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All I can say is there is no justice in this world!  The insane are running the asylum.   Corruption is EVERYWHERE.  You cannot trust the police department, the justice system, ANY POLITICIANS, the IRS, the coroner, and certainly ANY OF THE INTELLIGENCE BUREAUS.  That is only the tip of the ice burg.  

If we don’t wake up and stand up for TRUTH, JUSTICE and THE AMERICAN WAY, we will end up in oblivion.  This nation is going down and going down fast.  Sadly by design.   We are being ripped apart from within.  I remember a quote I heard somewhere that basically stated that very thing.  It was something about, the only way to ever bring America down would have to be from the inside.

“America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.” Abraham Lincoln

The EVIL RICH get away with murder while some poor slob who steels a loaf of bread, or some tenderhearted grandma feeds a homeless person, goes to prison.  Whistle blowers take their lives in their hands when the speak up for truth and in defense of the helpless.

I believe this entire thing is  a HOAX.  I think it was a plot hatched by EPSTEIN to break free from the ever impending threat of legal issues.  I think it is also an illuminati distraction.  Just another dog and pony show, just like pizza gate, to fool the public into thinking that something might really come of the exposure of evil.  LOL.  NO ONE is EVER GOING TO PAY for the heinous crimes! Meanwhile they got everyone busy and all worked up, while they continue on with their agenda.  

Proverbs 29:2 “When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.”

Proverbs 28:12When the righteous triumph, there is great elation; but when the wicked rise to power, people go into hiding.”

This article contains information that I think EVERYONE in America ought to know. 

After checking to see if there was anything online regarding a funeral for Jeffrey Epstein, I had to laugh.  I have no way to confirm that either the burial article or the funeral video are real, true and accurate.  You can take it or leave it,  believe it or not.  I am still unconvinced that Epstein is even dead.  Take a look at the following items and decide for yourself what you believe.

I found this first.  Found it hilarious, so I decided to see if there was any funeral information.


Nov 25, 2017
Jeffrey Edward Epstein is a billionaire American financier and registered Level 3 sex offender. The Palm Beach Police Department investigated the cases of over 30 underage females who had been sexually abused and/or commercially exploited by Epstein for the purposes of sex trafficking. To this day Epstein has only been convicted of a single state charge of solicitation of prostitution. The purpose of this film is not only to shed some light on the highly enigmatic character that is Jeffrey Epstein, but also his victims, particularly Virginia Roberts. Ultimately I would like to demonstrate that the Non-Prosecution Agreement which has protected Epstein and his co-conspirators for all these years is void and he should indeed be faced with federal charges of human trafficking. There is no Federal Statute of Limitations for crimes involving human trafficking in addition to his criminal activities *after* his arrest. **This film is for educational purposes only and is free for re-distrubution.**
REPOST:  March 1st, 2019.


**This film is for educational purposes only and is free for re-distrubution.**

Rebel Skum (Utube)
Published on Nov 25, 2017



FULL SHOW: Judge denies Epstein accusers damages

Minute mark: 15:15

Sept 17, 2019
The Jeffrey Epstein saga continues in Florida as multiple victims seek restitution following his 2007 prosecution, citing that the state failed to notify them of any agreement. Attorney Rory Riley-Topping joins In Question to discuss what this means (15:15). Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has ruled out talks with Washington after President Trump blamed Tehran for the attack on Saudi Arabia’s oil facilities (1:40). A hearing took place on Tuesday in Washington featuring Joshua Wong, one of the Hong Kong protest movement’s most prominent activists, to determine how the US should respond (4:40). Plus, the US government has opened tent courtrooms in two Texas border cities. Critics argue that these courtrooms are unfair to migrants and don’t give them a fair chance to seek asylum in the US (12:45)


September 16, 2019

A group of women who say they were sexually abused by Jeffrey Epstein suffered a setback Monday in their decade-long legal fight over a plea deal that allowed the financier to avoid a lengthy prison term.

A federal judge in West Palm Beach, Florida, ruled that the women were not entitled to compensation from the U.S. Justice Department, even though prosecutors violated their rights by failing to consult them about the 2008 deal to end a federal probe that could have landed Epstein in prison for life.

“In the end they are not receiving much, if any, of the relief they sought,” U.S. District Judge Kenneth Marra wrote.

One of the women’s attorneys, Paul Cassell, said they are considering an appeal.

“We are disappointed that no remedy will be awarded for the proven violation of the victims’ rights that the government caused in this case,” he said.

Several of Epstein’s victims sued the Justice Department in 2008 over their handling of his plea negotiations, in which his victims were purposely kept in the dark by state and federal prosecutors in South Florida.

They kept the legal case alive for years, even after Epstein finished serving his 13-month jail term, paid financial settlements to victims and registered as a sex offender, arguing that prosecutors had violated the federal Crime Victims’ Rights Act.

The drawn-out litigation ultimately fueled a Miami Herald investigation into the plea negotiations, which in turn led to a new wave of public outrage over perceived favorable treatment for Epstein, who once counted Presidents Donald Trump and Bill Clinton as friends.

Federal prosecutors in New York revived the case, arguing they weren’t bound by the original deal, and charged Epstein with sex trafficking.

Former Miami U.S. Attorney Alexander Acosta, who oversaw the plea deal, stepped down as U.S. labor secretary amid the renewed scrutiny.

And Marra ruled in February that prosecutors had violated the rights of dozens of Epstein accusers by secretly reaching a nonprosecution agreement that allowed Epstein to plead guilty to state charges.

Despite those findings, Marra said in his decision Monday, the Crime Victims’ Rights Act did not authorize an award of restitution to the women.

He also said they weren’t entitled to recover attorney’s fees from the government, or have the original plea bargain thrown out, or to get other things they’d asked for, including records related to the investigation and a personal meeting with Acosta.

But he said they could “take solace” in the national attention their lawsuit brought to “the importance of victims in the criminal justice system.”

The civil case “likely played some role,” he said, in the federal sex trafficking charges brought against Epstein this summer.

“It has also resulted in the United States Department of Justice acknowledging its shortcomings in dealing with crime victims, and its promise to better train its prosecutors regarding the rights of victims under the CVRA in the future,” Marra wrote in the 15-page ruling.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office in Miami declined to comment.

Epstein killed himself in August in the federal jail in New York where he was awaiting trial.

The U.S. attorney general, William Barr, has vowed to bring to justice anyone who helped Epstein recruit underage women for sex acts.



Jeffrey Epstein, the financier who was long dogged by accusations of sexual abuse of girls and who was able to cultivate an array of high-profile friends despite his lurid lifestyle, killed himself in his Manhattan jail cell, officials said on Saturday.

Mr. Epstein hanged himself, the officials said. He was found at around 6:30 a.m. Saturday at the Metropolitan Correctional Center and was taken to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead, the federal Bureau of Prisons said in a statement.

Last month, after being denied bail on federal sex trafficking charges, Mr. Epstein was found unconscious in his jail cell with marks on his neck. Prison officials had been investigating the incident as a possible suicide attempt.

Mr. Epstein, who had been found injured on July 23, was placed on suicide watch and received a daily psychiatric evaluation, according to a person familiar with his detention. He was removed from suicide watch on July 29 and returned to the special housing unit, a segregated area of the prison with extra security, this person said.  2 years, 8 months ago


#JeffreyEpstein #Found #Injured #CellMate #NicholasTartaglioneI Pronounce His Name Wrong … Whatever …

2 years, 8 months ago

Published on Sep 7, 2019

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Is it just me, or did the investigation into Jeffrey Epstein completely shut down?

I don’t just mean the investigation into the pedophile’s sex trafficking ring that spans across the globe, but the investigation into his death as well.

I don’t think that there is any way that Epstein committed suicide. There are way too many coincidences for this there not to be foul play involved somehow. Epstein knew too much and the big players in the world had to silence him before he said anything incriminating. The rest of the details they could work out themselves.

I know Prince Andrew is involved in the ring and I think the rest of the players are making him out as the fall guy. When he gets busted I’m sure he’ll commit suicide as well.

But some suspect that he’s no dead at all and that they knew people would be coming to kill him – likely someone affiliated with the Clintons – so they faked his death and moved him somewhere else.

Well, now new video shows that he may be back on his island.

Drone footage taken in the Carribean over Epstein Island/ Little Saint James (known as pedo island for the sex crimes that took place there) has revealed a man who looks remarkably like Epstein casually chatting with a staff member.

This raises a number of questions. If Epstein is dead, who is paying his staff? What are the odds of a lookalike to be spotted on such a tiny island?

Others have pointed out that a Brownstone Operative such as Epstein would have too much sensitive information to be assassinated without repercussions.

If you’re unfamiliar with the term, a Brownstone Operative is an agent that gathers compromising evidence of sexual misconduct of influential people in order to use it for blackmail and coercion. The Russians refer to this as ‘Kompromat’.

Epstein didn’t act alone, he’s merely being used as a fall guy for a much larger, more sinister global network. Epstein’s little black book was full of names of highly influential global players from Hollywood to royal family members.

Truth be told, who knows what really happened, because we don’t have any solid evidence of anything since they destroyed it all, arranged for the cameras to not be working, and had guards not do their jobs that night. Like I said, too many convenient coincidences.

The Unshackled


Shocking photos show pedophile Jeffrey Epstein in death


New photos uncovered by 60 Minutes reveal billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s face of death and the torn sheet of prison linen he allegedly used to kill himself.

The photos were released on Sunday night by the venerable CBS investigative program.

In the photos, Epstein’s body is naked in one and in a hospital gown in the other and lying on a gurney.

Also included in the segment was an interview with former New York City medical examiner Dr. Michael Baden.

Baden is among those who believes the convicted pedophile — who died in his Manhattan jail cell last August while awaiting trial on sex-trafficking charges — was murdered.

Epstein dead on the gurney. 60 MINUTES

“The forensic evidence released so far, including autopsy, point much more to murder and strangulation than the suicide and suicidal hanging,” Baden told the program.

Epstein’s brother Mark hired the famed Baden to observe the autopsy last summer.

The official line is that Epstein killed himself.

Baden said he has a number of problems with the suicide scenario and what unfolded in the Metropolitan Correction Center.

— Epstein was taken to an emergency room after being found non-responsive. Baden said that was “not normal protocol.”

— That decision disrupted what may very well have been a crime scene.

— The high-flying pedo’s hyoid bone at the base of his neck was broken in three spots. Baden said that’s virtually unheard of in a suicide by hanging.

“Going over (more than) a thousand jail hangings, suicides in the New York City state prisons over the past 40, 50 years, no one had three fractures,’’ Baden told 60 Minutes.

The inside of Jeffrey Epstein’s cell after his death. 60 MINUTES

However, the Big Apple’s current medical examiner stands behind the finding of suicide.

According to the New York Post, police sources believe the hedge fund manager tied one end of the sheet around his neck and the other around the bed railing.

He then kneeled forward and choked himself until he died.

60 Minutes also revealed that a note left in the pedophile’s cell has him moaning that “one guard kept me in a locked shower stall for one hour.”

Epstein added in the note: “Noel (the guard), sent me burnt food. Giants bugs crawling over my hands. No fun.”

The theory that Epstein was murdered to silence him and protect his powerful pals who may have also had sex with underage girls has gained currency since his death.

He counted among his friends Prince Andrew, former U.S. President Bill Clinton and the sitting commander-in-chief, Donald Trump.





News Daily

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Ever wondered about what Jeffrey Epstein's funeral was like? Learn more about the details surrounding the convicted pedophile's death, funeral, and burial.

Jeffrey Epstein’s funeral: What was the ceremony like?

It’s a fair question to wonder what happened to Jeffrey Epstein’s body after he died. Where was he buried? What was his funeral like? 

Had Jeffrey Epstein died at the height of his power, his funeral would have been well-attended by the richest, most powerful people in the world. The likes of current US President Donald Trump, former US president Bill Clinton, and royalty like Prince Andrew, Duke of York, all claimed to be his friend at one point. 

However, Jeffrey Epstein fell from grace. In 2008, he pled guilty to one count of soliciting a prostitute and one of soliciting a minor to avoid a lengthy sentence for trafficking multiple underage girls. His friends started deserting him. When he died, the rich & powerful people who would have sent him off at his funeral abandoned him. 

Jeffrey Epstein’s death in prison

Jeffrey Epstein died in prison awaiting trial for multiple counts of sex trafficking and conspiracy. Two days before Jeffrey Epstein’s death, he updated his will. We’re unsure if that included funeral arrangements. It did lay the groundwork for prison officials to rule his death a suicide. Plus, he had attempted suicide two weeks prior. 

Jeffrey Epstein was found dead in his cell on Aug. 10 2019 at 6:30 during morning roll call. There was a makeshift noose in his cell made of cut-up bed sheets. It appeared as if he flung himself from the top bunk. The circumstances of this alleged suicide, such as Epstein’s height and missing footage from his cell, made the suicide suspect. 

Who claimed Jeffrey Epstein’s body? 

According to prison reports, Jeffrey Epstein’s body was claimed by an unnamed source. Given the mysterious circumstances surrounding Epstein’s death, people speculated whether the people responsible took him before an autopsy could be released. Turns out, Jeffrey Epstein’s brother, Mark, was the one who claimed Epstein’s remains. 

Two autopsies

Before a funeral was held, Jeffrey Epstein’s brother, Mark, ordered a second autopsy due to the mysterious circumstances surrounding his death. While officials from the NY Dept. of Corrections maintain Epstein’s death was a suicide, the second autopsy questions their findings. 

Jeffrey Epstein suffered injuries to his neck that were more in line with homicide by strangulation than suicide. Specifically, Epstein’s hyoid bone broke during his death, which is a common injury in older suicide victims. Given Epstein’s age, the injury he suffered to his neck was unlikely unless it were a homicide. 

The NY Dept. of Corrections stands by their findings on Jeffrey Epstein’s death, citing that fractured hyoid bones are common in both homicides and suicides. 

Jeffrey Epstein’s funeral

Mark Epstein held Jeffrey Epstein’s funeral at the Frank E. Campbell Funeral Chapel on Madison Avenue in New York City. The funeral chapel has been called “the funeral home to the stars,” since Judy Garland, Joan Rivers, and other celebrities had their funerals there. Epstein’s ceremony was small and private with a secret guest list.  

Where was Jeffrey Epstein buried? 

Jeffrey Epstein was laid to rest next to his parents at IJ Morris Star of David Cemetery near Palm Beach, Florida. Unlike the lavish lifestyle Epstein lived, these graves are plain and nondescript. Still, the caskets Jeffrey Epstein was laid to rest in can cost $250,000. 

Epstein’s grave is unmarked to prevent vandalism. It’s believed the names of Epstein’s parents were taken off their headstones as well to prevent vandals from finding them. When The Daily Mail inquired whether Epstein’s body was actually buried there, Mark Epstein raged that it was “none of their f***ing business.” 

Mark Epstein drove his body in an unmarked minivan from Manhattan to FL per reports. He drove his brother’s casket through the cemetery gates with a police escort behind. When asked the further comment, IJ Morris released a statement: “we guard (our families’) privacy and do not discuss these matters with the media.” 


Jeffery Epstein Still Alive? Drone Footage ‘Shows’ Lookalike; Conspiracy Theorists Baffled

In December last year, transactions were done from Epstein’s dormant offshore bank account in the Virgin Islands.


A conspiracy theory claiming that sex offender Jeffery Epstein is still alive kicked off after an undated drone footage of an Epstein look-alike surfaced on social media. The conspiracy theorists claimed that the American pedophile is staying on the infamous ‘Epstein Island’.

Epstein was arrested in July 2019 on a number of charges including trafficking young women and underage girls for sexual gratification between 2002 to 2005. He was found hanging in his Manhattan jail cell in August last year. The death of the 66-year-old, who had previously attempted suicide on July 23, was ruled as suicide by hanging.

jeffery epstein look alike
jeffery epstein look alike
A Jeffery Epstein look alike spotted in drone footage.

Conspiracies Surrounding Epstein’s Death

The latest round of conspiracy theory emerged after an Instagram handle Chakabars shared a string of images from an undated drone footage on his page. The images showed construction being carried out on an island with a man, looking like Epstein, interacting with the workers.

The caption on the images read: “Breaking news. Mainstream Media ignored, avoided & covered this up for ten months already. A man that looks like Jeffery Epstein spotted on his island in drone footage. After his ‘death’ with all the hype of this story, isn’t it amazing how they would completely avoid this.”

“Construction still on going at Epstein Island. Even after he was supposedly killed. They faked his death. You can tell if you look at the body. Pedophile don’t kill pedophiles. This is not Epstein,” the captions in the subsequent images read.

Transactions Done From Epstein’s Dormant Bank Account

In February, Daily Mail had reported about transactions being carried out from one of Epstein’s dormant offshore bank accounts in the Virgin Islands in the months following his death.

The documents presented in the court revealed transactions of multi-million dollars from Epstein’s estate to his bank, Southern County International, after his death. Even though the territory had sanctioned the bank in 2014, it remained dormant until the pedophile’s suicide. Months after his death, an amount of $15.5 million from Epstein’s estate was transferred to the bank in December last year. The bank sent back $2.6 million, leaving $12.9 million, reported the outlet.

Before the end of the year, a withdrawal of nearly all funds, leaving $500,000, was done. The payments were made to cater to day to day expenses including payment for cable. Judge Hermon-Purcell, who oversaw the hearing of the court case over Epstein’s remaining assets, had said: ‘There’s no explanation for it.’

Epstein’s Death Questioned on Social Media

Fueled with speculations, the latest conspiracy theory calling Epstein’s death a sham gained momentum on social media with many users debating the claim.

“They reported during his suicide nobody witnessed it and the cameras were off! he’s still alive !” expressed a user on Instagram, as other wrote, “Honestly don’t surprise me. When you powerful with money anything is capable.”

However, there were a few who also debunked the theory. “That looks nothing like him. The body is smaller. Shoulders aren’t as broad. With that said that dude is still walking around chilling,” wrote a user. “Look at his hair coloring on his right side. with a thick white and the grey. same in pics. he probably lost weight,” said another.

“You’re right! I trust the NSA just as much as I trust Metropolitan Correctional Center. They did a tremendous job keeping ol Jeffery Epstein alive,” tweeted a user.

“What if Jeffery Epstein is actually still alive and that’s why there’s no footage of him committing suicide???? Wtf!!!!, what is going on with this world!!!!” wrote another.


Epstein Is Found and Alive   
Sunday, September 1, 2019 15:03

EPSTEIN is alive, as I stated, in my emails, shortly after the announced LIE that he was “suicided/murdered”. He is safely in American MILITARY custody and “singing like a Canary”. His next stop-probably Israel:

The Epstein report begins at the 7:40 mark of the video below. 

Do you notice the MSM and even Alternative Media are Not talking about this, so expect the Wealthy and Powerful PEDOPHILES, except for few “Useful Idiots”, are going to escape all indictments. Part of the deal Epstein is making with Trump, et al. in the Zionist-owned Government. Why can this happen?The majority follow the Mainstream, Ruler-induced narrative, in spite of Americacn protests to the contrary.Sheep can only do what sheep do. It is why our RULERS can rule.

Only FORCE will FREE us from the House of ROTHSCHILD.


‘Jeffrey Epstein is alive’ conspiracy theory sparked after a ‘sighting’ near the dead pedophile’s ranch


Epstein, 66, was found dead in his New York prison cell last year while awaiting trial on charges of sex trafficking kids to the rich and powerful — but that has not stopped rumours that he faked his own death.

Jeffrey Epstein was allegedly spotted alive near his New Mexico ranch

Jeffrey Epstein was allegedly spotted alive near his New Mexico ranchCredit: Reuters

Epstein was found dead in his jail cell last year awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges

Epstein was found dead in his jail cell last year awaiting trial on sex trafficking chargesCredit: AP:Associated Press

The video narrator claims “Epstein rode off into the sunset after faking his death”.

He said: “While we were on scene, a red truck approached the fence line and a gentleman rolled the window down.

“He observed the protest and raised his cell phone to snap some photos of the group.

“The driver of the red truck had a striking resemblance to the recently deceased Jeffrey Epstein.”


Epstein had reportedly revealed his plans to “seed the human race with his DNA by impregnating women at his vast New Mexico ranch”, although he was not known to have had children. 

There is no evidence to suggest he is alive. 

Law enforcement officials confirmed on August 10 last year he had taken his own life at Metropolitan Correctional Center in Manhattan, which is where he had been held without bail.

Chief Medical Examiner Dr Barbara Sampson ruled on August 16, 2019, that the death was a “suicide”.

It also sparked widespread anger that the vile sex fiend had cheated justice — and that no-one would be held accountable for his dehumanising defilement of teenage girls, groomed to obey his every command.

The driver of the red truck had a striking resemblance to the recently deceased Jeffrey Epstein

Narrator On YouTube Channel ABQ Raw

But some believe he was murdered by powerful people who risked being implicated in his sex trafficking crimes. 

Notably, given that he was New York City’s former chief medical examiner, Dr Michael Baden disputed the verdict of his successor Barbara Sampson who had concluded Epstein did not kill himself and was most likely strangled.

But Baden insisted on Fox News: “I think that the evidence points toward homicide rather than suicide.”

He was hired by Epstein’s family — who were appalled about allegation but suspicious about his sudden death — to observe his autopsy.

CCTV footage of Jeffrey Epstein’s suicide attempt in jail has reportedly vanished.

Prosecutors revealed they could not locate the surveillance video from a camera located outside the paedophile’s cell at Metropolitan Correctional Centre in Manhattan when he first attempted to take his own life on July 23.

Two prison guards on duty the night Epstein died are accused of falsifying records after they allegedly lied about making required checks on the financier.

It is claimed they left Epstein alone in his cell for eight hours before he was found dead. Those guards have pleaded not guilty. 

Others are convinced he faked his own death and is in hiding. 

In February it emerged after Epstein’s death, his estate transferred more than $12 million to his US Virgin Island bank.


Southern Country International received millions of dollars from Mr. Epstein’s estate in December.

Matthew Goldstein and 

In the years after Jeffrey Epstein registered as a sex offender, he closed his money management firm and started a business to develop algorithms and mine DNA and financial databases.

Then he set up a bank.

In a banking license application reviewed by The New York Times, Mr. Epstein described himself as one of the investing world’s “pioneers” and said he wanted to pursue the “dynamic discipline of international banking.”

Officials in the Virgin Islands, the United States territory where Mr. Epstein set up most of his businesses, approved a license for him in 2014 to run one of the territory’s first international banking entities, a specialized bank that can do business only with offshore clients. The approval was unusual, given Mr. Epstein’s status as a convicted sex offender.

The bank, Southern Country International, renewed its license for each of the next five years, but it’s unclear whether it conducted any business or had any customers. Mr. Epstein, who died while in federal custody last summer following his arrest on sex trafficking charges, does not appear to have done any marketing for the bank or hired much staff.

The bank was created under a territorial law that lacked many of the oversight requirements banks are usually subject to, and its regulatory file is largely empty. A lawyer for Mr. Epstein told officials in the Virgin Islands in 2018 that Southern Country had not commenced operations. And regulators in the territory said they did not exercise oversight of the bank because it did not appear to be doing any business.

And yet, after Mr. Epstein’s death, his estate transferred more than $12 million to Southern Country, according to court documents.

ImageJeffrey Epstein started Southern Trust to develop sophisticated algorithms to mine DNA and financial databases.
Credit…Gabriella N. Baez for The New York Times

On Tuesday, at a court hearing in the Virgin Islands on motions involving Mr. Epstein’s estate, a magistrate judge, Carolyn Hermon-Purcell, questioned the estate’s lawyers about the transfers to Southern Country, saying the disclosure was not satisfactory. The judge said she did not know why Southern Country would be receiving checks from the estate. “There’s no explanation for it,” she said.

A lawyer for the estate responded that some of the payment had been made in error, but the judge was not satisfied with his response and asked him to follow up with a fuller accounting.

The checks — listed in the estate’s transactions for routine payments such as cable-TV bills and phone service for Mr. Epstein’s many properties — stand out. The list of payments were filed with Judge Hermon-Purcell, who is overseeing his $635 million estate, including the possible establishment of a compensation fund for his victims.

That Mr. Epstein was able to get a banking license in the first place is unusual.

His 2008 conviction in Florida on a charge of soliciting prostitution from an underage girl required him to register as a sex offender. Most bank operators doing business in the United States are required to undergo rigorous background checks, and most banking institutions are subject to oversight by the arm of the Treasury that investigates suspicious financial transactions. Neither was required by the Virgin Islands when Mr. Epstein submitted the application in 2013.

The territory had passed its international banking entity law a year earlier, in hopes of enticing investment from overseas. It modeled its law on that of Puerto Rico, where international banking entities have existed for three decades.

Such organizations are attractive to offshore investors because the banks are able to offer more favorable tax treatment than the investors’ own countries can. In return, the territories expect residents to manage the banks, even though they cannot use the banks’ services.

These specialized banks have drawn scrutiny because of their potential for abuse, including money laundering. The Federal Reserve Bank of New York describes international bank entities in the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico as “high-risk” institutions. Last year, it temporarily suspended applications for them to obtain financial services from the Fed until it can issue stricter rules for them.

Mr. Epstein was carefully evasive in answering a question on the application that was meant to reveal information about an applicant’s criminal record. His response mentioned his guilty plea to state charges in Florida, but it played down other elements of the case.

“For a relatively brief period, in what has otherwise been a productive and accomplished life,” the application said, Mr. Epstein “did face some legal difficulties relating to matters alleged to have taken place seven years ago.” The application noted that a federal investigation had been “discontinued.”

But that answer was misleading, said Richard Scott Carnell, a former assistant secretary for financial institutions at the Treasury Department. The application did not reflect that Mr. Epstein’s plea deal included an agreement with federal prosecutors, who promised not to bring their own charges. The agreement acknowledged that federal authorities had compiled a long list of other possible underage victims.

“Bank regulators expect applicants to be candid,” said Mr. Carnell, now an associate professor at Fordham Law School. “You’d never suspect there was a nonprosecution agreement. As a bank regulator, I’d be outraged to learn that an applicant had misled me in that way.”

In his application, Mr. Epstein listed as references James E. Staley, the chief executive of Barclays who had cultivated a relationship with Mr. Epstein while at JPMorgan Chase. Another reference was Andrew Farkas, a New York real estate tycoon and co-owner of a marina and office complex on St. Thomas with Mr. Epstein. Spokesmen for both men said they had been unaware they were listed as references, along with JPMorgan and FirstBank, a Puerto Rico-based lender with branches in the Virgin Islands that long held some of Mr. Epstein’s accounts.

The application was submitted by Erika A. Kellerhals, a longtime tax lawyer for Mr. Epstein in the Virgin Islands. She did not return requests for comment.

Southern Country had not commenced doing business as of April 2018, according to correspondence between Ms. Kellerhals and the territory’s banking department. Regulators said the bank was a “self-reporting” company and did not require additional regulatory oversight if it was not operational.


Erika Kellerhals, a longtime tax lawyer for Mr. Epstein in the Virgin Islands, told the territory’s banking department in 2018 that Southern Country had not yet commenced operations.
Credit…Barry Leerdam for the V.I. Legislature

But court documents show Southern Country was active for some of last year.

Records filed by the estate on Friday indicate that Southern Country had $693,157 in assets when Mr. Epstein died on Aug. 10. Then, in mid-December, the estate transferred $15.5 million to Southern Country in two checks. Southern Country sent back $2.6 million, leaving the total it received at $12.9 million. The documents filed by the estate do not give a reason for the transfers.

It’s also not clear what Southern Country did with that money. Two weeks later, the year-end value of Southern Country’s assets was $499,759, according to the estate’s filings.

The estate has told officials in the Virgin Islands that it does not intend to renew the bank’s license again.

Around the time the territory granted Mr. Epstein his banking license, it also gave a lucrative tax break to Southern Trust, a company Mr. Epstein said was developing sophisticated algorithms to mine DNA and financial databases. The tax break came from the territory’s Economic Development Authority, which was approved by the territory’s former governor, John de Jongh Jr., while his wife, Cecile, worked for Mr. Epstein. Neither Ms. de Jongh nor her husband returned messages seeking comment.


The real estate tycoon Andrew Farkas, left, in 2007 with John de Jongh, the Virgin Islands governor at the time.
Credit…Joe Schildhorn/Patrick McMullan, via Getty Images

The tax break, granted in 2013, was a boon for Mr. Epstein. Southern Trust generated about $300 million in profit in six years, and he paid an effective tax rate of about 3.9 percent. The source of Southern Trust’s revenue is not clear; the bare-bones corporate filings made by the company in the Virgin Islands do not list any clients.

Although the Virgin Islands was long a place where Mr. Epstein got his way, it has lately cast itself as one of his victims.

In a lawsuit last month, the attorney general of the Virgin Islands, Denise N. George, said Mr. Epstein had sullied the territory’s reputation with his conduct. She sued Mr. Epstein’s estate, seeking to seize his private islands and dissolve what she said were shell companies acting as fronts for his sex-trafficking enterprise.

The suit seeks to intervene in the administration of Mr. Epstein’s will to safeguard assets for dozens of his victims, claiming the coexecutors may have a conflict of interest because they were officers in many of Mr. Epstein’s companies, including Southern Country and Southern Trust. The coexecutors, Darren Indyke and Richard Kahn, did not return requests for comment.

Judge Hermon-Purcell, the magistrate judge overseeing the administration of Mr. Epstein’s will in the Virgin Islands, heard arguments on the attorney general’s request at the hearing on Tuesday. The judge said she would issue a ruling at a later date.

Freeman Rogers contributed reporting.


Related image

Jeffrey Epstein buried in unmarked grave in Jewish cemetery

Disgraced financier quietly buried next to his parents in Florida Jewish cemetery after apparent suicide. Names removed to prevent vandalism.  Arutz Sheva Staff, 27/08/19 14:48

Unmarked grave

Unmarked grave


Disgraced financier and convicted sex criminal Jeffrey Epstein was laid to rest next to his parents in a Jewish cemetery last week in an unmarked grave to prevent would-be vandals from desecrating the tomb.

According to The Sun, the 66-year-old former billionaire’s remains were transferred last week to the IJ Morris at Star of David Cemetery of the Palm Beaches, where Epstein’s parents, Paula and Seymour Epstein, are buried.

A burial space was prepared for Epstein next to his parents, but with no grave marker. Even the engraved marble plaque marking his parent’s resting places was removed and replaced with a blank slab, The Sun reported.

Epstein’s father, Seymour, a New York City Parks and Recreation groundskeeper, died in 1991 at the age of 74. Paula, Epstein’s mother, died in 2004 at the age of 85. She was interred in the same tomb as her husband.

The Daily Mail reports that Epstein’s brother, Mark, made the arrangements for the financier to be buried at the cemetery.

The multimillionaire, who was once estimated to have a net worth over $1 billion, turned over most of his more than $577 million estate to a trust just days before his death.

On August 10th, Epstein was found dead in his cell in a Manhattan jail, the result of an apparent suicide.

Epstein, who was convicted in 2008 in a plea bargain deal on prostitution charges involving a minor, was arrested again on July 6th of this year, following new allegations of sex trafficking involving underage girls.

Or, maybe you like this one better??
Were they put in the ground or in the mausoleum?
The Sun

Jeffrey Epstein ‘buried in unmarked tomb as his parents’ names are wiped from plots’ after paedo’s suicide


JEFFREY Epstein is believed to have been buried in an unmarked stone crypt next to his parents, it has been reported.

The stone plaque on their grave, at the Jewish mausoleum in Florida, has been removed to prevent their son’s notoriety leading to vandals attacking their place of rest.

 The plaque with his parent's names has been replaced with a grey slab

The plaque with his parent’s names has been replaced with a grey slabCredit: The Mega Agency

 Epstein apparently took his own life while awaiting trial for child sex trafficking

Epstein apparently took his own life while awaiting trial for child sex traffickingCredit: AP:Associated Press

Wealthy financier Epstein was found dead in his prison cell after taking his own life while awaiting trial for child sex trafficking.

Epstein, who was 66, was a convicted child sex offender, who socialised with high profile celebrities including Prince Andrew, who has strenuously denied any wrongdoing.

His remains were reportedly transferred to the IJ Morris at Star of David of the Palm Beaches to be entombed beside parents Paula and Seymour.

But in a possible bid to prevent their resting place being vandalised, an engraved marble plaque was quietly removed by staff and replaced with a blank grey slab.

Seymour Epstein was a groundskeeper for the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation, was laid to rest in 1991 aged 74.

School aide and homemaker Paula’s remains, were placed in the same tomb when she died in 2004, aged 85.

Published on Aug 13, 2019


Now, come on!   That is not Jeffrey Epstein.  Wrong hair color right off the bat.  Hairline not even accurate.  Facial features highly in doubt and indistinguishable.  If you are going to film the criminal, why wouldn’t you provide a clear image of the face for verification?   
SO, where is the truth?  WHY THE SECRECY?  Do they really think we are stupid?  With all the controversy over this case, the people deserve to have concrete evidence of his death.

Update 8/30/19

I don’t even understand why they would consider any will written by anyone who obviously was suicidal, not only from his recent attempt but apparently his actual suicide.  Any will written within that timeframe should be thrown out.  You cannot write a will if you are not in a stable state of mind.  I don’t care if his attorneys got him released from suicide watch.  He then turned around and committed suicide, supposedly.

Personally, I do not believe for one minute that he is dead.  If it turns out he is actually verifiably dead then he had to have been murdered.  In my opinion.

Anyway, watch this next video.  It upset me greatly.  There is a lot of power protecting Epstein, his contacts and his estate.  Seems to be a lot of our tax payer paid law enforcement, secret intelligence, judicial, and governmental personnel involved in this scandalous, heinous, criminal activity.

Published on Aug 27, 2019

Numerous women have come forward to describe abuse at the hands of infamous pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and his circle. Meanwhile, prosecutors are trying to bring the case against Epstein to an end on account of his suicide. Investigative journalist Ben Swann joins News.Views.Hughes to explain why the case is far from closed.

Update 8/28/19

I never  believed for one moment that Epstein was dead.  I still highly doubt he is being “interrogated”.  He enjoys the protection of our government as well as his very influential friends. 
Profile image
By Jeffery Pritchett
Monday, August 26, 2019 13:40

Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged suicide was faked by the Department of Justice, who extracted the billionaire financier after learning that a contract hit that was put out on his life by members of the Deep State.

He is now in the custody of the U.S. Military, where he is being interrogated and will give up the names of powerful people and corporations involved in child trafficking in exchange for a special plea deal.

David Zublick unseals the horrible truth in this special report! What do you think in the comments section? Let us know.



BREAKING NEWS: Jeffrey Epstein is reportedly alive and in military detention. At this point, only a fool would believe billionaire “financier” Jeffrey Epstein committed suicide. The only other alternative explanation for Epstein’s alleged demise is murder… BUT – could the Trump Administration have “rescued” Epstein from a deep-state plot to “suicide” the man whose inside knowledge could bring down the whole cabal? Investigative reporter David Zublick reports on what his sources say are the disgraced billionaire’s current circumstances. Wild conspiracy theory or ‘truth unsealed?’ Could JUSTICE finally be coming for the so-called elite, who for centuries have operated above the law? You decide. #jeffreyepstein #epsteinswitchedout #epsteininmilitarydetention IT’S KINGDOM TIME. Donate to the Kingdom of Yisrael Community Network (KYCN): https://paypal.me/kycn1 Donate to the Church at Victorville: https://paypal.me/tcvi (All donations to our NON-501(c)3 unincorporated church associations are tax deductible.) YAH Khai v’ HalleluYAH! KYCNRADIO.com ‘The Soundz of The Kingdom’ Yisraelite Muzic & Talk 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week http://player.live365.com/a84091 https://www.kycnradio.com (All-New Website Coming Soon!) Kingdom of Yisrael Community Network Hebrew Civic Center Join Your Community! https://www.kingdomofyisrael.org The Church at Victorville Advancing Kingdom Order https://www.tcvi.org ================================ KYCN Media Channel is the video outreach of ‘The Kingdom of Yisrael Community Network,’ a non-501(c)3 worldwide Hebrew Yisraelite Alliance, based in the High Desert of Southern California, U.S.A.
First published at 00:42 UTC on February 12th, 2021.

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Graham Elwood aka the Political Vigilante channel
they faked his death with a body double.



Epstein’s Victim Tells What Went on Under “The Dome”

Epstein bought the private island two decades ago and transformed it with construction. Picture: Apple Maps

There is still much to learn about the Epstein case.

Now some of the victims are coming forward and speaking out about the horrors that went on behind closed doors.

Lori Colley

Epstein victim speaks out about what happened to her underneath Epstein Island. (I provide a short clip plus an overview of the details; full interview link below).


The scandal of sexual exploitation of under aged girls by middle aged celebrities, politicians and royals, as sick, horrifying and destructive as that is, makes up only a tiny portion of the evil that is the brotherhood of the elite and men like JEFFERY EPSTEIN.  Sadly, our Government and truly ALL Governments across the globe are run by these people! 


Image result for Fertility Gods on the Zorro Mansion Epstein
Photo Credit: TRUNEWS – No copyright infringement intended. just spreading the information to a society that needs the TRUTH


Just like the snake road/walkway, we saw in front of his mansion on the Epstein Virgin Island property, this Zorro ranch has a snake right in front of the door, that looks like it is about to eat an egg.  It is inlaid in the walkway.


And this is very reminiscent of the sacrificial pit on the Island they disquised as a tennis court.  Likely these giant chess pieces stand on the area used for the alter during rituals.  Do you see the idol/statue at the far end, with a fountain before it.  Water plays a very big part in their rituals.  No natural water in the desert like there is on an island.  So they brought some in.

6) Whereas several reports reflect a photo of a labyrinth behind Epstein’s mansion, based on aerial footage from January 8, 2018, it would not appear to be three-dimensional at all. In fact, it looks much like paint with a pile of rocks on top of the “shrubs” with dirt tracks rolling across it as well. Even if the grass and shrubs died off and they let it go, it seems strange that it would take on this appearance. Given the background of those surrounding this property, as documented further down, it gives one pause as to what might be underneath this section of land. This is curious, as the same thing was observed at the tennis courts on his Little St. James Island. This first photo was published by Reuters, and the labyrinth appears to be three-dimensional and legit, but there is no date on it, so it’s hard to say how old this photo might be. Perhaps it was dressed up for when they hosted big functions and weddings at the property years back? The photos following Reuters photo represent what satellite images show from 2018.   Source 

The above photos were taken from the following article.  It is very eye opening and full of photos and documents.   I recommend you review it.   I do not have space to post it here.  

Is Jeffrey Epstein’s Zorro Ranch Insulated?

There is a side to Zorro Ranch that is not being told. The fox is surrounded by the well-connected King family on all sides, a solar station to the west, and Hollywood to the north. Child sex trafficking is at the center of the Epstein investigation, but there may be much more going on than meets the eye, and Zorro ranch appears to be insulated.
This article shows documents regarding suspicious digging over the years at the Zorro ranch as well as thousands of tons of waste water.  Clearly giving credence to underground facilities being constructed.  

Peek Inside Epstein’s Ranch

Streamed live on Aug 22, 2019

On today’s TRUNEWS, Rick Wiles and Doc Burkhart comment on exclusive information and coverage provided by correspondent Edward Szall, as he interviews New Mexico radio owner Eddie Aragon, and together they reveal details of the interior of Jeffrey Epstein’s Zorro Ranch. They also share information from a former employee that tells what he saw in his twenty visits to the breeding farm from 2001-2007. Rick Wiles, Doc Burkhart, Edward Szall. Airdate 8/22/2019

More Updates 8/23/19

So at least one of the victims had reported these crimes in Great Britain, where Ms Maxwell resided and where the sexual trafficking occurred and the Met Police decided not to investigate.  Gee what a surprise.  This surely added to the girls feelings of helplessness, since they were not being believed when they did reach out for help. 


Published on Aug 16, 2019

Channel 4 News can reveal that the Metropolitan Police began a review of “available evidence” in 2015 after receiving a complaint over claims in court papers that a girl was “forced to have sex with Prince Andrew”. Channel 4 News also understands that lawyers for Virginia Roberts independently contacted the Metropolitan Police in 2016. The Metropolitan Police said it “reviewed the available evidence” and decided that the matter “would not progress to a full investigation”. It is not clear what constituted the available evidence. The Met Police has refused to answer detailed questions about the allegations and whether they ever spoke to Epstein, his friend Ghislaine Maxwell, Prince Andrew or anyone from the Royal Household. Prince Andrew has always denied “any form of sexual contact or relationship with Virginia Roberts”. (Subscribe: https://bit.ly/C4_News_Subscribe)

Another Update 8/23/19

Anyone who believes that the ROYAL’s are innocent and these young  women were just making up their stories of abuse, IS AN IDIOT!   I find it ” APPALLING” that rich people believe that strictly on the basis of their wealth they can do whatever they want whenever they want with no consequences.  THIS IS TERRIFYING.  AS EVIL AND SICK as these people are, there is no limit to the perversion and obscenity of their actions.  SO, if you support these people, you are perfectly comfortable with the idea that they can take anyone they want, any age they want to where ever they want and expose of them as they please.  So then if they come and take your baby or grandbaby to torture, rape, hunt like an animal, dissect, eat their body parts and burn their bodies or toss them in acid.   SO you are ok with that?   IF you are not, it is time for you to speak up! 

How would you feel  if these young ladies were your daughters??  If find the heartless disregard for these victims demonstrated by the royals and the rich, absolutely ABHORRENT!   In truth, the attitude they display toward this victims is representative of how they feel about ALL of humanity that they do not consider to be on their level.  That includes YOU!  To the rich, famous and royal, your life does not matter.  YOU are dispensable.  Trash that they count not worthy of consideration.  

Published on Aug 21, 2019

Watch all my Epstein videos here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list… Watch more about Epstein, Julian Assange, Iran, Princess Di and JFK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0DtV8… Watch more prison questions: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list… Watch the true crime podcast: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list…

Update 8/23/19

Published on Aug 8, 2019

Via America’s Lawyer: Mike Papantonio and Trial Magazines Editor Farron Cousins discuss a DECADES-old plan to ‘elevate’ the human race through selective breeding at Jeffrey Epstein’s New Mexico estate, hatched by the sex-trafficker himself alongside a cohort of world-renowned scientists. Become a member today!: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYWI… Support us by becoming a monthly patron on Patreon, and help keep progressive media alive!: https://www.patreon.com/TheRingofFire Spread the word! LIKE and SHARE this video or leave a comment to help direct attention to the stories that matter. And SUBSCRIBE to stay connected with Ring of Fire’s video content! Support Ring of Fire by subscribing to our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/theringoffire

Update 8/22/19

Published on Aug 21, 2019

Three new lawsuits have been filed against the estate of deceased pedophile Jeffrey Epstein. RT America’s Rachel Blevins reports for News.Views.Hughes.

Epstein victim reveals horrors inside criminal’s ‘sex abuse factory’ including ‘disturbing’ painting

One of paedophile Jeffery Epstein’s victims has revealed chilling details of the “sex abuse factory” that she and scores of others found themselves in.

Epstein Strangled? An ER Doctor Weighs In

Published on Aug 16, 2019

Dr Kevin Wacasey – an ER doctor with 25 years’ experience – weighs in on reports that Jeffrey Epstein suffered multiple neck fractures.

Image result for Interior of the actual cell where Epstein committed suicide

Ralph Stgermain
Epstein was murdered 100% or is in witness protection of some kind. I did time in MCC NY, and has anyone realized no pictures or drawings of the cell has appeared? It’s because you can’t hang yourself, any where and no way, and in over 40 yrs, at MCC there has never been a hanging suicide, for good reason. The bunks are stainless steel slabs, concreted in to the walls, no hardware exposed, just a flat sheet of steel, protruding out of the cinder block with poured concrete inside the blocks, and no railings, ladders or posts. I remember quite well the details of the cells, not much to remember as far as details, and I stared at those walls for 4 months. There is also the fact that without ladders, the bunks are designed to hop onto, which I did, and they are like 4 ft. from the floor, so kneeling to hang yourself is impossible. Like trying to commit suicide with a gun and no bullets. He is either dead by murder, or he was whisked out in the middle of the night or as brazen as they are, put him in costume and walked him out the front door in broad daylight. Either way, people are on the wrong path, suicide is not possible.

Update 8/21/19  PM

WHAT??? WHAT????   Free to fly underage children into thUpe airport without any identification or proof of right to travel????? 
WHAT???   This is insane!

Published on Aug 20, 2019

The North Jersey Record reports flight logs obtained in the investigation into Jeffrey Epstein show Teterboro Airport in New Jersey was a travel hub for his private jets and alleged sex trafficking ring. Columnist Chris Maag wrote the article for the New Jersey Record and joined CBSN to discuss.

Zorro Ranch –  Jeffrey Epstein

Ground Zero Media    – click the link to listen to the program.
202 MINS

Episode Info

Jeffrey Epstein was a serial illusionist chameleon with interests in eugenics and other fringe fields of science. His lab for behavior modification and eugenics experiments was the expansive Zorro Ranch in New Mexico – a breeder farm where young girls were drugged, raped and mind-controlled. Epstein was well-insulated due to his deep connections with politicians and defense contractors in the Land of Enchantment. 7 DAYS AGO

Clyde Lewis

Clyde Lewis


From Epstein’s Zorro Ranch



The symbolism is even more similar in the area in behind the main house and next to the pool.   Directly in front of this area is the head of the snake that is formed by the road that takes you from the dock to the area of the main house.  Note the head of that snake appears to have an open mouth when you see it up close.  



The pagan symbols used at these two Epstein properties are very similar.  Both honoring the 4 Directions the 4 Elements

An aerial view of Zorro Ranch, near Stanley, New Mexico.

Photo Credit: Epstein spoke of his plan to impregnate 20 women at a time at his ‘Zorro Ranch’ in New Mexico (Picture: Reuters) 

Streamed live on Aug 12, 2019

Today on TRUNEWS we discuss the institutional evil surrounding the mysterious death of Jeffrey Epstein and we share never before seen footage on the infamous Zorro Ranch where the Mossad-run agent pledged to seed the human race through breeding child sex slaves. Rick Wiles, Edward Szall, Doc Burkhart, Matt Skow, Kerry Kinsey. Airdate: August 12, 2019 #TRUNEWS #EPSTEIN #ZORRORANCH

Update 8/21/19

This is next video is not new, but it is full of information you should know!   

So, the reason why they had Epstein evaluated and quickly removed from the suicide watch was to clear the way for his last will and testament to be considered as valid.  

This entire dog and pony show reeks, from top to bottom! 

Quoth the Raven
Published on Aug 15, 2019
Whitney Webb is a MintPress News journalist based in Chile. She has contributed to several independent media outlets including Global Research, EcoWatch, the Ron Paul Institute and 21st Century Wire, among others. She has made several radio and television appearances and is the 2019 winner of the Serena Shim Award for Uncompromised Integrity in Journalism. Her work can be found here: https://www.mintpressnews.com/author/…

Update 8/20/19

Wow, the stench is getting unbelievable around this case.  I CRY BULLSHIT!!   This is a hoax orchestrated to protect Epstein and his wealth.  AND HE IS THE ULTIMATE SCUMBAG!!   He knows he committed those horrible acts and he now has made it impossible for the victims to even obtain any monetary retribution.  SO BASICALLY HE HAS RAPED THEM AGAIN!  What a sick and heartless son of a dog.  That should show your right there that he was not suffering from guilt, nor did he have any remorse for his actions.

Whether or not this will can possibly be legal when written while he was not of sound mind, it serves the purpose for which it was created. Obviously, he was not of sound mind if he was so distraught he killed himself, or if he believed someone else was trying to kill him, or he tried to kill himself within a matter of weeks.  But, legal or not this document guarantees the estate will be tied up for years.   So this is why he has been having daily meetings with his lawyer and why Bill Gates met with him just recently.  This person appointed as his successor/executor is a immunologist who worked for Gates?

Published on Aug 19, 2019

Criminal defense attorney Randy Zelin on the controversy surrounding Jeffrey Epstein’s will. FOX Business Network (FBN) is a financial news channel delivering real-time information across all platforms that impact both Main Street and Wall Street. Headquartered in New York — the business capital of the world — FBN launched in October 2007 and is the leading business network on television, topping CNBC in Business Day viewers for the second consecutive year. The network is available in more than 80 million homes in all markets across the United States. Owned by FOX, FBN has bureaus in Chicago, Los Angeles, Washington, D.C. and London.


Convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein met with Microsoft founder Bill Gates more than once after serving time in jail for soliciting an underage prostitute — to discuss ways to increase philanthropic spending, according to a new report.

At least one meeting between the pair occurred in New York in 2013, when Gates was still Microsoft’s chairman, sources with direct knowledge of the matter told CNBC Wednesday. It was unclear whether the two men spoke on the phone.

The discussions occurred years after the millionaire money manager spent 13 months behind bars on a charge of soliciting an underage prostitute in Florida, according to the report. He was sentenced in Palm Beach County in 2008.

Although the sources told CNBC they did not know exactly what Gates and Epstein discussed, the meetings focused on “growing philanthropy” on a broader scale — and other philanthropic leaders were present, they said.

After the New York meeting, Gates flew on one of Epstein’s planes to meet with his family in Palm Beach, the sources told the network. He did not, however, fly on the so-called “Lolita Express,” which Epstein allegedly used to transport underage girls to his home in the Virgin Islands, according to the report.

Gates’ spokeswoman did not deny that the multibillionaire met with Epstein — but noted that they did not have an official working relationship.

“Epstein never provided tax, estate or services of any kind to Bill Gates,” the representative told CNBC.

A Microsoft spokesperson did not respond to a request for comment from the network.

Epstein used to tell associates that he met with Gates and served as an informal adviser, those who knew the money manager told the outlet.

“He said he did, but I have no idea,” Epstein’s former attorney Alan Dershowitz told CNBC.

Epstein “was advising” Gates, but “not in an official way,” Dershowitz told the outlet.

Gates never committed to helping Epstein with his own nonprofit organizations, according to the report. Ultimately, the Microsoft founder — who has a net worth of more than $100 billion, according to Forbes — stopped communicating with him.

Gates resigned from his post as Microsoft’s CEO in 2000, and stepped away from a day-to-day role at the company eight years later. He served as the company’s chairman until February 2014, and remains on the board to this day.

Epstein was found dead of an apparent suicide in his cell at the Metropolitan Correctional Center early Saturday. He was being held there without bail since his July arrest on sex trafficking charges.

Epstein suffered multiple broken neck bones, his autopsy revealed.

EUGENICS favorite topic of the ELITE, Pet Project of Bill Gates, Major AGENDA of the New World Order.  

Eugenics (/jˈɛnɪks/; from Greek εὐγενής eugenes ‘well-born’ from εὖ eu, ‘good, well’ and γένος genos, ‘race, stock, kin’)[2][3] is a set of beliefs and practices that aim to improve the genetic quality of a human population by excluding (through a variety of morally criticized means) certain genetic groups judged to be inferior, and promoting other genetic groups judged to be superior.[4][5] The definition of eugenics has been a matter of debate since the term was coined by Francis Galton in 1883. The concept predates the term; Plato suggested applying the principles of selective breeding to humans around 400 BC. Eugenics, in the modern understanding of the term, is seen as having close ties to white supremacism.[6]

While eugenic principles have been practiced as early as ancient Greece, the contemporary history of eugenicsbegan in the early 20th century, when a popular eugenics movement emerged in the United Kingdom,[7] and then spread to many countries, including the United States, Canada,[8] and most European countries. In this period, eugenic ideas were espoused across the political spectrum. Consequently, many countries adopted eugenic policies, intended to improve the quality of their populations’ genetic stock. Such programs included both positive measures, such as encouraging individuals deemed particularly “fit” to reproduce, and negative measures, such as marriage prohibitions and forced sterilization of people deemed unfit for reproduction. Those deemed “unfit to reproduce” often included people with mental or physical disabilities, people who scored in the low ranges on different IQ tests, criminals and “deviants,” and members of disfavored minority groups.   Wikipedia

Private jets, parties and eugenics: Jeffrey Epstein’s bizarre world of scientists

excerpts posted here.  You can read the entire article by clicking the link above.

One aspect of Epstein’s life of luxury seems incongruously out of place though. He surrounded himself with prominent scientists, Harvard professors, multiple Nobel Prize winners, authors, almost exclusively men – Epstein kept his social gatherings stocked with some of the world’s most eminent figures in this world.

He would host dinners at his Upper East side Manhattan apartment and invite a mix of leading scientists and people from the world of fashion and modeling. One scientist, who preferred to remain anonymous, told Slate that there was virtually no interaction between these two sets of guests .

When he gathered 21 physicists on his private island for a 2006 meeting about gravity, he reportedly had three to four young women in tow at all times. He also met many scientists at an annual gathering hosted by John Brockman, a literary agent who represented famous science authors such as Stephen Hawking and Jared Diamond. Nobel-winning physicist Murray Gell-Mann, who discovered the quark and was represented by Brockman, thanked Epstein for his financial support in the acknowledgments section of his 1995 book, The Quark and the Jaguar.

A partial list of the biggest scientific names in Epstein’s orbit, according to the New York Times includes “the theoretical physicist and best-selling author Stephen Hawking; the paleontologist and evolutionary biologist Stephen Jay Gould; Oliver Sacks, the neurologist and best-selling author; George M Church, a molecular engineer who has worked to identify genes that could be altered to create superior humans; and the MIT theoretical physicist Frank Wilczek, a Nobel laureate”.

Epstein called himself a “science philanthropist”, and donated handsomely to prestigious organizations such as Harvard, MIT, and the Santa Fe Institute. At one point, he was allegedly giving as much as $20m a year to fund scientists. Some institutions and researchers continued to take Epstein’s money even after his 2008 conviction, like MIT, according to BuzzFeed News.

By most accounts, he would engage with his guests at his science-related parties but never for very long or very deeply, often derailing conversations by abruptly changing topics or turning other people’s comments into jokes

Epstein Prison Guards “Not Cooperating” With DOJ Probe, Lawyers Want Independent Investigation

Published on Aug 18, 2019
Employees at the Manhattan Metropolitan Correctional Center where convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein reportedly took his own life last week are not cooperating with the Justice Department investigators according to Fox News. Learn More: https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-0… https://www.rt.com/usa/466739-epstein…

Ralph Stgermain
Epstein was murdered 100% or is in witness protection of some kind. I did time in MCC NY, and has anyone realized no pictures or drawings of the cell has appeared? It’s because you can’t hang yourself, any where and no way, and in over 40 yrs, at MCC there has never been a hanging suicide, for good reason. The bunks are stainless steel slabs, concreted in to the walls, no hardware exposed, just a flat sheet of steel, protruding out of the cinder block with poured concrete inside the blocks, and no railings, ladders or posts. I remember quite well the details of the cells, not much to remember as far as details, and I stared at those walls for 4 months. There is also the fact that without ladders, the bunks are designed to hop onto, which I did, and they are like 4 ft. from the floor, so kneeling to hang yourself is impossible. Like trying to commit suicide with a gun and no bullets. He is either dead by murder, or he was whisked out in the middle of the night or as brazen as they are, put him in costume and walked him out the front door in broad daylight. Either way, people are on the wrong path, suicide is not possible.

New Haven Register

Jeffrey Epstein reportedly had a mural of him in a prison scene at his New York mansion


jeffrey epsteinRick Friedman/Corbis via Getty Images

  • Jeffrey Epstein, the 66-year-old financier embroiled in a sex trafficking scandal, reportedly commissioned a mural of himself in a prison scene, a visitor to his home recalled to The New York Times.
  • The mural, which hung on the second floor of his seven-story house in New York, portrayed Epstein in between a guard station with barbed wire and a corrections officer, the visitor reportedly said.
  • Epstein previously registered as a sex offender and served 13 months in a private wing of a county jail.
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Jeffrey Epstein, the 66-year-old wealthy financier embroiled in a sex trafficking scandal, reportedly commissioned a mural of himself in a prison scene, according to someone who was invited into his home.

The mural, which hung on the second floor of his seven-story house in New York, portrayed Epstein behind barbed wire and between a guard station and a corrections officer, public relations employee R. Couri Hay said to The New York Times.

“That’s me, and I had this painted because there is always the possibility that could be me again,” Hay reportedly recalled Epstein as saying during a meeting at the home earlier this year.

In 2008, Epstein cut a plea deal with the Justice Department to avoid federal charges on accusations of molesting underage girls at his mansion in Palm Beach, Florida. He pleaded guilty to two counts of soliciting prostitution and avoided serving in a federal or state prison.

Instead, he registered as a sex offender and served 13 months in a private wing of a county jail. For six days of the week, he was allowed to work in an office-setting for 12 hours a day.

Epstein’s sex-trafficking charges stem from a federal court in New York, where he faces a maximum sentence of 45 years in prison. The charging document alleges Epstein “sexually exploited and abused dozens of minor girls at his homes in Manhattan, New York, and Palm Beach, Florida, among other locations.”

Other visitors said they recall other items at his home, according to The Times. One person reportedly said Epstein had a chess board consisting of pieces that were crafted in the image of one of his employees in their underwear.

On Saturday, law enforcement agents raided Epstein’s home, where they found “at least hundreds” of sexually explicit photographs of what appear to be underage girls. Some of the photos were locked in a safe, according to a bail memo.

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NOW WATCH: Nxivm leader Keith Raniere has been convicted. Here’s what happened inside his sex-slave ring that recruited actresses and two billionaire heiresses.

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SEE ALSO: Investigators say they found ‘hundreds’ of nude photos of girls in Jeffrey Epstein’s New York City mansion

EntertheStars RELOADED
Streamed live on Mar 2, 2019
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New York Times

Published on Aug 11, 2019

*Pushback with Aaron Maté* Jeffrey Epstein’s death — in what prison authorities say was a suicide — only deepens the many mysteries surrounding his case. Attorney Leonard Goodman analyzes the unresolved questions about Epstein, including speculation about his US intelligence ties. [Note: this segment was recorded before Epstein’s death]. Guest: Leonard Goodman, Chicago criminal defense attorney. His recent column for The Chicago Reader is “The mysterious case of Jeffrey Epstein.” (https://www.chicagoreader.com/chicago…)


How did a guy with no college degree get to be a Math Teacher?  How did a Math Teacher become the MOST CONNECTED, Billionaire in the World?

How did this heinous pedophile obtain immunity to prosecution for himself and all of his associates/co-conspirators??

Published on Aug 11, 2019

*Pushback with Aaron Maté* Jeffrey Epstein’s death — in what prison authorities say was a suicide — only deepens the many mysteries surrounding his case. Attorney Leonard Goodman analyzes the unresolved questions about Epstein, including speculation about his US intelligence ties. [Note: this segment was recorded before Epstein’s death]. Guest: Leonard Goodman, Chicago criminal defense attorney. His recent column for The Chicago Reader is “The mysterious case of Jeffrey Epstein.” (https://www.chicagoreader.com/chicago…)


Epstein’s Butler provided evidence including the names, addresses and phone numbers of hundreds of victims as well as witnesses. Documentation that could prove beyond a doubt that Epstein was guilty off all that he is accused of doing and more.   What happened to this guy?  This courageous man who did the right thing, went to jail.

Jeffrey Epstein’s Butler: The Truth About Power

Published on Aug 19, 2019

The FBI did NOT indict Jeffrey Epstein. The instead indicted his BUTLER, who claimed to have the names and contact information for HUNDREDS of underage victims of Jeffrey Epstein! American “justice.” Audio: https://soundcloud.com/stefan-molyneu… “A butler who allegedly held details of Prince Andrew’s time at the home of paedophile Jeffrey Epstein has died. [2015] “But Alfredo Rodriguez, 60, had his ex-boss’s contacts book and sources say Epstein’s lawyers are “petrified” about where it will go. “Mr Rodriguez called the book the Holy Grail and took it with him as insurance against Epstein. “He was jailed four years ago for 18 months for not giving it to prosecutors. “He tried to sell it for £33,000 to defence lawyers. “Famous people in the book include Bill Clinton, Mick Jagger, Earl Spencer and Henry Kissinger, though there is no suggestion of wrongdoing by them. “Mr Rodriguez was killed by cancer and widow Patricia Dunn of Miami said: “Alfredo died and so did many secrets. He knew about everyone including the Prince.” “After years of service Alfredo fell out with convicted sex offender Epstein but when he left he took a copy of his boss’s black book of his contacts. “He kept it secret from prosecutors who said if they had known about it the billionaire would have received a much longer sentence. “The prince denies under-age sex claims in US court papers.

This guy wrote a book in 2016, that discusses the evidence already in the hands of investigators, that hundreds of children, underage girls were involved.  Clear evidence, convictable evidence.  

Fox News
Published on Jul 9, 2019
James Patterson says he hired three ‘nasty, heavy-duty private eyes’ to dig up ‘as much as we could’ for the 2016 book ‘Filthy Rich: The Billionaire’s Sex Scandal.’ #FoxNews

In this next video, Steven Sculley claims to have worked for Epstein for six years but left because he was uncomfortable with all the young girls flowing in and out and the pedo pornography around the island.  He states he was warned not to talk about anything he sees on the the island. 

New Look At Jeffrey Epstein’s Private Island | TODAY

Published on Jul 24, 2019

The arrest of wealthy financier Jeffrey Epstein, who is charged with sex trafficking young girls at his Florida and New York homes, is bringing attention to his luxury properties in the U.S. Virgin Islands. A former employee takes NBC’s Stephanie Gosk around the closely-guarded estate. » Subscribe to TODAY: http://on.today.com/SubscribeToTODAY » Watch the latest from TODAY: http://bit.ly/LatestTODAY About: TODAY brings you the latest headlines and expert tips on money, health and parenting. We wake up every morning to give you and your family all you need to start your day. If it matters to you, it matters to us. We are in the people business. Subscribe to our channel for exclusive TODAY archival footage & our original web series.

When I read this article about the way Epstein was handled during his time of “incarceration” I was furious!   There is no way that I will ever believe that Epstein is dead.  I believe this incarceration was a plot cooked up to free him from worrying about any future prosecution.  How can you prosecute a “dead man”?  This scumball was too connected, politically, criminally, socially, spiritually with very dark forces, and with multiple intelligence agencies.   There is NO WAY, he was not worried about going to jail, and like he has said himself, when you are rich and they take some of your money, you don’t even notice.  He had no reason, nor did he show any sign that he was even considering suicide. There is no way anyone could get near him, unless they were ALLOWED to do so. I just don’t buy it!!  It’s a hoax, in my opinion. 

Jeffrey Epstein apparently bought women’s panties while in jail



Jeffrey Epstein was sent 12-year-old French girls as ‘birthday gift’

Jeffrey Epstein signed will just two days before suicide

Millionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein was able to buy two pairs of small women’s panties from a jail shop while serving time for sex offenses, according to bombshell new documents.

The convict bought two pairs of size 5 female underwear in 2008 from the shop at the Palm Beach County Jail, where he was serving time after pleading guilty to soliciting a minor for sex, according to jail logs.

The tiny panties were the most disturbing part of more than $2,000 the pedophile spent while incarcerated for 13 months, according to the records obtained by the Miami Herald.

Epstein, who killed himself in his Manhattan cell earlier this month while facing fresh charges, was able to buy the underwear because the stockade also holds items for female inmates, the paper states.

But it would surely raise questions as to why a convicted sex offender who wears sweatshirts ranging from XL to 3XL, and size-12 shoes, would want such small-size female panties, the report stresses.

Epstein was allowed to leave the prison store in a chauffeur-driven car that took him to a downtown West Palm Beach office building for a 12-hour-a-day, six-day-a-week break from jail, according to the records, where the convict was called a “client.”

He used that time to have sex with young women, a lawyer for some of the accusers has previously claimed.

During the little time he spent inside the jail, he would often have an unlocked cell door and almost unlimited access to a TV, according to the records, which showed him buying more than 800 cups of coffee.

The records show he had 69 doctors’ visits in six months — and so many chiropractor appointments, he would sometimes go three times a week.

As well as him being free to go to work, deputies were required to wear business suits and provide security for him, which he paid for, according to the Herald.

Capt. Mark Chamberlain noted Epstein’s “unusual means” on the day the pedophile reported to jail, according to the report.

“His financial status lends itself to his being victimized while in custody and as such, he has been placed in special management,” Chamberlain wrote in an email, according to the report.“He is poorly versed in jail routine and society and his adjustment to incarceration will most likely be atypical. For the time being, I am authorizing that his cell door be left unlocked and he be given liberal access to the attorney room where a TV will be installed.”

The arrangements infuriated Assistant US Attorney A. Marie Villafaña, who complained that letting Epstein spend time in a private office “making telephone calls, web-surfing, and having food delivered to him is probably not in accordance with the objectives of imprisonment.”

The Miami Herald said the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office had not responded to the newly released records.

This next article is interesting.  The reporter did a lot of research.  It is very true that sex scandal and the use of it to control political players is nothing new.  Yet even with all the evidence, as well as the earlier conviction of Epstein, in the face of all the hundreds of witnesses, people can’t bring themselves to believe.  What is really heartbreaking, is that ALL of this is just the tip of the iceberg.  As heinous and horrific as the sexual exploitation of these young people certainly is, the real horror is what went on underneath (literally) hidden from prying eyes.   Little children were hunted, raped, tortured, abused, sacrificed and continue to be, if no longer on Epstein’s island, in many other occult places across the Earth.  WHO IS GOING TO SAVE THE CHILDREN?

Published on Aug 15, 2019

Journalist Whitney Webb’s MintPress series looks at the sordid history tying together mobsters, oligarchs, and government intelligence agencies in a web of blackmail, exploitation, and profit