Friends, if you have not noticed that these events are escalating at an ever-increasing rate of SPEED, I am concerned for your fate.  Time is flying by and there is not much of it left.  Please, if you have never experienced a relevant living relationship with our Heavenly Father, I pray that you will do all you can to get close to HIM.  REPENT… which means turn from your current lifestyle and find out what pleases HIM.

We are getting so close to the end.   I pray that you are awake.  If you are not, WAKE UP!!!  Please watch the videos below.  GOD is revealing the truth to those who have ears.

Update 8/20/10

Published on Aug 20, 2019

UPDATE 5/29/19

What I want to know is with so much of our country under the threat of annihilation from flooding where is our PRESIDENT?  Why is he flying around the Earth making speeches, when people are loosing everything they have in the world.  If something isn’t done soon to address the TOTAL MISMANAGEMENT OF WATER in our Nation, they will be able to eliminate 90% of our population fairly quickly and easily. These DAMS and levees were supposed to CONTROL the Water and PROTECT the people.  Seems our trust was foolishly invested in the Utilites and Corps of Engineers.   We have been had people.  They have known these structures were crumbling FOR YEARS.  They did nothing to replace them or prepare the general public for their inevitable collapse.   Now, all these people and soon to be so many more are not even getting any assistance in dealing with the aftermath of these manmade disasters.  Infact, folks who have been paying all their lives for flood insurance, are now being told they don’t have the right KIND!!!  Our President should be actively involved in bring aid and relief to these victims.  We need to keep our noses and our pockets out of the affairs of the world and start taking care of our own.  Mr President, now is the time for you take the reins and show what you are made of.  

Published on May 28, 2019

So we drafted a letter to President Trump, asking him to consider the people of Butte County, California and to protect the PAVE/PAWS Radar System at Beale Air Force Base. You can send the President a message and tell him how you feel: https://www.whitehouse.gov/contact/ Check out the Paul Preston Interview on Trumpet News: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QaaDx… Butte County Sheriff Kory L. Honea: http://www.buttecounty.net/sheriffcor… Oroville Dam Failure Simulations: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QWeks… PAVE PAWS Radar System: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PAVE_PAWS United States Space Surveillance Network: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_… Joint Force Space Component Commander: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joint_F… _______________________________________________________ Visit our Official Website for Real-time Monitoring: http://OrovilleDamWatch.com

Update 5/29/19

Published on May 27, 2019

-A road in Colorado is closed indefinitely due to a massive rock slide that produced two boulders large enough to wipe out a significant portion of the pavement. Learn More: http://strangesounds.org/2019/05/colo…

Update 5/28/19

PBS NewsHourSt
eamed live 59 minutes ago

Stream your PBS favorites with the PBS app: https://to.pbs.org/2Jb8twG Find more from PBS NewsHour at https://www.pbs.org/newshour Subscribe to our YouTube channel: https://bit.ly/2HfsCD6

Fox NewsPu
Published on May 25, 2019
U.S. District Court Judge Haywood Gilliam rules to block the border wall.

Update 5/24/19

There are those who are convinced that the US Government created Al-Qaeda/ISIS as a tool to structure foreign nations to align with their agenda.  There certainly has been reason enough to support that belief.  So, if that is true, then it is looking like it’s OUR TURN.  America, take a look at the decisions that are being made in our country today that appear to be totally NOT in the Interest of the AMERICAN CITIZENS but largely in support of FOREIGN TERRORISTS.  What is going on?  If you don’t think that the globalists are capable of using TERROR to bring our nation down, you had better think again. IF their goal is to bring “Order Out of CHAOS”, introducing TERRORISM on a large scale would make perfect sense.  Don’t you think? 

DOES ANYONE REMEMBER WHAT HAPPENED AT Ruby Ridge,  OR Waco, BRANCH DAVIDIANS?   In this next video, the gentleman being interviewed claims the police can do NOTHING about these JiHADI MUSLIM TRAINING CAMPS because of the fact that they are stockpiling weapons and training to KILL US citizens due to the fact that they are not breaking any laws.  He states that in their own documents these Foreign Muslim Jihadists state they are “A Muslim force, prepared to attack” US FBI documents declassified and posted on his website classifies these compounds as “an enemy army, fully armed and ready to attack”.   YET, our government is doing NOTHING to put a stop this threat to the lives of AMERICAN citizens. Don’t you want to know why??  They certainly had no problem converging on the folks at Ruby Ridge or the Branch Davidians at WACO, who were not an enemy army, and posed no threat.  Get on the PHONE!  Call your Congressperson, Your Senator, Send a letter to the Whitehouse!  Do something, don’t just let this happen in OUR Country! Let your voice be heard!

Inside the Islamist compounds in the U.S.

Fox Business
Published on Dec 1, 2016

Rebel Media
Published on May 15, 2019
http://AlabamaTerror.com Keean Bexte of TheRebel.media reports: Just outside of a small town in rural Alabama, down the interstate and just off a red dirt road is a forested compound owned by a notorious Wahhaj family, the devout Islamic family with ties to the black supremacist Nation of Islam.

In letter, ‘American Taliban’ John Walker Lindh said ISIS ‘doing a spectacular job’

Ken Dilanian  – 5/22/19

Lindh is set to be released from prison Thursday amid concerns among U.S. authorities that he remains a potentially violent Islamic extremist.

Update 5/23/19

If you don’t believe that weather manipulation and weather warfare is being practiced by governments all over the Earth, including the US Government, YOU NEED TO WAKE UP!  These floods, blizzards, hail,  fires, Tornados, Hurricanes, and Volcanos are MANMADE!  It is all part of the AGENDA 21/AGENDA 2030 depopulation and REWILDING.  WAKE UP!  

Mike Morales
Streamed live on May 21, 2019

Severe weather threat continues in Great Plains following deadly tornadoes, widespread flooding, Trump refuses to work with …

Video by Logan County Sheriff Damon Devereaux and images from The Oklahoman’s Chris Landsberger of flooding near …

Floods shutting down Muskogee roads.
Severe storms in the middle of the country are now blamed for two deaths. Flooding is the biggest danger, with many areas under …

Published on Apr 18, 2019

A worldwide increase in natural catastrophes is already hitting global supply chains and causing a spike in business interruption insurance claims, a senior executive with Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty has warned.

 Update 5/21/19

Published on May 20, 2019

Radar, ELF’s, And Microwaves, as seen on radar sites, are operating more powerfully than I have ever seen it in 8 years of viewing these sites. Should you want to donate, I would very much appreciate it. I have a PayPal account under smilinrocks@gmail.com. Thank you http://tempest.aos.wisc.edu/radar/us3… https://weather.cod.edu/satrad/?parms… Radar Effects https://apps.dtic.mil/dtic/tr/fulltex… Bioeffects of Nonlethal Weapons https://static1.squarespace.com/stati…

Update 5/20/19

Streamed live 14 hours ago

Trump Admin Back Off Plan to Dump Illegals In Florida – What About Cali?

Published on May 19, 2019

Following immense backlash from state lawmakers, the Trump administration is backing off a plan to send thousands of migrants to South Florida.  DLive- https://dlive.tv/DAHBOO7 If you want to stream, Sign Up! https://dlive.tv/r/refer/streamer?nam… If you just want to watch, sign up! https://dlive.tv/r/refer/user?name=da…

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Update 5/18/19

Douglas M. Ducote Sr.

Published on May 17, 2019
Go to Jaydafransen.online to learn all about America’s future under Islamic control.

Update 5/18/19

Published on May 17, 2019
The NYPD has used Woody Harrelsons face to go after a petty criminal.

Update 5/16/19

Published on May 16, 2019

The U.S. Air Force has deployed at least 20 missiles that could zap the military electronics of North Korea or Iran with high-power microwaves, rendering their military capabilities virtually useless without causing any fatalities, DailyMail.com has learned exclusively. Known as the Counter-Electronics High Power Microwave Advanced Missile Project (CHAMP), the missiles were built by Boeing’s Phantom Works for the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory and tested successfully in 2012. They have not been operation until now. Learn More: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/arti…

MORE additions to 5/13/19 Updates

Published on May 13, 2019

If you are one who has not already known, full well that there are Terrorist Training Camps fully occupied and active in the USA, let me clue you in.   They have been here for years.  I have heard testimony from Pilots who stated that were forced by the Obama Administration, to fly hundreds of Muslims at a time into the USA in military planes directly to military bases, bypassing customs.  You can choose to believe that or not.  Doug and Joe Hagmann at one point investigated at their own risk and reported to the government agencies their findings.  OUR GOVERNMENT has known about these for a long time and continued to deny it.  Even when they admitted it, people did not want to believe.  This is not the first time they “found one” nor is it the first time they have admitted their existence.  WAKE UP!!!   Check out the list of articles below… this is only the first two pages.  There are maps below of their locations.  Pull up a search for yourself if you still do not believe.  

Islamic Training Camps Prepare Recruits To Trigger Something …


Doug Hagmann joins Alex Jones live via Skype to lay out what will come out of Islamic trainingcamps as they clearly prepare for something big. Doug Hagmann gives an overview of the Muslimterrorist compounds covertly operating within the borders of the United States’ homeland.

Sean Hannity Reported on Islamic Training Camps in the US …


Sean Hannity Reported on Islamic Training Camps in the US-Truth!Summary of eRumor: An email with a link to an video of a news report by Fox News Sean Hannity warning that 35 Islamic terrorist training camps have been set up in the US.

Doug & Joe Hagmann | Even Steven


The Hagmann’s shared the results of their surveillance on the streets. Doug has been a private investigator for over thirty years, since 1985. Doug has met a lot of people in the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Department of Homeland Security. Nine Eleven really changed our lives. Doug believed Osama Bin Laden did it. Doug …

What If Kavanaugh Was a Liberal Muslim Accused of Terrorism …


Hagmann Investigative Services, Inc.* P.O. Box 9534 Erie, PA 16505 Please consider helping us to offset our investigative, research and broadcasting costs. Any assistance is very much appreciated. *Note: To comply with banking “laws” and as The Hagmann Report is a corporate subsidiary, checks must be made payable to…

There are 22 Islamic Jihad Training Camps in America ⋆ CRTXNews


These training camps have been connected to Muslims of America (MOA) and belong to Jamaat ul-Fuqra, a Pakistan Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda-related branch. These camps are nothing new, as at least 19 of them were established as early as 2012. FBI documents obtained by “The Clarion Project” in 2007 detailed the Texas enclave.

Islamic Jihad Training in america? – canadafreepress.com


Islamic Jihad Training in america … Islamic Jihad Training in america? By Douglas J. Hagmann. … He then noted arrests of american Muslims engaged in the establishment of training camps in the …

FBI confirms existence of jihad training camps in rural America


FBI confirms existence of jihad training camps in rural America Jan 31, 2018 12:21 pm By Robert Spencer For years, the existence of these camps has been dismissed as “right-wing” hysteria.

Terrorists training in North America – canadafreepress.com


Terrorists training in North America. By Doug Hagmann & Judi McLeod … When U.S. and coalition forces destroyed the jihad training camps in Afghanistan, the Islamic terrorists disseminated their …

DEA Official Spills the Beans on the Clinton Foundation » The …


DEA Official Spills the Beans on the Clinton Foundation Rules for thee, but not for me. Without much comment or fanfare, I am going to present a note sent to me by a DEA informant who I had a great amount of contact with over two years ago.

Exclusive: FBI Confirms Jihadi Training Camps in America …


Fuqra fugitives from the training camp were even the subject of an episode of America’s Most Wanted in 1994. Although these FBI documents from 2009-2011 state that Fuqra has about a dozen “jamaats” in America, the group itself claims to have 22 “Islamic villages” in America alone.

Terrorist Training Camps in the US | Military.com


The Spread of Homegrown Terrorists – Islamic training camps in America‘s back yard. Why are these communities left to flourish in the USTerrorist Training Camps in the US | Military.com

There are 22 Islamic Jihad Training Camps in America ⋆ CRTXNews

crtxnews.com/22-islamic-jihad-trainingcamps… These training camps have been connected to Muslims of America (MOA) and belong tJamaat ul-Fuqra, a Pakistan Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda-related branch. These camps are nothing new, as at least 19 of them were established as early as 2012. FBI documents obtained by “The Clarion Project” in 2007 detailed the Texas enclave.

100% Proof of Muslim Terrorist Training Camps in USA


shocked to know that 100% video proof of training camps of radical muslim is here, watch it yourself in United states of America. … 100% Proof of Muslim Terrorist Training Camps in USA Nisha …

Are There Really Jihadist Training Camps in America?


Are There Really Jihadist Training Camps in America? The Clarion Project (much maligned by the Left) said that they had FBI documents proving the existence of several jihadist camps in the U.S.

Secret US Terror Camps Revealed-Terrorist Camps Are Now In …


The training camps are connected to Muslims of America (MOA) and belong to Jamaat ul-Fuqra, a Pakistan Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda-related branch. They train Muslim Jihadists how to fight and kill… the training is extensive and brutal. From The Clarion Project in 2007:

FBI confirms existence of jihad training camps in rural America


In 1991 a Colorado investigation described MOA as “the most significant terrorist group in the United States. On the terrorist training camp located outside of Buena Vista in Colorado it was found that the intimidation of local law enforcement and violence perpetrated by its members to achieve their jihadist agenda was not terrorism because …

Muslims of America terrorist training compounds


Muslims of America terrorist training compounds By Carol Brown While the Middle East remains a hotbed for terrorists, we’ve got our own jihad training compounds set up in rural areas across the …



New additions to Update 5/13/19

Unfortunately, this warning from our President comes too late.  UN troops are already here and fully armed and supplied. You can find multitudes of videos on Youtube where individual citizens have filmed them moving freely across our highways and railways.   Research it for yourself …  PLEASE! 

I promise you there are things about Donald Trump the person, I don’t particularly care for, and based on his lineage and history with the elites, I am still not convinced that he is not working with the elites in one manner or another.  HOWEVER, he is OUR PRESIDENT.  He has done a lot of good things for our Country.  UNLIKE OBAMA, who has done and continues to do, everything in his power to destroy our nationWe owe our President respect simply by virtue of his OFFICE.  We also owe him the opportunity to serve our country as he sees best and weigh his Presidency ONCE IT IS COMPLETEDIF THERE EVER WAS AN ILLEGAL PRESIDENT WORTHY OF IMPEACHMENT, IN THE HISTORY OF THIS COUNTRY, IT IS BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA.  He promised CHANGE, and boy did he deliver.  THIS NATION IS NO LONGER THE UNITED STATES IN WHICH I GREW UP. THE MUSLIM’S SWORE THAT ONE DAY THEY WOULD HAVE A US PRESIDENT, AND GOT ONE.  My opinion… to which I am entitled.

Mary Greeley News777
Published on May 3, 2019
Extreme gun violence is listed as the primary reason why. This may be the one truthful aspect of this planned UN occupation of an American city. The UN’s goal is to “remove” all the guns from all Americans. History has already spoken. Gun confiscation is always followed by genocide. https://marygreeley.com/?p=85026

Obama Administration Signs United Nations Arms Trade Treaty   WED, SEPT 25, 2013

Kerry Signs UN Arms Trade Treaty Wed, 25 Sept 2013

President Trump Withdraws U.S. from United Nations Arms Trade TreatyPresident Trump Withdraws U.S. from United Nations Arms Trade Treaty –  MON, APRIL 29, 2019

During his speech to the 2019 NRA-ILA Leadership Forum, President Trump announced that he would “unsign” the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) effectively withdrawing the United States from the treaty. 

Officially signed onto by the United States in 2013 by former Secretary of State John Kerry, the ATT represented the most dangerous step yet taken by international gun ban advocates. By announcing that he will officially withdraw the United States from the treaty, President Trump made clear that he would not abdicate control over the rights of law-abiding gun owners to foreign bureaucrats. He then signed, in front of all in attendance, a formal letter to the Senate requesting that it halt the ratification process and return the treaty to the Oval Office, where President Trump would “dispose” of it.

I find it extremely hilarious that the DAMOCRATS are screaming constitutional crisis when Obama and the DAMOCRATS have been declaring for years that it was time for THEM to throw away the “out dated” constitution and write a new one or at least rewrite the current one.

Surprise, Surprise – Obama Wants To Rewrite The Declaration Of Independence And The US Constitution

Obama as a proponent of Cloward-Piven and Alinksy wants to radically change the Constitution.Do you want this?

Obama said he wants to change the constitution, from proscriptive to prescriptive. He said ACORN would drive his agenda. ACORN’s agenda (seen in the way they helped defraud taxpayers in NYC and WA DC with the pimp/ho) is to Cloward-Piven (overburden obligations til breaking point) the system to impose crisis… show more
Update: Under the provisions of this piece of Congressional handiwork neither the people nor the states are going to have any rights or powers at all in many areas that once were theirs to control. I could write many more pages about this legislation, but I think you get the idea. This is not about health care; it is… show more
Update 2: And another to the Bill of Rights: http://www.archives.gov/ex hibits/charters/bill_of_ri ghts_transcript.html
There you can see exactly what we are about to have taken from us.
Michael Connelly Retired attorney, Constitutional Law Profesor Carrollton , Texas
There are dozens more of the articles, numerous suggestions, recommendations, attempts by Obama and the DAMOCRATS to alter or discard the Constitution.   Not that they pay any attention to it now anyway.  

Fox News
Published on May 12, 2019

UPDATE 5/13/19

This is not US news but in light of the conflict between US and IRAN I thought it was pertinent.  Seems that Iran spoke a curse against Israel, and GOD ANSWERED!  

Published on May 11, 2019

We Recommend: Caesar Cold Cross Shop https://www.shalomcross.com ✝️ Concentrate on your loved ones @Hong Kong Jerusalem Please support the online gospel media ministry, provide professional translation and gospel film production. “When people are saying that they are safe and secure, disasters will come to them suddenly, just like women who have trouble giving birth to their wombs. They must not escape.” 1 The 5:3 Welcome to the more end-time information, and wake up to meet the Savior of the Great King. The return of Jesus Christ! Https://www.hkjerusalem.com/ @Hong Kong, Jerusalem has never been seen before! Falling stones, pouring rain like rain? After Iran bombed Israel, it was shocked to destroy the flood scorpion and fulfill the final judgment of the trial!

Update 5/12/19 pm

Breaking “Air Strikes 7-10 Oil Tankers In Flames” (Coast Of UAE)

Paul Begley 
Published on May 12, 2019
7-10 Oil Tankers attacked off coast of UAE some reports it was Iran or one of their proxy’s , other reports it was done by USA or French Air Planes https://www.paulbegleyprophecy.com also https://www.patreon.com/PaulBegley also https://www.debka.com/four-cargo-ship..

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Update 5/12/19

Published on May 10, 2019

LISTEN AMERICA!  Our Country is on the VERGE of declared war with the Arab/Muslim nations.  These nations have historically declared DEATH TO AMERICA.  ON VIDEO viewed all over the WORLD.  Now we have these crazed murders here on our land.  Here in our neighborhoods.  What do you think is going to happen when war breaks out?  You will be seeing here, what you have been seeing on the news in the Middle East…  I am only stating the obvious.  If you have eyes, you have seen what they do in their own country, if you have ears you hear them here in our country demanding their right to their own culture and laws, declaring their hatred for our nation and our people.  It does not take any brains at all to put two and two together.  Anyone who thinks this is not true is extremely deceived and/or in denial!   You had better believe me.  WAKE UP!!
American Joe Show
Published on May 9, 2019
Patriots I need your help growing the American Joe Show, any financial contribution large or small goes a LONG way: 💲 https://www.paypal.me/americanjoeshow

Fox News

Published on Feb 10, 2017
Steve Gern shares his story on ‘Hannity’

Armed and Vigilant: In Fear of a Muslim Uprising in Texas | AJ+ Docs

UPDATE 5/11/19

Published on May 10, 2019

Following two short-range missile launches, North Korea is preparing a long-range launch drill as well, according to Pyongyang’s official news agency. Tensions on the Korean Peninsula rose again on Thursday, after the US seized a North Korean


Published on May 9, 2019

As many as 19 million people in 43 states may be exposed to harmful contaminants in their drinking water, according to the Environmental Working Group and Northeastern University. The different contaminated areas US-wide are visible in this new interactive map. PFAS chemicals can be found in everything from pizza boxes to nonstick frying pans and have been linked to birth defects, cancers, infertility and reduced immune responses in children.

Update 5/10/19 PM

Published on May 10, 2019



BP Agrees To Pay $4.5 Billion In Penalties For U.S. Oil Spill


A tanker moving outbound through the Houston Shipping Channel collided with two barges Friday afternoon, spilling an enormous amount of a refined product into Galveston Bay and transmitting a strong gaseous odor that has permeated inland. The vessels were navigating the channel through heavy afternoon rains.

The liquid leaked into the bay is highly-flammable, toxic to marine life and could be deadly to anyone who ingests it.

The collision happened around 3:15 p.m. CT on Friday just east of Barbers Cut, click2Houston.com reported. The barges, each carrying 25,000 barrels of a gasoline-refining product called reformate, were traveling the inbound lane. One barge capsized and the other was badly damaged.

In addition to the chemical spill into the water, a strong odor has reached the western shore of both the Galveston and Trinity bays, and a faint odor has been detected as far west as Interstate-45.

NWS Houston

A barge collision near Bayport has spilled petroleum based product into the water and may be the source of the gasoline like smell being carried westward on the easterly winds across Gavleston Bay. Here is estimate of where the stronger odor may be present.
Reformate, the liquid seeping into the waters, is highly toxic to marine animals and can be deadly if swallowed by humans. It is also highly flammable. Reformate is used to boost octane levels in commercially-sold gasoline.

As of 8 p.m. CT, the shipping channel was closed from Light 61 to Light 75, KPRC reported.

Municipal officials inland began receiving reports of a strong gas odor early in the afternoon. The town of Seabrook said its volunteer fire department was dispatched to check out its community.

“We are receiving several reports about a petroleum smell coming from the Bay. The SVFD is investigating, however, we are receiving preliminary reports that the smell may be a result of barge accident in the Houston Ship Channel. We will be working to confirm this information,” Seabrook officials tweeted.

Seabrook, Texas

We are receiving several reports about a petroleum smell coming from the Bay. The SVFD is investigating, however, we are receiving preliminary reports that the smell may be a result of barge accident in the Houston Ship Channel. We will be working to confirm this information.
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“League City & Galveston Co are monitoring air quality after a ship collided with 2 barges in Houston Ship Channel, releasing thousands of barrels of gasoline product into the water. Residents may notice a ‘gasoline’ smell.  At this time, residents do NOT need to take any action,” the city tweeted.


League City & Galveston Co are monitoring air quality after a ship collided with 2 barges in Houston Ship Channel, releasing thousands of barrels of gasoline product into the water. Residents may notice a “gasoline” smell. At this time, residents do NOT need to take any action.

KHOU 11 News Houston

Two barges were involved in a collision with a tanker today, shutting down the Houston Ship Channel https://on.khou.com/2VvvbJe  https://www.pscp.tv/w/b6X50TI3OTk3MjR8MVJEeGx2TXF3a0RHTMmG6v7geAHViz_nYIngILhzvxFYk58VbEFusQ9sqC8g 

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No injuries have been reported from the incident.

Update 5/10/19

Paul Begley
Published on May 9, 2019

Soft Coup in Iran as Iranian Revolutionary Guard Takes Control Over Rouhani https://www.paulbegleyprophecy.com also https://www.patreon.com/PaulBegley also https://halturnerradioshow.com/index….

Texas News Studio
Streamed live 5 hours ago

Breaking “Antarctica Massive Hole Opens Up 3,700 Sq. Miles” (Hell’s Opening Polynya)

Update 5/9/19

Published on May 8, 2019

Here’s the link that goes with the video: http://bit.ly/2PVpCO1

Published on May 9, 2019

It’s all in scripture it’s all in the bible maps it’s everything God said it would be it is now happening and God did it so amazingly that any plausible deniability or “False Prophet” attack words just can no longer stand against us! IT’S HERE ARE YOU SAVED? If you want to help with the laptop paypal to ministermaxson@comcast.net and I will continue to sound these alarms until I draw my last physical breath and inherit eternal life!! 8-4-17 Prophecy The Final War Is Forming https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aLWvF… 5-8-19 Prophecy The Final War Is Brewing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AfSWg… 5-9-19 The Final War Is Starting!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AfSWg… The Writing Is On The Wall!!!

Update 5/8/19

Published on May 7, 2019
Al Jazeera English
Published on May 5, 2019
The US is deploying additional warships and bombers to the Middle East in what the White House is calling “a clear and unmistakable message” to Iran. The USS Abraham Lincoln and support ships have been dispatched. The carrier was due to dock in Croatia on Wednesday. US National Security Advisor John Bolton says it is in response to troubling developments in the region. It’s the latest US effort aimed at increasing pressure on Iran. Al Jazeera’s Gabriel Elizondo join us from Washington, DC to discuss this.

Why Have Nearly Half Of These US Trained Pilots Mysteriously Gone Missing?

Lisa Haven
Published on May 7, 2019

Published on May 5, 2019

he Watchman
Published on May 7, 2019
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UPDATE 5/7/19 pm

RKTNN Truth News Network
Premiered 3 hours ago
Mandatory E-Verify, the system that prevents businesses from hiring illegal aliens over American citizens, is crucial to any immigration deal by President Trump’s administration and Congress, the president’s base of supporters say.
The Common Sense Show 
Published on May 7, 2019

TheDC Shorts 
Published on May 6, 2019
Muslim children in the U.S. were taught to sing about decapitating their enemies. This video was posted by the Muslim American Society in Philadelphia.
David Schlotthauer
Scheduled for May 7, 2019
A much higher threat for Large Strong Tornadoes, Large Damaging Hail, 65 to 85+ mph Damaging winds, and Very heavy rain that will likely lead to flooding across southern, western Texas, Central, Western Oklahoma, and most of Kansas. The Tor-con values look to range 1 to 2 in the Marginal risk areas, 3 to 4 in the Slight risk areas, 4 to 5 in the enhanced risk, and 6 to near 7 in the Moderate risk areas. The Severe thunderstorms look to fire up between 19z to 21z.
Minister Paul
Published on May 6, 2019

CBS This Morning
Published on May 6, 2019

The U.S. is making a new military move to challenge Iran, sending more forces to the Middle East in response to potential threats against American troops in the region. The Trump administration announced Sunday that a U.S. aircraft carrier and a bomber task force are being sent to areas closer to Iran. David Martin reports.

UPDATE 5/6/19

Lisa Haven

Published on May 6, 2019

The Agenda with Steve Paikin

Published on Sep 12, 2018

Published on May 5, 2019

Current update on the escalating situation in Israel. Over 450 Rockets have been fired toward Israel since Saturday morning. There has been 3 casualties in Israel as of today. Subscribe to me and brother Amir Tsarfati’s Twitter account for further updates.

Paul Begley

Published on May 4, 2019
158 passengers on a plane in Mongolia quarantined 11 Hospitalized and 2 dead on plane https://www.paulbegleyprophecy.com also https://www.patreon.com/PaulBegley also https://store.paulbegleyprophecy.com/… also https://www.forbes.com/sites/zakdoffm…

UPDATE 5/5/19

Published on Apr 25, 2019

UPDATE 5/4/19

‘Ground-shaking’ explosion rocks Illinois town; 3 dead  click to view video

Nine people were inside the silicone manufacturing plant north of Chicago at the time of the explosion Friday night, authorities said.

MAY 4, 201901:10

UPDATE 5/3/19

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For years, the Obama administration has been making it abundantly clear that it is a friend of illegal immigrants


For years, the Obama administration has been making it abundantly clear that it is a friend of illegal immigrants.  Border security is a joke, the federal government refuses to go after “sanctuary cities” even though they are breaking federal law, there is a website that instructs immigrants how to sign up for welfare programs once they arrive in the United States, and the Obama administration has distributed flyers that tell illegal immigrants that their immigration status will not be checked when they apply for food stamps.  And Obama has even instructed officials to use “prosecutorial discretion” in deportation cases involving non-criminals.  In other words, Obama has been flashing a huge green light to illegal immigrants, and so of course our borders were going to be inundated with them.

Apologists for the Obama administration will debate you all day about what Obama “intended” and what he didn’t “intend”, but there is no doubt about what message immigrants from Central America have been receiving.

For example, one young mother recently told the press that she heard that if you “go to America with your child, you won’t be turned away“.

And you can view video of a little boy from Central America telling an investigate reporter that he believes that Barack Obama has “given permission” for him to live in the United States right here.

It isn’t an accident that our southern border is literally being flooded with illegal immigrants right now.  Newspapers in El Salvador and Hondurashave been publicizing how easy illegal immigration has become, and even the President of Honduras has said that people are coming to the United States for “Obama’s amnesty”.

When they arrive, thousands upon thousands of these illegal immigrants are using rehearsed answers that border patrol agents are hearing over and over again.  Word has spread that if illegal immigrants claim that they are “fleeing gang violence” that it is more likely that they will be allowed to stay.

What we are witnessing down on the southern border is really unprecedented.  It has been estimated that twelve times as many kids are crossing our borders illegally now compared to just a few years ago.

And they just keep on coming.

This is utter madness.

Now, please don’t think that I am anti-immigrant.  I am all for legal immigration.  This is a nation of immigrants and we will always need immigration.  But everyone should be required to come in through the front door.  Encouraging illegal immigration is simply a recipe for disaster.

If we keep the back door wide open, the truth is that we have absolutely no idea who is coming into our country.  Do we really want countless numbers of criminals, welfare parasites, drug dealers and gang members pouring into our cities?  According to the FBI, there are now approximately 1.4 million gang members living in the United States, and it has been estimated that illegal immigrants make up approximately 30 percent of the total population in federal, state and local prisons.

And why in the world would we not want to control the diseases coming into this country?  Over the past several weeks, it has been documented that some of the illegal immigrants that have been apprehended have scabies and tuberculosis.

But instead of sending them right back out of the country, U.S. officials are setting up camps for this tsunami of illegal immigrants.  In other cases, the federal government is simply putting them on buses and planes and shipping them all over the country.  The illegal immigrants are released into their new communities and are given papers which order them to eventually appear in court, but of course the vast majority of them never show up.  You can see a map that documents areas where the federal government has been shipping illegal immigrants right here.

The rational thing to do would be to secure our borders and to send a very clear message that illegal immigration is not welcome in the United States.

But instead of doing that, the Obama administration is actually bringing in a riot squad to deal with anti-immigration protesters.

During normal times all of this would be crazy enough, but right now we are at a point where we cannot even take care of millions upon millions of our own citizens.

We are told that illegal immigrants do the jobs “that Americans don’t want to do”, but is that really accurate?

In this day and age, there is intense competition for just about any kind of a job.  Despite what the mainstream media says, the truth is that there hasn’t been a significant employment recovery in the United States.  As you can see from the chart posted below, the percentage of the working age population that is actually working is still far, far below where it was just prior to the last recession…

Employment-Population Ratio 2014

Yes, there has been a very slight bump in the numbers in recent months, but it is certainly no reason for celebration.  When the mainstream media declares that unemployment in America has been steadily going down, they are simply being disingenuous.  Right now things are only slightly better than they were during the worst times of the past several years.

And according to shadowstats.com, the broadest measure of unemployment is still well over 20 percent and has been steadily rising since the end of the last recession.

So no, there aren’t nearly enough jobs in the United States.

And thanks to competition from immigrant labor and thanks to the fact that millions of good jobs have been shipped overseas, the quality of our jobs continues to decline as well.  For much more on that trend, please see this article.

Needless to say, now is not the time to open up the floodgates to millions of immigrants that will need jobs to support themselves.  Many of our major cities are already so economically depressed that they look like war zones.  In fact, things have gotten so bad in Detroit that a plan is being considered to bulldoze a fifth of the entire city

In May, a group ominously titled the “Detroit Blight Removal Task Force” released a report claiming that around 22 percent of the city’s properties were “blighted” – vacant, damaged or considered dangerous. They also found that, of the 84,000 properties owned by public entities, just over 5,000 were occupied by squatters, making the city of Detroit, the report’s authors noted, “a very large and inadvertent landlord”.

The task force’s proposed solution is to demolish it all over the next five years and start again. Unfortunately, the plan doesn’t extend to rebuilding the properties – it’ll be down to private companies and developers to buy up the land and rebuild.

For much more on the decay of our major cities, please see my previous article entitled “The Death Of The Rust Belt“.

Considering the fact that we are already having such a severe problem taking care of our current population, what do you think is going to happen to these waves of illegal immigrants as they attempt to settle in to communities all around the nation?

Ultimately, we are going to have to end up financially supporting a very large percentage of them too.

Right now, more than 20 percent of children in this country are already living in poverty, and 49 million Americans are dealing with food insecurity.

If Obama continues to encourage mass illegal immigration, those numbers are going to get much worse.

Government dependence is already at an all-time record high, and about half the country currently receives benefits of some sort from the federal government every month.

How much more weight can we put on the “safety net” before it breaks?  Just check out some more numbers about this crisis from one of my previous articles

Ten years ago, the number of women in the U.S. that had jobs outnumbered the number of women in the U.S. on food stamps by more than a 2 to 1 margin.  But now the number of women in the U.S. on food stamps actually exceeds the number of women that have jobs.

The U.S. government has spent an astounding 3.7 trillion dollars on welfare programs over the past five years.

Today, the federal government runs about 80 different “means-tested welfare programs”, and almost all of those programs have experienced substantial growth in recent years.

Back in 1960, the ratio of social welfare benefits to salaries and wages was approximately 10 percent.  In the year 2000, the ratio of social welfare benefits to salaries and wages was approximately 21 percent.  Today, the ratio of social welfare benefits to salaries and wages is approximately 35 percent.

While Barack Obama has been in the White House, the total number of Americans on food stamps has gone from 32 million to nearly 47 million.

Back in the 1970s, about one out of every 50 Americans was on food stamps.  Today, about one out of every 6.5 Americans is on food stamps.

It sounds crazy, but the number of Americans on food stamps now exceeds the entire population of the nation of Spain.

According to one calculation, the number of Americans on food stamps is now greater than the combined populations of “Alaska, Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Utah, Vermont, West Virginia, and Wyoming.”

According to a report from the Center for Immigration Studies, 43 percent of all immigrants that have been in the United States for at least 20 years are still on welfare.

A lot of people that are trying to immigrate here illegally just want to make a better life for themselves, and I can appreciate that.

But a policy of making it incredibly difficult for honest people to come in through the front door while keeping the back door completely wide open for lawbreakers is a recipe for national suicide.

And right now we don’t have jobs for these immigrants.

We can’t even take care of the people that are already living here.

Something desperately needs to be done about this, but I wouldn’t hold your breath waiting for Obama to make a bold move to stop illegal immigrants from pouring over the border.

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Update 5/1/19

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