For anyone who has been following the story of the KC 3 it should be obvious why no one believes that Jordan is innocent, and the families of the three young men as well as the huge majority of people watching are demanding answers.  The police obviously did not handle this case correctly from the beginning.  Unless they are just not telling us, they did not test Jordon for drugs in his system at the time, they did not complete a thorough search of the property for evidence and they dismissed any notion that there was any wrong doing almost immediately.
Now, there is NO QUESTION that Jordan is a very intelligent and highly educated man, who has had a great deal of experience working labs and he has a degree in CHEMISTRY.  According to his friends he has had a history of mixing chemicals for his friends, ever since high school.
I have listened to so many News reports and Online videos, I have heard so many things and don’t remember which source I heard what details.  But, I have heard testimony that Jordan had a bad temper, that he was extremely arrogant and loved to talk about his knowledge.  I have seen multiple reports that he claims now that he has a drug abuse problem and has checked into Rehab.
His education and his history would make him extremely knowledgeable about chemicals and how they work in the body, he would be knowledgeable about dosage amounts for different body sizes and weights.  He was well aware of the weather and the weather warnings that were in effect.  He knows how to create synthetic chemicals because that is a big part of his job.

I have a very strong feeling that this man killed these three guys and covered it up.  I can only speculate as to the reason that he killed them.  Maybe he was experimenting on them and the found out.  Or maybe they just saw something else he was experimenting on that Jordan could not afford for them to reveal.  Maybe he had been jealous of those guys all his life, or maybe he just decided they were beneath him, or maybe someone just said something that set him off.   We don’t know.  But there is a reason why he keeps changing his story, and his lawyer keeps changing his story.  There is a reason he ignored everyone’s efforts to communicate with him when they did not come home.  There is a reason why he moved so quickly.  He claims that he was being harasser so much he couldn’t take it anymore… but he was gone before most people even were aware of what happened.

He says he fell asleep on the couch, then he says he went to bed where he sleeps with sound filtering headphones an a loud fan, he says se slept until the police knocked, then he says he was up and down during the night, at one point either he or his lawyer said he left once or twice, but they changed that to just got up and about a couple times, he says he did not hear a thing, not the people calling, not the people pounding on his door not the young lady walking through his house screaming his name.  He says he saw the cars in front of house, but didn’t think anything of it because they often leave their cars there, then he says he didn’t see them because they were parked down the street, he says he was up and working on Tuesday because he has a job, but he didn’t see anything, not even the body on his back patio which was clearly visible from the area of the house where they were watching the game and from his kitchen.  Did not not eat or drink for two days?  He said the wine glass in his hand had water in it, he had been drinking wine “the night before” which would have been Monday night.   HELLO!  What does he keep wine and wine glasses in his bedroom?  He says he saw them out the door, then he says he never saw them leave.  The man can’t keep  his story straight even within the same sentence.   He had two days to clean up any evidence before the police arrived.  He cleared out the whole house within a week.  Where did he go?  How did he arrange a move that fast?  Now he says his things are in storage and he is in Rehab, but no one can confirm either of those facts.  He has an attorney whose reputation is that he takes on people who let’s say,  have a fat chance of being innocent and defends them personally and tenaciously until the case is “resolved”.   How did he get hooked up with that guy so fast?  Did he just pull his name out of a hat??

When three young, strong, healthy happy, family men, of varying sizes and strengths, with good jobs end up dead in someone’s backyard…that someone should expect a full and invasive investigation.  Those men deserve that much.  There is no room for secrets in that situation.  No privacy.  Everything must be brought to light and exposed, so that the truth can shine forth an the situation can be resolved.

I believe that Jordon is being “protected” because he is high profile and connected. my opinion to which I am entitled.  I obviously cannot prove that.  No one can prove anything because the evidence is long gone.

This post will demonstrate the level of Jordan’s intelligence and knowledge of drugs, it will also provide some new information that has come forward.   The last video is really interesting so don’t miss it.

Please ear friends, pray for the families of these young men.  And, pray that the TRUTH COMES OUT, whether Jordon is innocent or guilty, let the WHOLE TRUTH COME TO LIGHT.



Maybe he gave them the marijuana laced with Fentanyl and asked them to smoke outside, because there was no smoking allowed in his rental home.  He then went to his bedroom, put on his noise cancelling headphones and went to sleep!   He could not possibly have taken the same drugs his friends did or he would be dead.  The amount of Fentanyl in their bodies would kill a man in 6 seconds!!   There is no way he could sleep it off.

I also believe that when the police called into the station to report the scene, someone called the dogs off!! They were told this person was a highly connected and respected scientist and to leave it alone.  That is the only explanation for their gross negligence related to the investigation of this crime, that makes sense to me.

Jordan and his lawyer have told so many lies, anyone who believes a word they say, is an idiot!


Criminal Charges to Come in Deaths of 3 Chiefs Fans Frozen in Backyard?

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Jordan Willis, BSc, is a PhD candidate and science writer with a bachelor’s degree in molecular biology and genetics. He has expertise in fungal biology and is interested in nutrient regulation, virology, bacteriology, and next-generation technologies for multi-omics approaches.

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CO2 Incubators: Precision Tools Driving Drug Discovery Success

A concise guide to critical CO2 incubator conditions, effective monitoring techniques, and preparing for scale-up
CO2 incubators are essential for cultivating cells or tissues under controlled conditions in drug discovery labs. This article explores the significance of CO2 incubators with an emphasis on the importance of rigorously maintaining and monitoring incubation conditions. Effective cell culturing techniques require precise, real-time control of numerous environmental metrics. Maintaining sterility is also paramount to prevent contamination and downtime.From environmental stability monitoring to regular quality checks, there are practical strategies that can be implemented to ensure the reliability of cell cultures. Understanding and maintaining these conditions are key factors in building the foundation for drug discovery pipeline success.

Defining the importance of CO2 incubation conditions

Several primary environmental parameters require stringent monitoring and control during cell culture incubation to ensure cell viability, proliferation, and an accurate representation of in vivo conditions. Deviations from these parameters (within or between incubators) can result in noisy, inconclusive data or even cell death. Furthermore, cell culturing conditions can vary per experiment and cell type, so it is important to be well-informed about the requirements of the cells in your care. In the drug discovery pipeline, there is typically a focus on maintaining consistent atmospheric and human physiological conditions, including:

  • Carbon dioxide (CO2) concentration: Commonly used at five percent CO2 but may vary based upon culture medium pH buffering system1
  • Oxygen (O2) concentration: Can vary from 1-20 percent depending on cell- or tissue-specific conditions like hypoxia or hyperoxia1
  • Temperature: Maintained at approximately 37 degrees Celsius (98.6 degrees Farenheit)1
  • pH level: A slightly acidic pH of 7.2-7.4 is typically used to emulate bloodstream biochemistry but may vary when studying health conditions such as cancer1
  • Osmolarity: osmotic stress is prevented by adjusting cell culture osmolarity in a cell- or tissue- specific manner (typically 260–320 milliosmole)1
  • Humidity: Maintained at 85-95 percent to prevent evaporation and maintain osmolarity of cell culture media2
  • Gas flow and distribution: Even dispersal of CO2 and O2 levels must be maintained throughout the incubator to prevent localized variation across cultures1
  • Sterility: Typically maintained via HEPA filter and UV decontamination methods in combination with aseptic techniques and regular cleaning1

Effective incubator and cell culture monitoring solutions

Success in a drug discovery pipeline lab requires a combination of tools and software for monitoring and controlling cell culture conditions. A holistic approach to monitoring both the environment and the cell cultures is fundamental to guarantee precision, reproducibility, and data integrity.

Incubators with integrated sensors, controls, and data logging

Most modern CO2 incubators come equipped with controls for temperature, humidity, and gas concentrations. Gas sensors are crucial for continuous monitoring of atmospheric conditions. Osmometers and pH meters may also be integrated to validate the osmolarity and pH levels of culture media. These features allow real-time monitoring and adjustment of the incubation environment as needed. Some advanced models also offer data logging capabilities that record the important metrics over time, which supports data reproducibility and validation. This is especially important for experiments or trials with a long duration.

Environmental monitoring systems (EMS) and software

An EMS integrates multiple sensors to monitor key parameters such as gas concentrations, relative humidity, and temperature. These systems provide a centralized platform for real-time data collection. They can be configured to provide alarms when triggered by changes in the culturing environment.  Additionally, laboratory information management system (LIMS) software can be integrated into the EMS to manage and track experimental data, including cell culture conditions and experimental results. Incubators may also be equipped with automated culturing systems using control software that communicates with equipment, like robotic arms and liquid handlers. This software reduces human error and ensures proper coordination of experiments during high-throughput screenings. Together, these three systems can improve reproducibility, data organization, traceability, and demonstrate adherence to regulatory standards and guidelines.

Cell culture monitoring methods

CO2 incubators can be equipped with inverted microscopes that enable digital imaging capabilities for monitoring cell morphology, density, and behavior in real time. Alternately, instead of adding an inverted microscope into your incubator, some companies have developed small incubation chambers that are staged directly upon the inverted microscope. This method facilitates the use of automated live-cell imaging systems that can capture time-lapse images or gather data for long-term experiments. Aside from cell visualization, contamination must also be monitored. The most likely incubator infection is caused by mycoplasma due to their small size (0.1-0.3 microns) and ability to slip through the incubator’s HEPA filtration systems. Currently, PCR is the most used method for detecting mycoplasma and specialized kits exist for this purpose.

Are you ready to scale up? 

The process of scaling up from small-scale cell culture to bioreactors can be daunting. To reduce stress upon yourself and your cell lines, some preliminary quality control work must be done. First, prepare a blueprint of expected results by optimizing your culturing conditions and ensuring that your experimental data is rigorously gathered and well-reviewed. Next, authenticate your cell lines via DNA and karyotype profiling, determine cell viability and purity, and test for contaminating organisms like mycoplasma. Ensure that the monitoring methods you’ve established in the small-scale will be feasible and available in the bioreactors. Enter the process with specific expectations about metrics like expected cell density and growth rates, product quality or consistency, and devise methods for ensuring comparability with your small-scale results.

In drug discovery labs, CO2 incubators are indispensable tools used in the meticulous process of controlled cell or tissue cultivation. The emphasis on rigorous maintenance and monitoring of incubation conditions can’t be overstated as they are crucial for reliability and reproducibility of experiments. Establishing reliable conditions is required prior to scaling up production in bioreactors. With an unshakeable commitment to quality control, CO2 incubators can serve as the basis for groundbreaking experiments and the development of novel pharmaceuticals.


  1. Bal-Price, Anna, and Sandra Coecke. 2011. “Cell Culture Techniques.” Neuromethods, 1–25. doi:10.1007/978-1-61779-077-5_1.
  2. Pamies, David, Marcel Leist, Sandra Coecke, Gerard Bowe, David G Allen, Gerhard Gstraunthaler, Anna Bal-Price, et al. 2021. “Guidance Document on Good Cell and Tissue Culture Practice 2.0 (GCCP 2.0).” ALTEX 39: 30–70. doi:10.14573/altex.2111011.













Nov 28, 2023 — Jordan Willis, BSc, is a PhD candidate and science writer with a bachelor’s degree in molecular biology and genetics.

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Jordan Willis, based in Kansas City, MO, US, is currently a Senior Principal Scientist at IAVI, bringing experience from previous roles at IAVI, Twist Bioscience, Rejuvenate Bio and RubrYc Therapeutics. Jordan Willis holds a 2008 – 2014 Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Vaccinology @ Vanderbilt University. With a robust skill set that includes Bioinformatics, Molecular Modeling, Molecular Biology, Structural Biology, Immunology and more, Jordan Willis contributes valuable insights to the industry. Jordan Willis has 2 emails and 1 mobile phone number on RocketReach.

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