Lucid Dreaming, Subliminal Recordings, Binaural Beats, White Noise

Variety of Spiritual Experiences

IF THERE BE higher spiritual agencies that can directly touch us, the psychological condition of their doing so MIGHT BE our possession of a subconscious region which alone should yield access to them.’ William James

Well, William James was pretty smart, because that is exactly where demonic entities access humans.  When you enter an altered state of consciousness, no matter what method you use to get there, You open YOURSELF up to demonic entities.   You give them the Gateway, the Open Door and they do not hesitate to enter.  

That is why the WORD commands us to take EVERY THOUGHT CAPTIVE.  We are not to zone out and Empty our Minds. 

2Corinthians 10:3 “For though we walk in the flesh, we do not war after the flesh: (For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds;) Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ;”

God told us that the battleground is the MIND.  That is where the enemy attacks.  That is where the demons enter.

New Age and Eastern Practices are always promising peace, self control and enlightenment.  But they lie.  All the things you seek all that you need is promised to you by GOD.  HE DOES NOT LIE.

Phillipians 4:6 Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God. And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus. Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things. Those things, which ye have both learned, and received, and heard, and seen in me, do: and the God of peace shall be with you.”

In this article we are going to look at a few things that the world has accepted as tools for self improvement and self control and clear away some of the deception.  Hopefully, open some eyes and at least get people to research for themselves.  If you are already employing these things, I hope it will encourage you to stop and get them out of your life and your home.

We will look at  Lucid Dreaming, Subliminal Recordings, Binaural Beats and White Noise.

I have taken excerpts from each of the articles below.   The link to the original articles are all included.  I strongly encourage you to visit the originals for further information.  My comments are shown in blue. 

UPDATE: 3/10/19

LUCID DREAMING –  Let’s take a look at the etymology of that word!  Etymology is the origin or ROOT of a word.  The root of a thing is all that matters, everything else is a lie/deception/coverup.  That came to me directly from GOD in response to my question about whether I should be involved in a particular thing.  His reply was brilliant because it applies to EVERYTHING.  So, here is the etymology of Lucid:

lucid (adj.)  1590s, “bright, shining” (a sense now obsolete or restricted), from Latin lucidus “light, bright, clear,” figuratively “perspicuous, lucid, clear,” from lucere “to shine,” from lux (genitive lucis) “light,” from PIE root *leuk- “to shine, be bright.

Lucifer – literally “light bringin” from lux (genitive lucis) “light” (from PIE root leuk –“light, brightness) + ferre “to carry, bear,” from PIE root bher (1) “to carry,” also “to bear children”.

There is a very strong reason why this experience was named from the root word for Lucifer.  I know that you will argue that it just means enlightening but, wise up.  WORDS have power, and are formed in the spirit.  The power of life and death is in the tongue. 

What Are Lucid Dreams?

Have you ever had a dream where you knew you were dreaming during your dream? This is called a lucid dream. Research has shown that lucid dreaming is accompanied by an increased activation of parts of the brain that are normally suppressed during sleep. Lucid dreaming represents a brain state between REM sleep and being awake.

Some people who are lucid dreamers are able to influence the direction of their dream, changing the story so to speak. While this may be a good tactic to take, especially during a nightmare, many dream experts say it is better to let your dreams occur naturally.

lucid dream
 A vivid dream in which a person is aware that he or she is dreaming, which can either be:
(1) awake-induced lucid dream (WILD), when he or she transitions from an awake state directly into a dream state; or a
(2) dream induced lucid dream, when a normal dream becomes a lucid dream.  –  Free dictionary


What you need to know about LUCID DREAMING and the INCEPTION of your dream MATRIX

The following excerpts were taken from

How To Lucid Dream And 7 Ways It Will Change Your Life

Promoters of Lucid dreams make SOME PRETTY AMAZING PROMISES: 

  1. “Imagine a world where you can easily conquer your biggest fears, travel at will to any location on the planet…or elsewhere, live out exciting, unbelievable adventures and even seduce a hopelessly sexy lover – when you learn how to lucid dreamIt sounds like fantasy, but the impossible is in fact very possible through lucid dreaming.
  2. You can do whatever you want in a lucid dream, and many people study lucid dreaming to live out their           wildest fantasies, from flying to having sex with their ‘dream partner.’
  3. More immersive than a good book, a TV show or even a virtual reality game, a lucid dream defies all laws of physics and logic and puts you right in the middle to experience it in 5D (using all 5 senses)!”

Yes, those are pretty good sales pitches. Sadly, people get swept up in the idea of all that fantasy, and when the truth/reality comes to hit them in the face…it is often too late.  This is a trap.  They are encouraging you to open yourself up to demonic forces.  Once those forces move in, you cannot control them.


…”an entire industry of courses, workshops, and books about how to do it.

THEY CLAIM THAT – Lucid dreaming is absolutely possible for everyone, but you’ll need to train your brain first.

It isn’t hard to do, but it will take some dedication, practice, and patience.”





In the real world, your sensory experiences (sight, touch, taste, smell, and feel) are just processes in your brain that are triggered by something in your body.

For example, when you touch something, signals fire off in your brain and let you experience the touch. The same thing happens in your lucid dreams, which means you can fully experience everything in your dream world.

Lucid dreaming is like a hyperreality where you sense and feel everything around you, except everything around you is a construct of your infinite imagination!


Tea and Herbs*

There are many herbs and teas on the market that can help induce a dream state, intensify dreams and have a lucid dream more likely.

These herbs have been used for centuries by cultures all over the world to communicate with spirits, experience prophesies, and visit the underworld. These herbs are legal and you can purchase them at your local health food store or online.

Psychedelics, Drugs, & The Bible: Fallen Angel Sorcery


The best meditation you can do to help induce lucid dreams is mindfulness meditation. Since lucid dreaming is a state of mindfulness, practicing that state during your waking life is a very helpful aid.

Try implementing a 20 minutes mindfulness meditation into your daily routine and see if it increases your chances of having a lucid dream tonight.

If you need help”.. she suggests  “a guided meditation”

(The problem with this whole meditation thing, particularly “mindful” meditation, is that what they are talking about here, is a Buddhist practice designed to open you up to demonic spirits.  This is very dangerous!  Indeed. If you are a born again believer in the WORD of God than you should look to HIM for your healing and restoration.  If you are going to meditate at all, you should read this article: Christian Mindfulness: Yes, It Is Possible! )


By Marcia Montenegro, November 2010

Mindfulness is a Buddhist concept and practice, the seventh step of the Eightfold Path. Mindfulness is more than a meditative practice; it is an outlook on life and reality that ideally results from a type of meditation designed to cultivate detachment. Detachment in Buddhism is necessary, because Buddhism teaches that attachment to this world, to your thinking, to your identity as an individual self, and other attachments, such as desires, keep you in the cycle of rebirth.

Buddhism holds that the self does not exist, and identification with the self keeps you in that cycle of rebirth. Therefore, to achieve liberation from this cycle, one must break the attachment, so detachment is necessary. Mindfulness is the method, and detachment with ultimate liberation is its goal. Mindfulness is often defined as a moment-by-moment nonjudgmental awareness of the present. For many years, this writer attempted to incorporate mindfulness into her life prior to becoming a Christian.

Though thoroughly Buddhist, mindfulness has been heavily promoted to the secular world by Jon Kabat-Zinn (b. 1944), a Zen Buddhist, whose book, Wherever You Go, There You Are, brought him into the public eye; and by Thich Nhat Hanh (b. 1926), a Zen Buddhist from Vietnam whose books have enjoyed great success in the West. Both lecture around the United States.

Kabat-Zinn, however, is no secular person. He was a student of Zen Master Seung Sahn and is a founding member of Cambridge Zen Center. Kabat-Zinn started a system now called Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction at the University of Massachusetts Hospital a few decades ago.

Comments from a former meditator

Kabat-Zinn states in the article that mindfulness is “grounded in common sense” and is not necessarily spiritual. However, there is no basis for this statement. Mindfulness is based on a specific worldview found in Buddhism, particularly Zen Buddhism. In Buddhism, the mind is a barrier to grasping ultimate reality and truth; therefore, the mind must be bypassed. Mindfulness is designed to do this.
The concept of mindfulness has spread into the health care community, as noted in the article. It is usually taught as a form of stress reduction. If one practices mindfulness meditation on a fairly regular basis (not even necessarily every day), that person may eventually adopt the worldview behind it, leading one to believe that the process of detachment is at work. However, since the self is real, there can be no true detachment; therefore, no liberation or true peace results from mindfulness.

 The techniques of mindfulness meditation lead one to enter an altered state, the same state one is in when under hypnosis. In this state, the meditator’s critical thinking and judgment are suspended, and anything can enter the mind.

Ironically, since even the mind in Buddhism is not real and one is to achieve no-mind, the term mindfulness becomes an oxymoron. Moreover, the liberation so dearly sought through Buddhism is nirvana, which is not a sort of Buddhist heaven as many think, but is actually the extinction of all illusions, including the illusion of self. 

Buddhism has no supreme God, no mind, no self. Ultimate reality is sunyata, a term loosely translated as the void, or emptiness. It is not emptiness in the sense of nothingness, but rather the ultimate reality of formlessness from which all has arisen (similar to the Tao in Taoism). The belief is that the world is full of rising and falling, and peace comes with the cessation of rising and falling. But there can be no joy or peace in formlessness, because the self is not there, since there is no self.

Should you practice Mindfulness?

If you are a Christian, the basis, rationale, and goal of mindfulness is in complete conflict with a Christian worldview and with the reality presented by God in his word. Mindfulness has nothing in common with biblical meditation, which is thoughtfulcontemplation of God’s word. 

Biblical meditation and prayer are not matters of trying to go beyond thought, either to achieve a mystical oneness with God, or to “hear” from God. Nothing like this is taught anywhere in the Bible. Prayer in the Bible is always presented as verbal praise, petition, confession, and expression of gratitude to God. 

Furthermore, the concept of needing detachment goes against biblical teaching that we should remember what God has done, and vividly keep before us Christ’s atonement on the cross and his bodily resurrection. There are many desires that are good, and desire to know God more deeply through prayer, Bible study, and worship nourishes believers in Christ. There is no need to fear attachment or good desires.

Mindfulness and the practice of Christianity do not mesh and cannot co-exist.

If you are not a Christian, consider whether or not you wish to attach yourself to a teaching of non-attachment that stems from teachings that reject God, the concept of self, and the concept of an individual mind, while exalting a belief that the ultimate state is one of extinction from all desire, in which you essentially do not exist.

Lucid Dreaming Music

There has been a lot of advancement in the science of using technology and sounds to induce a lucid dreaming state.

Playing off our natural brainwave patterns, sound can influence certain states of awareness and make lucid dreaming more likely.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lucid Dreaming (FAQ)

I’ve been lucid dreaming, but I can’t control it, why?

You’ll never be able to fully control your dreams, only steer the dreaming ship.

Keep this in mind and just keep trying. It can take time and patience to be able to direct where you want your lucid dreams to go and even those who have lucid dreams all the time aren’t always able to control them. So, you are communicating with demons and who is in control??  NOT GOD!

This next site I found in my research is for a machine that will get you into the Lucid dream state.  



Just stick on the electrodes, choose your Dream settings from the phone app and drift off to sleep. Let the Lucid Dreamer do the rest and…

….soon you’re awake, but the world around you has changed. This isn’t reality – this is your sub-conscious universe. And now, it’s your playground!

I am so concerned for this young generation which has been raised on Technology and educated in such a manner as to remove their critical thinking and follow the “experts”.  They do not believe in demonic entities and have no idea what they are inviting into the control center of their being.  There is no way that they can comprehend the level of mind control has been achieved by DARPA government programs… They also don’t understand that WE are the enemy for whom these weapons and strategies have been designed.
I caution you, reader, to TREAD LIGHTELY, GUARD you Mind and SOUL.
LUCID DREAMER  most advanced lucid dream device

Enter A World Of Limitless Potential
What if you could wake up in your dreams and live out your wildest fantasies, every night? What would you do?

Science has proven that your mind and body cannot tell the difference between reality and imagination.  Many athletes have maintained their regimen following an accident or an injury by Imagining they were practicing.  Taking their mind through their regular routine.  Their bodies actually develop as if they were really doing their exercises and routines. 

The WORD of GOD says: Proverbs 23:7  For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he: Eat and drink, saith he to thee; but his heart is not with thee.

Matthew 5: 27“You have heard that it was said, ‘You shall not commit adultery.’e 28But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart. 

If you want to change your thinking, GO TO GOD.  Only HE can change us from the inside out.  He can restore us to a right mind.  He will give you the MIND OF CHRIST.  Just ask HIM.  

What’s Wrong with Subliminal Tapes?

Would you like to…”Lose weight…Improve your eyesight…or get higher grades in school.” According to those who peddle them, subliminal tapes can help you in these areas and many more as well. Well, do they work? And more importantly should Christians use them?From knowing the New Testament to freedom from acne subliminal tapes promise the solution to virtually every dilemma people face…and this through messages only perceptable to the subconscious mind.

The fact that subliminal tapes gross somewhere around 50 million dollars a year might lead you to conclude that they must be effective. But are they really, or is this just another case of the placebo effect?

SUBLIMINAL TAPES- Solutions are not so simple
Well here again is an example of the skin of the truth stuffed with a lie. While there is some validity to the effectiveness of subliminal messages, the truth is that more often than not the solutions to our problems will come only through hard work, discipline, and diligence. Case studies done in universities demonstrate the fact that there really is no quantifiable difference between those who use subliminals and those who don’t. In reality, there is simply no hard evidence supporting the validity of subliminal solutions.

Now just because you can’t scientifically demonstrate the benefits of these subliminal tapes don’t jump to the conclusion that there can’t be harmful effects to them. The truth is that there is an occultic dimension to some subliminal messages.  And don’t forget that many subliminals are produced by New Agers who are part of the “human potential” movement. There is no doubt that their objective is to substitute the god of self for the God of the Bible. In fact, subliminals can become a modern Tower of Babel which man attempts to solve his own problems apart from God.

SUBLIMINAL TAPES- No Shortcuts to Success!
Remember, as a Christian you should try to stay away from occultic influences at all costs, and that Proverb 1 and 1 Corinthians 9 calls us to obtain achievement through discipline and commitment (Prov. 1:1-7; 1 Cor. 9:24-27). There really is no shortcut to success regardless of what the sublimininal peddlers promise you. If you have a problem, let me suggest that you don’t depend on yourself, depend on God for the solution. On subliminal messages and subliminal tapes, that’s the CRI Perspective. I’m Hank Hanegraaff.

  Personal Growth Can Be Fun 

I also offer you subliminal audio programs designed to help you achieve your goals with the best use of the principles of the law of attraction, neurolinguistic programming (NLP) and self-hypnosis. These subliminal audio programs combine healing music with subliminal messages and healing frequencies (i.e. Alpha or Theta) that help you bypass any resistance coming from limiting beliefs that you may have stored in your subconscious mind and that sabotage your best conscious efforts to improve your life or achieve your goals when it comes to applying the law of attraction. What you want is to reprogram your mind towards your goals, and these subliminal mp3s help you to do precisely that.

I cannot even imagine why anyone would experiment with these subliminal tapes AT ALL.  We still don’t even understand the backmasking that has been going on in the music industry for years.  Do we really want to be participants in the disruption of the normal function of our Brains?  Do we really trust the inventors, the manufacturers and the distributors of this material??  The very nature of subliminal messages means that YOU CAN NOT DISCERN THEM with your conscious mind.  THEREFORE, how on earth can you be sure what you are putting into your brain??  Even more important, how can you be sure how they are affecting your spirit??  OR, WHO is affecting your mind and spirit?

This next article is obviously written by a nominal Christian who does not recognize or accept the spiritual dangers related to Binaural Beats.  I have pulled some excerpts from his site though that clearly show there are spiritual aspects and other dangers involved.

Binaural Beats are now also known as DIGITAL DRUGS!  “I-Dosing” latest internet craze touted as a free, safe and legal way to get high!  

Published on Oct 8, 2017

Binaural beats (also called I-dosing and digital drugs) can possibly open a person up to be demonized.

Are Binaural Beats Dangerous? This May Surprise You

Brainwave EntrainmentFAQs

Binaural beats are becoming increasingly popular among those who want to increase relaxation or mindfulness, those who meditate, and of course lucid dreamers. But are they safe?

Frequently referred to as a digital drug, binaural beats alter brainwave patterns, creating a hypnotic response, a ‘high’ if you like. They work by playing two different tones or auditory impulses in each ear, which then activates various centres in the brain, increasing mental clarity.
Sounds great, right? But then many people are still cautious when it comes to using them, so are they at all dangerous?

Are binaural beats actually dangerous?

One of the biggest risks of binaural beats is seizures. If you’re epileptic or prone to seizures, using binaural beats is discouraged.

Binaural beats can affect heart rhythms, so anyone with a pacemaker or heart problem should be wary when it comes to using them. Each individual case is different so if you fall into this category but are still eager to use binaural beats, make sure you have a chat with your Doctor before trying it.

However these aren’t risks that apply to everyone; healthy, epilepsy-free, adults should find that there are no downfalls to the beats. (according to him) Something slightly more universal though that should be remembered, is that there’s danger in stupidity.

Warnings about binaural beats 

Just in case you’re lacking in common sense, remember that when you use binaural beats you’ll be entering a relaxed and hypnotic state of mind, so operating machinery or carrying out important tasks whilst listening to them really isn’t a good idea. That goes for driving as well – I know I’d be slightly pissed off if I came across a driver in an altered state of consciousness.

You’ll be using them to enhance mentality, but if you’re needed to input your strong attention to anything in the material world, just hold off on the binaural beats until your only focus is relaxing.

If you use binaural beats too often you might find yourself getting a headache every now and then. It’s not the end of the world, and like everything, it must be used in moderation.

…whether or not it’s considered against a religion or ‘demonic’ is down to personal interpretation and opinion. Different people will have different ideas about this.

They’re not hypnotic and at any time you can stop listening to them. (again, according to him, though I have met people who are totally obsessed and unable to stop) They do put you into a ‘sort of’ trance state, but not one that you can’t just ‘snap out of’. (again, according to him)

“Well, this is a debated subject. SOME binaural beats are used to open what’s called your ‘3rd eye. If you believe in that experience, and consider it against religious teachings, then yes they’d be a sin to use.

Binaural Beats – Helpful Real Thing Or Myth?

Ken Theriot First published on June 19, 2010, · Last updated on July 5, 2013

If you’re wondering what the heck a “binaural beat” is you’re not alone. It’s basically about trying to align your brainwaves with a desired frequency to influence your state-of-mind. Binaural beats refer to a pulsing sound we hear when two different sounds, each with different frequencies, are fed into our ears.

It is a phenomenon of human physiology, like where our ears are and how we process audio, that makes binaural beats real things. Yeah, I know, I answered that question a little early in the article, right? Actually, I didn’t. I didn’t say if it was a helpful real thing. That part is yet unanswered. Curious? I hoped you would be.

First, let me ask another question. Is hypnosis a helpful real thing? I know for absolute certain that trances are real. We go into and out of them all the time. But does that make them the doorway to changing deep-seated beliefs and behaviors in people? The scientist that lives in my head says there is some dearth of evidence on that last point. So it is with binaural beats. They are mathematically real, but do they actually DO anything for us?

He goes on to give some scientific support but no real proof that binaural beats can help you quit smoking, lose weight or change your beliefs.  I post his site mostly for his clear description of Binaural Beats.



   excerpts only, click the link for the full article.

As I unwittingly dived down a rabbit hole of spirituality and science, I discovered so many more crossovers and places where ancient wisdom and new technologies are merging with fascinating outcomes. 



The answer is Beats Alchemy. Kylie & Jamin have combined their resources to offer you the opportunity to raise your vibration using the law of resonance and customised sound frequency tracks mixed just for you.

Ancient Paganism, taught to mankind by the Fallen Angels.  Wake UP People.  This is nothing MAGICK!   Aleister Crowley style demonically inspired MAGICK.   

Fake skull wearing sunglasses and headphones.
Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash
Carter Tinsley
Jan 1 · 4 min read
Excerpts provided here.  Read the entire article by clicking the link below.

What Is Isochronic Brainwave Entertainment?

Isochronic brainwave entertainment is a series of tones that are turned on and off at a consistent rate. Imagine a tone that is being turned on and off rapidly — that’s brainwave entertainment. It sounds straightforward and wishy-washy, but there is a method to this madness.

Research shows that brainwave entertainment can improve general cognition for the listener and be therapeutic for a range of disorders like chronic stress, pain, headaches, and ADHD. The results are dependent on the frequency that you use.

The speed the tones are turned on and off at is called a frequency, which is measured in Hertz (Hz). Different frequencies have different effects on your brain and state of mind. When I write, I like to use an isochronic tone of 12Hz (alpha waves), which keeps me alert but not so focused that I lose my creative edge. If I need to do a task quickly, that doesn’t require as much creativity; I use 16–24Hz (beta waves). Read on, the best bit is next.

The photo they chose for this article ought to tell you enough.  Yes, your body is influenced by frequencies.  That is a proven fact.  Scientists and governments have known that for a long time.  They are using this knowledge against us.  Don’t play with this stuff!  You don’t need to pound your brain with waves… you are getting pounded enough.   God designed your body to function perfectly.  All you have to do is focus on HIM.  He will empower you to do what you were meant to do.   Do you honestly trust the people producing this stuff??  Are you so smart that you KNOW just how to guard your heart and mind from demonic influence?  BEWARE!!

How to Use Brainwave Entertainment to Increase Your Productivity

  1. Select a source for isochronic tones from the list of resources in the next section. My favorite is, but there are mobile apps available too.
  2. Select a frequency to match your desired state of mind.

1 Hz — Delta | Lethargic
2 Hz — Delta | Deep Sleep
3 Hz — Delta | Dreamless
4 Hz — Theta | Drowsy
6 Hz — Theta | Fantasy
8 Hz — Alpha | Relaxed
12 Hz — Alpha | Conscious
16 Hz — Beta | Focussed
24 Hz — Beta | Active
32 Hz — Beta | Fear

3. Listen to the isochronic tones while you work. Use headphones to get the best results — and so your coworkers don’t think you’re crazy.

Science News from research organizations

White Noise Delays Auditory Organization In Brain

April 18, 2003
Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Exposure to continuous white noise sabotages the development of the auditory region of the brain, which may ultimately impair hearing and language acquisition, according to researchers from the University of California, San Francisco.

white noise

Posted by: Margaret Rouse

White noise is a sound that contains every frequency within the range of human hearing (generally from 20 hertz to 20 kHz) in equal amounts. Most people perceive this sound as having more high-frequency content than low, but this is not the case. This perception occurs because each successive octave has twice as many frequencies as the one preceding it. For example, from 100 Hz to 200 Hz, there are one hundred discrete frequencies. In the next octave (from 200 Hz to 400 Hz), there are two hundred frequencies.

White noise can be generated on a sound synthesizer. Sound designers can use this sound, with some processing and filtering, to create a multitude of effects such as wind, surf, space whooshes, and rumbles.

Pink noise is a variant of white noise. Pink noise is white noise that has been filtered to reduce the volume at each octave. This is done to compensate for the increase in the number of frequencies per octave. Each octave is reduced by 6 decibels, resulting in a noise sound wave that has equal energy at every octave.

What Is White Noise & What’s All The Fuss About?

Updated: January 16, 2018  Ethan Green   White Noise & Music

White noise is the fuzzy, static sound heard when there’s no signal on your television or radio. A sound you’d probably try to get rid of as quickly as possible.

So why is there a whole industry built around white noise production? And can it really help you relax, fall asleep or study better?

To understand why people would want to listen to it, let’s first take a look at exactly what white noise is.

What is white noise exactly?

It’s helpful to look at the name itself to start with. White noise gets its name from ‘white light’. In simple terms, white light is all colors, or frequencies of color, combined together.

In a similar way, white noise is a combination of all the different frequencies of sound the human ear can hear.

The white noise we talk about usually isn’t every possible sound put together though. White noise is the signal, or frequency, created when all the different frequencies of audible sound that the human ear and brain can perceive are put together at a similar level.

20,000 tones

The sound of white noise we hear as humans, therefore, is the sound of all the frequencies between 20 and 20,000 Hz. So you’re literally hearing around 20,000 different tones of sound all at the same time.

If you think about it this way – imagine you’re sitting in a quiet restaurant. You’ll be able to pick out the individual voices of your companions, and perhaps those on nearby tables.

But now imagine you’re in a sports stadium waiting for the game to start. There could be thousands of people all talking at the same time, and it will sound like a blurred roar.

White noise has a similar effect. You hear so many different tones all at the same time, it blurs into that ‘hissing’ or ‘shushing’ sound.

It’s also why nature sounds, such as rain, wind, waterfalls or oceans, are often included on white noise players. There are so many different tones created by those forces of nature, that it turns into natural white noise.

What is pink noise?

The simple explanation is that pink noise is a variation of white noise which sounds deeper, and with less of a high pitched hissing.

The more complex explanation revolves around why white noise sounds high pitched in the first place.

The reason is because each octave contains twice as many frequencies as the one below it. So, for example, between 100 Hz and 200 Hz there are 100 distinct frequencies.

But between 200 and 400 Hz there are 200 frequencies. So by the time you get to 20,000 Hz, there are many more frequencies than there were at the lower end of the range.

When pink noise is created in a sound lab, the sound engineers will usually reduce the volume of each successive octave to compensate for the extra frequencies.

This balances the sound out by giving more energy to the lower octaves and gives it a deeper sound overall than white noise.

What is brown noise?

Brown noise, sometimes called Brownian noise, sounds even deeper than pink noise, and considerably deeper than white noise. It often sounds like rushing water – like a waterfall.

It’s not named after the color brown, but after Robert Brown, who discovered Brownian motion. This is because the signal is produced by the random pattern of particle movements.

Brown noise can be produced, but not the same way as white noise or pink noise, and is much harder to create. Sound engineers have to use each sample to create the next one with an element of randomness introduced to the previous sample.

Can brown noise make you lose bowel control?

The legendary ‘brown note’ is supposedly an infra-sound frequency that makes people lose control. Despite being an amusing urban legend, brown noise shouldn’t make you lose control of your bowels though.

However, experiments have been done by scientists, the military and in documentaries showing that there is no ‘one frequency’ that works on all people.

Yes, some people may react badly to the resonance of certain frequencies, but there is no one sound you can create to make masses of people all run for the toilet.

What is white noise useful for?

Because white noise contains all audible frequencies, its most common use is to mask unwanted sounds.

Most people find that they easily get used to the noise and don’t find it disturbing. It literally fades into the background and takes other external sounds with it.

So who might find it useful, and in which situations?

  1. Helps you sleep by blocking out disturbing sounds

For light sleepers who are easily kept awake by external sounds, listening to white noise at night can help block out disturbing noise.

So if you have trouble falling asleep because of the sound of traffic or music, white noise can mask that annoying sound.

You need to have the white noise loud enough for this to work properly though. Otherwise, it will help mask other sounds, but not hide them altogether.

The other theory behind why white noise helps you sleep is that your brain is incredibly active and loves stimulation. So any noise in the night will engage your brain.

Having a constant white noise will, therefore, satisfy your brain’s need for stimulation and prevent it from getting overexcited when it hears sudden noise in the night.

You can also experiment with different kinds of white noise. If the sound keeping you awake is a deep traffic noise, then maybe try pink or brown noise instead as they have more strength at the lower frequencies.

  1. It helps babies to relax and sleep better

Babies are easily kept awake or woken up by sudden sounds. White noise can help to drown out these sounds and keep them sleeping for longer.

Babies are already accustomed to listening to constant noise – the womb isn’t a quiet place, and white noise is sometimes thought to imitate the sound of blood rushing in the womb.

  1. Can help you concentrate – for a while

While writing this article, I’ve been listening to pink noise constantly. I can hear the sound of traffic quite loudly from where I work, but the pink noise completely drowns it out.

This stops me from being distracted by changes in the volume of traffic, loud motorbikes, trucks and beeping horns.

I find it’s very effective and I’m so used to the sound now that as soon as I put it on I feel focused, and it fades nicely into the background.

It’s also sometimes used by people who work in other kinds of noisy environments, such as manufacturing or where there’s a drone of technological devices.

However, despite my own positive experience with white noise, some studies have shown that listening to white noise constantly to aid concentration can have a negative impact on your performance, stress levels and memory.

Other studies have been done to see if white noise can improve the concentration of children with attention difficulties. It appears that it does in some situations, but also decreases the performance of children who don’t have attention problems.

Overall, it seems this is still a developing area. My personal experience is that listening to white noise is better than listening to the drone of traffic. But perhaps after a few more days or weeks, it will start to irritate me.

  1. Helps mask tinnitus

I can also personally attest to the theory that white noise helps ease tinnitus. Having had chemotherapy for cancer treatment 2 years ago, I have tinnitus as a permanent side effect of the Cisplatin drug.

Especially bad at night time, or if I’m tired, ill or stressed, I find that white noise in any form – pure or sounds of nature – helps to block out the ringing I hear from tinnitus.

  1. Promotes relaxation

Although pure white noise, like that heard on your television, isn’t usually thought of as relaxing, nature sounds often are.

Many people find the sound of oceans, rivers, forests, waterfalls and rain calming, relaxing and peaceful. It may not be for everyone, but most people will state that one of the joys of being in nature is listening to the sounds.


Does my sound machine impair brain function and development?

If you’re like me, you’ve probably always equated white noise with the sound of rain, or waves, or some other sound in nature. Interestingly, it’s not natural at all, and therein lies the problem.

White noise is actually machine-generated static that is used to mask annoying or distracting sounds. It works by combining all the frequencies we can hear – about 20,000 tones – into one sound. Basically, it’s the equivalent of a huge orchestra all playing a different note at once. What you get is not music, but a wall of sound that blocks other sounds.

Of course, few of us (if any) can relax to the sound of scratchy static generated by a radio, or any other form. White noise manufacturers know that, so they embed the static within sound clips of waves or rain to make it more palatable. Though it seems like a sensible solution, this approach may actually cause several problems:


One really important feature of white noise is that it “has equal power across all frequencies,” meaning that the wall of sound contains both high-pitched and low-pitched frequencies. (source) High-pitched frequencies can be stressful to the body, which is why they are filtered out in sound therapies such as pink and brown noise.

According to this Scientific American article:

Several studies have indicated that stress resulting from ongoing white noise can induce the release of cortisol, a hormone that helps to restore homeostasis in the body after a bad experience. Excess cortisol impairs function in the prefrontal cortex—an emotional learning center that helps to regulate ‘executive’ functions such as planning, reasoning and impulse control. Some recent evidence indicates that the prefrontal cortex also stores short-term memories. Changes to this region, therefore, may disrupt a person’s capacity to think clearly and to retain information.

Though not definitive, recent research also suggests that noise-induced stress may decrease dopamine availability in the prefrontal cortex, where the hormone controls the flow of information from other parts of the body. Stress resulting from background noise, then, may decrease higher brain function, impairing learning and memory.”

Why does white noise have this effect? One theory is that our brains are hardwired to interpret meaningful noise rather than static. According to Campbell and Doman, “Certain sounds, provided in the right context and combinations, can organize our neural activity, stimulate our bodies, [and] retune our emotions.”

When the sounds grow “more coherent – sounding more like a real melody – different parts of the brain interact in a more intense and consistent, or coherent, manner.” In contrast, when confronted with a disorganized sound, “your brain creates a stress response that can include a rise in blood pressure and shallow breathing.” (source)

According to this perspective, even though we don’t hear the static underlying white noise consciously, our auditory processing centers do and they do their best to filter that into meaningful information for us. However, since our brains are not optimally wired to interpret static, it may leave us with the stress of constantly trying to figure out what we’re hearing on a subconscious level.

OK, so she discovered how bad her white noise machine was for her family, but what does she do?  She goes out an replaces it with some newfangled substitute.   WHY?  Doesn’t it make sense to trust GOD and live in the reality that surrounds you?  Generation after Generation has survived just fine without a noise machine to lull them into oblivion.  Why can’t you and your children learn to adapt to your surroundings?  Isn’t that a better challenge for your brain than learning to adjust to noise created by men with God only knows what motive??  Seriously, use that brain God gave you.

White noise machines are found in households all over the country.  They are especially employed in nurseries, pouring this frequency overload into the minds of our children from infancy onward.  I find this very troubling.  In our fast passed industrial society, our heads are bombarded with so many sounds already.  There are frequencies (we have no idea how many) that were NEVER MEANT to be heard by our ears.  We have no idea how our bodies and minds will be affected by these frequencies in the short let alone the long term.   Why are we allowing ourselves to be exposed to things we truly do not understand?  Do we really trust science that much? 


How You Can Use Sound And Music To Change Your Brain Waves With Laser Accuracy And Achieve Huge Focus And Performance Gains

How You Can Use Sound And Music To Change Your Brain Waves With Laser Accuracy And Achieve Huge Focus And Performance Gains. Affiliate Disclosure Most of us know that workout songs and music can help you to exercise harder. But if you understand how sound and music actually change your brain waves, you can use this knowledge to alter your mental and physical performance states with laser accuracy. 

And the brainwave patterns are generally categorized like this: Most of us live the majority of our lives in a state of primarily beta brain waves – aroused, alert, concentrated, but also somewhat stressed. When we lower the brain wave frequency to alpha, we can put ourselves in an ideal condition to learn new information, perform more elaborate tasks, learn languages, analyze complex situations and even be in what sports psychologists call “The Zone”, which is a state of improved focus and performance in athletic competitions or exercise. Part of this is because being the slightly decreased electrical activity in the brain can lead to significant increases in feel-good brain chemicals like endorphins, noro-epinephrine and dopamine. So, for example, when you meditate, you are focusing on something, whether it’s a candle flame or your breath going in or out, or a mantra or a prayer. When you focus like that, the electrical patterns in your brain slow down and relax, and the amplitude of your brain-waves generally stabilizes in the alpha wave range. But it turns out that you don’t need to be a trained monk or meditate for weeks on end to be able to achieve this state of alpha brain wave relaxation. Instead, you can use a concept called “brainwave entertainment to get the same effect. Brainwave entertainment is any method that causes your brainwave frequencies to fall into step with a specific frequency. 

OK, so now we get to the cool, practical application of using sound and music to enhance your brain and change your brain wave frequencies. I hunted down an expert, Dr. Jeffrey Thompson, from, which produces and educates on using sound for stress reduction, relaxation, sleep enhancement, mega-learning, creativity, peak performance, meditation and higher states of consciousness. Click here for the full written transcript of this audio interview. In this interview with Dr. Thompson, we discuss: -How sounds and frequencies affect human physiology… -How sound can be used to enhance health… -How sound can be used to enhance performance… –How ancient cultures used sound for healing and enhancing well-being… –

This is all New Age Mumbo Jumbo.  No matter what you use to “alter your state of consciousness” you are opening yourself up to demonic influences.  Once, again, I have to ask “Do you really trust the people who are creating these CD’s, DVD’s, recordings?  We all know now, or should, how the music industry has been extremely instrumental in the brainwashing and conditioning of our society.  We know about backmasking and subliminal messaging.  Are you really looking to have someone rewire your brain?  Do you not think that GOD did a good enough job?  If you need to have your brain tweaked, why don’t you go to the one who created you?  Let me assure you HE is well able to address any area where you might feel a need.  

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Philippians 4: guard your heart and mind   Kevin Trembley

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