Exceptional drought has returned to the state for the first time since June. Moderate or worse drought jumped to its largest area since 2013.

Active Red Flag Warnings in the Concho Valley

Over 90% of the state is reporting drought conditions as of Tuesday, March 8th. Prior reports show that drought conditions were at 81% a week ago, 55% three months ago and 62% a year ago.

© Provided by KLST San AngeloCourtesy: U.S. Drought Monitor

Below is a list of current drought levels throughout the state, the severity of the drought, the percentage of the state in specific drought levels and comparisons ranging from a week ago to a year ago:

Below is a list of the historically observed impacts each level of drought provided by the U.S. Drought Monitor (Note: Not all counties respond the same way to elevated drought levels):

For more on current drought levels, visit the U.S. Drought Monitor and the Texas Water Development Board’s Water Weekly Report.

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Just about all of TEXAS is primed and ready.  It would take nothing at all for the Weather Control Services to whip us up into a raging inferno.  Most of the folks who live in the country don’t have anywhere to go when they lose all their property and their belongings.