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There is very clear, convincing, documented evidence that this fire was perpetrated on the people of California as a way to clear the area for the purposes of Agenda 21/2030.  It seems that they want Americans out of their cars and private homes, living in government designed spaces in Agenda 2030 Cities using their public transportation or BICYCLES.  This would provide them total control over the masses.  They get their power from the gods that they Worship, through magic workings and spell casting.  It is not out of the realm of possibilities that this event was a SACRIFICE by FIRE to their Pagan gods.  Remember, the names of the gods change with the different nations and languages… but the deities remain the same.  

* 11/5/2018 eve to 11/6/2018  eve: Khalkeia–Old Greek festival honoring Goddess Athena (aka Minerva favorite Illuminati Goddess) and God Hephaistos (Olympian God of FIRE!) for their gifts of crafts (magic) and technology (DEW WEAPONS?).

* 11/7/2018 (11:02 a.m. EST): New Moon.  This is a time of tremendous ENERGY for occultists.  They perform rituals to harvest that energy at this time.

* 11/8/2018 eve to 11/9/2018 eve: Maimakterion Noumenia–Old Greek festival honoring all the Gods and Goddesses.  burned offerings; and libations of water and wine were made.

* 11/11/2018  eve to 11/12/2018 eve: Feast of Old Greek Deities Aphrodite and Eros

* 11/11/2018 to 11/17/2018: Old Anglo-Teutonic fast marking Hod (God of Darkness)  killing Balder (God of Light), and his true love Nanna (Goddess of Flowers) dying of a broken heart.  (So this is a day to celebrate Satan killing YaHovah)

Mike Morales has completed some amazing research into the real cause of the Paradise Fires.  He has compiled multiple videos to present his findings in very clear visual evidence.  Please WATCH.  

SMOKING GUN: Hard Evidence Shows Camp Fire Was Manmade, Genocide and Mass Destruction of Paradise Carefully Planned

Devastation left in the wake of the Camp Fire in November 2018


November’s Camp Fire Conflagration Was Fanned by Microwaves Disseminated by 3 GWEN Stations (See satellite imagery)

Evidence submitted by MAGA**PROUD TEXAN** (@drew91172026); Same ID at gab.ai
Additional evidence will be posted at CaliforniaFiresRevealed.com which will be activated within a week

*MPT has done a superb job of capturing the incriminating satellite imagery which proves conclusively what took place in Northern California to start the devastating Camp Fire.  This evidence alone is strong enough to issue a citizen’s indictment against a whole host of characters who were deeply involved in the genocide at Paradise, CA.  His extraordinary efforts are a great example of what a courageous citizen journalist and smart forensic investigator can do.  The irrefutable hard evidence MPT found has the potential to lock up the perps up and down the whole chain of command.   Since such a crime spree inevitably involved a vast criminal conspiracy at the federal, state, county and city levels, the ongoing cover-up will assist with the identification of each individual and institutional perpetrator.

Satellite image shows incredible fiery heat of Camp Fire…that’s what microwaves do especially when they’re turned way up by GWEN Stations

SOTN Editor’s Note:  Proof has been presented via the hard scientific evidence provided by Nexrad Radar, Autocad Civil 3D, Modis 6 and VIIRS (Visible Infrared Imaging Radiometer Suite) satellite hot-spot data that microwaves produced from 3 GWEN stations were utilized to greatly exacerbate California’s devastating Camp Fire.  What follows are 2 screenshots showing the cluster of microwaves that were transmitted throughout the exact area where the Camp Fire exploded.

GWEN Stations: The Preferred Weapon of Pyro-terrorism

Now here’s a real-time video of the Camp Fire getting hit by microwaves just as the fire was getting started and spreading.  Pay special attention to the blips on the screen that occur in the northwest quadrant of the screen which are surreptitiously emanating from one of the GWEN stations.


The precise location of the three GWEN Stations have been pinpointed as seen on the maps below:

Now here’s the satellite imagery that captured the microwave blast from the GWEN Station in Appleton, Washington.  Note the distinct line of microwave dissemination coming from due north for a direct hit on Paradise CA.


GWEN Stations actually have many applications as the following excerpt explains, especially for controlling the weather.

MPT has included his own studied opinion in the tweet below:


The following screenshot from Wikipedia offers some very relevant history of GWEN military technology (AN/URC-117 Ground Wave Emergency Network).


Notice the straight line diagonal from the upper left to the lower right in the first image below.  There are other frequency signatures that stand out which serve as categorical evidence of an obvious directed energy attack.  This kind of phenomenon does NOT exist in nature and can only be explained as a manmade event using highly advanced military technology.


Timestamp Comparisons

What follows are the exact timestamp comparisons between the developing Camp Fire via satellite imagery and the GWEN Station transmissions that fueled these engineered fires.  Please click on each of the 5 screenshots to enlarge or go the “Addendum” below to see the critical data in even greater detail.


While the foregoing presentation is only a preliminary news report, the conclusive proof provided herein represents a complex and convoluted crime spree committed against the American people.

The degree of power and influence necessary to carry out such a deadly and destructive crime wave goes way above even the Very Deep State, the hidden hierarchy that exerts total command and control over the notorious Deep State.

Therefore, the proper prosecution of these “crimes against humanity” committed throughout California during November of 2018 holds the possibility of taking down the entire World Shadow Government and its ubiquitous Global Control Matrix.

In light of this urgent and weighty task, SOTN respectfully requests that every reader circulate this radioactive report as quickly and widely as possible.

We’ve got ’em this time!  The New World Order globalist cabal really screwed up in California and it will come back to BURN them—BIG TIME!

To follow more technical developments of this criminal case, please go to https://twitter.com/drew91172026.

APLANETRUTH, fully documented this disaster in over 77 videos.  He researched the history of the Community, filmed the remains and documented the bizarre evidence, interviewed survivors, documented the numbers of people who are missing, asked what happened to the people who WERE in shelters and has had no response, documented the evidence of Directed Energy Weapons.  ALL of his videos were deleted.  I had many of them posted in my “WARNING-US EVENTS FEBRUARY /MARCH 2019- Happening Now!!!” article before they were pulled by the media. 

Here are some of the related videos I was able to find.  We don’t know how much longer we will be able to post these types of articles so I want to get this out ASAP.

Watch on Alt Censored


Terrifying police radio details California wildfire evacuation

ABC7 News Bay Area 
Published on Nov 8, 2018From a pregnant woman who went into labor while being evacuated to seniors in a nursing home that can’t get through to 911, here’s the terrifying police radio detailing the terrifying evacuation in Northern California. Full story: https://abc7ne.ws/2OveJ3i

Golden Eagle Films
Published on Dec 15, 2018The Camp Fire Documentary is a powerful and moving first person account from individuals and First Responders that battled against the inferno that struck Concow, Paradise, Magalia and Chico in Butte County California on November the 8th, 2018. This documentary was produced by local film maker – Golden Eagle Films and is powerful, sensitive and heart-felt.

Published on Nov 15, 2018This video made me cry! I live on 86 miles away from the Paradise, ca fires, Our town is covered in choking smoke. The fires are still burning. There’s ash all over my car every day. My friends home burnt down . . I pray for those effected by this horrific situation. My prayers are with you.
“This video made me cry ! I live on 86 miles away from the Paradise, ca fires , Our town is covered in choking smoke . The fires are still burning ….”


Published on Nov 23, 2018
Serenity, Beautiful Serenity
Lost my house in this fire. It was ungodly hot, and fast. No warning, no ems message…just cries of “get out now!” being heard through the neighborhood. We lived off Pearson and Cherry. I was in that same traffic jam, only further down Pearson. I watched people abandon their cars behind me and make a run for it. A few passed me up on foot and then the smoke became so dark and heavy it took over the rest. The cars started moving ahead of me and I was blocked, and on fire. I put my car in low gear and pushed the car ahead of me over the side of the road and boogied out of there. When I got to Skyway it looked like a war zone and was pitch black, burning on both sides of the road. A couple and two other people hopped in my car and we barely made down. When I got out of my car at the college, I threw up from nerves and smoke. The left side of my car was blistered charted and smoking, my tail lights melted, license plate was melted, my tires and rims on the he left side were melted. I drove down on two flat tires. My dog and I were singed. My passengers clothes and shoes and feet were burned. We too witnessed those in their cars that did not make it. The fire started in Gorda by a faulty PG&E line. Here’s the kicker. I went with a friend to her parents house in Concow and we were roadblocked by PG&E. A week prior to the fire someone reported a faulty utility line just to the west of Concow, you know, the lines off the big towers, and the PG&E workers told us that the power surge from the fire in Paradise sparked the faulty utility line in Concow….her parents house burned and no one told them anything or let them in for four days….this fire was planned. It was supposed to have started a week earlier, in Concow and was supposed to take Paradise, Concow, Gorda and Big Bend. It is all Agenda 21. If you look at a map of where all the states fires have taken place over the past two years you will see those fires are in the same area California government wants to run their Redwood Express rail system. This rail system is to serve the masses in the stack and packs along the route. Guess who won the contract to build….Diane Feinstein’s husband. Also look up SB901, and for shits and giggles, get a soil sample and leaf sample from our area and have them tested for excessive aluminum content. There will be no way the planning department will let any of us rebuild because they are going to deem the soils toxic. Personally, I plan on taking the insurance money and leaving California.🖕But the first thing I am going to do is sue the governor, PG&E owners, interest holders and investors personally (not corporately) in to bankruptcy. I am suing for negligence, and property loss. I am also going to press criminal charges of attempted murder, extortion and emotional and physical harm on the above mentioned so they will learn something about personal accountability. You do not leave your states forests in such a disarray so they burn 80 football fields a minute (that is 272 mph), you do not leave a major utility line hanging for a week and let it spark, you do not charge me on my bill for a previous fire you are held accountable, and you do not endanger, mame, or murder people for personal gain. Please know that if you or your kids need an ear, I will be more than happy to email my phone number to you. Take care, and stay safe. We are the lucky ones. Oh and look up SB901. Oh and another thing, this fire was planned, just not the way it went down when or where.

PBS NewsHour  
Published on Feb 20, 2019

In Paradise, California, thousands of residents are trying to cope with disruption and displacement resulting from November’s devastating Camp Fire. Children attend school in a repurposed hardware store, where counselors try to help them manage their trauma. Meanwhile, amidst millions of tons of toxic debris, finding safe and stable housing is a challenge. Special correspondent Cat Wise reports.

Many of the videos from APlaneTruth have been CENSORED.  He lost a lot of them when they closed his accounts.  He has reposted what he could and here is a link to his playlist.

Aplanetruth Paradise Lost # Playlist # 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

178 videos4,123 views Last updated on Aug 25, 2020
This playlist is a collaborative work of “Saves and mirrored copies.” Alternates are woven into the play stream due to the ever-present possibility of take downs. Each of the 90 or so segments are extremely endangered and so the downloading of these works to an external hard drive is urgently recomended. Please share. Contact me to become a collaborator of this playlist. 》》

paradise lost aplanetruth.info full play list
60 videos4,299 views Last updated on Feb 7, 2021

Paradise Lost – The Occulted History

Published on Mar 8, 2019


Paradise Lost # 51 ~ The Fire Embers are Programmable Swarming Nanobots !!!!

Published on Mar 20, 2019



Paradise Lost # 77 ~ NSA & DHS Staged and IN Paradise BEFORE Fires ~ Local Informs Us     (APlaneTruth has been deleted/Censored.

Published on Feb 6, 2019
Christie grew up in Paradise caring for a home she grew up in, and her parents, recently deceased, left to her. Now, it is all gone, and she cannot collect any insurance because the policy, that she was paying into, was in her deceased Father’s name!!.. So, She is living with her son, for the time being, in Nebraska. Thank you so much for this vital, and critically important information, Ms. Christie. I, and I’m confident all, are profoundly sorry for all you’re still going through, the healing will take quite some time from here, but we will ALL help where we can, with what we have

Directed Energy Weapons(DEW) Mass Murder in Paradise CA

Published on Dec 18, 2018

APLANETRUTH Vid paradise lost #16

Camp Fire my full escape timestamped (F-bomb warning til Pearson Rd)

Bbster Scott
Published on Nov 11, 2018I spent about 50 minutes at the Hospital as the traffic was bumper to bumper both ways through flames. Seeing these Hospital staff in action during this catastrophe I learned that medically isn’t the only way they are capable of saving lives. In that firestorm with hot embers flying around like small missiles, It took nerves of steel and incredible courage to stay and evacuate all the patients knowing it could cost them their lives. Be proud Paradise these folks are real heroes. Of that, I have no doubts… Days later found out that my cousin Robbie an EMT out of Chico made it to Paradise. Nearing the Hospital they were turned back by the flames then went to Bille and Clark where they found Bille gridlocked with scores of people abandoning cars & fleeing on foot through the rapidly advancing fire. This is where they posted up helping in the ensuing evacuation transporting survivors back & forth to safety. When this nightmare is over with and with peoples blessings I would like to help myself and others by telling his and others inspirational stories from that day which will never be forgotten. Also, thank you, Mark Grover, of The Razors for original guitar music, heard in this video. – to be continued- Update: I’m going to be making a video when I go back home for the 1st time since Nov 8th. They are saying this will happen sometime next week…

John Klepps
Published on Nov 29, 2018

Published on Dec 2, 2018

Videos reproduced for education and research. Trees burning from the inside out… or does it get under the bark and climb the tree and smolder any which way it can. I found a video of the parking lot tree in the early stages of fire. The fire starts on the outside and gets inside somehow. bark mulch on the ground seems problematic. These fires are complex, random, and severe

Supposedly Shelly
Published on Dec 27, 2018Paradise Fire DEWs Smart Meters Retired Fire Captains and Fighters John Lord and Matt Geo Engineering Chem Trails–with Photos from John Lord. Disclaimer: The firemen have no affiliation with “Flat Earth Radio” and do not subscribe to that view. All photographs with the exception of a few stills from videos are taken by John Lord (c) 2018 December Paradise Fire. Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ma26E… Part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W3dZf..


This next series is in 5 parts.  I did not have room to post all five videos.  Please click the links below to view them in another window.  These are very important and informative videos.  

Google Search Paradise Camp Fire: Revisiting The Infamous Big K Dollar Tree Burning Tree Video

Global Agenda
Premiered Mar 30, 2019My latest video: “Week Two of the ‘New’ New Zealand: Ahmed Bhamji Blames Zionists and the Mossad For the Christchurch Attacks” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QkJpc… –~– Looking at the new images from Google Earth I am revisiting (overhead this time) John Klepp’s Infamous Big K Dollar Tree Burning Tree of Paradise Video from the parking lot on his dash cam during the day of the fire. Finally, I can look at what the forest was on fire that was behind plaza with the Dollar Tree Store the fire. I also focus on the area that was captured on John’s dash cam that showed this massive tree on fire. With that said and without ruining your watch here. All I am going to say is… How did the trees NOT burn, but the houses that were directly behind the trees were burned to ashes? The fire had roared through and those trees never caught on fire behind the Dollar Tree plaza, but when you look at my overhead video capture all the houses were torched directly behind the tree line? Was this a forest fire or one massive house and automobile cleansing of Paradise, California?


Supposedly Shelly 
Published on Dec 24, 2018
Paradise Fire DEWs Smart Meters Retired Fire Captains and Fighters John Lord and Matt Geo Engineering Chem Trails–with Photos from John Lord. Disclaimer: The firemen have no affiliation with “Flat Earth Radio” and do not subscribe to that view. All photographs with the exception of a few stills from videos are taken by John Lord (c) 2018 December Paradise Fire.

Part 1 Paradise Fires–Massive “Event” Expert Testimony Retired Fire Captains

MELTED SMART METERS!! Part 2 Paradise Fires–Massive “Event” Expert Testimony Retired Fire Captains

Must See!! Part 3 Paradise Fires–Massive “Event” Expert Testimony Retired Fire Captains

Part 4: Paradise Fire Retired Fire Captains Answer Your Questions

Part 5: Paradise Fires –Latest Update and Conclusions from Retired Fire Captains

Mailboxes, trashcans, and trees, unharmed, homes, cars, and rubber tires, totally destroyed?

California “Wildfires”: Direct Energy Weapon Civilization Reset

Barnabas Nagy
Published on Mar 28, 2019

Published on Nov 13, 2018Thank you for your support http://patreon.com/thetruthergirls Connect Fb http://facebook.com/thetruthergirls How is it possible that a fire can burn a house to the ground while everything around it is left intact? Could some kind of exotic weapon or a problem with smart meters be to blame? Why would anyone want to intentionally destroy the California coast? Facebook video of DEW https://www.facebook.com/jerry.wizman.

Mike Morales  
Premiered Nov 9, 2018


Published on Jan 2, 2019



Published on Mar 26, 2019

old link: https://youtu.be/Zt4dAHGlbj8

Escaping Paradise/ California Wildfires: The New Normal

Published on Dec 11, 2018How would you escape the massive Camp Fire in Paradise, California? Escaping Paradise | California Wildfires: The New Normal When the Camp Fire ignited, it started a chain of events that allowed it to become the deadliest wildfire in California history. There was no plan to handle an evacuation on this scale, and it lead to more than 80 deaths. UPDATE: 12/11/18— Authorities identified an 86th victim who passed away in the hospital after receiving burn wounds in the fire. Read more: www.abc10.com/wildfires

Published on Nov 13, 2018

Published on Jan 30, 2019

California’s largest utility company, Pacific Gas & Electric, filed for bankruptcy on Tuesday after facing mounting scrutiny for its role in November’s Camp Fire.