The origins of Friday the 13th - - as described in a new documentary about Freemasonry
Why is Friday the 13th supposed to be bad luck?

Most people have no idea that it’s a historic event that actually caused this.

A new film called “33 and Beyond – – The Royal Art of Freemasonry” describes the event in history, along with lifting the veil on what is a centuries-old secret society called the Free Masons.  (NOW, If you watch the film, KEEP IN MIND, IT IS PUT OUT BY THE FREEMASONS!)

The documentary describes how Freemasonry began back in the 1300s with the Knights Templar, the Pope’s army.

On Friday the 13th, 1307, Pope Clement and King Philip had the leader of the Knights Templar arrested, and along with other knights they were burned at the stake.

From the stake, the head knight cursed the Pope and King Philip, who then both died within the year.

The red carpet world premiere of the film was at the Masonic Theater Grand Lodge of Freemasonry in San Francisco Friday night

If you’d like to know more about the film, you can go to

What is most significant about FRIDAY the 13th, is that it is the day that FREMASONRY was forced underground.  The Knights Templars  were exposed and the ROMAN Catholic Church took charge of all that they had collected, money, art works, properties, etc.   This was not a case of GOOD subduing EVIL.  The Roman Catholic Church was also Highly Corrupt and has its own secret societies.
FRIDAY the 13th is a powerful symbolic date not only with the Freemasons, the Illuminati and the ELITE Bloodlines, but it is historically connect with EVIL, DEATH, HORROR and The OCCULT.