Dear Friends,

It is more and more obvious to us everyday that we need to get to Michigan.  My health is failing and my eyesight is losing ground everyday.  If/when something happens to me, my son has NO ONE here to assist him.  He will be at the mercy of whoever comes along.  I can’t let that happen.  In Michigan, at least we have family nearby who can see that he is safe, can get him to the doctor when needed, can see that he has food, can arrange for his supplies, can get some help to clean his apartment.  They won’t help financially, but they can give moral support.  We have to get to Michigan.

I have just received word that we are next on the waiting list.  As soon as an apartment is available we will be moving.  This makes the need for funds URGENT!

I have spent a lot of time over the last month looking into what it will take to get us to Michigan and what we will be able to take with us and what we will be leaving behind.

In my younger days, I would simply rent a truck and load it and drive it up there.  I am 70 years old and my body is not able any longer .

The cost of moving to Michigan is high basically because of the distance.  There is no way to make it affordable no matter how we looked at it.  We did lock in a price for the moving PODS that they drop off, we pack and they carry.  We had to get two small ones one for my apartment and one for Tony’s apartment.  They are very small and will not hold much so we will be taking only the very bare minimum.  The only furniture we are taking is each of our bedrooms and the kitchen table and chairs.  The rest will be his medical supplies, and kitchen necessities for eating.

The price for two small PODS was $2,796. That covers the Pods, 2 days to Pack and 2 days to Unpack.  We provide all our own packing materials and do the packing and unpacking ourselves. All other options were around $4-5,000 just to move our things, even though we have very little we are taking with us. We locked in this price because we were advised prices would be much higher by spring so we locked in the winter price.

We have to ship the car because my eyes are failing and it would not be safe for me to drive that far, especially through any bad weather that might arise.  I can drive locally on short trips in good weather for grocery shopping or doctor visits but cross country would be a horrible risk not only to us but to others on the road.  We also have a cat who hates riding in a car which would add to the hazard.

Which adds to the cost of the move.  The cost to ship the car was quoted to me at around $1,000.   Though there are shippers who quote you less,  they are shady and charge you extra on the backside, or hold your car hostage.  Good, honest shippers give you a solid quote with a guarantee that there will be now surprises.  I got multiple quotes.  However, prices  increase with the seasons.  Prices go up as spring and summer get closer. For car shipping it is not possible to lock in a price in advance of the move.  I am hoping that we will be moving before the price increases by much.

Having to ship the car also means that we have to fly. There is no way to know what the plane tickets will cost.  We are hoping to get a good deal but we have to wait until we know when we will be flying.  So, I have no estimate on that cost at this time.

We have been trying to put money toward the move wherever possible. We even cut way back on groceries.  However, we have suffered some major attacks on our budget due to illness, dental emergencies, and auto repairs.  So, we only have about $600 put aside for the move.

There have been a few people who sent funds to the gofundme/givesendgo/or paypal accounts, for which I am very thankful, however we need to raise so much more.

I hate to ever ask my readers for money.  This website is free to anyone always, the content is free to share anywhere always.  This is my service to God and my fellow humans.

I am in a position right now, where I have no choice but to appeal to the loving and giving hearts of my fellow believers.  Please prayerfully consider donating to our cause.  Do as God leads you.

Whatever you can do at this time…will truly be a blessing.  We need to be ready to go when they call.  I don’t know when an apartment will come open.  They are working to get us each an apartment at the same time.  My son has to go to their handicapped section and I have to go to their senior section.  Please pray that we are both able to be placed at the same time.  Otherwise we will have to find a place to store his things as the apartments are very small one bedrooms.

I thank you all for your wonderful prayers, encouragement and support.   Anything that you can do to help us through this relocation process, will be greatly appreciated.  Feel free to contact me anytime.

As I said in my last post on this topic, we don’t have to worry about the donations putting us over our income limit.  As long as their donations are one time gifts and not ongoing support, HUD and the IRS cannot consider them as income.  So do not worry about sending whatever amount God puts on your heart.

If you prefer to send funds directly to me, send me an email,
or you can send money paypal  my paypal ID is my email address.   

Here are the crowdsourcing campaigns for the move:

GoFundMe: or

Thank you for you love and encouragement.  I fully intend to continue to post the truth as God reveals it to me.  I pray that anyone who comes to this webpage finds HIM there and are blessed in everyway.

God Bless You ALL,