I am not sure why they released the video/videos in recent days, or why they have been posted at this time, or why God had me come across them…
9-11 was an act that was perpetrated on Americans with the knowledge and support if not fully designed and executed by out own Government.  If you don’t want to know that, I understand.  I don’t think any of us wanted to believe that our own government could do such a thing.  Never the less, it is true.  
At this time, dear ones, you cannot afford to hide your eyes or bury your head in the sand.  It is too late for that.  Life will never be simple again.  We are in a serious SPIRITUAL WAR that is very quickly manifesting in our physical world.  
You will need to have wisdom, discernment, and FAITH in the Creator to get through the days ahead.  The videos are not really that more explicit than what has already been available to anyone who was seriously looking for truth.  Many people say “I was there, I saw what happened” or  “I watched on the television and it was real”.  That is what our eyes told you.  You are sure in your mind and heart what you saw.  BUT IT WAS NOT REAL!  
If you are not familiar with what they are capable of producing using their halogen technology, their WIFI, their smoke and mirrors, lights, cameras and AI COMPUTERS… I suggest you look into it.
NOTHING IN THE WORLD CAN BE TRUSTED ANYMORE.  Not even your own thoughts.  If you are not covered by the BLOOD of JESUS CHRIST, you are at their mercy.  They can control your every thought, your every dream, your every perception of the world around you.   There is ONLY ONE SOURCE OF TRUTH.  That is the WORD OF GOD, both written and spoken.  He is alive!!  He does speak, and you can hear HIM.   But, be sure and test the spirits.  If you are hearing anything that does not line up with the WORD of GOD… run away. 
Get to know HIM now.  Get to Know HIM well!   Get used to hearing HIS voice.  YOU CAN AND YOU MUST get to know HIS VOICE.
John 10  Jesus the True Shepherd
And when he brings out his own sheep, he goes before them; and the sheep follow him, for they know his voice.Yet they will by no means follow astranger, but will flee from him, for they do not know the voice of strangers.”
14 I am the good shepherd; and I know My sheep, and am known by My own.
27 My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me.28 And I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish; neither shall anyone snatch them out of My hand.29 My Father, who has given them to Me, is greater than all; and no one is able to snatch them out of My Father’s hand.30 I and My Father are one.”
As you view the items below, I pray that God, by His Holy Spirit, will give you eyes to see.  That you will be quickened with spiritual discernment and delivered from the deceptions of the evil one. 

Do you remember the Star Trek holodeck?

If you ever watched Star Trek Next Generation you likely had an opportunity to glimpse the future.  They aired several episodes that included the HOLODECK.  It was very interesting and so easily transported you into the space age mindset the broadcasters desired for you.   
Here is what they say is the first of the Holodeck episodes. As you watch it, remember that what is happening on the screen is all purported to be happening on a space ship traveling through space.
It was inspired by inventor Gene Dolgoff, who owned a holography laboratory in New York

The following video should give you a bit of perspective on what makes up the holographic affect.

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I did a title that rhymes.
So the Holodeck in Star Trek is an amazing piece of technology that in actuality is a combination of several systems all working in unison to conjure an illusionary experience, world, view or anything for that matter.
This video looks at the technology at play here, from the holograms themselves to the forcefields, replicators and tricks of perspective as well as the behind the wall subsystems that maintain the facade.
Music from bensound.com, purple-planet.com and freesfx.co.uk
Star Trek Online developed by Cryptic Studios and Perfect World.
Star Trek, Star Trek Enterprise/Voyager/Deep Space Nine/Discovery/Lower Decks/Picard/Prodigy and The Next Generation are all owned and distributed by CBS.
Star Trek Films are owned and distributed by Paramount Pictures
This Video is for critical purposes with commentary.



Hidden Tech of the Holodeck
The Holodeck was far from being a dreamed up fantasy in the mind of a Television Script Writer.  No sir, the Holodeck was very much based on reality.  A reality that already existed in the 1960s!!
The Star Trek holodeck was inspired by inventor Gene Dolgoff, who owned a holography laboratory in New York City. Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry met Dolgoff in 1973. The first appearance of a holodeck in Star Trek came in Star Trek: The Animated Series, in the episode ” The Practical Joker “, where it was called the “recreation room”.    SOURCE

Meet The Man Behind The Holodeck, Part 1 – Star Trek

Dolgoff, back in 1964, became one of the world’s first holographers, for three years teaching a course in optics, lasers and holography at the City College of the City University of New York, and, not surprisingly, authoring the text and curriculum utilized in class.   SOURCE

Light Field Lab

That caught the attention of City College of New York professor Gene Dolgoff, who contacted Leith; the two developed a friendship. By 1964, Dolgoff, a self-described as “an innovator and entrepreneur in electronics, optics, holography, lenticular, stereoscopic, and other forms of 3-D imaging, and displays, with over 65 granted patents worldwide and 40 patents pending., had set up his own holography lab in New York.

The excepts below were taken from an interview with Gene Dolgoff shared on the StarTrek.com webpage.  I selected the parts that were most relevant to our topic.  You can view the entire article by clicking the Title Links for the two part series as shown below.  Be sure to read all the way to the end.  You will find the interviews VERY EYE OPENING!

Meet The Man Behind The Holodeck, Part 1

I got to be friends with a lot of scientific people, like Isaac Asimov. Isaac and I became friends around 1966, or around there. I got involved in 3D photography starting in 1960 and by the end of 1963, holography was invented, and I was really interested in that. So I called up the researcher who had made the first hologram, Emmett Leith, at the University of Michigan. We became very good friends over the phone and I started learning all about holography. He totally opened up my mind into a new world of physics. I’d been studying physics, but I didn’t understand anything about interference phenomena and holography, and he taught me all about it. So, by 1964, I’d set up my own holography lab in New York, and that was the first holography lab in New York. I was maybe the sixth person in the world doing holograms.

My holography work evolved into understanding a holographic model of the universe and a holographic model of how the human brain works. So I wrote some papers on it and, in 1973, I was asked to deliver the paper at a conference in Czechoslovakia, in Prague

Anyway, attending this conference was a woman named Melanie Toyofuku, who was partners with a guy named Andrija Puharich, and they were working with the psychic Uri Geller to try to do some experiments that would document Geller’s psychic abilities. I proposed some experiments in my lab, to see if he could influence the interference patterns caused by laser beams. So we did those experiments.

Toyofuku was good friends with Roddenberry, right?

DOLGOFF: And so she started telling him about the experiment we were doing with the holography and the lasers. She came to the lab and saw all these incredible holograms that we’d made, of all different sizes, big and small, three-dimensional images floating in air, and so on. This was 1973. She told Gene all about this and he said he wanted to meet me. So she set up a meeting in New York, at a hotel. Gene and his wife, Majel, were there. I went there to the hotel with Melanie, and I brought a whole bunch of holograms and a laser, and I set it all up in the hotel. And we spent the day looking at the holograms and then going through theory. I explained how it worked and how the interference pattern generates the reconstruction of whatever you made the hologram of. And I introduced the concept that I’d come up with, which was matter holograms. At that point, holograms were used to generate three-dimensional images, but you could pass your hand through the images. So, with matter holograms, I’d realized that matter is made up of interference patterns of energy as well, and so you could actually record a hologram of the structure of matter and then reproduce the matter in the same way. So I then explained to Gene, not only is this the basis to teleportation in the future, but you could make a holographic environment in which people could interact with the objects and the scenes and everything, and create a recreation room, a training room, an area that could be for entertainment. We kind of agreed on the name “holodeck.” I put the holography part in there.

How receptive was Roddenberry to the concept?

DOLGOFF: Oh, he was totally into it. He said, “This is along the lines of what I was trying to think about. I just had no idea how this could be… or could this be?” He said, “I didn’t want to be so ridiculous that it wasn’t right and there wouldn’t be something like this in the future at all.” I said, “No, you’re on the right track completely. This is exactly what will happen,” and I explained, technically, how it would work.

Meet The Man Behind The Holodeck, Part 2

OK, so, in layman’s terms, what is holography?

DOLGOFF: Holography is the recording and playback of a pattern of energy by recording the interference pattern of energy interacting with a reference beam. So, if you have an object and light is hitting that object, for instance, then the light will bounce off and that light has special information on it now that it picked up by hitting the object. There are only three kinds of information that it picks up. Each light ray has a specific angle, a specific brightness and a specific color. And that’s it. There’s also polarization, but that’s irrelevant because we don’t perceive polarization. Those three things, which I call the ABC’s of light angle, brightness, color – are the only things that change when a light ray comes from the light source, let’s say, your ceiling light, and hits the object. The only thing that changes about the light is those three factors. So now they’ve bounced off of you and it’s the same light, but now they have different angles, brightnesses and colors.

If your eyes intercept that light, you see whatever it came from. So if I intercept that light, I see you. And if you interfere that light with a constant light beam, which is called a reference beam, it creates a pattern, an interference pattern, and that pattern can be recorded. Once that pattern is recorded it’s called a hologram, and the hologram now, if you shine that reference beam on it, with no information, the hologram itself will change those light rays and re-impart the proper angle, brightness and color, if done properly, to each ray. So now, if the same light information is coming towards you, you’ll look at it and you’ll still see the same thing. Now that’s a hologram for recording and playback.

Which ultimately leads to the interference pattern…

DOLGOFF: Now, I just described it using light, but if you use the kind of energy that’s higher in frequency, so that it can interact with the smaller features of matter, like gamma rays, you get the interference pattern – which again is the angle, brightness and, instead of color, frequency – of the rays that are coming from the small structure of the atoms, you record that pattern, you play back the same information, the same angle, brightness and color values of those small waves and, if you create what’s called a real image, it can reconstruct the object itself. So if you have a bunch of guests for dinner and you’re short a chair, you take out a hologram of the chair, it reconstructs another chair, and now that guest can sit on that chair because it’s got physical form. If you need food… this is how the replicator works on Star Trek. You have a hologram of an apple. So now the hologram reconstructs an apple. It’s just from energy, but once you eat the apple it has a taste and the texture and the nutritional value of an apple. So it’s basically all the same technology that applies to the replicator, transporter and holodeck.


So, now you can see that they can create a hologram of ANYTHING, FOOD, ENVIRONMENT, EVEN THE UNIVERSE!!  They create what they call a “Real Image”  BUT IT IS NOW REAL!!!!   I don’t ccare how much it looks, smells, tastes, moves, feels like the real thing… IT IS STILL JUST AN IMAGE!!  

BOY!  That gives new meaning to the FOURTH COMMANDMENT that says:

Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of any thing that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth:    EXODUS 20:4

Now, NONE OF US on September 11, 2001 had any clue what type of technology the world’s governments had at their disposal.  Nor did we have any idea of the depth of the GLOBAL CONSPIRACY.  
As a child, I remember my Daddy talking about the Illuminati and the plan to divide the nations into 10 kingdoms, but I never paid much attention to that.  My Dad was a prolific writer and very community minded  He was involved in local politics and even helped a friend get elected to City Manager in our town.  He was an actor as well, in community theater. So, he talked alot about a lot of things.
I am grateful that because of what I heard as a child, when I ran into the wall that is the TRUTH, I was not totally overwhelmed or shocked.  I knew that there was and underlying evil in the world.  
For many of you, this stuff is all pretty new and hard to handle.  I liked to say it will get easier, but I would be lying.  The more you learn, the more horrific and disgusting it all is to discover.  I hate to be the bearer of bad news… but things are about to get much worse.  It is not going to get any better until JESUS COMES and puts his foot on the Mt of Olives.  So, gird up your loins that build up your most Holy Faith.

Start today, by looking at the fact that they can control YOUR perception of everything.   They not only can control how you respond to what you see, they can control what you see and how you see it.  

These next two videos were posted here just recently, like in the last month or two.  The government recently release video footage from 911 that had previously been withheld.  
As you watch the videos, pray that GOD will show you the truth.  He promised that the HOLY SPIRIT would lead those who belong to him, to ALL TRUTH.  
Ask God to open your spiritual eyes and give you clear understanding and discernment.  
Throw away all your preconceived notions of what happened. 


This last video is a little older, but it contains some insight that will be of benefit to you.

(Fake News) 9/11 Cover Up – UNDENIABLE PROOF!


We are coming into some very dark days.  You cannot afford to have blind faith in any government or anyone in authority or any institution.  Not even so called Charities!!   Charity and Philanthropy today is full of deceit and workers of iniquity.  Trust only those who are closest to you, but with wisdom.  Even family members could turn on you in these last days.  THE ONLY ONE YOU CAN TRULY DEPEND ON, IS OUR HEAVENLY FATHER!!  If you are covered by the blood of our Wonderful Savior and filled with the POWER of the Holy Spirit… you have no need to fear!



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