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I hope that you have already viewed my series on the Revived Roman Empire because much of what is in this series relates to that one.  If you are with me, you will begin to start putting it all together and realize the world is playing out according to plan.

In this part of this series we will take a look at some of the roots of what is happening and what might be the immediate plan of the parties involved.

Keep your eyes open and your critical thinking tuned. Watch for words related to the water, maritame, the sea, and gods and goddesses.  Also watch for words related to automation, machines, industry and industrialization.

Master planned over an impressive area of 11,000 acres, Mostakbal City is an ever-evolving story unfolding five different chapters to meet diversified needs. Connected with a vibrant commercial spine that runs through the entire project, every phase will benefit from an array of world-class leisure facilities, non-stop entertainment and a world of experiences not offered elsewhere


Mostakbal City Designed as a smart city with a self-sufficient nature, Mostakbal City’s vision comes to life through the establishment of an administrational structure that operates and manages every detail of the development, taking convenience to a whole new level. Boasting an independent operation and management system, the company ensures that all landscape operations, irrigation and solid waste management is catered to for residents’ comfort at all times. By adopting the latest in intelligent technologies, the city provides smart communication between residents and all services available through a mobile application for easy parking, e-payments and streamlining public transportation on par with International mega cities around the world. Owning a utilities and networks management system, Mostakbal City offers a self sufficient electricity power station for equal distribution, independent potable water and gas pipelines , as well as private security services spanning all gates and city roads to meet the highest standards of sustainability and safety for a hassle-free living experience. Set to become a flourishing economic hub, as well as a hotbed for residential investment and entertainment, Mostakbal City is also powered with optical fiber communication networks to guarantee ultimate connectivity all day long. The city’s unique urban planning was expertly conceived based on extensive market research to provide viable solutions that exceed the expectations of homeowners while attracting Egypt’s leading real estate developers to thrive.

Mostakbal City is considered the first smart green city in east of Cairo with a new concept of modern living, established on extensive marketing studies to satisfy the needs and expectations of the target market of  developers and Investors. It includes all the utilities In addition to huge amount of green areas which was planned carefully to give the actuality for sustainable development which meets the needs of the present and the future environment.


MAZAR by Mostakbal City is an exclusive invitation to embark on an inspirational journey through the authentic heritage reinterpreted in a contemporary light. Designed to offer a one-of-a-kind, interconnected experience combining an all-inclusive sense of place, diverse beauty spots and a multitude of soulful experiences, the spine will serve as Egypt’s largest meeting point, boasting arts and culture, world-class dining, innovation hubs and retail attractions —all nestled in an environmentally friendly, lively ambiance. Inspired by original piazzas and rich historical building facades, MAZAR will lure wanderers to explore hidden gems around every corner, spanning manicured gardens, calm grotto’s and infinite spots for social interactions. By seamlessly bending history in the context of a future city, MAZAR will set the benchmark for unique entertainment steeped in culture to inspire generations to come.


Behind the Name: Mazar stands as a symbol of our history as builders and our roots as a nation. We chose Mazar to be the name of our vibrant city center to be a representation of the nature of the place, where gardens are recreated to bring back life into some of our country’s most treasured sites and monuments. Mazar is a tale at the heart of our city, one that tells stories about our past, brings life and vibrancy to our present and paves a way for our future where cities are built for the people.

mazar ( first-person singular present mazo, first-person singular preterite macei, past participle mazado ) ( transitive) to pound, to hammer (to strike repeatedly) 

mazar‎ (Spanish): meaning, origin, translation Origin & history Compare Italian ammazzare, Friulian maçâ, Venetian masar, Istriot masà, Occitan massar, cf. also Spanish mazar . Verb ( Sutsilvan) to kill mazar ( Spanish) Origin & history From maza. Compare Portuguese maçar; cf. also Occitan massar, Italian ammazzare . Verb mazar to tenderize (meat) to churn

meaning of mazar in English  Find English meaning of mazar with definition and translation in Rekhta Urdu to English dictionary. … Origin: Arabic Vazn : 121 Tags: Satirical. Word Family: z-a-r. English meaning of mazaar. Noun, Masculine. mazar, shrine, tomb, grave, mausoleum; Pictorial Reference.

Mazar Definition & Meaning  noun ma· zar | \ məˈzär \ plural -s Definition of mazar : a Muslim shrine or enshrined tomb 

Mazar (mausoleum) The shrine of Pir Hadi Hassan Bux Shah Jilani, Duthro Sharif, Pakistan. A mazār ( Arabic: مزار ), or darīh ( ضَرِيْح) in the Maghreb, is a mausoleum or shrine in some places of the world, typically that of a saint or notable religious leader. Medieval Arabic texts may also use the words mašhad or maqām to denote the same concept.


Total area of Mazar: 1000 Feddans Total area of BOA of building: 250 Feddans Total area of landscape and parking: 750 Feddans Total number: 42,000 Cars


Canopy We use canopies as shelter and to minimize clutter in the streets, they complement building awnings, street trees and the city’s public furniture suite. Separation Device Separation devices perform multiple functions. They keep cars and people apart; they conceal light rail electronics and they may also act as seats. Their design also complements the public domain furniture palette. Rather than being completely solid, they are designed as permeable to ensure the streetscape is visually open and accessible. Wayfinding An information marker is the primary wayfinding device at each stop. These indicate stop locations, names, timetable information and landmarks. Electric Golf Carts Electric golf carts are also a way of transport around Mazar, they allow pedestrians to enjoy their surroundings through defined pathways that have less traffic, and above all they are environmentally friendly and fun to drive. Open Spaces Interaction is encouraged through “Mazar” via an interconnected series of parks with tree-lined boulevards, footpaths and bike trails. Blossoming with native plants, trees act as shade for walkways and cycling paths around the city spine. Parks and plazas maximize Plant Selection We select plants with color, touchable texture and a scent. We consider textural qualities of materials, patterns created by shadows, and fine detailing, designing areas with the main purpose of social interaction. Water Features Mazar offers outdoor seating with views over water features that intensify laughter, relaxation and happiness. Open public spaces like themed parks and opened terraces are found in pedestrianized routes close to water. The sound of water and the excitement that accompanies water activities offers space for reflection and serenity.


The Waterfall The Waterfall is designed after “El Qanater El Khayria” or “The Dams of Welfare” which got its name from the wealth and benefits it brought to Egypt at the time. El Qanater has always been a preferred spot for local and foreign tourists alike, the waterfalls, the nature and the beauty of the scenery along the Nile has made this site a historical monument of unique value. That is why we at Mostakbal City are honoring it with “The Waterfall” a vibrant and lively spot at the heart of Mazar. Area: 500 Feddans The Organica The Organica is designed after “El Zohria Gardens”, one of the most magnificent landmarks in the country. El Zohria’s purpose was to adapt and arrange imported plants coming to Egypt from all over the world, so it houses some of the most valuable and scientifically rare tropical and exotic plants that at one-point part of the garden was made into a research institute for ornamental and botanical gardens. The Organica is our attempt to recreate some of the wondrous floral compositions existing in El Zohria and bring it to Mazar to fill another spot at the center of our city. Area: 9 Feddans The Grotto The Grotto is designed after the “Aquarium grotto garden”, known for its unique and beautiful journey through caves of fish and exceptional greenery and architecture. Between the passages where people can enjoy the various kinds of fish that are present in the garden, they pass through tropical trees from Madagascar, Australia and Thailand. The unique nature of the place makes it a perfect place for festivals and celebrations of different kinds and also a place for peace and relaxation for many visitors. The Grotto will be the rebirth of the original aquarium, as a one of the most peaceful and beautiful spots in Mazar. The Humming The Humming is designed after “El Azbakeya Garden”, which itself was built in 1872 as a replica to some of France’s most beautiful parks and gardens. El Azbakeya was a cultural and entertainment center since its inception. Concerts, theater shows and movie shootings were held there for years. The site is considered an architectural landmark containing trees from countries like Brazil, India and Cuba, and at the center of the garden stands a one of a kind huge white marble fountain, that is an iconic master piece and an Islamic and Coptic monument. We attempt to bring that cultural spirit back to life with “The Humming”, an entertainment center at the heart of Mazar. Area: 4 Feddans The Botanica The Botanica is designed after El Orman Botanical Garden, another historical site that was built in the time of Khedive Ismail. El Orman was built by French designers in 1875 to be a botanical center hosting a wide array of plant species, a rose garden, a rock garden, cactus gardens and possibly it’s most notable feature “The Lotus Pond”. Since it was established many changes has come to the garden and a lot of its area was transformed to schools of agricultural and veterinary medicine and most notable part of the garden is now where the university of Cairo stands. The Botanica attempts to honor this historical site and mimic its details from the pond to the many plant species that is found there. Area: 20 Feddans The Mirage The Mirage is designed after “Prince Mohamed Ali Palace Garden”, another piece of the art by the banks of the Nile. The garden contains many unique plants and floral species from all over the world as the prince himself was keen on making the palace’s gardens a unique collection that houses the rarest plants. The palace itself holds some of the world’s most unique art collections from Europe to some of the best work of Islamic, Ottoman, Moorish and Persian architecture to create an inspiring combination of spatial design. The Mirage is the most royal of all the gardens and is designed to honor the original palace of prince Mohamed Ali with its traditional Islamic design and special plants and decorations. Area:14.4 Feddans The Boutique The Boutique is designed after “El Andalus Garden”, a site that contains a mixture of distinct cultures, human civilizations and breathtaking scenery and nature by the Nile. The park is known for its many statues of Pharaonic figures and one iconic statue of the “prince of poets” Ahmed Shawky, its architecture is a mixture of Andalusian, Arab and Moorish art and it hosts various types of palm trees and of course the famous vine covered pergolas. The Boutique recreates the natural beauty of El Andalus and its breathtaking views and architectural art. Area: 2.25 Feddans The journey begins……

Muhammad Ali, Prince of the Sa’id – Wikipedia Muhammad AliPrince of the Sa’id ( Arabic: الأمير محمد على، أمير الصعيد [mæˈħæm.mæd ˈʕæli]; born 5 February 1979) is the heir apparent to the defunct thrones of Egypt and Sudan, as the elder son of the former king, Fuad II. Contents 1 Life and family 2 Marriage and issue 3 Ancestry 4 References Life and family Egyptian Royal Family The King

Prince of the Sa’id – Wikipedia Prince of the Sa’id ( Arabic: أمير الصعيد Amīr as-Ṣaʻīd [ʔæˈmːiɾ ɑs.sˤɑˈʕiːd]) was the title used by the heir apparent to the Egyptian throne prior to the abolition of the monarchy following the Egyptian Revolution of 1952. The title translates as Prince of Upper Egypt . Background

Muhammad Ali, Prince of the Sa’id is the heir apparent to the defunct thrones of Egypt and Sudan, as the elder son of the former king, Fuad II.Wikipedia
Born:February 5, 1979, Cairo, Egypt
Spouse:Princess Noal of Afghanistan
Issue:Prince Fouad Zaher Hassan, Princess Farah-Noor
Dynasty:Muhammad Ali
Father:Fuad II of Egypt
Mother:Dominique-France Loeb-Picard
Religion:Sunni Islam

Egypt – Wikipedia Egypt (Arabic: مِصر, romanized: Miṣr, Egyptian Arabic pronunciation: ), officially the Arab Republic of Egypt, is a transcontinental country spanning the northeast corner of Africa and southwest corner of Asia via a land bridge formed by the Sinai Peninsula. It is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea to the north, the Gaza Strip and Israel to the northeast, the Red Sea to the east,