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WOW, things are escalating at an outrageous rate!  Is your head spinning?  MINE IS!  Every day it becomes more and more bizarre!  It feels like I am living in a horrible nightmare, I keep wishing it could all go away.  IT IS NOT GOING TO GO AWAY!  IT IS ONLY GOING TO GET WORSE!  

If you have been following my news and weather updates you should already know that DORIAN was not a naturally occurring Hurricane.  So much about the developments in this storm over the past week have been unbelievable.  This article is going to bring you some more crazy stuff to review and consider.

Update 9/16/19  PM

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Update 9/16/19

It looks like the attack is not over!

HUMBERTO Impacts Grand Bahama Island.

This storm just will not leave!


Update 9/15/19

Still reeling from Dorian, Bahamas hit by tropical storm Humberto

Tropical storm Humberto dropped on the Bahamas islands in the wake of Hurricane Dorian which hit as a Category 5 storm and left thousands in need of food, water and shelter.

hurricane dorian

People walk next to shattered and water-filled coffins in Bahamas in the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian. (AP photo)

Tropical Storm Humberto moved away from the Bahamas on Saturday after dumping rain on parts of the archipelago’s northwest region that were already hammered by Hurricane Dorian two weeks ago.

Humberto dropped rain on the islands as U.N. Secretary-General António Guterres visited the Bahamas to support humanitarian efforts in the wake of Dorian, which hit as a Category 5 storm that left thousands in need of food, water and shelter. The list of missing stands at an alarming 1,300 people and the death toll at 50. But officials caution the list is preliminary and many people could just be unable to connect with loved ones. (they continue to feed you lies about the dead and missing, the number is in the thousands.  They act as if they have already had the time, the personnel and the organization to get everything settled down and everyone accounted for.  They have no idea what the real numbers are, and frankly, they  don’t care.) 

The storm originally threatened to exacerbate the nation’s problems, but conditions appeared to normalize Saturday afternoon.

At 11 p.m. EDT, the U.S. National Hurricane Center said Humberto was located about 85 miles (137 kilometers) north of Great Abaco Island and was moving 6 mph (9 kph) north-northwest with maximum sustained winds of 60 mph (97 kph). The Bahamian government discontinued a tropical storm warning earlier in the evening.

Weather forecasters say Humberto will likely become a hurricane Sunday as it moves away from the Bahamas and the U.S. coast, but won’t threaten land by the time it intensifies to that strength. Its swells could still affect the coasts of Florida, Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina in the coming days.

Under a bright sun in the Grand Bahama, 40-year-old maintenance man Dexter Wilson was helping a friend put a blue tarp on a damaged roof. He said he was worried about his brother in Abaco given the tropical storm.

“He’s still there. I don’t know why,” he said.

The hurricane center said most of Humberto’s heavy squalls were occurring north and east of the center of the storm, which passed just east of Abaco. However, government officials in the Bahamas took no chances and urged people in damaged homes to seek shelter as they announced that aid efforts would be temporarily affected.

“The weather system will slow down logistics,” said Carl Smith, spokesman for the National Emergency Management Agency.

The distribution of meals in Grand Bahama was reduced ahead of the storm, and a spokesman for the United Nations World Food Program said all flights into its logistics hub in Marsh Harbor in Abaco were suspended.

Later Saturday, WFP spokesman Herve Verhoosel said the agency had resumed activities in Marsh Harbor.

“Our team is back at work to support the population and relief organizations,” Verhoosel said in a statement.

Dave McGregor, president and COO of the Grand Bahama Power Company, said crews would resume restoring power as soon as possible.

“We are back in storm preparation mode again, unfortunately,” he said.

(UN Secretary) Guterres, who was in Abaco on Saturday, said he was “horrified” by the level of “systematic devastation.”

Hurricane Dorian has been classified as Category 5. I think it’s Category Hell,” the U.N. secretary-general said after his visit.

He said storms powered by climate change had grown more intense, and he implored the international community to learn from the example of Abaco and Grand Bahama and provide support.

They want to convince you that it is climate change, not geo-engineering and weather maniplation that causes these catastrophies.  Where is all the UN support?  Where are all the troops and all the planes and ships that could get those people out of there??  Where is there immigration support for all these helpless vicitims?  No, nothing coming…  but they want you to keep sending money.  They are stripping the poor masses of their reserves so that when they are hit by a catastophy they will have nothing to draw from.  Our climate is changing alright through Weather Warfare against the public by our own governments.

“We have always had many hurricanes, but now they are more intense, and they are more frequent,” he said.

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As recovery begins in the Grand Bahama reports of looting are widespread and severe. Woman recounting looting in Bahamas


In the Bahamas, Hurricane Dorian turns paradise to hell …

Sep 4, 2019Seventeen of the Bahamas’ 20 confirmed deaths from Dorian have been on the Abacos. Prime Minister Hubert Minnis described the losses: 60 percent of houses in Marsh Harbour damaged. The Mudd, a …


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Update 9/8/19

The web just gets bigger, more and more intricacies.  So much to which we are not privy.  

Published on Sep 7, 2019


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Published on Sep 3, 2019

Governments want us to believe them. So..why don’t we take their word for it when they create a document called “Weather as a Force Multiplier: Owning the Weather in 2025?” They claim to OWN and CONTROL the weather for “COMPLETE DOMINANCE.” So…if they own and completely control the weather as “war fighter tools to shape the battle space in ways never before possible,” we should take their word for it, right? And if we take them at their word (that they own and control the weather) then Dorian must be one of the weather war dogs on THEIR OWN leash. This, by virtue of such “WEATHER CONTROL,” makes them responsible for all the death and destruction when one of these things arrive on the scene. The words in quotes aren’t MY words…they’re theirs. Share this video with everybody you know. Hacking the Headlines:… Weather as a Force Multiplier:…



The events of the past week have been baffling and mind blowing.  It is obvious to anyone that is using their thinking caps, this Hurricane/Tropical Storm has been totally manufactured and controlled, by someone for some reason.   But, By Whom and for WHAT PURPOSE? 

Well, below you will find a lot of information that may answer some questions, may raise more questions; may give you some comfort or may get you upset.

Lots of suspicious connections around the area.  CIA, CHINA, DISNEY, DENMARK, MAERSK, EPSTEIN…

Dorian – In Pursuit of Truth Presents – 9.3.19

Published on Sep 3, 2019

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 September 8th, 2019.
September 4th, 2019.


 DORIAN New Daily Updates – (BIN)

Investigators like Mike Morales, Rance Smith and Jim Lee have provided technical evidence that Dorian was engineered as a weaponized hurricane. But the big story may be the agenda for this storm as economic warfare against China who has been purchasing sea posts in the Bahamas. President Trump recently floated the idea of buying Greenland – a territory owned by Denmark. The Danish cargo shipping line is Maersk – an aggressive company involved in shipping for China and probably much more…including weapons and human trafficking.

The Bahamas are also known as tax havens for wealthy alien residents. With the current move to repatriate manufacturing from China back to the US. It follows that offshore tax shelters for the greedy are also under attack. In this video, Redpill News report the findings of “3Days3Nights”.


Published on Sep 4, 2019


Chinese submarine base in the waters around the Bahamas?  Q


Published on Sep 3, 2019





CHINA INVASION? Has TRUMP been making secret strategic moves to protect USA?

Image result for Chinese Dragon Invading USA

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Here is an article from Christopher Green of AMTV.  He presents some important data that I have not seen anywhere else.  He also raises some very interesting questions regarding current events in California.  Events that tie to the Fires, Blackouts and HAM Radio issues.   I thought you ought to have an opportunity to consider these.  His video also connected my thoughts to DORIAN and the China connection to that disaster.  I have re-posted the articles about the China connection to Dorian below.

Obama opened the door for China to own our ports.  Some of us have known for a long time that the Democrats are socialists and have been working to undermine the US and build up China.  Don’t believe me, do your research.

So much is happening right now it is mind-boggling!  If you saw my most recent post you know that CHINA is not only the UN’s Model for Governing the NWO, but they already have a worldwide stronghold through the Dragon Races which is bringing all nations of the earth under the Great Dragon whom we know is SATAN.  If you have not seen that article check it out: HERE


Posted October 10, 2019
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So China owned our major port in Los Angeles, and now have sold it to Australia.   Is that supposed to make us feel safer?  Are you aware that Australia is already having an issue with China trying to take control of their own ports?

PUP Warns of Imminent Chinese Invasion! 

This article is published here in its entirety with full reference and links to its origin.  There is no copyright infringement intended,  it is published here for education purposes only.  I receive no remuneration or recognition for its content.  Source:

AUGUST 19, 2014 –

“A day after Mr Clive Palmer stoked controversy by describing the Chinese as “bastards” and “mongrels” who shoot their own people, Senator Lambie has released a statement saying she supports her leader’s comments about China’s military capacity.

“If anybody thinks that we should have a national security and defense policy, which ignores the threat of a Chinese Communist invasion – you’re delusional and got rocks in your head,’’ her statement said.

“The Communist Chinese military capacity and level of threat to the western world democracies is at an unprecedented and historical high.”

Her statement concluded by saying that Mr Palmer’s comments “are a timely warning and highlight the appalling national security and defense policy failures of both Labor and the Liberals/Nationals.

Both Labor and the Liberals/Nationals have failed to build an Australian military that is able to defend us – and stop our grandchildren from becoming slaves to an aggressive, anti-democratic, totalitarian foreign power.”

The statement comes as Mr Palmer attempts to play down his outburst on the ABC’s Q and A program.

The controversial politician launched an attack on Australia’s biggest trading partner, labeling the Chinese Government as “mongrels”.

During an appearance on the ABC’s Q and A program on Monday, the Palmer United Party leader also accused the foreign government of trying to take over Australia’s ports and destroying the wage system.

He told viewers that legal allegations against him were untrue and part of a campaign of “bluster”.

“We’ve had three judgements in the Federal Court, The Supreme Court of Western Australia and an arbitration against these Chinese mongrels,” he said.

“I am saying that because they are communists, because they shoot their own people, they haven’t got a justice system and they want to take over this country. And we’re not going to let them do it.”


The controversial comments followed questions over allegations that the mining magnate siphoned off $12 million in funding from his Chinese business partner, Citicto, to support his federal election campaign.

Mr Palmer dodged the questions, before telling host Tony Jones to go to court if he wanted answers.

“The Chinese government wants to bring workers here and destroy our wage system,” he said.

“It won’t stop the fact that they want to take over our ports…”

“I don’t mind standing up against the Chinese bastards and stopping them doing it.”

Silent Invasion – China’s Influence in Australia

Image result for Chinese Invasion

Australia has become China’s puppet state, says Clive Hamilton in Silent Invasion

Celebrations in Sydney for the Chinese new year. An Australian academic says that infiltration by Beijing has eroded the country’s sovereignty

Thousands of Chinese agents have secretly infiltrated the worlds of academia, business, politics and the religious establishment in Australia as part of a long-term espionage strategy, it has been alleged.

The level of infiltration and influence peddling is so extensive that it has eroded the country’s sovereignty, one of Australia’s leading intellectuals claims in a book.

In Silent Invasion: How China is Turning Australia into a Puppet State, Clive Hamilton says that the agents arrived in waves of Chinese migration to Australia and stretch across various strata of society. They include “billionaires with shady histories and tight links to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), media owners creating Beijing mouthpieces, ‘patriotic’ students brainwashed from birth, and professionals marshalled into pro-Beijing associations set up by the Chinese…

Read the rest of the article: HERE

April 3, 2019
China is engaged in a secret invasion of the US through unrestricted warfare. It’s not a military or army invasion, but an invasion of hearts and minds. I sit down with retired US Air Force General Robert Spalding, who advised the Trump administration on China policy.

Chinese Invasion – Miss V.

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Chinese Invasion

OCT 3, 2019, 10:17 PM

Hi, this is the first time I’ve ever submitted a dream or a word from the Lord. However, I have on many occasions had dreams that within a short amount of time came true. Everything from a relative being pregnant before they announced it, to my godson scoring top 1% in his SAT tests before he had even taken the test. All came true.

Now, my dream this morning October 3rd, 2019 between the hours of 3:45 and 8:30 AM. I went to bed early last night around 9:30. Listening to Neville Goddard and relaxing healing music. I awoke around 3:20, very bizarre time to wake up. Too early to get up, so I took an Advil PM to get back to sleep. I had an extremely vivid dream of an invasion of some kind. I was surrounded by Asians, which I felt innately were Chinese. Everyone was Chinese but me. We were told to run, hide quickly. I was shown the horizon, about a half mile away and I saw hundreds of people? Soldiers? Running  towards the place ( storehouse or building) we were hiding. I looked everywhere for a place to hide. There were so many people you could barely move. We were packed like sardines in this warehouse. There was a ladder, no time or room to climb up. There were shelves, already filled with people. I saw shoes and sandals scattered everywhere! Then, someone  came to us and handed us baseball bats to use to defend ourselves. But I could not bring myself to hit someone with it. I was then approached by three caucasian men, swarthy types who led me into a small foreign car. I knew they had caught me. They were stern, rough and dark energy came from them. When we arrived at wherever they had taken me, I refused to get out. Overall, it was terrifying and extremely vivid. I felt like an alien in my own country. The absolutely most frightening thing was the utter sense of helplessness and the lack of humanity or compassion coming from those I was hiding with. It was every man for himself. People were ruthless.

The people cared only about themselves.
Miss V.
In Pursuit of Truth
Published on Sep 3, 2019
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These next two articles I have posted in other places.  They are the source articles for some posted here.  If you missed em, click the links. 

JustInformed Talk
Published on Sep 1, 2019

The Real Reason Why the Bahamas Was ‘Dead Center’ For Manufactured Hurricane Dorian

Earlier this week I posted a video wondering why US President Donald Trump had said in a press conference that he had never heard of a category five hurricane. I wondered if he had lost his marbles because he had also said that the State of Alabama was going to get hit by Hurricane Dorian, which was also very strange. As you will see in this video I may just eat a little humble pie and I also admit that there also may well be a method to Trump’s madness.

OF COURSE, We can’t overlook what an amazing boost this brings to the CLIMATE CHANGE AGENDA!  Lots of drummers and sword rattlers will rise up under this banner!!  Nothing gets the people going like devastation, along with property damages and loss of human life.  Trust me, human life means nothing to the elite.  We are like cockroaches to them.  After all, evolution proves that we are nothing more than cells that randomly joined together.  We could have just as easily been cockroaches, rats or some other vermin.  It was just luck that we took the shape of what is called human.  Loss of lives to further their agenda, no big deal.  5, 50, 500, 5,000, 50,000, 500,000, 5,000,000, 50,000,000 or 500,000,000 just numbers to them. 


Democracy Now!
Published on Sep 4, 2019
It is a scene of utter devastation after the Category 5 Hurricane Dorian ravaged the Bahamas. Residents of Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas are now bracing for the storm, which has been downgraded to Category 2. The official death in the Bahamas is at seven but is expected to rise. On the islands of Abaco and Grand Bahama, as many as 13,000 homes have been destroyed or heavily damaged. Rescue efforts have been hampered by widespread flooding. Some reports say 70 to 80% of the affected areas remains underwater, including the Grand Bahama International Airport. The Bahamas Red Cross and other relief groups are scrambling to help survivors. From Freeport in Grand Bahama, we speak to Crystal deGregory, professor at Kentucky State University’s Atwood Institute for Race, Education, and the Democratic Ideal, and Sam Teicher, the founder and chief reef officer for Coral Vita, which is based in Freeport, Grand Bahama.

They are pushing the lie of Climate Change like mad.   It is not that there is not climate change that is the problem.  The problem is that they have been manufacturing the changes in our climate as a way of taking more control over the population.  They are blaming the people for the results of their horrendous actions.  I am so sad to see the people falling prey.  

Published on Sep 5, 2019
CNN runs 7-hour long town hall on climate change with Democratic presidential candidates. #Hannity #FoxNews



CHINA INVASION? Has TRUMP been making secret strategic moves to save the USA?