Abraham Accord and Family Center Updates

Well Folks, it is time for an update on the Abraham Accord and the Abrahamic Family Center.   Are you ready?

These folks are so arrogant and self righteous.  I cannot believe them.  They want you to believe that they have figured it all out and they are exclusively qualified and elected to TEACH/EDUCATE the rest of us on “Traditional Family Values” and the way to peace and prosperity.  And they can do it all WITHOUT GOD!!

Please people do not support these folks and their agenda.  I realize it will probably be the New World Order and we won’t be able to stop it, but DO NOT ALLIGN YOURSELF WITH IT.  In the end it will be DESTROYED.  Hold strong to your FAITH. Keep sharing the GOOD NEWS!


Abraham Accords Summit in Rome Strengthens Middle East Relations 12/09/2022

Abraham Accords Global Leadership Summit fosters dialogue and cooperation in the Middle East, America’s Second Gentleman speaks out against anti-Semitism and Israel brings agriculture and aquaculture innovations to the battle against world hunger.


World leaders propel Abraham Accords forward at Rome summit

The summit celebrated the seismic change that the agreements, which normalized relations between Israel and several Arab countries, have brought to the Middle East and North Africa.

World Leaders, ambassadors, diplomats, entrepreneurs, lawmakers, academics, and clergy from over thirty countries converge on Rome for the First Annual Abraham Accords Global Leadership Summit. Credit: Courtesy.

World Leaders, ambassadors, diplomats, entrepreneurs, lawmakers, academics, and clergy from over thirty countries converge on Rome for the First Annual Abraham Accords Global Leadership Summit. Credit: Courtesy.

 World leaders, entrepreneurs, lawmakers, academics and clergy from over 30 countries converged in Rome on Wednesday for the First Annual Abraham Accords Global Leadership Summit, an event that focused on new ways to increase peace and tolerance.

The summit celebrated the seismic change that the Abraham Accords, which normalized relations between Israel and several Arab countries, have brought to the Middle East and North Africa.

Delegates from the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Morocco and Israel shared their insights with policy-shapers from around the globe.

The summit culminated with the adoption of the Abrahamic Values Pledge, which states, “We are united by our shared Abraham values that have sustained our societies for thousands of years. We take immense pride in our mutual responsibility for one another.”

“While our shared humanity is constantly challenged by trends that question the traditional values shared by all Abrahamic religions, our deep-rooted heritage has enabled us to build a vibrant and well-knit society that is both entrepreneurial and innovative in its nature,” it continues.”The spirit of the Abraham Accords has allowed our communities to reap the fruits of peace and flourish in an ever-evolving socio-economic environment and has underscored the importance of the following foundational pillars: Tolerance, coexistence and diversity; Religion and family; Economic Peace.”

(Are they serious?  Just where has anyone seen this amazing change?  Do you see peace?  Do you see tolerance, acceptance, coexistence ANYWHERE??  Especially between the so called ABRAHAMIC FAITHS??  Israel and the Arab nations continue to attack each other, fight over the Temple mount, Muslims rape and kill people of all faiths all over the world.  Even their coming Abrahamic House will NEVER allow Christians to share their Faith or openly worship Jesus Christ/Yahushua HaMaschiach. Where is the CHANGE they speak of, and where is the tolerance, coexistence and peace??)

“We hereby commit to take responsibility to further educate our communities in the fundamental significance of the traditional Abrahamic values, and the importance of our shared humanity that has flourished for thousands of years,” it concludes.


ROME, Italy – The 2020 signing of the Abraham Accords marked an historic turning point in the Middle East. At a gathering in Rome last week, leaders from several nations began working to spread the principles of the accords to other nations.

The Rome event was called the Abraham Accords Global Leadership Summit, and it was the first gathering of its kind to expand, build upon and strengthen the accords, which were signed at the White House on September 15, 2020.

The summit brought together ambassadors, diplomats, religious leaders and policy makers. Former Israeli Ambassador to the U.N. Danny Danon hosted the gathering.

“It’s an amazing event where we have dozens of leaders from all around the world coming together to learn from us, the country within the region who achieved peace, how we did it, and what we can do to help them,” Danon told CBN News.
(What Nation HAS ACHIEVED PEACE??  And so smugly feels qualified to educate us?)

Tomas Sandell, director of the European Coalition for Israel, believes the summit is important for two reasons. “One is that the Abraham Accords has been for two years, and everyone is asking what is next; and I think this conference will try to address that question,” Sandell said.
(The Abraham Accords has been WHAT for two years.  Yes, it was signed two years ago, on US soil.  But, there is no peace in the Middle East.  Or anywhere else for that matter.)

He added that the second reason for the summit’s importance is its location. “I think it’s significant that this conference is taking place in Europe, in Rome, and I think that we need to look and see how we can get the European countries more involved so that Europe could play a constructive role in the Middle East.”
(Wait, what?  So, they are claiming that they have achieved peace and are going to educate us on how we can achieve it.  But, now they are saying the purpose of this summit is so that Europe can get involved to help the Middle East??)

A major theme of the conference was the emphasis on traditional family values of the Abrahamic religions of Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.
(There is no Christianity in the Abrahamic Family if there is no Jesus Christ allowed.)

“Traditional family values are the core of whatever peace efforts we want to make,” explained Imam Mohammad Tawhidi, Vice-President of the Global Imams Council. “Without basing our main common goals on family values, then we can’t actually aim to protect this family.”
(You mean the kind of family values that Murders any family member accused of dishonor?  The kind that mutilates their daughters genitals to prevent them from enjoying sex? The kind of family values that murders anyone who converts to Christianity? Beheading people who do not comply? Condoning and practicing sex with little children? Seeing and treating those of different beliefs as infidels and slaves?) 

Dr. Elie Abadie, senior rabbi of the United Arab Emirates, expressed concern for the deterioration of cultural norms in the West. “Unfortunately, I have to say that in the West, the traditional family values have been eroding for the last 60 years more and more,” he said.  “And now, after having now moved to live in the UAE for the last two and a half years since the Abraham Accords, have kind of reminded us again of these cherished values – values of the ages in millennia.”

Pastor Cash Luna Lam heads Casa de Dios, the largest church in Guatemala. He agrees it is important that leaders in the faiths represented in the Abraham Accords find common ground.
(All common ground is lost when we are denied the right to worship our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ/Yahushua HaMaschiach. Without our Faith nothing else matters.)

He said, “It’s important for me because we are talking about Abraham Accords and then we share the same, we share the past, the three religions that are coming from Abraham, and I think we need to share the future also.”

“Economic peace” also played a major role in the gathering as the leaders shared how common prosperity among the signatories  (Just what does that mean?)  can promote peace. Geopolitics surrounding the region are still shifting as China is now courting Saudi Arabia. Even so, Ambassador Danon hinted to participants that the Saudis might be the next country to join the Abraham Accords.

“We have been working with the Saudis for many years quietly, and I hope that within a year we’ll be able to have another ceremony signing with the Saudis.  We want to have peace in the Middle East and Saudi Arabia is a very important partner for us,” Danon said.

The summit ended with the signing of an Abrahamic values pledge, along with the goal to spread the spirit of the Abraham Accords to the nations.
(The “spirit” of the Abrahamic Accords is no from our Heavenly Father, therefore it is no a spirit with which we should be aligning ourselves. This Abrahamic Accord is mans efforts to bring peace without GOD. We know what happens when man takes God out of anything.  We are not children of Abraham, we are children of the MOST HIGH GOD!)

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The First Annual Abraham Accords Global Leadership Summit in Rome, Dec. 6-9, 2022. Credit: Courtesy.

The First Annual Abraham Accords Global Leadership Summit in Rome, Dec. 6-9, 2022. Credit: Courtesy.

Rome summit celebrates Abraham Accords, shared values

Former Israeli Ambassador to the U.S. Danny Danon said the time has come to share the fruits of the accords with other nations.

The event celebrated the 2020 accords between Israel and several Arab states, underscored the shared values of the monotheistic faiths and sought ways to bring the benefits of the accords to other countries, particularly in the developing world.

“The fact that today we are here with dozens of dignitaries from all around the world coming to learn about how we achieve peace in the Middle East is very exciting,” former Israeli Ambassador to the U.N. Danny Danon told JNS.

Danon, who attended the conference, said the time has come to look at the accords not only as bilateral, but multilateral.

“It shouldn’t be that only we, the participants, enjoy the fruits of peace,” he said. “We’re talking about plans in Africa, Central America, Asia. They should see that the collaboration helps them.”
(I am just so curious exactly where and who is enjoying this “peace” they keep saying they have accomplished.)

One potential area of collaboration is food security, which has become a global concern in the wake of the Ukraine war. Danon said that the Gulf States are looking to develop agricultural projects in Africa, and that Israel will play a role through its technological know-how. “The partnership will help support African economies, ensure food supply to the Gulf and Israel will enjoy the fact that we are sharing our technology with other nations,” he said.

Danon gives Israel positive marks for its efforts to deepen relations with signatories to the Abraham Accords countries.

“We can be very proud of what we achieved,” he said, adding that he expects the situation to improve even more going forward as Israel puts the political turmoil of the last few years behind it and enters a period of stability under the leadership of Benjamin Netanyahu.
(Wait, what?  They have been saying that they have achieved peace due to the two years the Abrahamic Accords have been in place.  Here they say the last few years have been years of turmoil and NOW that Netanyahu is back in power they hope to enter a period of stability?)

The summit highlighted the shared values of the Abrahamic religions, concluding with an Abrahamic Values Pledge, a declaration in which delegates expressed their support for traditional family values that “have sustained and allowed religions and cultures to impact the world in a positive way that has resulted in a commitment to a strong sense of humanity, tolerance and coexistence.”
Through out these 2,000 years, the main contributor to humanity and the source of peace, love and tolerance is FAITH in salvation through the cross of Jesus Christ and restored relationship with our loving Creator that has spread through the evangelical efforts of believers across the earth.  

Elie Abadie, senior rabbi of the United Arab Emirates, told JNS: “The three pillars of this summit are tolerance, coexistence and diversity, religion and family and economic peace. These three pillars are very important that we, as participants in this summit, seek to spread and teach the entire world.”
Well, first of all, do you see THREE pillars there?  Can you sort them out for me?  Now, these folks want to spread their doctrine and teach the world to follow it.  At the same time, they want to prevent Christian Believers from spreading the GOOD NEWS of Salvation through the blood of Jesus Christ and from teaching the Word of God and making Disciples as we are COMMANDED to do by the FATHER GOD IN HEAVEN THROUGH HIS ONLY BEGOTTEN SON.  I don’t know about anyone else… but I CHOOSE GOD.  I really don’t care what all these MEN have to say.  They can preach their message to someone else.  I KNOW WHOM I BELIEVE!

Abadie described the Emirati response to the accords as very positive. “They want to learn more about Jews, more about Israel. They want to connect. It has been a very rewarding experience,” he said.
Rather than learning about Jews from Jews, why don’t they LEARN about GOD from GOD??  Those who call themselves JEWS but follow the teachings of men they call Rabbis rather than GOD will only lead you to HELL. 

“As a young Jewish boy, fleeing my hometown of Beirut, I would have never dreamed that one day I would be serving as a rabbi in an Arab country. Never mind an Arab country with a rapidly growing Jewish community that has signed a peace accord with the State of Israel. We are living in profound times and must seize the opportunities that lay before us,” he added.
We are living in PROFOUND Times.  Test the spirits as God commands us, because we are living in the times of the GREAT DECEPTION.  Satan comes as an Angel of Light…something may look like a good thing, but if it is not a GOD thing it is worthless.  

Imam Mohammad Tawhidi, an Iranian-born Shi’ite Muslim scholar and vice president of The Global Imams Council, told JNS that when the Abraham Accords were first announced in 2020, “I was very happy because I had been speaking before the Abraham Accords about a time where there would be peace between Muslim and Jewish states. And many people saw that as impossible or as a fantasy.”
There will BE NO PEACE without the PRINCE OF PEACE!!

Tawhidi made another prediction. “Peace between Israel, Iran, and even between the Shi’ite and the Sunni world is closer than ever. The people of Iran have seen the fruits of the Abraham Accords, they have witnessed how fast peace can be built, and many remember the days of Israeli tourists visiting Tehran and long for those days to return,” he said.

Tawhidi said that as recently as 2018, he still had “fundamentalist tendencies,” and that one of the people who influenced him was Rabbi Abadie. Tawhidi has since become “a passionate defender” of Jews. “Now I take antisemitism personally,” he said.

Tawhidi doesn’t consider himself unique. “The Global Imams Council has 1,352 members. All of them are imams. All of them are scholars. They carry the same message,” he said.

Some can’t speak out for reasons of safety, or they preach in their native languages, which don’t reach western ears. “I combine English, social media [he has 800,000 Twitter followers], and I’m able to speak freely. The others might be missing one of those essential factors,” he said.

The way to build bridges between Jews and Muslims “is for us to approach each other with the intention to understand. Right now, we are approaching each other with the intention of explaining who’s right and who’s wrong. Sometimes when the greater cause is peace, it doesn’t really matter,” he concluded.
Just how long could peace be maintained, if people have to deny their most important beliefs in order to keep the “peace”?


Published: Updated: 

A peace initiative between Israel and Saudi Arabia would lead to a resolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Israel’s Prime Minister-designate Benjamin Netanyahu told Al Arabiya English on Wednesday.

To read the full transcript, click here.

Netanyahu suggested that extending the progress made in the 2020 Abraham Accords to other Arab states would be a more effective route to peace than engaging with Palestinian leaders directly, who he claimed were not willing to recognize the State of Israel.

“I think the peace with Saudi Arabia will serve two purposes: It will be a quantum leap for an overall peace between Israel and the Arab world, it will change our region in ways that are unimaginable,” he said, “and I think it will facilitate, ultimately, a Palestinian-Israeli peace. I believe in that. I intend to pursue it.”

Saudi Arabia has historically been one of the biggest backers of the Palestinian cause and has repeatedly stated that it needed to see a Palestinian state before moving ahead with potential normalization with Israel.

Although the Kingdom has not officially commented on the Abraham Accords — a peace initiative between Israel, the United Arab Emirates, and Bahrain — there have been signs of a thaw in relations in recent years.

Shortly after the accords were signed, Saudi Arabia announced that flights “from all countries,” including Israel, could cross its airspace to reach the UAE.

In an October 2020 interview with Al Arabiya, the influential former Saudi Ambassador to the US Bandar bin Sultan said: “The Palestinian cause is a just cause, but its advocates are failures. And the Israeli cause is unjust, but its advocates have proven to be successful.”

Netanyahu on Wednesday also pointed the blame at Palestinian leaders for the failure to achieve peace.

“The reason we’ve not had an Israeli-Palestinian peace is because the Palestinian… leadership for the last century has refused to do what is finally happening in the rest of the Arab world — and that is to recognize that the State of Israel is here to stay.”

But Netanyahu admitted that achieving peace with Saudi Arabia, the home of Islam and the Arab world’s largest economy, was “up to the leadership of Saudi Arabia.”

In 2002, Saudi Arabia spearheaded the Arab Peace Initiative, a proposal to achieve Arab-Israeli peace if Israel agreed to reverse all occupation of Arab territories.

When asked about the initiative and if he was prepared to use it as a blueprint, Netanyahu avoided committing to the terms it laid out.

He said it was “an indication of a desire to end the conflict in all its terms, but I think 20 years later we need to have a fresh view.”

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