Do You Believe in Magic? Part 5 – Magic, Sorcery and Symbols

Magic, Sorcery & Symbols

These are some of the tools that Satan’s servants use to cast their spells and work their magic.
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Why do all of the WORLD’s SPACE PROGRAMS Share the same VECTOR SYMBOL?
NASA – Vector Symbol
(4 the answer)

 Satanic Occult Of Aleister Crowley

The Sign of the Illuminati
Worship at
Sacred Pagan Sites
STATUES/MONUMENTS to Ancient Deities
(Graven Images)

Rebellion against God
Represents Khali/Shiva

Multi Arm Gesture
Represents Khali/Shiva

Wikipedia on Magic:

Magic or sorcery is the use of ritualssymbols, actions, gestures and language that are believed to exploit supernatural forces. Modern Western magicians generally state magic’s primary purpose to be personal spiritual growth.

The belief in and the practice of magic has been present since the earliest human cultures and continues to have an important spiritual, religious, and medicinal role in many cultures in present times. In non-scientific societies, perceived magical attack is often employed to explain personal or societal misfortune.

The concept of magic as a category separate from religion was first widely recognized in Judaism, which derided as magic the practices of pagan worship designed to appease and receive benefits from gods other than YahwehWouter Hanegraaff argues that magic is in fact “a largely polemical concept that has been used by various religious interest groups either to describe their own religious beliefs and practices or – more frequently – to discredit those of others.”

The foremost perspectives on magic in anthropology are functionalism, symbolism, and intellectualism. The term”magical thinking” in anthropologypsychology, and cognitive science refers to causal reasoning often involving associative thinking, such as the perceived ability of the mind to affect the physical world (see the philosophical problem of mental causation) or correlation mistaken for materialist causation.

Psychological theories consider magic a personal phenomenon intended to meet individual needs as opposed to a social phenomenon serving a collective purpose. The belief that one can influence supernatural powers, by prayers, sacrifice or invocation dates back to prehistoric religions and it can be found in early records such as the Egyptian pyramid texts and the Indian Vedas. Magic and religion are categories of beliefs and systems of knowledge used within societies. Some forms of shamanic contact with the spirit world seem to be nearly universal in the early development of human communities. They appear in various tribal peoples from Aboriginal Australia and Māori people of New Zealand to the AmazonAfrican savannah, and pagan Europe. In general, the 20th century has seen a sharp rise in public interest in various forms of magical practice and the foundation of several traditions and organizations, ranging from the distinctly religious to the philosophical. SOURCE
noun mag·ic \ˈma-jik\: a power that allows people (such as witches and wizards) to do impossible things by saying
special words or performing special actions
: tricks that seem to be impossible and that are done by a performer to entertain people
: special power, influence, or skill.

Real Magic Hand Signs

Full Definition of MAGIC
1 a : the use of means (as charms or spells) believed to have supernatural power over natural forces
..b : magic rites or incantations
2 a : an extraordinary power or influence seemingly from a supernatural source
..b : something that seems to cast a spell : enchantment
3 : the art of producing illusions by sleight of hand. See magic defined for English-language learners

Definition of MAGIC for Kids
1 : having or seeming to have the power to make impossible things happen <magic words.>
2 : of or relating to the power to make impossible things happen <magic tricks>
3 : giving a feeling of enchantment <magic moment.>

The word magic, in our present society, has come to be used as an expression of something wonderful: “It was really MAGICAL” one might exclaim after having an exceptional experience. Or, “it was just like MAGIC”. HOW DID THIS COME TO BE?

Magick Excerpts From Thelemapedia
In the broadest sense, Magick is any act designed to cause intentional change. Through Magick it is theoretically possible to cause in any object any change of which that object is capable by nature” According to Aleister Crowley, magick is the essential method for a person to reach true understanding of the self and to act according to one’s True Will.
Fundamental statements about the nature of magick, according to Crowley:

  • “MAGICK is the Science and Art of causing Change to occur in conformity with Will.”
  • “Every intentional (willed) act is a Magical Act.”
  • “Magick is the Science of understanding oneself and one’s conditions. It is the Art of applying that understanding in action.”

There is a huge rise in fascination with Witchcraft, divination, spell casting, contact with spirits, worship of ancient deities and everything else OCCULT these days.  Keep your eyes open.  The signs and symbols used by those who practice the dark arts are popping up everywhere. 



These symbols are connected with Alchemy, from which we get the world Chemistry.

Historic Poster featuring the photograph Alchemy Symbols by Science Source
Photo Credit: no copyright infringement intended.

These symbols are known as runes from the Vikings, used to communicate warnings, cast spells, and as talismans.

Image result for viking runes

Magick as ritual
Many instances of applied magick involve the use of rituals. Most magical rituals involve work with non-human beings (generally gods, but also demons, spirits, saints, Loa, etc.) and/or achieving non-normal psychological states (such as trance). There are many different purposes for conducting a magical ritual. including:Initiation,Banishing,Consecration,DevotionCelebrationEvocationInvocationPurificationVision seeking and Practical purposes.

Almost all cultures have developed some form of magic, although definitions and purposes have been highly variable. There is evidence of sophisticated systems of magic in many ancient civilizations, including the Greeks, Chinese, Egyptians, Jews, and even Christians. Here is a list of Magick systems Old and New: Chaos,Enochian,Goetic,Ceremonial,ShamanismWitchcraftVoudon and Santeria.
Excerpts from: MAGICK IN THEORY AND PRACTICE Symbol Magic
The User can formulate symbols that can cause special events to occur, depending on the symbol that empowers the user, they can achieve a variety of abilities. With a great number of symbols that can be turned to magic, the user can do almost anything.



The Skull & Bones symbol equals “Antichrist” in two ways:

1. The letter “X” by itself is a symbol of Antichrist.
2. The total numeric value of the “Magic Symbol” of the Skull & Bones symbol equals “666” the Biblical symbol of Antichrist (Rev 13:18)
Now, you know the truth of Skull & Bones. In two ways, it symbolizes Antichrist. Now, you know that Skull & Bones cannot be just a fraternal “good old boys” society. Now you know this secret society cannot be a harmless society, as its goal is to produce Antichrist and his global kingdom.
Learn More by clicking here to following the link.

From the writings of Frederick Goodman, we learn that the true magic symbol is an image which hides an inner meaning, a meaning is usually cunningly hidden behind a form which most people [only] think they can understand immediately.” In Goodman’s book “Magic Symbols” page 6:

Note, this hidden meaning is secreted behind “a form which most people [only] think they can understand immediately.” In other words, occultists attempt to design a symbol for which they can create a shallow, incorrect meaning which “most people [only] think they can understand immediately”.

Now let’s listen to Freemason leader, Albert Pike, writing in his infamous book, “Morals and Dogma”, speaking to higher ranking Masons (Adepts, Sages); he is explaining as to how lower ranking Masons need to be lied to initially about the meaning of the Lodge’s many symbols

“Masonry, like all the Religions, all the Mysteries, the Hermetic-ism, and Alchemy, conceals its secrets from all except the Adepts and Sages, or the Elect, and uses false explanations and misinterpretations of its symbols to mislead those who deserve only to be mislead; to conceal the Truth, which it calls Light, from them, and to draw them away from it. Truth is not for those who are unworthy or unable to receive it, or would pervert it … So Masonry jealously conceals its secrets, and intentionally leads conceited interpreters astray.” (Albert Pike, “Morals and Dogma”, Third Degree, “The Master, p. 104-105)

There you have it. Now we know now how Freemasonry and all occult secret societies treat their “magical” symbols — whose inner meaning they conceal from initiates and the “profane”, i.e, the person outside the secret society but retain for the Adepts and Sages. In the above Pike reveals two important factors:

1. From the beginner to the Adept Freemasons are supposed to be deliberately lied to, deliberately mislead, as to the meaning of the symbols
2. All symbols contain a hidden meaning cunningly hidden behind a form. People easily believe the falsehood they are told and are satisfied. Thy usually are not willing to hear of another meaning once their minds are made up. They will not accept another meaning, even if it can be proven true. Once a person’s mind has become “propagandized”, they do not want to hear the truth and resist it mightily.

More from Mr. Crowley himself:
“(Magick’s) fundamental conception is identical with that of modern science; underlying the whole system is a faith, implicit but real and firm, in the order and uniformity of nature. The magician does not doubt that the same causes will always produce the same effects, that the performance of the proper ceremony accompanied by the appropriate spell, will inevitably be attended by the desired results, unless, indeed, his incantations should chance to be thwarted and foiled by the more potent charms of another sorcerer. He supplicates no higher power: he sues the favour of no fickle and wayward being: he abases himself before no awful deity. Yet his power, great as he believes it to be, is by no means arbitrary and unlimited. He can wield it only so long as he strictly conforms to the rules of his art, or to what may be called the laws of nature as conceived by him. To neglect these rules, to break these laws in the smallest particular is to incur failure, and may even expose the unskillful practitioner himself to the utmost peril. If he claims a sovereignty over nature, it is a constitutional sovereignty rigorously limited in its scope and exercised in exact conformity with ancient usage. Thus the analogy between the magical and the scientific conceptions of the world is close. In both of them, the succession of events is perfectly regular and certain, being determined by immutable laws, the operation of which can be foreseen and calculated precisely; the elements of caprice, of chance, and of accident are banished from the course of nature. Both of them open up a seemingly boundless vista of possibilities to him who knows the causes of things and can touch the secret springs that set in motion the vast and intricate mechanism of the world. Hence the strong attraction which magic and science alike have exercised on the human mind; hence the powerful stimulus that both have given to the pursuit of knowledge. They lure the weary enquirer, the footsore seeker, on through the wilderness of disappointment in the present by their endless promises of the future: they take him up to the top of an exceeding high mountain and shew him, beyond the dark clouds and rolling mists at his feet, a vision of the celestial city, far off, it may be, but radiant with unearthly splendor, bathed in the light of dreams.”

Dr. J. G. FRAZER, “The Golden Bough”.
“So far, therefore, as the public profession of magic has been one of the roads by which men have passed to supreme power, it has contributed to emancipate mankind from the thraldom of tradition and to elevate them into a larger, freer life, with a broader outlook on the world. This is no small service rendered to humanity. And when we remember further that in another direction magic has paved the way for science, we are forced to admit that if the black art has done much evil, it has also been the source of much good; that if it is the child of error, it has yet been the mother of freedom and truth.”

In one sense Magick may be defined as the name given to Science by the vulgar.
Every man must do Magick each time he acts or even thinks since a thought is an internal act whose influence ultimately affects action, though it may not do so at the time.
(Illustration: The least gesture causes a change in a man’s own body and in the air around him; it disturbs the balance of the entire Universe, and its effects continue eternally throughout all space. Every thought, however swiftly suppressed, has its effect on the mind. It stands as one of the causes of every subsequent thought and tends to influence every subsequent action.

“Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.” I trust that they will assert themselves as individually absolute, that they will grasp the fact that it is their right to assert themselves and to accomplish the task for which their nature fits them. Yea, more, that this is their duty, and that not only to themselves but to others, a duty founded upon universal necessity, and not to be shirked on account of any casual circumstances of the moment which may seem to put such conduct in the light of inconvenience or even of cruelty.

The essence of MAGICK is simple enough in all conscience. It is not otherwise with the art of government. The Aim is simply prosperity, but the theory is tangled, and the practice beset with briars.

Witness mine hand:
To Mega Therion ([Hebrew] THRIVN): The Beast 666; MAGUS 9’=2′ A.’. A.’. who is The Word of the Aeon THELEMA; whose name is called V.V.V.V.V. 8’=3′ A.’. A.’. in the City of the Pyramids; OU MH 7’=4′ A.’. A.’.; OL SONUF VAORESAGI 6’=5′, and … … 5’=6′ A.’. A.’. in the Mountain of Abiegnus: but FRATER PERDURABO in the Outer Order or the A.’. A.’. and in the World of men upon the Earth, Aleister Crowley of Trinity College, Cambridge.”

and their Meaning

I am inserting this full article so that you can see for yourself how our children are being exposed to Magic at a level that we can’t even fathom.  It is through the media that they have been introduced to so many occultic ideas and practices that they have come to be comfortable with evil.  They are embracing all manner of ungodly life choices and lifestyles.  They have rejected the way of truth.

Do you REALLY know what a Magic Circle is?

Chances are you don’t, and neither did I before looking into it (and I”m pretty sure Cecil doesn’t either -_-;;). Your first thought may have been, “Oh! They are based off of Christianity and Astrology!”, but we need to go deeper! 

Magic, the way it is used in anime, derives its roots from quite a few different sources. And not only that, these sources are ever changing and have sprouted many different sub-types which have undergone a lot of change since their origins. The oldest form of prominent magic was actually derived from Hermetic teachings and some cite it to have its origins between 200 and 500 B.C. Another separate form of magic, Shamanism, has less well-known origins but is closely tied with rituals and summonings which various isolated tribes around the globe all performed in different capacities. Between these two types, many different combinations, teachings, and forms of magic manifest themselves in anime with their own spin. For example, Card Captor Sakura (oh man, throwback time!) is mostly based off of Hermetic Qabalah, with influence from the modern form of Mamluk tarot. There are a few other aspects, but we’ll get into that later.

As I mentioned, Hermetic magic is fairly old and is pretty much the root of all modern magic referenced in anime (or otherwise). It is based off of Egyptian and Greek teachings which is the reason why magic is generally paired with many gods and divine entities. The term Hermetic is actually derived from the name of the Greek god, Hermes, and is based off of the writings of Hermes Trismegistus (pretty badass name imo “Thrice Great”). Because of the close ties with Hermes, the symbol of Hermetic studies tends to be the Caduceus, that cool looking staff with snakes. Fun fact: in Seikon no Qwaser, Qwasers are described as being the descendants of Trismegistus.

Within Hermeticism, there are three main wisdoms upon which magic is based. Alchemy, Astrology, and Theurgy. In short, Alchemy is the study of spiritual constitution, life, and construction of all things (did someone say Edward Elric?). Astrology is the study of the movement of the celestial bodies and their influences on all things (Card Captor Sakura of course). Theurgy is known as the science or art of divine works, which implies a type of magic reliant upon divine spirits, angles, and gods (very relevant to To Aru Majutsu no Index). All three of these pillars involve magic circles, but the concept is more easily seen by talking of them in the context of Hermetic Qabalah, Enochian magic, and Grimoirs. (all of which are derived from Hermeticism).

One last origin of magic I wanted to describe in a bit more detail before moving on is Shamanism. A shaman is a person regarded as having access to, and influence in, the world of benevolent and malevolent spirits. Think of it as summoning magic by means of trance, ritual, dance, or music forms. Sound similar to necromancy? Well, that’s because necromancy is actually an evolved form of Shamanism! There are also influences of Hermeticism in necromancy, but the core practice is performing rituals, having sacrifices, and utilizing a spiritual connection. Shamanism is also in modern times referred to as witchcraft or sorcery, and is considered one of the most heretical practices by the Christian church (I mean really, who likes chilling with dead things?). Creatures such as zombies and ghouls (and spirits to some extent) are products of Shamanistic rituals and summoning. Look at Mai-HiME for a good example of an anime heavy in Shamanism. Relevant side-note: the word maihime (舞姫) actually means a female dancer and is a type of ritual dance said to be used during wars to strengthen armies or boot morale. As a play on words, it also means My-HIME where hime=princess. Of course they also made it some odd acronym for “Highly-advanced Materialising Equipment”

Now on to the main stuff! So most modern magic is a form of Hermetic magic, sure, but then why does it all seem so different? And what about magic which doesn’t use magic circles?! Well, let’s start with one of the most abused ones: Hermetic Qabalah.

Hermetic Qabalah is a form of classic Hermeticism which draws upon a few other types of magical study, but mainly focuses on the nature of divinity. In this practice, the most important concept is that the manifest universe arose as a series of emanations. The top-most emanations are divided into three states known as Ain (nothing), Ain Suph (without limit), and Ain Suph Aur (limitless light). From those three, the first sephirah, Kether (the crown), was formed. Following that, the rest of the Tree of Life was constructed from further emanations resulting in 10 energies. To people familiar with tarot cards, this might ring a bell! The Tree of Life is constructed from 10 sephirah (forms of divine energy) interconnected by what are known as the Major Arcana (The Fool, The Emperor, The sun, etc). The absolute best example of this is probably Persona 3 (a really well made RPG, so go play it if you haven’t). Pretty cool, huh? But divination in the sense that we see it in the media world tends to give slightly different meanings to all of these terms and phrases, especially when people like me get really hyped for another magic girl anime (don’t dare tell me you disagree).

As I mentioned earlier, Card Captor Sakura is heavily based on Hermetic Qabalah and the magic that is a part of its teachings. If we look at Sakura’s magic circle, it’s immediately obvious that Astrology is a key component in the construction.

Zodiacal magic tends to construct circles in a way that either describes strengths or weaknesses between the different celestial bodies, directions, or presiding elements. And Sakura’s circle, in particular, is crammed full of astrological aspects! Because Astrological circles center around the idea of the heavens and the stars, there is ALWAYS some sort of star or multiple stars as the circle’s base. In this case, the 12 zodiac elements are organized along the inside of the circle with the major signs (Fire, Earth, Air, Water) placed at the four corners. The stars not only represent the heavens, but also the connections between these elements. In CSS, the opposition of the sun and moon also signifies the guardians of the Clow cards, Cerberus and Yue (whose names translate to Sun and Moon, not surprisingly).

Of course, the exact lettering and symbols do not agree 100% with the literature, but that’s what creative license is all about! Also from CSS, Sayoran Li has a similar type of magic circle, although more inspired by a Chinese form of divination. The characters describe the four seasons, the four directions, the four elements, and the four spirits (Heaven, Demon, Earth, God). The yin and yang at the center are also prominent in Chinese inspired magic circles. It is an interesting point to note that they chose Li to be of Chinese origin in the anime to compare and contrast the type of magic and skills used in different cultures. I personally think it adds more depth to the story and allows for a lot more creativity!

As for other examples, there are also Qabalistic magic circles which are a bit more obvious in their meaning, like this one from Tsubasa Chronicles. It is an elemental form of Clow Reed’s magic circle. Very similar to Sakura’s circle, it has roots in the zodiac with the sun being the prominent feature while the twelve pointed star represents the connection of the 12 zodiac signs. The four elements are connected by the center stars, and if I’m not mistaken, the moon actually orbits the sun while the spell is being cast in certain media. Now that’s some cool shit!

I’ve only really gotten into Qabalistic magic circles from an Astrological aspect, and for good reason. In most media, the basis of all magic circles is derived from this source. You can immediately tell that a magic circle has its origins in Astrological Hermeticism when you see some sort of star-shaped pattern with either Hebrew or Greek lettering along the sides. Typically there will also be a sun and/or moon in the design with major symbols stressed at 4 corners (be it directions, elements, or spirits). If a magic circle does not contain these elements or seems like it was not derived from Astrology, then it is most likely of Alchemic origin. The best example of this is Full Metal Alchemist! FMA, having ‘Alchemist’ in the title, is obviously expected to have Alchemy in it, right? No surprises there. What’s interesting is how they actually made an effort to make the magic circles and runes look reasonable. The summoning circle which Ed uses at the very beginning of the anime is a combination of Hermetic magic and Shamanistic magic.


The most prominent feature of Alchemic magic is the usage of the hexagram. Typically the hexagram represents the connectivity of the four elements so that power can flow between them. Depending on the type of alchemy, small changes may be made which stresses certain elements. In general, with this type of magic circle, it’s a lot harder to figure out what the creator actually intended so I won’t even try. And on the topic of Shamanism, all I can say is that when any amount of blood or sacrifice is offered it is typically a tip-off to it being Shamanistic (or possibly Theurgist). This is because Alchemic magic is typically not based upon summoning or rituals dealing with spirits (mostly speaking about creating life through Alchemy). On the other hand, they definitely wanted to stress the Hermeticism because they included the Caduceus in the homunculus circles. In any case, Ed is a pretty smart kid for learning all this stuff. Fight-o! Edward!!

Grimoires and runes are a pretty interesting topic, and are used VERY HEAVILY in anime (for example in To Aru Majitsu no Index). Grimoires are most commonly known as magical books which contain instructions on how to make magical objects, how to perform spells, charms, divination and how to summon entities such as angels, spirits, and demons. Think of it as a cheat-sheet for all types of magic, ever. Typically the most commonly used grimoires are known to be written in Latin and were associated with Christianity, but the concept of the grimoire exists throughout many different cultures and time periods. The most well known and oldest example is most likely those relating to the Israelite King Solomon where he documented magic and sorcery. A popular anime to make use of this concept was Magi, where the main character inherited this ‘grimoire’ in the form of memory as a reincarnation of King Solomon! You also can’t forget Trinity Seven with its heavy use of grimoires and Thelema (studies based on magical libraries).

So then what are magic tattoos and what not? Huh?? Well, those are in a sense a type of grimoire. Rings, tattoos, seals, inscriptions, and even memories or words can be thought of as a form of grimoire (although not exactly the same because grimoire roughly translates to ‘book’). In some cases the grimoire will actually contain magical power of its own and act as a rune or seal as well. A good example of a magical tattoo being used is the Tohsaka family within the Nasuverse, and also how the Nasuverse deals with magic in general. It is said there that magical knowledge and power of a mage family is carried down through generations, from parent to child, while accruing more skill as the generations progress in both blood and crests. The child of a long bloodline of mages will generally have an enormous amount of magical ability because of the compounded knowledge of their ancestors. In Rin’s case, the magical knowledge was passed down in the form of a crest on her arm (and various gems which she stored magic in). I don’t think it would be too outlandish to call this a type of grimoire.

Magic sequences are another topic that has its roots in the classic magic I’ve been talking about, but has evolved to become a thing only really seen in anime. In the Fate/Stay Night example, Shirou’s magic is strengthening magic. But in order to use it he must first figure out the composition of the material, decide how to change it, and apply his magic to do just that. In traditional Alchemy, the first two steps would not be done with magic, but instead it would take years of research into material ‘science’ to construct the proper circle. In that respect, Shirou’s magic sequence is something unique to anime. My favorite example of magical sequences is from Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha. In their universe, magical sequences are actually stored as programs within magical devices. In order to activate the magic, the program must be executed which draws out a particular magic circle (and they actually need not be circles), or sequence of magic circles to accomplish the task. Honestly, I think this is an awesome concept and really excited me while watching it! That’s why I stuck through Nanoha’s shitty befriending of every character in the anime, heh.

The last topic I want to cover is magic that doesn’t fit into any of these categories. There isn’t too much to say about it, but there are a few examples of anime which don’t use magic in the traditional sense. No magic circle, no books, no enchantments – just magic. The first one that comes to my mind is Madoka. The closest thing they have to traditional magic is their amulets where their souls are sealed, but even that is sort of iffy. I think it’s kinda cool when writers decide to come up with something completely new like that.

I have already talked quite a bit about different types of magic and honestly, I haven’t even covered most of it. There are so many different types, alterations, and combinations for me to even try to talk about so I suggest looking up your own favorite types. And if you can’t decide, just watch Nanoha or Index!

And since it’s a good topic to discuss, I’ll leave you all with a question: What is your favorite type of magic? Reply back with your thoughts! And although there is no magic involved (yet?), make sure to check out our new project at for our original characters! ‘Tags:     Authors: komatachia   -Engineer/Entrepreneur/Visionary/Otaku


I hope and pray that you can recognize that it has been the onslaught of Technology that has destroyed our nation, even our world.  The amount and the scope of the pure satanic influences that have been allowed to pour into our homes and the minds and hearts of our children is mind-boggling. It has been since the Age of Technolgy that we have seen violence, destruction, sin, and death become the norm. Have you not noticed that suddenly everything that we knew to be good is now evil and EVERYTHING we knew to be EVIL is now considered good, acceptable, even preferred?  
Upon reviewing that article on Anime, I suddenly realized that this kind of stuff is where people got into craziness like “Furries”,  Body modification (to become Barbie Doll, or Reptile, or Alien), Trans-sexualism, and cross-dressing.  Our children would have NEVER been exposed to such things if it were not for technology!  We would NEVER have allowed such things in our homes.  Yes, surely, these (well some of these things I don’t know if they ever existed before) have been around for a long time… but not mainstream.  Not on such a large scale.  Not so deep and dark.  Evil has taken over, Pedophiles run the world.  NO ONE is protecting the children. 
Everyone seems to be out of control.  Drug abuse is at an all-time high.  Violence is everywhere, people think nothing of taking someone’s life for no reason at all.  There is no respect for anything or anyone.  The family is totally broken down.  Sex with Robots or even Demons seems to be preferred to a committed relationship between a man and a woman. Witchcraft is being embraced by the society as a whole as if it is the perfect answer to all their problems.  People are so bewitched they cannot even think.  People have been living so long in their fantasies they can no longer distinguish what is real from the deception. They are so full of demons they have totally lost touch with their true self.  Bullying and hate mongering are at an all-time high, while society bends over backward to feed the ego and self-image. Political correctness is so off the chart that people are afraid to speak.  In a world that is crying “love and acceptance”  THERE IS NONE.  Those who are screaming that they are for love, are instantly ready to kill anyone who does not agree with them.  It is insanity.  
No one seems to be interested in stopping this phenomenon.  I don’t understand.  The world is coming down around our ears and in front of our noses, and we cannot see the forest for the trees.  WAKE UP!!!  RISE UP!!!  SAY ENOUGH IS ENOUGH AND LET’S DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!

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