To My Friends

Dear Friends,

I apologize that I have not been posting.  I have several posts in the works.  I had to take some time for other more pressing issues.

Both my son and I have been dealing with some medical issues.  I am getting old and he is getting older.  His handicap is beginning to cause issues.  He is afraid that I am going to need help he can’t provide.  I am concerned that he will be left helpless.  So we are forced to find a way to relocate to Michigan where we have some family.

Finding a way to get into government housing from across the country is challenging.  We have no savings so we are having to figure out how we are going to manage a cross country move if/when we do find a place.

It is all very time consuming and stress producing.

Please don’t give up on me.  Stay with me.  I will be posting again as soon as possible.  Meanwhile, there is so much posted already.  I pray that God will lead you all to all the truth and revelation already on the webpage.  Just because a post is not hot off the presses, does not mean it isn’t still relevant. It is HIS page and HE has filled it.

I pray for you all everyday.  May God RICHLY BLESS YOU.


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