Obama’s Trans-itioned America

IMPORTANT ADDITIONS AT THE END OF THIS POST- ADDED 6/23/23 You know I would love to let sleeping dogs lie, but this EVIL HOUND DOG will not release. It would be so much more pleasant for me if I could close the book on Barack Hussein Obama. I really do get tired of having to … Click Here to Read More

OBAMA – 2024

Update added 4/25/22 Obama is in the news again, and he made statements that may have been deliberately intended to incite and infuriate.  I know that I was incited to the point where I had to create another post. It seems every time you turn around, Obama is in the news.  Believe me this is … Click Here to Read More

Who is the Candidate?

You know the things that I have been seeing in our country today would have been inconceivable just a short decade or so ago.  Our world has been turned topsy turvey.  It is like we are living in the Twighlight Zone.   Can someone tell me what is going on with the Democrats?  So, it is … Click Here to Read More


I apologize.  There has been so much happening and God has been revealing so much new information, I can’t keep up.  Apparently, I never got back to finish this article that I started back when the virus first came to the public arena.  Sorry.  I will make more notes/notations later when I have more time.  … Click Here to Read More