Dear Friends,

I just cannot believe the cost of moving from Texas to Michigan.  The distance is the problem and everything related is based on distance.  I am so thankful that we have managed to work out the details for the move and until yesterday, we seemed to have all we needed.

However, yesterday we learned some bad news from both sides of our move.

First our current property wants the full half of the month instead of the amount based on our move out.

Then our New Landlord told us that the rent for a month is more than we were told  it is $750.00.  AND we will have to pay the full months rent, the deposit, and the Last Months Rent another $750.00.

That presents a huge problem for us as we are already locked into the move.  We have given notice here, and arranged for the truck and everything to move us.

Now we find ourselves short.  We need to raise at least another $750.00 in the next week.

I know that no one wants to be solicited for funds, but I also know that God works through His people.  I know that there are people who truly are willing to help.

So, I am putting the cry out there.  If you hear and are moved to help.  May GOD RICHLY BLESS YOU!

If you want to send money you can use:

GoFundMe: https://t.co/khHs099MSu


My Paypal:   heavenlysymphony@gmail.com   

I appreciate you all very much.  Hang in with me… I will be posting when I can.  Once we move, things will be back to normal.