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10-12-20      Quake News & Updates – IMPORTANT!


I apologize for several hours of delay in getting out tonight’s report.  There is a LOT going on right now!  I am fielding hundreds of new inquiries and trying to decipher all the information that is coming in.   I learned today, that upper level FEMA officials are very concerned about the New Madrid region “going off” very soon.   Guess what event is scheduled for October 15th (three days from now) in the New Madrid region?  Find out in the Links & Resources section.  

For those of you who understand the pattern of “planned coincidences” as seen many times
in recent history with notable events and associated “drills,” you will find it interesting that
a major earthquake drill is planned for October 15th for the New Madrid region, due to
the likelihood of a very large quake striking the region in the future. Wow, what a
“coincidence!” The earthquake drill is scheduled right in the middle of my WARNING
period for this specific region.
With documented evidence of the recent use of DEW’s (directed energy weapons) in the
California wildfires and the current New Madrid swarm, it seems like something
significant may be waiting in the wings. The technology is here and is being used:
Special thanks to subscriber Karen for the link on the planned earthquake drill. Subscribers
often forward me interesting information links related to earthquakes.

We are watching for the possibility of two very large earthquakes striking the U.S. – one off the coast of the Pacific Northwest, the other in the New Madrid seismic zone of southeastern Missouri/northeastern Arkansas within the next 7-10 days.   I don’t know if the quake in the Pacific Northwest that I have forecasted is going to be “the Big One” or not.  I am currently looking for something of lesser magnitude than that, so we’ll see.  I do not know if the New Madrid quake will be on the same level as what occurred in 1811-1812, but it could be.  In any event, it is NOW time to be prepared and to take all necessary actions to get your family prepared for the possibility of these things happening.  If I’m wrong, you and I will be very happy that we “missed the bullet,” but if I’m right and you did nothing to prepare, you will have huge regrets that you ignored the WARNINGS.  I’d rather be safe than sorry, so taking prudent precautions is the wisest path.  If nothing happens, you were inconvenienced.  If something big does happen, you had a heads up and were prepared.  You can thank me later.


Why having your car inside your garage may not be a smart idea in the event of a big quake is discussed in the Prep Tips section.


In the event of a big quake forecasted to strike in your area, parking your vehicle inside the
garage is not necessarily what you should do. Because of ground shifting that occurs during
a big quake, that garage door may not come open because of the now mis-aligned tracks
that can bind up and keep you from getting the door up to get your car out. In a power
outage, an electric door opener won’t work either.
It would be better to pack your vehicle with gear and supplies and park it in the driveway,
and turn it to face the roadway, so you can evacuate quickly if necessary. It won’t be
damaged or crushed by falling debris if you leave it outside, and you can use it to get out
faster. If there is a lot of debris on the roads, you may not get far anyway. Sheltering in
place may be your only option.
There is another reason to park the vehicle away from the house. When I warned for a big
Italy quake to strike in August of 2016 (which killed 300 people), thousands of aftershocks
brought down houses in the days and weeks following the initial strike from the continual
shaking. Those who got the warnings began living out of their cars for fear their houses
would crumble (many of them did just that), parking them in fields and meadows nearby,
sleeping in them, going into “campout mode” to survive for several weeks.

A car is one of the best “survival shelters” available to you. It provides cover from wind,
rain, snow, etc. You can see outside to know what is happening around you. And it
provides some level of comfort, as well as some insulation from the cold. If it still runs,
and you have access to additional fuel, you can use 12-volt accessories to cook and run
small items. You have purchased 12-volt chargers for your phone and other accessories to
make a cup of hot tea or heat up a can of soup, right? Go to a truck stop and pick up some
of those 12-volt gizmos as soon as you can and put them in your vehicle.
Also pick up one of those silver-colored screens for the windshield and keep it in your car
– you can use it to keep warm or to make a solar oven for cooking. A 12-volt converter is
also a smart idea! You can use it to run power tools and small kitchen appliances from the
vehicle battery. Throw in a battery-powered radio to stay aware of what’s happening in
your immediate area.

Attached is the current issue of the Quake News & Updates.


Be aware.  Be prepared.  Stay safe!


The Watchman