I believe I have exhausted everything that is available at this time, but I will keep looking.  Why?  Because the LameStream Mainstream keeps putting out PSYOPS to make people believe the lies!  Hopefully, there has been enough truth set forth here to break through all the BS and open your eyes.  

Those of us out here producing all this content are not doing it for the fun of it.  We are not doing it for money.  We are not doing it for ego.  We are out here putting our lives on the line for YOU!  Why?  Because we are children of GOD, and because his love is in our hearts, we love you.   Those in the world today who keep screaming love and tolerance, are the most unloving, intolerant people on Earth.  It is not loving to see you lost in the dark and a slave to your sin and tell you that you are fine and loved.  NO!  It is loving to speak the truth to you in love. to try to snatch you from the Jaws of death and bring you to the true light.  Especially now, that the end is SO VERY NEAR! 

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CO2-driven Global Warming Hoax
Dramatically Promoted by
California’s Geoengineered Firestorms

The Camp Fire in No. California

Just like the terrorists attacks on September 11, 2001, California is experiencing its own ongoing 9/11-scale attack marked by state-sponsored false flag environmental terrorism.

Cosmic Convergence Research Group

There’s really so much more going on with the fastidiously staged California fire apocalypse than meets the eye, and especially the conscious mind.

Above all, this false flag terrorist operation is a P S Y O P.  As is the case for every major psyop, this one has multiple goals and multifarious objectives.

It also has all the hallmarks of mind control techniques in order to effectuate mass manipulation of the American body politic.

One of the primary tools to accomplish this deliberate manipulation of the collective consciousness is to fabricate memes.  Each meme not only stands alone regarding its effect, but also interconnects with the other memes that have been cynically crafted to move the masses in one direction or another.

For instance, the following Google entry indicates 3 pieces of this California mind control project designed by the New World Order globalist cabal.

First we see the phrase “Camp Fire“.  This is a way of misleading the public that the cause of the devastating Camp Fire was merely a small camp fire.  And that campers can be very irresponsible, and even become unintentional arsonists.

Then we see the word “Paradise“.  California, known as the Golden State, was once considered to be a paradise of sorts.  However, given the spate of problems of every sort and kind, it is now a “Paradise lost”.  Not only that, but the Golden State is now charred black by one catastrophic wildfire season after another.

This is followed by the statement “start of the deadliest and most destructive fire in California history“.  In other words, don’t even think of moving to California; the gold rush has been over for a long time.  There’s nothing to see there anymore except a LOT of “death and destruction”.  Therefore, it’s better for those who reside there to relocate to safer areas…and to any state but California.

Lastly, we see the EXACT TIME that the fire started —“6:33 a.m.”  How, pray tell, does anyone know the exact time that any wildfire ever starts… … …except those arsonists who actually started it, yes? ! ? !  And how about that ever-present “33” meme?

Newspaper of record leads the MSM media campaign

Now see The Washington Post headline and photo below which appeared above the most dramatic MSM piece of reporting on the Internet today about these calamitous California fires.

This photo-documentary can be viewed in its entirety at the following link: Caught in the Inferno: How the Camp Fire overwhelmed Paradise.

The Official Narrative

Now let’s take a real close look at both the copy and the photos that were featured in this WashPo report.  Each graphic below was captured as a screenshot as they appeared in order in the aforementioned WAPO special report.



Advertisement for Global Warming and Climate Change

What every reader ought to glean from this quite impressive and captivating WAPO photo-doc is that the creators really want everyone to understand that these cataclysmic fires are the direct result of Global Warming.

This piece of MSM propaganda was meticulously constructed to leave the viewer with a renewed sense of commitment to fight falsely contrived CO2-driven Global Warming no matter what it takes; otherwise your community may end up like, well,  Paradise, California.

Of course, no one is denying the existence of climate change, but it’s actually caused by two primary factors among several others.  First and foremost is the regime of chemical geoengineering operations and globally-disseminated HAARP frequencies that are being covertly carried out in skies across the planet.

Geoengineering Is The Primary Cause Of Global Climate Change, Not CO2

Then there are the profound and fundamental changes in the solar cycle.  As follows:

How is the SUN triggering many earth changes, especially global climate change?

There are other significant factors involved in the uptick in climate change that has more of a regional effect than a single global outcome.  Those are well-explained at the following link.

Global Climate Change: A Definitive Essay On The Primary ‘Causes’ Of Global Warming


The California Firestorm psyop has many purposes.  Selling the global population on the hoax known as CO2-driven climate change is a HUGE reason for these apocalyptic fires.  That’s why they were so disastrous and why the media has so misrepresented their real causes.

For those who wish to understand the true causation of these geoengineered wildfires, the following links provide the hidden back story.

Here’s how the globalists and geoengineers conspired to manufacture the apocalyptic California firestorms

SMART Meters Being Used To Implode Buildings in California During Firestorms

OPERATION TORCH CALIFORNIA: A Special Report on the Firestorm Terror Operation


Who is firebombing California and why?

Cosmic Convergence Research Group
November 16, 2018

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MUST VIEW: More Video Proof that DEWs Were Used to Destroy Many Vehicles in California Fires

Check Out: Survivor Explains Fires Set on The Perimeter To Prevent People From Escaping! This Video: Cars Melted Down Everywhere, But Trees are Fine-Thousands DEAD from Paradise, Ca Fire Alone!!!

by GodsAngell

Update: This is even worse! A Survivor of the Paradise Fire Explains how the FIRES were set all around the perimeter of this small town, so no one could get out!

Fast Forward to 13 minutes into the following video to hear Paradise Fire Victim (Note: Helicopters were hovering above the town the days before that attack):

My Notes:

A month or two before the fire, something was dropped from the sky, (in summer time) that looked like snow and tiny worms. Some stuck to her sliding glass door, and it was so peculiar she took photos of it. (Was it a fire accelerant???)

A week or two before fire: Helicopters hovering over Paradise Town, doing circles like they were surveying the land.

3 Days before the Fire, PG&E Called and Emailed residents of Paradise warning them of a fire potential on Thursday and telling people to have their fire plans ready. Each day of the 3 days before the fire, PG&E called the residents, repeatedly with these warnings, as well as multiple emails of warnings of a fire on Thursday.

Thursday the day of the fire, she noticed smoke at 7am going on what appeared to be a ridge a couple of mountains ridges away. She thought she was safe, but as a precaution, she drove to town to fill her gas tank. The town was not on fire, and it did not appear threatened at all. When she got home, about 8am, she also filled her bathtubs and sinks with water and sprayed down her house and surrounding area with a garden hose as a precaution. At this time she started to see things falling from the sky that looked like black tar paper or something.

About 11am she received a phone call of a mandatory evacuation for everyone in Paradise.

Paradise is a canyon surrounded by mountains on all sides, with few exits. As she was exiting the town she said she noticed that at the top of the telephone poles, all the transformer boxes were on fire. Flames coming out of the transformer boxes on the top of the telephone poles. She thinks these must have been triggered remotely, because there weren’t any fires near the poles at this time. Just the top of each pole was on fire. She said it looked like DEWs were used to set fire all around the perimeter of Paradise, to prevent people from escaping the canyon. She saw isolated houses on fire, with nothing on fire near the house, no fires leading up to the burning house.

She said that Paradise is basically a retirement community with a lot of disabled and/or elderly people who live there. So it would have been difficult for many of them to move as quickly as she did.

She thinks THE DEATH TOLL WILL BE IN THE THOUSANDS, but this will not go public, because it would arouse suspicions, that this was no ordinary fire.

She concludes by saying that We The People are under direct attack! War has been declared on us, and our own gov’t is the enemy.

(My sideline: remember that plane that crashed after BOTH wings fell off this fire fighting plane….that is evidence of sabotage to hinder efforts to stop these fires.

The fires last year, and earlier this year, fire fighters kept complaining that some dressed as fire fighters actually were going around and sabotaging fire equipment. So yes this is a coordinated series of attacks, on mostly Conservative Trump Supporting counties, by the gov’t of CA.)

She goes on to say, that we are under attack and there is no one to help us. We are ordinary Patriotic Americans under senseless attacks by our own gov’t.


The Death Toll in Paradise CA is probably much higher, like 1000+ people.

You have to see this video. Look at all the cars that did not make it out of the fire, and NOTICE nothing on fire around the cars. Trees are fine. But cars are melted down, presumably with people in them trying to escape:


Directed energy weapons starting fires in Cali? A video someone took makes it appear plausible.

It is hard to say how this evolved, but it really does look like the fires in California were started by directed energy weapons that used the metal in cars to interact with and get them burning, which then started forest fires. This is because there are simply too many cars that are totally melted and burned to a crisp in the same place where there are trees that are not that badly hurt. It looks like the cars themselves started the fires after being torched by something and whatever happened to the trees is whatever happened.

I have seen lots of fires on roads like this, with everything torched to a crisp on the sides of the roads, with ZERO burned cars. even though they had to drive through the fire zone. As long as you don’t stop anywhere, it is not likely there will be a problem. It appears obvious that these cars were burned to a crisp while they were moving down the highway which is highly unlikely to happen naturally. On a road of the type in this video below, even if you do drive through a wildfire, there’s little chance your car, which is substantially away from anything that is burning, will simply torch off before it can even roll away from it. There are no trees downed across the road (which would be doom, if you stop you’ll obviously take a chance of getting burned) However, the road is instead perfectly clean, with relatively good condition trees on both sides in several areas where cars are torched to a crisp. NOT PLAUSIBLE.

Here is the video.


Warning, it is on Facebook but you can get it to play without an account. (just click “not right now”).

Facebook has lost 65 percent of its users to date for good reason. I explained what happened above quite well for those who don’t want to hit Facebook.

I agree with the DEW crowd: The aftermath of the fires is not plausible. If it was a real scenario, trees would have burned through and fallen across the road. They did not. The road is very clean for “after an enormous fire”, the burned out cars make it look like it was an alien attack on the cars that sparked a forest fire, not a forest fire burning cars.

You can thank the Deep State/Dems/Communists/Soros for the fires in California for sure, the way they just sprang up right as massive election fraud was being exposed during an election that will spell life or death for America is suspicious to say the least, ESPECIALLY since the main target was Paradise, which (was) one of California’s strongest conservative areas. They wanted it killed without question. Very suspicious it happened, and it is SO BAD that I doubt the city will rebound, every last thing is destroyed and now it looks like a substantial portion of the population is dead also. Too many people who would bring the city back are dead.

My take on this is that even if it was not DEWs doing this (doubtful, it really looks like it was) but if it was not, it was done on purpose anyway by operatives on the ground. The election is the key to all of this, the suspicious timing is undeniable.

Paradise California: Over 600 likely dead I thought the death toll was awful low. The fire ripped through that town so fast people could not even get to their cars and start driving. Over 600 people are now confirmed missing and odds are they are dead. The entire town was burned. I would not be surprised at all if the death toll went over 1, 000. Paradise is probably not going to be rebuilt.

NEW: Trump to Visit California Saturday to Meet Residents Impacted by Wildfireshttp://voat.co/v/GreatAwakening/2857596


The tree pictured above is burning from the inside out! Was it hit by lighting bolts generated by HAARP technology or was it hit by microwave energy from the weather weapons that caused the nano aluminum particles from the chemtrails to spontaneously combust?


Why doesn’t this make any sense to me? Seriously, why are the houses burning but the forests aren’t? See the video below:


The video above is a VERY important video with eyewitness testimony proving HAARP EMP weapons being used to start California fires. Some witnesses saw blue sparks and flashes in the sky that were NOT lightning! Some felt a weird energy in the air that made their heart palpitate! Some felt an ‘energy vortex’ move through their homes!

A firefighter known by one of the guests on Scott Bennett’s radio show on the Rense Radio Network told some shocking details on the air! He said a cop went and knocked on the door of a house and told them they had to be out of there in one hour. The fire was nowhere around the home at that point and that’s why they had an hour. The policemen came back to that same house in 5 minutes and the house was fully engulfed in flames! No way the fire would have moved from nowhere around there to fully engulfing the house in 5 minutes! Sorry that just cannot happen!


I think they might be turning up the HAARP toys to a high level that can cause spontaneous combustion of trees or structures. All trees and structures are now covered with nano particles of aluminum. What happens when you put aluminum foil in a microwave? You get massive heat, sparks and things combust spontaneously! I think this is what’s happening! They are starting and intensifying these wildfires with microwave energy from their HAARP toys. That’s why so many fires are starting at one time and this means not enough firefighters to fight the fires.

Santa Rosa & Northern CA  THE LAWS of PHYSICS



Why was the aluminum wheels on this car melted! It’s on pavement, trees aren’t burned around it and it’s protected by a brick wall that did not burn! Nothing around this car burned to generate this type of heat! This makes no sense to me unless a weapon was used in the area. You saw this same thing on the melted cars on 9/11!

Since 9/11, which was the first time anyone ever saw this kind of thing, it is becoming the Norm. This is not natural folks!  This is high energy direct Energy Weapons!


Some of the neighborhoods were burned so thoroughly there was only 2 inches of ash left of the entire house! Why are the trees not burned up in most cases? A firefighter reported to one of the radio hosts on Scott Bennett’s radio show there are over 700 are missing over the california fires! He relayed how many were burned alive in their homes or were burned trying to drive out in their cars! Reports of people driving cars that were on fire!

Something is wrong here. The firefighter reported they have never seen these types of fires before especially in October. I believe H.W. Bush and the deep state have gone insane with the weather warfare toys and plan on causing chaos to bring in their satanic new world order now before they can be arrested for treason! They want Trump dead or impeached fast but God told me his hand is on Trump and he will barely survive their evil!

Tweet this article to Trump @potus @realdonaldtrump and tell him to release the files on JFK showing all who were involved in it! Tell Trump to identify those responsible for these weather weapons we know are being used. Tell him to send in Seal Team 6 immediately to the facilities controlling the satellites and HAARP installations! I’m not joking, we must take away these toys before they burn the damn planet up! These weapons can literally kill anybody with what they are doing with them now. They’ll assassinate anybody and simply blame it on a tragic fire they started with their HAARP matches!


What are the Directed Energy Weapons?

By : Neha Dhyani

Updated : May 8, 2022, 19:07

Directed Energy Weapons are focused, highly energetic, ranged weapons that damage targets, including lasers, microwaves, sound beams, and particle beams. This technology includes weapons that can target personnel, missiles, optical devices, and vehicles.

Directed Energy Weapons are an umbrella term used to signify all technologies that can produce a “beam of concentrated electromagnetic energy or atomic or sub-atomic particles”. A Directed-energy weapon is a DE-based system to destroy, damage, and disable all adversary facilities, personnel, and equipment.

Directed Energy Weapons are emerging military weapons yet to be deployed but are significant for future warfare.

Advantages of Directed Energy Weapons

  1. Directed Energy Weapons are very precise in making the correct attack on their targets, fast-moving objects. This makes them a preferred choice when compared to conventional munitions.
  2. Some other advantages of DEWs are unlimited magazines, multiple target area coverage, and noise-free operation. They are extensively installed in land vehicles, military ships, aircraft, and even crewless vehicles.
  3. DEWs can also function as non-attributable, nonlethal millimetre and microwave devices that can effectively disorient personnel and disable and incapacitate enemies’ electronic targets.
  4. DEWs can create a safe effect that can happen to the skin when exposed for too long to the sun’s ultraviolet rays within short wavelengths. They can be developed for nonlethal dispersal or denial devices that can go unnoticed by human eyes.
  5. It is important to mention here that the long-range capabilities of Directed Energy Weapons limit the users’ chances of assessing on-the-ground conditions.
  6. Countries like China, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Russia, India, and Pakistan have developed military-grade directed-energy weapons. Iran and Turkey claim that Directed Energy Weapons are in active service.

Types of Directed Energy Weapons

Here, it is important to discuss the types of Directed Energy Weapon. They are –

  1. Microwave
    • Active Denial System
    • Vigilant Eagle
    • Bofors HPM Blackout
    • EL/M-2080 Green Pine|EL/M-2080 Green P
    • Active Electronically Scanned Array
    • Counter-Electronics High Power Microwave Advanced Missile Project
  2. Laser
  3. Particle Beam
  4. Plasma
  5. Sonic

HELs are high-powered light sources combined with optics that are designed to focus the beam of light on a target and create sufficient heat to burn holes in the outer skin. HELs can be chemical-based or solid-state, including bulk and fiber optics. Advances in solid-state and fiber-optic lasers in recent years make them a potential game-changer on the battlefield. HELs have the potential to attack targets with the speed of light and typically operate at wavelengths that are outside the visible range of the human eye. HELs can be mounted on ground, air, or space vehicles to attack targets.

HPM weapons are high-power RF/ microwave transmitters that are combined with antennas to direct energy at a target and produce electronic upset or permanent damage depending upon the distance between the HPM source and the target. HPM weapons can operate in any weather condition, and their beams are typically much wider than a laser beam, which increases the probability of target hit. HPM weapons produce their effects by coupling energy into a target system via intentional antennas (i.e., front doors) and unintentional antennas (i.e., back doors) and transferring the energy to sensitive semiconductor components.

RF DEWs include HPM, electromagnetic (EM)/RF weapons, non-nuclear EM pulses, and electronic bombs (E-bombs). They provide a Warfighter with the capability to attack electronic targets, with and without antennas; and they produce long-lasting effects that offer an unconventional electronic attack (UEA) that complements traditional electronic warfare (EW) jammers [1].

The typical approach to protect systems against DEW threats is a zonal approach where one tries to decrease the energy that impinges on the target and increases the robustness of the interior components. For HELs, this approach typically means two things: covering the potential victim system with materials that can reflect the laser energy and withstand the heat, and covering the sensors and optics with materials that reflect the incident energy.

If one knows the laser fluence required to cause damage to a victim system, S, and the exposure level of the threat laser, E, then one can compute the amount of attenuation or hardening, H, required to reduce the threat below the damage level:

H > S/E

Ideally, it is useful to cover a victim system with a material that has high reflectance and robust thermal properties.

For HPM threats, the effect mechanism is different than lasers and typically involves coupling the HPM energy from the skin of a victim system to the interior electronic components. Therefore, for HPM protection, this fact means reducing the energy that is transferred to the electronics and increasing the robustness of the components. Because it is difficult to harden all the components, the approach usually taken is to reduce the HPM energy that reaches the interior electronics by first providing a good electromagnetic shield, using good grounding, bonding, and shielding techniques, such as those used in electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). Next, we treat the ports of entry (i.e., penetrations) with filters to remove the out-of-band energy and limiters to reduce the in-band energy from damaging the component [2].


EVIDENCE OF MILITARY Grade EMF Accelerants Used in Sonoma Napa FIRES

How did they do it? First they geoengineered the worst drought in the recorded history of California. Then they deliberately triggered the worst natural gas leak in world history. The Aliso Canyon natural gas storage facility in the northwestern San Fernando Valley was the site of the largest methane gas leak ever in USA. Conveniently located just north of Los Angeles, the Aliso Canyon natural gas storage facility near Porter Ranch released a record amount of methane into the atmosphere in 2015. And it’s still leaking today!

A neighborhood where many people have left their homes because of a massive natural-gas leak is seen in the Porter Ranch neighborhood of the of the San Fernando Valley region of Los Angeles, California, on December 22, 2015. Photo by David McNew/AFP/Getty Images



The invisible catastrophe sickening families in California

Aliso Canyon methane gas leak mapped out in the surrounding area by volume in 2015 in red.

Why was the SoCal gas leak so integral to their yearly firestorm scheme?

Think about the natural combustibility of methane gas. Then consider how explosive any given locale would be that has a steady stream of natural gas leaking into the environment. Particularly when the leaking gas is coming from the largest storage facility west of the Mississippi it ought to be clear that not only does ‘Houston have a major problem ‘, so does Los Angeles. And it’s not going away until the state addresses these leaks in a decisive manner.


It is quite inconceivable that state oversight and federal regulatory authorities have permitted the Aliso Canyon storage facility to continue to leak right up to this very day since it was discovered in October of 2015. That wasn’t the first time, either. It has been known to leak for decades without any meaningful remedial actions taken by SoCal Gas. The following article published by Southern California Public Radio on August 28, 2017 spells out the current predicament.

The critical point here is that methane is a highly volatile gas that moves in ways that can cause it to accumulate in certain areas depending on the prevailing weather patterns. Were it to exist above certain concentrations in any particular locale, it could substantially contribute to and/or exacerbate a raging firestorm. Surely this is what’s happening in those places that have a history of similar leaks.

Given the ferocity of the firestorms now plaguing different parts of California, as well as the speed by which they come and go, it appears that they are being fueled by something extraordinary. It should be noted that the wildfire seasons – throughout the whole state – have been getting progressively longer and more destructive over the years. Certainly the historic drought has contributed greatly to this new reality, but so have the unrelenting methane gas releases.

The gas leaks are by no means limited to Aliso Canyon. The Natural Gas Storage and Transport Industry has facilities (and pipelines) across the state, many of which have proven to be similarly problematic, although not such an astronomically high volume of leakage. When these large and small leaks viewed in the aggregate, it becomes clear that the state of California has been inexorably transformed into an enormous tinderbox.


  This Video was CENSORED

The 2017 firestorm back story is very complex and difficult to piece together. Given the massive atmospheric engineering programs being conducted above California and the 3 contiguous states, as well as over the ocean, there are new definite weather patterns which have been observed since Brown took office. Not that the state had not already been targeted before Brown took office as the premier Agenda 21 laboratory in the nation.

Truly, Kalifornia is ground zero for the UN’s stealthy initiative to impose Agenda 21 dictates disguised as friendly environmental laws. Likewise, the less surreptitious but equally deceptive 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development is also seeing blind support from the heavily Democratic legislature in Sacramento. The shadow government knows that the way to compel the legislators to lend their political and personal support to the UN agendas is to stage apocalyptic wildfires in those locations that will produce the greatest effect (aka terror). California Wildfires: Devastation this year nearly the worst in state history

California has always had its fair share of wildfires, which manifest as humongous forest fires, fast-spreading grass fires and highway-jumping brush-fires. Hence, it’s quite easy for the arsonists to get away with starting these various fires in close proximity to Los Angeles (targeting Hollywood) and San Francisco (targeting Silicon Valley), and Sacramento (targeting the state capital). Given the overwhelming influence that these three demographics have both within California and upon the nation-at-large, the hidden strategy becomes apparent.

KEY POINTS: How easy is it to convince Hollywood moguls and actors of the need to address [what is essentially GEOENGINEERED] climate change when wildfires are licking their neighborhoods with towering flames? How easy is it to persuade the politicians to pass any legislation that penalizes businesses in the state that have gigantic carbon footprints? How easy is it to influence the Sultans of Silicon Valley to use their global social media platforms to favor all content that pushes any draconian legislation that fraudulently addresses climate change?

Nothing motivates the movers and shakers quicker than a sea of yellow flames in their back yard while air thick with smoke and ash is wafting through the neighborhood. Often referred to as the ‘Golden State’, it is slowly turning black. Once a paradise for all the ‘beautiful people’, it’s gradually becoming a dystopian post-apocalyptic wasteland and home to more illegal aliens than U.S. citizens. Of course, many years of a Democrat-led state government is very much to blame, as is the predominant ultra-liberal mindset found in all the urban centers. Wherever common sense has fled from the leaders, and the use of the faculty of human reason has been suspended indefinitely, things will not go well. Welcome to K A L I F O R N I A 2 0 1 7 ! ! !



What has really distinguished the violent firestorms during the 2017 wildfire season, which have simply blown up out of nowhere, is the extraordinary heat they are generating. The temperatures are so high they are melting steel and other materials normally not seen in the aftermath of these seasonal wildfires. Furthermore, the tornado-like winds that whip up before, during and after are quite unusual according to those who have lived in the affected areas for decades. California Fires In Napa Valley: What twisted the steel?

The other anomaly about these firestorms is the number of fires that jump off at one time in a relatively large area. Many researchers have circumstantially proven that many large wildfires in the past were actually started by arsonists on the ground. The fires were set at one location, and were then spread by the wind. Because of the timing of some of them, it appears that many of those fires were strategically set to produce a certain outcome. Sometimes they are started merely to distract the public from a significant local event. However, the fires this year follow a completely different pattern, though the intentions may be similar.

The recent spate of firestorms in the Napa Valley and around Sonoma County has produced a whole new dynamic that residents have never seen before. These fires seem to pop us spontaneously as though they are being started by some giant magnifying glass in the sky that is quickly moved unpredictably from location to location like a hopscotching fire tornado. Some investigators have labeled this inexplicable phenomenon a new form of geoterrorism.

How these firestorms are really created eludes even the best scientific investigators. However, their extremely destructive nature and the unprecedented damage associated with these fires indicate that the hand of man is somehow present. Everything from DEWs (directed energy weapons) to space-based invisible lasers have been conjectured. The following video has catalogued some of the anomalies, as well as surmised their causation.

KEY POINT: How did so many vehicles sustain melted metal when the trees and grass and asphalt were left completely unscathed by the flames? A burning fire in
a car will last only so long before it burns out, and it certainly will not get hot enough to melt the metal components.


Geoterrorism Wracks California

There is no other state in the union that has been the object of so much geoterrorism as California. Of course, this is by purposeful design. The NWO cabal knows that California has always been the premier trendsetting state. Whenever they embark on a social engineering experiment, the Golden State is where they set up the laboratory first. This is where their lab techniques are refined and perfected before they are run in the other 49 states. The state of Colorado has recently been used in a similar fashion.

Geoterrorism is not just a way of softening up the populace for Agenda 21; it also provides an opportunity for the geoengineers to test their new weather weaponry and other warfare technologies. Not only can they determine the efficacy of their advanced satellite-based weapons, they can evaluate how the people will react to the celestial assaults. This is a pivotal issue for the power elite. Because they cannot just terrorize the entire citizenry like they did in Syria in order to force a mass exodus of the indigenous people away from their ancestral lands, they are proceeding with a relentless sequence of natural disasters and manmade cataclysms.

This is how geoterrorism is especially utilized to scare the people away from certain areas that have been identified as ‘special’ according to the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The same perps are using the imminent threat of the ‘BIG ONE’ to scare many folks from the regions surrounding the San Andreas fault (Southern Cal) and Hayward fault (Bay area). The California earthquake echo-chamber has never reverberated as it has in 2017. No getting out of this’: Major earthquake ‘certain’ to hit Southern California, study says

However, it is the unseen weather warfare that has really taken its toll on the consciousness of Californians. So much so in fact that many now suffer from a unique form of PTSD due to the many calamities which are often experienced in rapid succession. Facing a protracted wildfire season is not very fun, especially when it occurs during a longstanding drought. Throwing an 8.0 earthquake into the mix only adds more anxiety to a very tense state of affairs.

We would be remiss if we did not mention the many other governmental fiascos and social debacles that afflict the same West Coast jurisdiction. Adding this fuel to the fire only guarantees a statewide breakdown, and probably sooner than later. Until then the weather warriors will take advantage of this other chaos and confusion as they always have to serve the UN agendas.


Agenda 21 United States Map

Product of the Airborne Laser Lab Program pictured below:



At this late date, there’s one particular remedy for the assaulted and beleaguered people of California that could reverse the race to the bottom. It might also permit an honest investigation of these and other weighty matters. The expeditious IMPEACHMENT of Governor Jerry Brown would serve to send a message to the other crazymakers who now populate state government. As a primary state and national leader of George Soros’s Purple Revolution against the Trump administration, Brown needs to be removed from public office post-haste.

Once a convicted Edmund Gerald Brown Jr. is securely behind bars for life for gross negligence, official misconduct and seditious malfeasance, California can begin the process of reclaiming its state rights and legal sovereignty as guaranteed by the US Constitution.

There’s only one way that such a necessary development will occur. The citizenry must take back their power from those who have stolen it. They must also stand in their own truth and speak that truth to power like never before. When a critical mass of truth speakers do this in unison, the whole place changes in an LA moment.

The Jerry Browns of the world, and especially those who lead the current ‘crash and burn’ approach to governance in Sacramento, must fear We the People more than they fear their masters in Deep State. In order for this major shift to take place, the citizens may have to show up in force with their ‘torches and pitchforks’.

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