Just wanted to keep this subject in front of you.  Don’t get complacent thinking this is over… it is not!!  There are many of us who are out here sharing truth as we believe God directs us, who agree that the TSUNAMI/Explosion at La Palma is part of the plan of the elite and WILL HAPPEN.  It is just a matter of when.
This post is an update on what is currently going on in La Palma.  Those with eyes to see will pick up on the symbolism.  There is lots of clear and blatant evidence that does not take spiritual eyes to see, only an open mind.
The Spanish government wants you to think of La Palma as a BEAUTIFUL VACATION SPOT.  That is what you see put in front of you.  BUT, the truth is the volcano left behand great devastation, most of which has not been cleaned up and may never be.  There are thousands of people who are still struggling to find their basics needs, who remain homeless.  Unable to return to their homes, or their homes were destroyed, or their homes are buried under thousands of pounds of ash.
All the while, the scientists continue to study and experiment, and blast the skies with energy weapons about which we know nothing at all.

UPDATE: 2/25/22

The number of Energy Weapons on the isle of La Palma alone is staggering. 


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Let’s not forget #LaPalma
#TodosConLaPalma 💚 #FuerzaLaPalma
Only 127 families have received aid of 60,000 € from the
State for the loss of their habitual residence #lapalma
BEAR IN MIND THAT OVER 8,000 people were displaced
during all the events of the volcano!



They demand at least 100,000 euros for each victim of the La Palma volcano and extend the Decree to the entire island

“We hope that the State announces the increase in aid for the homes of the affected people, going from 60,000 euros to 100,000 euros and that they reach those who correspond more quickly,” claim the nationalists in the Parliament of the Canary Islands

They demand at least 100,000 euros for each victim of the La Palma volcano and extend the Decree to the entire island

They demand at least 100,000 euros for each victim of the La Palma volcano and extend the Decree to the entire island

Santa Cruz of Tenerife

The nationalists ask to increase to at least 100,000 euros for each house devastated by the volcano the compensation of the State and extend to the entire island, -not only the Valley-, the possibility of building on rural land for the victims of the volcano. Canarian Coalition requires the Government to process the Decree as a Bill, so that all parties can contribute to the Parliament of the Canary Islands. “This government despises the palm trees and palm trees that time and time again raise their voices to tell them that things are not being done well,” explains the group’s spokesman, José Miguel Barragán. “I am very concerned about complacency,” adds the mayor of El Paso. “It’s not about setting up desalination plants, which, moreover, haven’t come in handy at all, it’s about getting that money into the pockets of palm and palm trees,”

The CC-PNC group in Parliament has called for the creation of a technical consortium to carry out the reconstruction, made up of the central and regional governments, together with local palm corporations. “Work from the dialogue and consensus that the Government likes to talk about so much and that this week it will be possible to verify in Parliament if they allow Decree Law 43 to be processed as a Draft Law, which establishes urban regulation for construction or reconstruction of habitual residences affected by the volcanic eruption”, they explain from CC. “We hope that President Torres does not prevent it because it would be the only way that together we can contribute, with the proposals of FECAM and the interested parties themselves, who have also registered in Parliament,” Barragán explained.

The mayor of El Paso does not explain why there is not a single social housing in his municipality, five months later, being the place where the volcano erupted

The mayor of El Paso, Sergio Rodríguez, does not explain why five months after the eruption there is not a single social housing in El Paso, the municipality where the volcano erupted is the only one where there is no social housing bought, delivered or built . Rodríguez has recalled that El Paso made land available to the Government from the first day and they have not yet built a single one, as if it has happened in Los Llanos de Aridane, where the PSOE governs with its PP partners. “Today I could not answer that question, the preparation of the land is there, the land is available, it will have to be the Canarian Housing Institute who answers why they have not made the decision,” laments the mayor and deputy of DC.

“You have to keep in mind that there are many families living in very complicated conditions,” recalled Nieves Lady, so homes should be a priority, and as of December 31, only 70 of the 573 announced were delivered. Nor, to date, have the rental aid promised on December 8 been received, “finding ourselves with hundreds of people who cannot decide anything about their lives, about their future, and the government continues to insist on how much it does, in his prompt response and that he has not left anyone behind,” said Barreto. The conference of presidents will be held this week in La Palma and there are already several platforms and associations that are preparing escraches and have called demonstrations.

Their committees and conference go on and on, yet the people who need the aid wait.  
 https://eldiario.es/canariasahora/sociedad/palma-acoge-conferencia-presidentes-desesperada-soluciones-erupcion-volcan_1_8772598.html… Por @nataliag_vargas y 📸 de @RamosPhotoTranslated from Spanish by ➡️➡️
La Palma hosts the Conference of Presidents desperate for solutions after the eruption of the volcano #LaPalma #volcanLaPalma https://eldiario.es/canariasahora/sociedad/palma-acoge-conferencia-presidentes-desesperada-soluciones-erupcion-volcan_1_8772598.html… By @nataliag_vargas and 📸 of @RamosPhoto3:27 PM · Feb 22, 2022·Twitter Web App

The Canary Island will host the meeting of the head of the Executive with all leaders of the regional governments, as Sánchez promised last December, as a demonstration of the support and solidarity of the Spanish people with the people of La Palma and their island after the eruption of the Cumbre Vieja volcano.

Prior to the meeting of the Conference of Presidents, on Thursday 24 February, from 5 pm (local time), the President of the Government of Spain will accompany Their Majesties King Felipe and Queen Letizia at the Act of Homage to the exemplary nature of the people of La Palma, which will be held in the town of Santa Cruz de La Palma in support of the island’s inhabitants.

On the morning of Thursday, 24 February, a new meeting of the Joint Committee for the Reconstruction, Recovery and Support of the island of La Palma will also be held, bringing together representatives of the Government of Spain, the Canary Islands government, the City Hall of La Palma and the local councils affected by the volcanic eruption to evaluate the implementation of the measures adopted for the volcanic emergency.

In compliance with the established agenda, the 26th Conference of Presidents will report on the follow-up and implementation of the agreements adopted at the last ordinary Conference of Presidents, held on 17 January 2017, and will address the epidemiological situation arising from the COVID-19 pandemic, economic and social recovery, the state of execution of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan funds, the amendment to the Conference of Presidents regulations and cooperation in Civil Protection emergencies.

Conference of Presidents

The Conference of Presidents, the highest political body for multilateral cooperation between the State and the regional governments and cities, which will also be attended by the President of the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (FEMP), Abel Caballero, and aims to debate and adopt agreements on matters of particular relevance to the regional system.

Since its creation in 2004, this body has held 25 meetings at different intervals, eightof them face-to-face – the last on 30 July 2021 in Salamanca – and 17online meetings as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Since the arrival of Pedro Sánchez to the Presidency of the Government, the Conference of Presidents has met 20 times – 17of them online and three in person – including the meeting in La Palma on 25 February. The two previous face-to-face meetings were held on 31 July 2020 in San Millán de la Cogolla, La Rioja, and on 30 July 2021 in Salamanca.

February 22, 2022

El Time
Impressive images of the area of the volcanic building. A team from INVOLCAN has
approached the cone to carry out gas sampling. Scientists say that this outgassing is

Images from a few moments ago of the area of the volcanic building
#CumbreVieja #LaPalma / Images from a few moments ago of the area of the
volcanic edifice
#CumbreVieja #LaPalma .er

En algunas zonas, precisa el Instituto Geográfico Nacional (IGN), se llega al límite de saturación de los sensores de CO2, y se ha constatado asimismo la existencia de zonas con bajas concentraciones de oxígeno. #LaPalma #volcanLaPalma #volcan
Translated from Spanish by
In some areas, the National Geographic Institute (IGN) specifies, the saturation limit of the CO2 sensors is reached, and the existence of areas with low oxygen concentrations has also been confirmed. #LaPalma #volcanLaPalma #volcan
Valores «muy elevados» de CO2 en La Bombilla tras dos meses del fin de erupción
En algunas zonas, se llega al límite de saturación de los sensores de CO2 y se han constatado zonas con bajas concentraciones de oxígeno


EFE Canarias
Siguen midiéndose valores “muy elevados” de dióxido de carbono en La Bombilla, #LaPalma, tras dos meses del final de la erupción
Translated from Spanish by
“Very high” values of carbon dioxide continue to be measured in La Bombilla, #LaPalma , two months after the end of the eruption

Valores “muy elevados” de CO2 en La Bombilla tras dos meses del final de erupción
El Instituto Geográfico Nacional (IGN) sigue constatando que más de dos meses después del final de la erupción volcánica en Cumbre Vieja, en La Palma, hay niveles “muy elevados” de dióxido de carbono


IGN-CNIG@IGNSpain🆕Actividad post-eruptiva Cumbre Vieja, #LaPalma (22-02-22)

Desde último comunicado (día 15):

▶️17 terremotos. Magnitudes entre 0,8 y 2,4 (mbLg).
▶️Sin deformaciones significativas
▶️Monitoreo red geoquímica zona La Bombilla
▶️Emisión gaseosa elevada

👉https://bit.ly/3BK5syGTranslated from Spanish by 🆕

Cumbre Vieja post-eruptive activity, #LaPalma (22-02-22)

Since last communication (day 15):

▶️ 17 earthquakes. Magnitudes between 0.8 and 2.4 (mbLg).
▶️ No significant deformations
▶️ La Bombilla area geochemical network monitoring
▶️ High gaseous emission

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This is the reason why the coastal areas of Los Llanos de Aridane, including the tourist enclave of Puerto Naos, continue to be evacuated.

Emanation of gases in the volcano of La Palma, two months after being considered off. / PHOTO: INVOLCAN

The volcano of La Palma celebrates this Friday two months without effusive activity. It should be remembered that on December 25, its eruptive process was terminated. Since then, many neighbors have been able to return to their homes, although surrounded by volcanic ash; Others, a little less fortunate, are still waiting for the samples of harmful gases, taken daily by experts, to show figures that allow them to return without putting their health at risk.

One in ten Canarian pines on La Palma is less green than a year ago because of the volcano

Scientists from the Volcanological Institute of the Canary Islands (Involcan) continue to use this: every day they inspect a new point in the Aridane Valley to discover how the temperature of the ground and the gases that the unnamed volcano continues to emanate evolve. Thus, in recent days they have shared a spectacular video with their followers on social networks showing how smoke continues to come out of the fissures and eruptive mouths.

On the other hand, the National Geographic Institute (IGN) continues to confirm that more than two months after the end of the eruption there are “very high” levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the coastal area of ​​La Bombilla.

In some areas, the IGN specifies in a statement, the saturation limit of the CO2 sensors is reached, and the existence of areas with low oxygen concentrations has also been verified.

The accumulation of gases is the reason why coastal areas of Los Llanos de Aridane, including the tourist enclave of Puerto Naos, continue to be evacuated.

Regarding seismic activity, the IGN specifies that in the last seven days it has located 17 earthquakes with magnitudes between 0.8 and 2.4 (mbLg), none of which have been felt by the population.

The location of the hypocenters continues under the central area of ​​Cumbre Vieja, in the same areas as in previous days, at depths between 1 and 16 kilometers. Only one was located at a greater depth, specifically at 26 kilometers.

The network of permanent stations on the island does not show significant deformations that could be associated with volcanic activity.


 🇪🇸 Carnival is right there Time to get away to another place! Time to live a different experience! do you dare to enjoy the ⭐⭐ in #LaPalmaStarlight2:48 AM · Feb 3, 2022·Twitter Web App



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THEME: La Tierra  (EARTH)     

DATES:  February 25 through March 20

Carnival Los Indianos – La Palma, Santa Cruz – Feb 28


Los Indianos – how the carnival is celebrated on the island of La Palma

One of Spain’s best-loved fiestas, the carnival, is about to take place! Just like every year, it’s a time for colour, music, festivities and above all, having a great time.

They know a lot about this in the Canary Islands, where the carnival has a very important place in their hearts and their traditions.

Today we will be taking a look at a celebration that is perhaps not so well known to the rest of the world: Los Indianos of Santa Cruz, La Palma.

This famous tradition is celebrated on the island of La Palma coinciding with the Carnival Monday, every year since the 19th century. This celebration commemorates the time when many islanders emigrated to the Americas, then known as Las Indias, specifically to Cuba, in search of a new life and wealth for their families, who eagerly awaited their return home.

On Carnival Monday, the streets of Santa Cruz de La Palma become the alleys of Havana and everyone dresses in white with the traditional clothes from that time, to remember all their ancestors who returned to the island with bags full of riches, ostentatious clothes and of course, tobacco and rum. One of the most striking aspects of the festival is when the locals throw talcum powder at each other to the rhythm of punto cubano, a combination of Cuban and Canary Islands music resulting from the encounter between emigrants and locals back in the 16th century.

And, we can’t talk about Los Indianos without mentioning their most important character, La Negra Tomasa. This character starts off the party in the morning, simulating the arrival of the boat that transported people who had emigrated to The West Indies to the capital of La Palma, then touring Calle Real and Avenida Los Indianos.

Although the starting time for Los Indianos is officially 12 pm, many people can be seen early in the morning dressed in old-fashioned white clothing, taking a walk around the city or starting the day in a bar with friends and family. After disembarking, the Los Indianos parade moves through the city from Avenida de Los Indianos to the town hall. Once they arrive, after a brief announcement by the local authorities, dances and music begin all over the capital, which won’t stop until dawn.

Los Indianos is probably one of the most unique carnivals in all of Spain, with more than 80,000 people taking part, including locals, neighbours from other islands and cruises that pass by La Palma, intended to coincide with this day.   SOURCE


Let’s take a closer look at the logo for the Carnival.  Immediately we notice the Palm branches,  we half of a spiral represented by the hair.  It also forms a WAVE.  We see the body of the figure is BLUE…to represent water and marine life/marine law/marine god/mermen and merwomen.  The feet of the figure look more like hooves than human feet. And the forearms look more like crustacean than human. I understand that it is stylized.  I am just stating what I see.  We also see Astrology/Sun, Moon and Stars.  We see Saturn specifically.  So, Saturn worshp/Sun Worship/Fallen Angel Worship/Star Worship.  We see a Fleur de Lei on the head dress or crown, which represents the royal bloodline.  The figure seems to be lifting up the moon/Lunar Calendar/Lunar Event?  It is also lifting up a FISH, once again a nod to life coming from the sea, Maritime Law, worship of the sea.  

The blasphemous and surreal – but very fun – Entierro de la Sardina (Burial of the Sardine)

ORIGINThe Burial of the Sardine is a celebration with an unknown origin.

Burial of the Sardine is thought to have originated in an old fertility custom symbolizing the burial of winter in early spring.

During the burial of the sardine there are several events like parades, fireworks and the burning of the sardine (a big fish).
There is a big parade with music bands, dancers, dragons, giants, monsters …But the “main course” is a parade of brightly decorated vehicles with a mythological inspiration. About 15-20 people travel on them throwing thousands of toys, balls and some things to the people going crazy in the street.

Originally the funeral procession featured a real sardinebut nowadays it is usually made of wood, plastic, or papier-mâché. It sits in a coffin accompanied by mourners wearing black, many of whom engage in exaggerated displays of grief. The procession winds its way through the streets (with frequent stops at local taverns) and ends at a city square or a local beach. A man dressed up as a cardinal reads a make-believe “last will and testament,” and then the sardine is set on fire, or sometimes thrown into the water or buried in the sand. There may be fireworks and music after the ceremony is over, and the mourners often dance over the burned remains of the sardine. Sometimes canned sardines are handed out to remind people what they should be eating during Lent. After the ceremony is over, people usually attend Ash Wednesday services at their local church, where the priest marks their foreheads with ashes as a symbol of penitence.  Source

Certainly NOT a “Christian” celebration.  The true origin of this event has been obscured along with its meaning and symbology.   It is celebrated throughout Spain.

Feb 19, 2019

Every Ash Wednesday, people in Spain parade through the streets with a giant fish. As you do. Read more: https://blog.insureandgo.com/cultures…


The Burial of the Sardine in Murcia

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Burial of the Sardine 2015

The Burial of the Sardine in Murcia (Entierro de la Sardina en Murcia) is a festivity that is celebrated in Murcia (Spain) during the Spring Festival (Fiestas de Primavera de Murcia), whose main event is a parade of floats and men dressing in dresses that culminates with the burning of the sardine on the Saturday after Holy Week. The Burial recalls the old pagan myths. The fire has a cleansing function. It was declared by the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade of Spain as an International Tourist Interest.



The Burial of the Sardine is a magical festivity worth visiting

It is a pagan festival in which mythology and fire are mixed, and above all, an overflowing joy that invades every corner of Murcia.

The “Entierro de la Sardina” is a unique and original celebration in the Spring Festivities of the city

Declared International Tourist Interest, this festivity closes the Spring Festivities on the Saturday following Resurrection Sunday. Together with the Bando de la Huerta, it is the other great festivity of Murcia. It is a pagan parade in which mythology and fire are mixed, and above all, an overflowing joy that invades every corner of Murcia.

The parade is several kilometers long and consists of two distinct parts; a headboard with charangas, comparsas (musical groups walking through the streets), animation groups, the articulated dragon of Conte that, for decades, has impressed spectators by throwing fire through the mouth, giants and big-headed; and a second part composed of floats dedicated to the Gods of the Olympus that, adorned with allusive motifs, accompany the sardine to its burning next to the Town Hall.

Thousands of toys, of all imaginable forms, are handed out from the floats, including the whistle that everyone sounds

At the end of the parade the sardine is burned under a sky lit by impressive fireworks

At the end of the parade, with no fixed hour but already in the early morning, the sardine, a cardboard-stone monument similar to those used in the Falles, is burned in a purifying fire under a spring sky lit by impressive fireworks.

The Burial of the Sardine is accompanied by various festivities that are held the week of Spring Festivities. The most striking one is the Testament of the Sardine, the night before the parade. “Doña Sardina”, embodied in a woman chosen by the Sardineros, reads the will from the balcony of the Town Hall, alluding in a humorous way to facts and characters of public life.    Source

The Brotherhood of the \’\’Burial of the Sardine\’\’ carry a coffin containing an artificial sardine during the Burial of the Sardine procession in Madrid, Spain.   Photo:Denis Doyle/ Getty Images

February 2022 Holidays

This month, take time to focus on your preparations for spring. It will be here before you know it and having your projects ready to go will help you reach your personal as well as magickal goals

Feb. 1: New Moon in Aquarius

Feb. 1st-28th: LGBTQ History month

Feb. 1: Imbolc –Imbolc marks the first day of spring. For ancient Celtic Pagans, Imbolc celebrated the end of the hardships of winter and the beginning of farming, war, and social season. Like Samhain, fires are also lit on Imbolc, however, this time to represent the return of the sun and to venerate the divine. Candles were made, flowers were planted, stories were told, and songs were sung.    IMBOLC IS A FIRE FESTIVAL BIG TIME.  

This day also shows reverence to the Celtic Pagan sun and fire goddess, Brigid (see more: Gods). Early Celts believed that Brigid would visit homes and bless the people inside, which is why it was custom to leave a fire or candles burning overnight; set out food, clothing, or other precious items; and to hang up a Brigid’s Cross in the doorway (see more: Symbols).
Celebration of the goddess Brighid.
(Southern Hemisphere: Lammas or Lughnasadh – The grain harvest at the end of summer.)

Feb. 13-21: Roman Festival of Parentalia – honor the ancestors.  Ancestor WORSHIP.

Feb. 14: Valentine’s Day celebration

Feb. 15: Lupercalia – fertility celebration.  Pagan holiday dedicated to Romulus and Remus who were raised by a wolf.  It is a celebration of animalistic behavior and shape shifting.  See my other posts for in depth coverage.

Feb. 16: Full Moon in Leo – Snow Moon

Feb. 18: Celtic Tree Month of Ash begins.  Interesting as the day of the celebration in La Palma where they cover everything in Talcum Powder is the same day as the beginning of the ASH Tree month.  Also ASH Wednesday, which is also not a Christian practice.  

March 2022 Holidays

As the spring equinox brings balance to the planet, this month is also a time to bring balance into our lives. Celebrate the spring!

Mar. 1: Matronalia – festival of women honoring Juno Luciana

Mar. 2: New Moon in Pisces.

Mar. 21Ostara – Spring Equinox
(Southern Hemisphere: Mabon – The Autumn Equinox)

Mar. 17: St Patrick’s Day – a time to celebrate the patron saint of Ireland.

Mar. 18: Full Moon in Libra – Worm Moon