals Preparing To Rule a Dark Age of Wanton Carnality

Obama was seen wearing an outfit of the ancient moon god, Khonshu, of Egypt. Khonshu was said to be anti-Ra, or against the light, which means he instead stood as the leader of darkness. Not much has changed between the Obama family’s ancestral role in ancient Egypt and today.

For nearly a decade the Obama administration has shown a nearly fanatical devotion to collecting ancient relics associated with the occult and supernatural ability.

Sources report as early as the 1990s, Obama would travel back to his birthland of Africa to hunt down ancient relics in the fertile crescent.  Several villagers from Kenya report that on July 31st, 1996, Obama carried out the first of the ‘subsequent Ecclestiastical full moon’ rituals, knowing that if he completed the second ritual, he would invoke the ancient Blue moon prophesy.

The Rite of Stonehenge

Obama walks through Stonehenge, relishing in the sacred grounds of ancient darkness.  Here, Obama completed a right to imbue himself with the powers of ancient priests and false gods who were said to be fallen angels.

Hours after walking through Stonehenge, eyewitnesses report that Obama chanted some line while holding a hammer-like relic skyward.  Locals fled into the fields while secret service members ducked for safety.  It is said afterward Obama’s voice echoed like an auto-tuned ocean and his eyes did not look like a human.

Obama’s Possession of Ancient Norse Religious Relics

Obama’s feat at Stonehenge is easily explained by the following image media that has made its way through conservative social media networks.

Terrified scientists can only look on as Obama lifts an ancient Norse relic called ‘mjolnir’.  A close look at the intricate craftmanship of this ancient relic shows its ties to the occult and Illuminati.

Obama took this relic from Sweden, the locals unable to stop him as he boarded Air Force One and flew straight for Stone Henge, where he used the weapon to bring a great dark power upon himself.

Liberal media will try to deny these claims, but after Obama completed this rite he started to display mastery over the sun, the moon and the weather.

Onlookers will look at images of Obama in his Khonshu moon ritual outfit and find that he looks young.  Beneath the White House, eyewitnesses have seen evidence of a sarcophagus where Barack Obama and his Illuminati friends such as Susan Lucci, John Kerry, Johnny Depp, Robe Lowe and Elijah Wood take turns defying age and death itself during the blue moon ritual.

What Does The Ecclesiastical Supermoon Mean for America’s Morality

America will only grow into a darker nation.  Expect more gay marriage, more natural disasters, more societal unrest and blatantly supernatural events such as meteorites dramatically crashing into all sorts of symbolic things.  Poor people will only get more and more healthcare and free food, while the hardworking and Christian find their persecution increasing for trying to adhere to America’s true path of righteousness.

The end, dark times are upon us.

I implore you to think about the way our nation has changed in the years that have past since 2015!  I don’t even recognize our nation anymore.  If you find anything good, anything that you would call a positive change, I would like to hear it.  Our nation is falling apart, hatred, abuse, and depravity are the rule of the day.  A generation who declares that they are for love, show nothing but intolerance for anything but the most vile and revolting behaviors.  Obama DECLARED that we are no longer a Christian nation, and it IS SO, and it is NOW so!  And the nation revels in their rebellion, as it crumbles around them.  Barach Hussein Obama promised CHANGE, and boy did he deliver.  THE GOOD OLD USA is UNRECOGNIZABLE!