Obama’s Trans-itioned America

IMPORTANT ADDITIONS AT THE END OF THIS POST- ADDED 6/23/23 You know I would love to let sleeping dogs lie, but this EVIL HOUND DOG will not release. It would be so much more pleasant for me if I could close the book on Barack Hussein Obama. I really do get tired of having to … Click Here to Read More

Bill Gates – Paul Allen – OCTOPUS

  RESTORED AND UPDATED: 08/09/2021;11:08:03 AM TAGS: OCTOPUS, NEW WORLD ORDER, Phony Philanthropy, Microsoft, Gates, UN, SUPER Yachts, Submarines, UN The NWO Octopus has its Tentacles in EVERYTHING! OCTOPUS YACHT  @ SUPERYACHT FAN While researching for another article this little blurb happen to catch my eye: Reports have been coming out in the mainstream news … Click Here to Read More