I just had to share this with you today.  Everyone is bombarded with fear producing facts, stories, threats, truths, propaganda, events, etc.  Many people’s faith is shaking.  I am here to tell you today…NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE WITH GOD!  The only thing he responds to IS FAITH.  Don’t let anything steal your trust in GOD.  NO MATTER WHAT You have done, others are doing, where you have been, or what your haves seen.  GOD IS IN CONTROL.  If your call on HIM in FAITH… He will care for you, provide for you, comfort you, keep you, protect you, heal you, deliver you, save you, redeem you, restore you, heal you.  HE LOVES YOU!!

By faith Enoch was translated that he should not see death; and was not found, because God had translated him: for before his translation he had this testimony, that he pleased God.

But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.

By faith Noah, being warned of God of things not seen as yet, moved with fear, prepared an ark to the saving of his house; by the which he condemned the world, and became heir of the righteousness which is by faith.   Hebrews 11: 5-7





More Freaky Stuff Going On: 12-Foot Angel Sings with Jason Upton

 July 16, 2014

Update: Thanks to a reader for pointing out this happened about three years ago. I wondered, too, and forgot to look for the date. The video was uploaded April 11, 2011.

Thanks to Glenn Canady/ProjectNsearch for the heads up.

I just had to share. There’s a whole story along with this, and an audio, and I thought you’d like to hear it.

So, Jason Upton apparently channels messages from our Creator while he sings, and an angel came to help him deliver Creator’s message? Wow. I don’t believe angels deliver messages in person every day. I do recall one other time in history it supposedly happened though. It was when Jeshua incarnated. Interesting.

How do they know there was a 12 foot angel there? A little boy said he saw it, and as we know, children—particularly today’s children—have a more accurate perception of reality than we old folks who have been mind controlled and taught from birth that there are no angels, spirits, etc. here on Earth.

The recording was intact and it seems we may actually be hearing the voice of an angel… harmonizing with Jason Upton.

The tale sounds pretty out there, I know, but this angel really brought it. It’s not the sort of music I typically listen to, but it’s a beautiful song, and I’m sure the angel chose it very carefully.

Note the lyrics. “You have been set free.”  Does that give you goose bumps? It does me, and I think ANYTHING is possible at this point as the quarantine is lifted, our nasty 3D existence spills over into the 4th and 5th densities and the dark ebbs away.   (Pay attention to all the lyrics of this song.  VERY IMPORTANT)

If you read the story and watch the first video as background and then listen to the audio with beautiful visuals included, it will take a bit of time, so grab a cup o’ something soothing and settle in.

Prepare to be serenaded by an angel!

Click here to take a journey into the upper realms.  ~ BP


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By GC-Project

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 In the first video, a member of Jason Upton’s band describes exactly what happened that day when Jason Upton sang with a 12 foot Angel.   I will summarize some of this information for those that just want to hear the Angel singing first!

Jason Upton and his band were engaged in concert/worship at a college auditorium in Alexandria, Louisiana, when a miracle happenned while Jason was totally consumed by the Holy Spirit, as so often he is. I’ll summarize the testimony of Michael, a band member, below that I heard and watched on a video of his testimony on youtube:

Michael, one of Jason’s band members, was checking the sound track equipment recording the concert, when he looked up at the ceiling and saw fog floating around. He figured it was the condenser in the air conditioner creating it. He turned around and asked the janitor what the stuff is floating around the ceiling. The janitor didn’t know and stated that there are no pipes up there. A Holy fear came over Michael and immediately lead him to hide under the soundboard. He felt so much God that he knew something was going to come through. All of a sudden, a boy came to Michael while Mike was under the soundboard and, in a very loud voice, told Michael that there was a 12 foot angel with wings on the stage standing directly behind Jason. As I understand it, only the boy could see the angelic apparition. Mind you, also, that Michael or the band members were not singing, as one was under the soundboard and the other was on stage, but not singing himself. Jason was singing the prophecy the Holy Spirit was giving him, and thus, the gathering was not singing, as well.

Interview that explains What Happened That Day

Here’s the testimony that explains what happened that day when Jason Upton was caught up in the spirit of God and the other band members began hearing an angelic voice that was being recorded on their equipment!  The second video is of the Angel singing!



Hear An Angel Recorded on HD audio!

Here’s the recording from that day.  You can CLEARLY hear the angel singing with Jason!  No other band members were singing!   Nobody in the audience was singing.  The singing of the other voice starts softly at about the 2:30 mark but listen to the entire song.  It’s one of the most beautiful songs I’ve ever heard.  As the song goes on, the singing of the Angel gets more and more pronounced.  When Jason began singing, a little boy came back to the sound guys and told them there was a big Angel behind Jason!  They began hearing a second voice and saw that their sound equipment was picking it up as they were recording!  I know some of you want to hear the Angel so listen to the performance now and I’ll continue the story after the video.  It will give you chills!


Michael came out from under the soundboard and looked at the recorder and it was clearly recording the vocal harmony, but only Jason was heard to be singing some words on stage that made no sense ”ahda daah (sp) (these words, however, did not come out on the segment played on the video…at least I can’t hear them…I tend to be a little deaf, LOL) . Michael said to himself that if the harmony is on the recording when he plays it back, he was going to come out of his skin! He then looked up at Jason and Jason’s eyes were rolled back into his eye sockets, while teetering back and forth and totally caught up by the Spirit”.

After the concert/worship, Jason and Michael went back to the dorm for the evening, as Michael roomed with Jason. Jason, still feeling “in the Spirit” said that his body members felt very tingly. Michael said Jason was still high in the Spirit and laid on the bed with his clothing on and fell asleep for the night.

The next morning Michael went back to Nashville and played the recording back. Low and behold, a perfect angelic harmonious voice came through and absolutely floored Michael! The engineer at the studio said he thought it was just a psycho acoustic anomaly and walked away, dismissing Michael’s amazement. Mike told the engineer to come back and sort out all the channels, and sure enough, on one of the channels, the engineer said that it sounded like some 12 foot person was singing harmony behind Jason (of course the engineer did not know what he was saying at the time when he made the “12 foot” comment). Michael said to the engineer, “I knew it was an angel”, laughing for Joy! Furthermore, come to find out, via later emails, “ahda daah’ (sp) was the Malawi language for “Come to the Table”!

Please share this information with others.  God is REAL and so are his Angels.  All God cares about is saving souls!



$12.99  Buy on iTunes

Remember lyrics Download Lyrics (ZIP/PDF)

This CD is no longer available on our website. You can find it on iTunes! Click Here to Buy on iTunes

Remember… is one of the most frequently repeated commands in the Old Testament. Even God Himself, as revealed through the prophets, appears as much a reflective and contemplative Being as one Who focuses only on the future. That the God and Father of us all and the Creator of the universe would take time to ‘remember’ should give us some idea of the importance of such a discipline. For me, ‘remembering’ often makes me deal with the truth about how dependent I really am. I believe that this is particularly important in Western Civilization where such a high value is placed on independence.

I think ‘remembering’ puts independence in its proper place. The truth is that we are not independent at all; and our forgetfulness of this truth epitomizes our sinful condition. “Remember” is a compilation of two nights of ministry. The first night was recorded in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The tornado that devastated Oklahoma City was headed right for us the night we were scheduled to begin our ministry at a local church. At first the church leadership wanted to send everyone to a protected area. I suggested, ‘maybe we could sneak a little worship song in before we head to shelter’. They agreed and we began to sing the song, They Will Know We Are Christians By Our Love. When we got into the middle of the song I was led to begin speaking directly to that tornado. I did not want to do this because I could not get past the thought of how stupid I would look speaking against this tornado and then, when the song was over, all of us having to run for our lives to shelter. I was afraid that my words… .might just be words… absent the power of God to stop that tornado. But while thinking this very thought I found myself already speaking… it was too late to stop. So it surprised me more than anyone else to later learn that, immediately as we started praying, the tornado system mysteriously broke apart. (How weak my faith is!) God literally stopped a tornado that night as we played and prayed. I hope I never forget it.

Yes God can stop a natural tornado. But much more importantly, if we would ask, God will stop the spiritual tornadoes that divide us and render us such an anemic force on the earth. My prayer is that we will ‘come to the water’, the very love of the Father, and quickly shed the independence that so weakens us. Only then will we be able to take on the radical dependence of a child that was the strength of the early Christians. The remainder of “Remember” was recorded eleven weeks later in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Great River Road is the beginning of that journey into childhood. This song is my own personal testimony… followed by a spontaneous time of leading the people through deliverance from rejection, anger, disillusionment, etc.

When You Were a Child, was inspired by Hosea 11 and by watching my own children. The second verse, “when you were a child the world was the unknown, but you were wise to simply trust in me, that I would never leave, and hold on tight”, reminds me of the joy our Father must have in the trusting ‘wisdom’ of a child. At the time I wrote this verse my little daughter, Emma, was holding onto my shirt so tightly that I could not set her down long enough to finish the song on my own… so she ‘finished’ it with me. The combination of Trust, First Language and Lullaby is one free-flowing spontaneous song, childlike in its simplicity, and separated into three thematic elements of being a child. Childhood begins with Trust. It’s a natural gift given by God. And trust, in its most developed state, leads to complete dependency. Trust isn’t something we say to God. Trust is a way of being; it’s the primary way of a child and it must become the primary way of the children of God.  (This is why pedophilia is so horrible a crime.  Children are naturally trusting and seeking love and approval, they love to be held and touched appropriately.  Pedophile exploit them and rob them of their innocence still their ability to trust.)

Using the words of Eugene Petersen in his book, “Praying the Psalms”, First Language is the primary language of the Psalms. (If all of the theology in the world could be summarized into one word I believe that word would be ‘Daddy’accompanied by the belief that He hears us.) First Language is not so much about the development of speech but the passion of it. In this section you hear a baby cry before the singing begins. I was reminded at that moment that baby Emma had been trying to say my name all that week. All she could get out of her mouth was the sound you hear me singing. Somehow I just knew she was trying to say my name. Then the day after this recording my wife, Rachel, told me that Emma said “Dada” for the first time. I believe this was more than a coincidence. (In many ways I feel like I am also learning to say ‘Dada’ for the first time.) In Lullaby, I could not help thinking about how my son Samuel and I play this game. He says, “Daddy, come get me”, and then he waits for me to chase and catch him.

Parents know that one of the greatest gifts to a child is the pure touch of a parent. Kids love to be touched and held… and so do adults! I realized that night that God is indeed chasing me. I have tried my whole life to chase His Kingdom, hoping to be made righteous, only to find that nothing makes me holy (or whole) like the presence of my Father. Because of that I am trying to learn to slow down long enough for Him to catch me. God could catch me if He wanted; but He likes it when I wait for Him.

There is no explanation for the last song, Fly, except that during the “do you see what I see” portion you will hear a soaring voice over the top of the other voices (6 minutes and 11 seconds into this section). At first we thought it was an ambient microphone picking up an overtone. During mixing all of the channels were searched and we found that this ‘boys choir’ type voice was not on any of the other microphones, but was bleeding through my own microphone ( which would make it impossible for it to be an overtone because it was not present on any of the other microphones). If you listen carefully you will hear it again later in this section; it’s not quite as clear because, unfortunately, my voice is prominent on that microphone. Interestingly, a boy came up to me that night and told me that he saw an angel standing about fifteen feet behind meand another one behind our drummer. At the time I doubted that; but after hearing the ‘voice’ alone during the mixing process with no other instruments around it, I do not doubt it anymore.

It was very humbling and convicting for me to realize that I had not believed the boy. I sometimes wrestle with why I so often disbelieve the supernatural (why would I first think it was something natural like an overtone, instead of believing it was an angel). The Bible tells us that we should not be surprised by angelic visitations; but I must admit, I was surprised! Finally, I am putting out this CD because it is an authentic ‘spiritual experience’. Actually, I had originally planned to be recording another CD with many of my new songs. That will have to wait until later this year or next year. God obviously had other plans. We did not re-track anything on this recording; we just mixed and mastered what was there. I pray that while listening to this CD you will “remember” your first love and come into a greater revelation of the Kingdom of God.



The angels often sing with us during worship. I hear their harmonies in the spirit & often sing what I hear. One time as I was ending a prophetic song-I heard a voice singing behind me (with my natural ear). But no one was there. No one was singing anywhere in the room. I asked those who could hear the song to come up & sing with me what they were hearing. When they did, we were in 3 part harmony! A pastor actually saw the angel. It created an atmosphere that was out of this world! Glory to God!

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Christina Christiansen
I remember when I was 18 years old I was attending church one Sunday morning and the pastor asked if anyone would like to come forward. I felt angel wings brush my skin and felt the Holy Spirit wanted me to come forward. When I did I began speaking in a language which I had never done before. I received the gift of tongues that day. It was so amazing.

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Trevor Weissman
Do not be drunk with wine but be filled with the Holy Spirit
Magdalene M
I have listened to the song over and over, and it’s as if the Holy Spirit said in my heart: “that was ME singing through Jason to my children, and that is why the angels joined in the chorus”…….this makes so much sense and why when you hear the song and it’s lyrics to us…”YOU HAVE BEEN SET FREE”.. the spirit of God within you actually moves you to tears. Michael even explains that Jason was “Drunk on the spirit” through the performance of the song. Don’t just revel in the miracle of hearing more than one angel singing back up, but marvel at the words spoken by God’s spirit through Jason to YOU directly. He loves us, and is coming back very soon….”Signs and wonders in the last days”……… God is so good…..praise Jesus!!!!!

Praise the Lord – The Imperials

Youtube LInk for the Imperials version: