This article is by way of an introduction to a new series I will be constructing.  I thought that perhaps if I could lay it all out in front of you, in pictures, something might click.  It is frightening how far the world has fallen into darkness over the last 20 years.  I am serious.   This world is not the place where I was born and raised.  This is a whole new kind of Horror Maze.  I have not even addressed a lot of the more sinister or threatening issues here.   I have not even exhausted all the areas I planned to present.  I have run out of time, energy and room, so I will stop here.  I believe there is sufficient enough imagery here to get my point across.  

Take a serious look at what we have become and you tell me…  HAVE WE ALL LOST OUR MINDS?  


Shattered Paradigm
Published on Jan 26, 2017

We have the left declaring all-out spiritual warfare,” Fischer said on his show. “In other words, they’re making this culture war a spiritual war. This is now a battle between the forces of darkness and the forces of light and they’re the ones who have initiated it, they fired the first salvo in this spiritual war and so we need to respond to this.
“This is an evil day. The other side, they’re throwing everything they have into the breach, including now, demons. I mean, realize what the left is doing now in this battle over the future of our country, they are throwing the very demons of hell at those who are trying to represent what is good and best and right for this country.”
“Many so-called intellectuals pooh-pooh the idea of demonic spirits and curses as superstitious mumbo-jumbo. But Jesus, who knew more about the spirit world than all the intellectuals in the world put together, was under no illusions about the existence of the underworld and the mission of dark spirits who attack human beings.” American Family Radio’s Bryan Fischer 

2017…End Of The World As We Know It?


The Watchman
Published on Apr 4, 2017


Owner Defends His Store For Adults Who Dress As Babies After Facing Backlash

A man opened a storefront for adults to act like babies called Tykables. In a video posted to YouTube, the owner, John-Michael Williams says he wants to fill the space with people to play and take pictures. Customers range from adult baby diaper lovers to those with medical issues and special needs. But many folks in town are throwing a tantrum

Meet the 52 Year-Old Father Who Identifies As a 6 Year-Old Girl

In an interview with gay news site The Daily Xtra, a 52-year-old Canadian father of seven explains how he now identifies as a 6-year-old girl.


“I can’t deny I was married. I can’t deny I have children,” Stefonknee Wolscht says. “But I’ve moved forward now and I’ve gone back to being a child. I don’t want to be an adult right now.”

The Best of Star Wars Celebration – Chicago 2019

Army forces ROTC cadets to wear high heels – RedState
Army forces ROTC cadets to wear high heels The Army’s Cadet Command seems to have made wearing high heels and attending a protest march a mandatory event. Great strides, so to speak, are being made in the US military’s jihad against sexual assault.

The Emasculation of Men Through Political Correctness

Govan Kilgour
Published on Oct 24, 2015These are the links in the video:
(1) http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknew… (2) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hhQFF…

Spells For Kids

We get a lot of kids asking for “spells that really work” here on Magic Spells & Potions. Without the full-time guidance of someone who knows what they are doing, the options are a little limited but there are basic things that kids can practice which will teach them about magic and reality.

Magic Spells for Kids

Kids minds work like sponges. Still fresh and full of wonder about the world around them, they easily absorb and learn everything new. Find out more at http://www.BestWitchcraftSpells.com

BBC Inside Out – Bronies

Published on Oct 31, 2017
Report of BBC Inside Out on Bronies October 30th, 2017.

Meet The Trekkies At The 2018 Star Trek Convention

Heather Ferris
Streamed live on Aug 5, 2018
This is for all of you who wanted to go to the Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas but couldn’t make it. I’m making these videos and live streams so you guys can experience this from home.

Second ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’ library reader exposed as a convicted child sex offender



Planned Parenthood — Satanists Demonstrate in Favor of Abortion at Detroit Clinic

Published on Apr 23, 2016
April 23, 2016
Citizens for a Pro-Life Society held a protest at the Planned Parenthood Clinic located at 4229 Cass Avenue in Detroit. During the pro-life protest, that was part of that day’s nationwide protest of Planned Parenthood’s killing of unborn children and that group’s harvesting of aborted baby body parts (protestpp.com), a group of Satanists arrived and conducted this bizarre and hideous street theater, with grotesque imagery and convoluted symbolism. Planned Parenthood should be very embarrassed to have these sorts of people defending their organization. see: prolifesociety.org

Satanists March Against President Trump

Well if Satan hates Trump its probably because HES DOING SO MUCH FOR THE KINGDOM OF GOD!!
If Satan hates you .. its because Jesus loves you!


What Is Anime? (And What Isn’t?)

Published on Oct 23, 2014

Is anime defined by the country it comes from? Let’s lay all the cards on the table and try to end this debate once and for all!

What is Anime – Japanese Animation? 
Anime refers to traditional Japanese cel animation, but is 
also used to describe those animations which were created by computers as well.

Life Of The Human Pups DOCUMENTARY

The Secret Life of Human Pups
Tom’s discovery of puppy play came about gradually. He knew he liked sleeping in a collar, had a fetish for skin-tight clothing – Lycra, rubber, even off-the-peg cycling shorts – then came a dalmatian zentai suit he found on eBay, a £1 orange lead from Pets at Home until, eventually, a man in a club walked up to him and said: “Oh right, so you’re a pup.” The realization was not without its repercussions: it led to a breakup with his former fiancee Rachel and a move into a gay relationship with his new handler. Colin.
For David, a writer who works in academia, puppy play is an escape from the analytical world. “It’s so totally non-verbal,” he tells me. “It’s pre-rational, pre-conscious. It’s an instinctive, emotional space. But within every puppy is a person. This is part of my identity, but it’s only part… I can go months without going into pup space.

Barbie world: The women (and men) who want to be real-life dolls

By Emily Retter   17:05, 20 AUG 2014

Barbie – not the role model most parents would choose for their daughters.

But it appears many little girls grew up wanting to look just like her, and now they’re walking the earth – a freaky army of wide-eyed, tiny-waisted living dolls.

6 People Who Turned Themselves Into Animals Through Body Modifications

Meet the faces who turned themselves into fascinating animals through heavy body modifications.

I‘ll tell you something; I’ve always had a thing for wolves. Even before I took one of those spirit animal quizzes, I’ve already been into them. They fascinate me. They’re majestic. I consider getting a wolf tattoo one of these days and some days I feel like a rogue wolf when my introversion kicks in but I never really thought about being the wolf. It’s quite different with these guys, though. These are the fascinating men and women who took body modifications a bit further than the rest of us, giving the word “spirit animal” a whole different meaning.

19 Strangest Body Modifications

Published on Jan 18, 2017

Body Modifications are becoming more and more common these days, here are 19 of the strangest bod mods ever. Snake ears anyone?

In 1973 the American Psychiatric Association declassified homosexuality from its list of mental disorders. A group of psychiatrists with B4U-Act recently held a symposium proposing a new definition of pedophilia in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Health Disorders of the APA.

B4U-Act  calls pedophiles “minor-attracted people.” The organization’s website states its purpose is to, “help mental health professionals learn more about attraction to minors and to consider the effects of stereotyping, stigma and fear.”

In 1998 The APA issued a report claiming “that the ‘negative potential’ of adult sex with children was ‘overstated’ and that ‘the vast majority of both men and women reported no negative sexual effects from  childhood sexual abuse experiences.”

Pedophilia has already been granted protected status by the Federal Government. Matthew Shephard and James Byrd, Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act lists “sexual orientation” as a protected class; however, it does not define the term.

Sex offenders including pedophiles should be allowed to adopt, Theresa May told

Rules which bar sex offenders from working with children are ‘unfair’ and even convicted pedophiles should have the right to adopt, a leading legal academic has said.

Theresa May was urged to allow sex offenders to adopt Photo: AFP
Pedophiles Now Demanding Equality – Wanting Their Equal Rights to Marriage. Critics of the homosexual lifestyle have long claimed that once it became acceptable to identify homosexuality as simply an “alternative lifestyle” or sexual orientation, logically nothing would be off limits according to The Northern Colorado Gazette.

I‘m A Real Life Mermaid

Meet 3 real-life mermaids. Erin, Lauren, and Katie are mermaids who work at the Florida Aquarium. BuzzFeed video by Andrew Gauthier Music by Kevin MacLeod Special thanks to the Florida Aquarium

Some of these people believe they are merfolk! 
“I feel like I could have powers when I was little I watched millions of mermaid stuff and I still do and I’m 13 when I touch water I get a tingly felling all through my body and it makes me feel awesome after that I just want to jump into the water and swim like a mermaid and have a mermaid tail.”  Holly

By Jack Murphy

A New York psychiatrist has shocked the science community by admitting that patients are suffering from mental illness are the subjects of demonic possession. 

Richard Gallagher, who is a board-certified psychiatrist and professor of clinical psychiatry at New York Medical College has come forward saying he has had personal experiences with demonic possession adding that it’s ‘very widespread’.

DID/MIP Alters and Personalities

All about alters, identities, and personalities, as it relates to dissociative identity disorder (DID) / multiple personality disorder (MPD). How they are created, my alters, and how to properly deal with them.


Preferred Pronouns or Prison

“He.” “She.” “They.” Have you ever given a moment’s thought to your everyday use of these pronouns? It has probably never occurred to you that those words could be misused. Or that doing so could cost you your business or your job – or even your freedom. Journalist Abigail Shrier explains how this happened and why it’s become a


LPS: 5 MORE LGBT Myths BUSTED | Asexual Kids, Neo-Pronouns, & More!

Join Pride and more of the LGBT crew (along with a FAMiliar face) as we bust some common myths regarding the LGBT community. Is pansexual the same as bisexual? Do kids know their sexuality and can they be asexual? Are neopronouns valid? What is the real LGBT acronym? Find out these answers in the second episode of LGBT Myths BUSTED, and don’t …

Sexuality and Relationships for Your 6- to 8-Year-Old
Beyond the Three Rs.
Posted Mar 02, 2014

We have a love for most things supernatural, especially Vampiric, and it’s these things we like to get crazy with at Fangtasia London.
We are an extension of the True Blood universe, a ‘what if…’ if you like…
Something of a cool elite global club of fangers and fangbangers, a meet up point where we can lose ourselves for one night a month in a Lost Boys/Near Dark/Blade/Dust Till Dawn/True Blood kind of madness!

Two self-proclaimed vampires in Austin, Texas, say they’ve found true love thanks to a passionate relationship built on sucking each other’s blood.

The beliefs and practices of Santeria

Santeria, A syncretistic Caribbean religion Beliefs and practices. Sponsored link. The Orisha: Santeria includes the worship of the Orisha– literally “head guardians,” and religious beliefs of the Yoruba and Bantu people in Southern Nigeria, Senegal and Guinea Coast.
Mardi Gras  – Carnival – Feast of the Flesh

Second only to Mardi Gras for its dazzling display of fun and finery, Halloween in New Orleans draws thousands to the Quarter for devilish fun while vampires, zombies, ghosts, goblins and everything else parade up and down Frenchmen Street displaying the city’s legendary wit and creativity in their carefully crafted costumes.

New Orleans Halloween 2019 – Halloween Parade & Parties
New Orleans will show you how Halloween is really done with its Voodoo fest. Voodoo fest celebrates art and music in the most unique way. It is confused as a music festival but it’s a Halloween festival in a true sense. The audience is dressed down In Halloween costumes and makeup, there are priests around explaining what Voodoo really is.

Marie Laveau is probably the most famous name in New Orleans and Voodoo history. She is famous for her spells and the spread of Voodoo throughout Louisiana.

New Orleans Voodoo 

New Orleans Voodoo Crossroads was founded in 1991 as a vehicle for the dissemination of true and accurate information about the beliefs and practices of the Voodoo spirituality in New Orleans. We offer the finest products and services in the Tradition of New Orleans Voodoo

LARPING – A live-action role-playing game (LARP) is a form of roleplaying game where the participants physically portray their characters. The players pursue goals within a fictional setting represented by the real world while interacting with each other in character.

Chapter 5: Basics of Magic at Underworld LARP

“I’m pretty sure we took lightening bolt right outta the game *Note – Our stunning Dark Elf in this video is using outdated makeup rules. Our DE makeup requirements have recently changed.”

As millions of children and adults participate in the fun of Halloween on the night of October 31st, few will be aware of its ancient Celtic roots in the Samhain (Samain) festival.

Beltaine Festival 2019


Burning Man



Orgy Dome at Burning Man

Here’s What Happens in the Orgy Dome, Burning Man’s Wildest Sex Party

“At one point, I was being fingered by one of the guys, while his wife was going down on Luke.”

The night we went to the orgy dome, the line was super long. I didn’t realize there was such a process to getting in. We were interviewed to make sure we were sober enough to consent and [to check] that we understood all the rules. Verbal consent is necessary to begin play with other groups and to introduce new activities. If you ask if you can play with a couple, you’d still need to ask, “Can I touch your breasts?” “Can I go down on you?” “Can I fuck you both in the butt?” Consent is an active process and can be removed at any point.

I’m glad they have that entry process, but I hadn’t expected them to take it so seriously. It’s like the DMV: You get a number, then you talk to one guy and take a test on the rules, then you wait some more. We’d done some molly and ketamine (not a full dose, just a bump). Waiting in line for an hour sober would have been horrible, but I guess I would have preferred to have been more sober during the experience so it’d be easier to come.

Tomorrowland 2012 – The Love Chapel

Published on Jul 27, 2012
Tomorrowland 2012 – The Love Chapel Discover the Madness… http://bit.ly/IMrCUy TomorrowWorld 2014 Tickets: http://tickets.tomorrowworld.com/

There’s a Rape Problem at Music Festivals and Nobody Seems to Care

By Kate Lloyd  –  Aug 11 2015, 6:00 pm

Sexual harassment and assault don’t cease to exist once women get weekend wristbands and pitch their tents. So why aren’t organizers doing more to protect them?
In 2013, a UK Festival Census asked more than 3,000 people what they loved most about festivals. ‘Music’ and ‘escaping normal life’ topped the list; the report explained that the mix of escapism and the ‘sense of community’ built around events was what made them compelling for visitors. But it also might be the same sense of suspended reality that makes sexual assaults and rape seem unexpected. “I think there definitely is an idyllic view of festivals,” Sarah says. “But in reality, they’re just like society downsized–there are going to be the same pockets of people who are okay with doing harm to others.”

It’s telling that neither Miranda nor Sarah could have been avoided being assaulted by not walking home alone in the dark. Why should women have to worry about or curtail their behavior–not getting drunk or going back to a crush’s tent–when they’ve headed to a festival to escape reality and have fun?  Men wouldn’t think twice about doing it. “Women (and men) have every right to make what might seem to be unwise choices,” says Fleur Gardiner. “Get drunk, take their clothes off, go off and dance with people they’ve never met before without being raped or sexually assaulted.”
It’s also telling that neither of the women reported their experiences to police or festival staff. Miranda says she felt responsible for her actions, and Sarah says she didn’t even realize she’d been raped at the time. “I didn’t really understand what had happened to me for about six weeks,” says Sarah. “It’s not like the stereotype of a stranger in a hoodie in a dark alleyway.”

It is important for everyone to raise awareness that men who choose to rape can be anywhere,” says Dr Gray from Rape Crisis. “As no one can ever be ‘on guard’ at all times, nor should we have to live our lives like this, this means that the responsibility for preventing rape lies with these men making different decisions.”

Or as Sarah puts it: “Tell guys to not be dickheads, basically.”

 (Wow, so girls today think that they should be able to get drunk, take their clothes off and dance with someone they have never met and expect to be safe from harm??  Wow! Rather than take responsiblity for their own safety, they want someone else to “TELL THE GUYS NOT TO BE DICKHEADS” that is insane! No one can ever control some else’s behavior. All we can control is our own, at best.)  




Drug Abuse Is Rampant Across US. DC Ranks Worst

Thousands of Americans have died in the past half-decade from drug problems, and the District of Columbia ranks worst regarding drug abuse, a Monday study shows.

D.C., when compared against states, was ranked as having the worst drug abuse problems in 2019, followed by Michigan, Missouri and West Virginia, according to a Monday WalletHub study.

Comic Book Super Heros Started It ALL!

80 Years Of The Bat: Original Batman Films … – comicon.com

80 Years Of The Bat: Original Batman Films Receive Theatrical & 4K UHD Releases by Ben Martin 80 Years of The Bat is a column created to celebrate the 80th anniversary of one of the most beloved characters ever created, Batman.

Big Hitters
Marvel Universe and DC Universe  

About Comic-Con International | Comic-Con International: San …

Comic-Con International: San Diego. Comic-Con International: San Diego began in 1970 when a group of comics, movie, and science fiction fans — including the late Shel Dorf, Ken Krueger, and Richard Alf– banded together to put on the first comic book convention in southern California. 

SuperHeroes Save the Day- Good Guys, Right?
But, Oh How Far We Have Fallen.  Today the Bad Guys are the Super Heroes!   
Can You Imagine That? 

Comic-Con started as a one-day “minicon,” called San Diego’s Golden State Comic-Minicon, on March 21, 1970 at the U.S. Grant Hotel in downtown San Diego.


New Age Prophets

Rich Elite Eugenicists 

Psychics, Mediums, Shamans


Religious Leaders

Hindu/Buddhist Gurus

Self Proclaimed Satanic Priests 



Elite Ruling Class
The Ghosts/Spirits of Loved Ones Who Have Passed 
Spirits of Ascended Masters

Angelic Spirits

Fairies, Gnomes, Elves, Trolls and Nymphs

Why Do People Worship Anything and Everything But God

Canton Baptist Temple 
Published on Mar 13, 2017