There is a Rabbi that enjoyed tremendous popularity while he lived.  He was so extremely influential he nearly turned the world upside down and was honored by multiple Presidents of the USA who even declared his Noahide System to be the Law of the Land. Now even after his death, he continues to cause upheaval … Click Here to Read More

ONE NIGHT ONLY – Tsunami Concert

God never lets me miss anything that is important! I have a terrible fault.  I get too focused.  When I am researching or creating something… I am so intensely focused I often forget to eat or sleep.   Yet, God always make sure that I stay up on what is going on and He leads me … Click Here to Read More


TAGS:  Hollywood, Movie Stars, Hip Hop, Rap, Rock and Roll, Manson, Helter Skelter, Beatles, Beyonce, Ray J, Whitney, Brandi, Gucci, Runway Models, Twerking, The Devil, Blood Sacrifice, Contract, Signs, Symbols Sigils, Satanic Elite, Magic, Image, Wealth, Fame, Industry Slave The signs these folks flash over and over again, are there to demonstrate to those who … Click Here to Read More

What kind of Inauguration Was That??

I didn’t watch the Inauguration.  I was not interested.  But, I caught a video that got me interested enough to look further.  This entire thing gets crazier all the time.  And it is not over yet. The Inauguration was one big ritual and you had better believe it.  There is surely so much more than … Click Here to Read More

ZODIAC – Why Now?

The first publicized killing of the Zodiac was a Christmas murder.  The two young victims were supposed to attend a Christmas program that evening.  I find it interesting that once again, at Christmas time this story hits the news.  If you missed it, there are multiple articles and videos related to the topic easily located … Click Here to Read More

11/3 – Day of the DEAD – ENTER THE DRAGON!

RESTORED: 3/25/22 Well, ok… I had a trip down an interesting rabbit hole today.  Got so much more than I was prepared for.  This article is actually about the possiblity of a  FALSE FLAG event predicted to occur on or near November 3, 2019.  There is overwhelming evidence that signals such an event.  So much … Click Here to Read More