I live in TEXAS, and believe me we are feeling the HEAT!!  Whether you are in the areas affected by the High Humidity paired with High Temperatures, or you are in the areas battling wildfires or the areas smothering in smoke from the wildfires, or you are baking in the hottest prolong High Temperatures in History… YOU KNOW SOMETHING IS COOKING!!

For decades now Our Heavenly Father has been giving us warning signs.  In effort to get our attention, He has been releasing plagues and disasters to cause us to turn to HIM.  To seek His face and call on His Name.

Sadly, mankind is foolish and willful.  Rather than repenting of our sins, and recognizing that we are the cause, not because we throw plastic in the ocean or use too much electricity or eat meat, grow green grass or cut down trees for paper.  NO, we are bringing about our own destruction because we trust in “Science”, and man’s solutions instead of TRUSTING GOD.

Even though we have a preponderance of evidence that clearly shows man’s answers are never good, right or productive, we continue to believe and give our time, energy, faith and even worship to those who call themselves the EXPERTS.

The truth is folks, this world is passing away.  No amount of conservativism, no CLIMATE CHANGE mandates, no Medical Miracle Cures, no SPACE TRAVEL, no Artificial SUN, no geo-engineering or weather modification will save the Earth.  There is an expiration date on the Earth just like there is an expiration date on every Human being.   TIME is about to come to a CLOSE.  And there is nothing we can do to stop it.

The only thing that matters now is where you put your allegiance.  Who will you serve?  Where will be your final destination?  YOU need to make that determination NOW!!  Before you find it is too late.  Turn away from the false promises coming from ANY CREATED BEING!!   Especially the Devil himself.

Put your eyes on the ONLY FUTURE that matters, a place among GOD’s chosen.  Those who will live eternally in Fellowship with the Creator and all those who love HIM.

Set your heart to share the TRUTH of GOD with anyone who will listen.  Perhaps YOU could be the one to bring the good news to one who is lost so that they can share in God’s promises.

Let everything else fall away.  THERE IS NOTHING THIS WORLD HAS TO OFFER.



Bible Gateway Revelation 16 :: NIV

The fourth angel poured out his bowl on the sun, and the sun was given power to scorch people with fire. They were seared by the intense heat and they cursed the name of God, who had control over these plagues, but they refused to repent and glorify him.


Deadly wet-bulb temperatures have arrived in the US…

Your daily dose of internet for July 3, 2023..

Nate Bear

1 July

A large swathe of the US south just experienced temperatures that were hot and humid enough to kill a healthy person in the shade, while a large swathe of the north-east US chocked under some of the worst air quality in the world. At the same time, Texas is suffocating under a record-breaking heat dome.

And this is only the beginning.

The worst heat and humidity struck Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Tennessee yesterday, Friday, where wet-bulb globe temperatures soared above 90F. 

2022 study found that a pure wet-bulb temperature over 87F (31C) is extremely dangerous to the human body, even if you’re sitting in the shade, not moving and drinking water. At these temperatures your body struggles to cool, because the surrounding air is so wet your sweat can’t evaporate. At around 95F (35C),no amount of shade, lack of movement or hydration can save you.Your body simply can’t lower its temperature. Heat stroke sets in, your organs begin to cook and death is inevitable.While a wet bulb globe temperature is different from a pure wet bulb temperature, a wet bulb globe temperature of 94F is just shy of the 87F pure wet bulb that the 2022 study said could be lethal.

Fire and heat

With dangerous humid heat in the US south, Texas has been hit with drier, record-breaking heat of up to 117F (47.2C).

The signs were here earlier this year when Texas hit 104F (40C) in late February, the earliest 104F in the history of the United States.

At the same time, cities in Canada and the US north-east have choked under some of the worst air quality in the world, as record breaking wildfires in Canada smother massive areas of North America.

By early June, normally the start of wildfire season, wildfires had already burnt more boreal forest in Canada than any other year on record.These fires have released 160 million tons of carbon dioxide, almost the same amount as all of Canada’s carbon emissions in 2021.

You could hardly imagine bigger climatic disasters than these. But we have to. Because without radical action to transform economies and end fossil fuel burning, these events will not be outliers. They will become the norm.

The world is currently 1.2C hotter than it was during the pre-industrial age, with most of this increase having come in the last 50 years. At a global average temperature increase of 2C, which we can expect within 20 years,1 billion people will experience deadly wetbulb temperatures for more than 10 days a year.

And on current trends, this wildfire season in Canada will be nothing exceptional. There is a lot more forest left to burn. Many hundreds of millions of acres. And with temperatures continuing to rise, those forests will burn. 

The US is the world’s second largest emitter of greenhouse gases and by far the world’s largest historical polluter.

Canada is currently the world’s highest per capita emitter, meaning the average Canadian is responsible for more greenhouse gas emissions than the average person in any other country on Earth.

While the focus in recent weeks has been on North America, in general the climate crisis hits countries in the global south the hardest. These are countries with the least historical responsibility for the crisis, and in many cases with a much reduced ability to adapt. In India, for example, where extreme heat has killed hundreds of people in recent weeks, only around 25% of households have an air conditioning unit.

Ignored warnings

This is why it is absolutely incumbent upon rich countries who have benefited so much from burning fossil fuels to cut their emissions deeper and faster than the global south, and provide finance for countries to adapt. India needs more air conditioning. And it needs the power for this air conditioning to come from cleaner energy, so that we don’t end up in a vicious feedback of more extreme heat>more air conditioning>more fossil fuel burning to power the AC.

Governments have ignored 50 years of warnings from scientists and failed to stand up to the fossil fuel industry. Still today, the US and Canada are expanding fossil fuel extraction. As a result, we now live in a state of climate crisis. And there is no way to avoid things getter worse in the short to medium term. The heat and fire is here. We have to adapt, we have to help others adapt.

But adaptation can only take us so far. We need to demand that our governments stand up to the fossil fuel industry and the other industries driving the crisis – industrial agriculture, the meat industry, the timber industry.

Because we can’t adapt to extinction.

There are those who would have you believe that through the wisdom of man we can save the planet.  They know that is not true, but they are using the signs of impending doom to frighten you and coerce you into submitting to their ridiculous and destructive policies, mandates, and proposals.

Whether you know it or not, the Plandemic was the creation of those folks and the “solutions” they offered are straight out of the pit of Hell!   



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There is only one source of HOPE.  Only One who can SAVE ANYONE.  Only ONE who can bring restoration to the EARTH.  He is coming soon.  First to JUDGE all who have turned their back on His promises.  There will be great suffering and great destruction before the Great and Glorious  NEW HEAVENS AND NEW EARTH are established.   Will you be among those who live to see it?

PUT YOUR TRUST IN GOD!!  You will find the PEACE that PASSES ALL UNDERSTANDING!  He will be your provider, your protector and your SAVIOR!


Wet-Bulb Temperature

If you, as I have never heard of the Wet-Bulb Temperature… you may have the same reaction I did when I saw this site. Bearing in mind that the modern Scientist always has ONE GOAL in mind.  The FINAL step in their scientific process is ALWAYS CONTROL!!

WE can see here that they have been studying this topic since at least 1979.  I did not take the time to look further into any of the topics listed.  If you would like to get more details, just click the title link above.  There are links to each one on the Science Direct site.